Sterwins BSP450 125CC petrol lawnmower

Petrol lawnmowers Sterwin: reviews, characteristics and description of models

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Markensterwins (Sterwin) refers to the network of stores Leroy Merlin (Leroy Merlin). Under this brand it sells inexpensive garden equipment, including gasoline lawnmowers.

Own factories at Leroy Merlen has no, so among the brand stervens sold most of the products of Chinese companies, which are partners of this network.

The low quality of these lawn mowers, as well as their lower-than-average reliability, is completely compensated by a very low price, because these products are taken for infrequent use, so the reliability lasts for many years.

Why choose Stervins petrol lawn mowers?

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The main reason for choosing Sterwins gasoline lawn mowers is their affordable price and good build quality.

However, they are not meant for intensive or commercial use, as home garden equipment will last for many years.

In addition, most lawn mowers of this brand are more convenient and functional than their counterparts in the corresponding price range.

Therefore, for the same money the buyer gets a mower either with more useful functions, or more convenient in operation.

Popular models

Sterwins line of lawn mowers is updated frequently, but there are models that have won the sympathy of buyers either by their equipment or technical characteristics.

To determine the most popular models, we used:

  • Reviews on the official Leroy Merlin website;
  • Reviews on Yandex Market;
  • Internet search requirements.

140 cc.

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Sterwins 140 cm3 small lawn mower with a mowing width (grip) of 46 cm and a Briggs & Stratton 140 cm3 engine with 1900 watts (2.6 hp) has many positive reviews among buyers.

This model is designed for regular mowing of lawns with an area not exceeding 1000 m 2.

The cutting height range of 25-75 mm is sufficient for all well-maintained and also slightly neglected lawns up to 20-25 cm in height.

The 140cc can also be used for mowing higher grass (30-40 cm). However, in this case the engine is very high and the grass surface is uneven after mowing. Therefore, you should first mow at the maximum height and then go again, reducing the mowing height to the desired level.

The device is equipped with a central mowing height adjustment, so it is easy to change this parameter – just move the lever to the desired position and you can continue mowing the grass.

Rear axle drive and large wheels make it easy to work on any terrain, because thanks to its durability the operator does not have to push the rather heavy mower (33.4 kg). It’s enough to turn it in the right direction. This model is equipped with a 4-in-1 system, which we told you about here.

The handle length can be changed to adapt the device to the height of each operator, and when the work is done, it folds up, so that less space is needed to store the mower.

Another advantage of the model is the three-year warranty. At the same time, the cost of one lawnmower is 17 000 rubles.

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This model has a modification with a Briggs & Stratton engine rated at 2100 watts (2.85 hp) and a working width of 51 cm. This model is noticeably more expensive (22,000 rubles) and a little heavier (35.5 kg), but other parameters are completely identical.

Here are the advantages of the 140cc engine:

  • The rear-axle drive makes it easier to mow the grass, since you don’t have to push through your power;
  • Briggs & Stratton engine can run economically for decades.
  • The 4V1 system makes the unit efficient on lawns.

Here are the cons:

  • Low engine power makes it unsuitable for mowing tall grass.
  • The heavy weight makes it difficult to load and unload the mower into and out of the vehicle for transport to the job or repair site.


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The 150 cm3 lawnmower has a 150 cm3 Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine with 2,400 Watts (3.25 hp) and a cutting width of 46 cm.

Due to the more powerful engine, it copes better than the previous model with high grass (20-40 cm). Due to the low top cutting height (25-75 mm) it is possible to cut the vegetation efficiently only when working on well-maintained lawns.

The 4V1 system makes the mower versatile, and the central grass height adjustment allows to change this parameter with a single movement of the lever.

The 150cc model is also equipped with a folding length handle and a larger-diameter drive on the rear wheels. It weighs 35.5 kg and costs 15,000 rubles on the LeRoy Merlen website.

The front swivel wheels improve the handling of the unit, as the operator does not have to take the front axle off the ground to turn the mitch to maintain its course.

In all other respects, it is completely identical to the previous model.

