StAVR chainsaws: Description, properties, rules of use and ratings

Stavr chainsaw: Overview of the model range. Preparation for work at the enterprise. Advantages and disadvantages of Stavr chainsaws

STAVR chain saws: a reliable tool of the local manufacturer

Quite recently, Stavr celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Its emergence in 1998 was due to an acute shortage of hand-held power tools on the domestic market. For the first few years the company was importing equipment, but till 2008 the management of Stavr managed to set up production of tools under its own brand. The main difference of the Russian manufacturer’s devices is increased resource and longer service life than that of the competitors.

The company has production facilities in Russia and China, in the province of Jian. Here, in the factories of