Here are the advantages of the 150cc engine:

  • The increased horsepower engine provides more efficient mowing of tall grass;
  • Front swivel wheels make it easier to steer on level ground.

Here are the cons:

  • Small working width makes mowing a scenic area longer;
  • Front swarm wheels make it difficult to work on slopes.


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The BS500E SELF lawnmower also has good reviews on various sites and forums. It’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton 140 cc, 1900-watt (2.6 hp) gasoline engine and has a working width of 46 cm.

The mowing height range is wider than on previous models and is 25-80 mm (central adjustment). However, due to the insufficient motor power, the device is quite suitable for well-maintained or slightly neglected lawns, but it cannot be used for mowing tall grass or weeds.

Drive on the rear axle, as well as the wheels of a larger diameter facilitate the work of the operator, because due to its strength, he does not have to push a fairly heavy (34.2 kg) mole in front of him.

This model is also equipped with the 4V1 system and a folding handle, the length of which can be adjusted to suit the height of each operator.

It comes with a semi-finished, plastic frame with a capacity of 60 liters. The weight of the lawnmower is 34.2 kg, and the cost is 14.3 thousand rubles.

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Here are the advantages of BS500E:

  • Rear axle drive makes it easier for the operator, as he does not need to push the mower himself;
  • The Briggs & Stratton engine will last for many years with good care.

Here are the cons:

  • Due to low engine power, the mower cannot be used for mowing weeds or tall grass;
  • Heavy mower is difficult to load and unload from a vehicle for transport to the place of work or repair.


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The BS625E mower is powered by a BRIGGS & STRATTON 150 cc, 2400 watt (3.25 hp) gasoline engine with a working width of 51 cm.

The powerful engine and large working width allow you to mow well-maintained or slightly neglected lawns quickly and efficiently. However, this model should not be used for high lawns (25 cm or more), as this will greatly reduce the service life of the engine.

The wide grass cutting height range (25-80mm) makes the mowing of the lawn more efficient.

Thanks to the 4-in-1 system, you can use this device on any green area, but due to the small volume (60 l) of the grass catcher box for this working width, it is less efficient to work with, as it is not enough to empty it much more often.

Due to its rather large weight (35.5 kg), the unit is difficult to load into and out of a vehicle to take it to and from the job site or repair center.

In addition, owners of the Stervins BS625E in their reviews note that physically weak people find it difficult to use it. Indeed, to turn, it is necessary to push hard on the handle to get the front axle off the ground, as the front axle is rigidly fixed and, unlike the swivel wheels, can not rotate. This model costs 15 thousand rubles.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • increased working width accelerates the mowing of the lawn;
  • a wide range of cutting height allows you to qualitatively mow even slightly neglected greenery.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • The lack of front swivel wheels makes it difficult to turn on level ground;
  • heavy equipment is difficult to load and unload from the machine.


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With a working width of 46 cm, this mower is equipped with a reliable 2.8 kW (3.8 hp) HONDA 160 cm 3 engine.

This combination of mowing width and engine power ensures efficient mowing not only of lawns or green areas, but also areas with high grass (30-60 cm).

STIHL 260 ms chainsaw: characteristics, brief description and rules of use

Wide range of cutting height (25-80 mm.) provides quality cutting of grass in any territory, and the central adjustment of this parameter is the most effective on flat areas, as it is possible to change the cutting height with the movement of the lever.

Rear-axle drive and larger-diameter wheels make mowing the grass easier, since the operator does not have to use his physical strength to push the heavy (37.6 kg) unit around the construction site. The 4-in-1 system makes this model extremely versatile, allowing it to be used on any terrain.

The mower comes standard with a semi-rigid (plastic frame, fabric bag) 60L grass catcher box and a variable length folding handle.

The price of the GCV160 model is 20,000 rubles.

Here are its advantages:

  • Thanks to the powerful HONDA engine, you can mow even tall grass;
  • The wide range of grass cutting height improves the quality of mowing the lawn.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • The heavy weight makes it difficult to transport it long distances, such as for maintenance or repair;
  • The lack of a variator or multi-speed transmission forces the operator to adjust to the mowing speed, which is not always convenient.

Performance comparison

For those who need to compare the main characteristics of Sterwins lawn mowers with each other or with products from other manufacturers, we have prepared a table in which we have included:

  1. Lawnmower model.
  2. Engine brand and power.
  3. Grip width.
  4. Mowing height range.
  5. Type of front wheels.
  6. The sizes.
  7. Price.
Model Market and engine horsepower. See working width mm Range of changeable height type of front wheels weight kg Price ths.
140cc 1900 watt Briggs & Stratton 2.6 46 25-75 regular 33.4 17
150cc Briggs & Stratton 3.25 46 25-75 royal 35.5 15
BS500E Briggs & Stratton 2.6 46 25-80 regular 34.2 14.3
BS625E Briggs & Stratton 3.25 51 25-80 regular 35.5 15
GCV160. Honda 3.8 46 25-80 regular 37.6 20

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Sterwin gasoline lawn mowers are inexpensive but practical garden equipment that will help you keep your lawn in perfect condition. Their main difference is a good quality to price ratio, which allows you to get a comfortable work and reliable device for not too much money.

Sterwin BSP450 125cc lawnmower. Technical specifications and operating rules

The Sterwins BSP450 125cc lawnmower, which is self-promoted by Gas Mower Gasoline, is a product of the French manufacturing and trading company Leroy Merlin (which created the Sterwins brand), although it is assembled in Chinese production facilities. The following Sterwins-branded products are present in the domestic market today:

  • snow blower;
  • power tillers; ;
  • pumping equipment, etc.

Sterwins BSP450 125CC – Gasoline – Gasoline – A device for making lawns and lawns in small areas of up to a hundred pieces. The mower features a simple design, easy operation and an affordable price.

Motoblock on a green field. Overview of the model range, characteristics, reviews

Sterwin’s BSP450 SEL F-PROPELED RAWN MOwer Lawn Mower Description

Sterwin’s BSP450 125cc mower is a self-propelled four-wheeled unit that runs on AI-92 gasoline. The American Briggs & Stratton engine with power of h.p. comes into play. Engine cooling is forced, there is an emergency lever. Power installation with a cable of manual start-up.

Sterwins BSP450

The total weight of the lawnmower is 28.13 kg. It is a self-propelled model with rear-wheel drive. The operator can only steer the Sterins mower in the desired direction without exerting any effort. In addition, the BSP450 125CC lawnmower is perfectly balanced, which allows you to mow not only lawns, but also areas with a slope of up to 40 degrees.

The manufacturer has thought of everything in detail and has provided several cutting modes (height from 2,5 to 7,5 cm) adjustable centrally.

The working organ of the Sterwins lawnmower is a 40 cm diameter blade.

The cuttings are collected by the whirlwind of the blade and are conveyed into the removable 50 liter capacity fabric grass catcher box. Handles are detachable, foldable and can be adjusted in several positions.

Technical characteristics of the Stervins BSP450 lawnmower:

Grass tray capacity (L): 50
Power (HP): 2,6
Mowing width (cm): 40
Engine brand: Briggs & Stratton
power, kW): 1.91
Sound pressure level (dB): 96
Engine displacement (cm³): 125
Mark: sterwins
Recommended treatment area (m²): 500
Warranty (years): 3
Grass bowl contents: Да

The Basolin BSP450 gasoline self-powered model has a non-self-powered counterpart, the Sterwins BP450 lawn mower. There are only three differences:

  • No wheel drive;
  • less weight – 27,3 kg;
  • smaller power plant – 2.3 liters. С.

Sterwins BP450 125cc Gasoline lawnmower

Here are the characteristics of the non-self-propelled gasoline lawnmower Stervinov BP450 125cc:

Weight (kg: 27.3
Manufacturer’s abbreviation: 15451331
Grass tray capacity (L): 50
Power (HP): 2,3
Mowing width (cm): 40
Engine brand: Briggs & Stratton
power, kW): 1.69
Sound pressure level (dB): 96
Engine displacement (cm³): 125
Mark: sterwins

Advantages of the Sterwin BSP450 gasoline lawnmower

We describe the main advantages of the BSP450 125CC:

  • self-sufficiency;
  • With a Briggs & Stratton engine;
  • reliable construction;
  • easy operation;;
  • low cost;
  • independence from the grid;
  • comfortable handles;
  • availability of a brake;
  • light on.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Intoxication during operation;
  • Explosion hazards (working with flammable liquids).

User’s Manual

An owner’s manual is always included with any Stervins brand model. The manual contains the following information:

  1. The design of the Sterwin BSP450 125cc self-propelled lawnmower.
  2. Technical specifications of the BSP450 modification.
  3. Safety requirements for operation and maintenance of the lawn mower.
  4. Preparing the Sterwins power tiller for work.
  5. Starting the power unit.
  6. The runway.
  7. Maintenance of the Sterwins lawn mower.
  8. Typical malfunctions.

getting ready to work

Prepare the Sterwins for normal operation:

  1. Assemble the mowing unit. Carry out start-up according to the instructions in the manual.
  2. Fill the fuel tank with quality fuel (gasoline AI-92, unhealthy).
  3. Fill up with SAE 30 grade engine oil.
  4. Secure the blade.
  5. Check the tension of the fasteners;
  6. Connect the high-voltage wire to the spark plug.
  7. Check the contact on the spark plug.
  8. Start the engine as instructed.
  9. Turn on the lawnmower.
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It takes about 5 to 8 hours to start the lawnmower. During this time, the engine internals, assemblies and mowing mechanisms appear, due to which the garden tool is charged by more than 50% of the engine power.

After the running time is over, the used engine oil must be drained and replaced with new oil.


Stepwins Legislator maintenance work should be performed in three steps:

  1. Daily.
  2. Scheduled inspections for malfunctions and failures and to change the engine oil.
  3. Preparation for extended periods of non-use, preservation.

Daily maintenance of the Sterwins BSP450 lawnmower consists of the following:

  • checking oil and fuel levels;
  • Checking that the fasteners are secure;
  • Check sharpness of blade, timely sharpening or replacement;
  • Cleaning the air filter;
  • Cleaning (washing) of lawnmower, lubrication of assemblies and mechanisms.

Failure of Stepwins lawnmower engine

Let’s turn to the malfunction of the power unit. The engine stalls and won’t start for the following reasons:

  1. Fuel runs out of fuel in the tank.
  2. Poor-quality or dirty gasoline.
  3. Engine oil is inadequate.
  4. No oil.
  5. Clogged air filter.
  6. Ignition system is malfunctioning.
  7. Carburetor not adjusted.
  8. The carburetor is clogged.
  9. No compression in cylinder.
  10. Starter rope is loose.
  11. Clogged fuel lines.

Video review

We recommend watching a video showing the Sterwins BSP450 lawnmower in action:

Sterwins BSP450 125SS self-propelled gasoline lawnmower reviews

Oleg, 46 years.

“I am satisfied with the purchase, even though the mower came from China. It runs smoothly, doesn’t let me down, starts up without any problems. Grass over 15 cm has to be mowed in two stages, otherwise it cuts perfectly, as well as leaves. At the end of last season I spoiled my blade, I hit a pebble. At first I searched for the original, but failed. Then I tried to install analogs, universal ones, but it did not work! I gave up and carved a new one by hand! The knife turned out unique, sturdy, less blush, fit as native! “

Alexei, 38 years old

“Lawnmower works in the farm only 2 months. During this time, there are no complaints. Mows smoothly, goes sovereignly, the oil and fuel consumption is minimal. No problems with starting. “

Pavel, 41

“Bought this unit last summer. After assembling the mower did not want to start. I checked all the stuffing – I did not find any breakage. Took out the filter, decided to wash it in cleaning agents and dry it – helped, after these manipulations, the engine roared, apparently, some kind of impregnation was wrong. Now works without any problems, regularly resharpening the knife. Lucky model. “

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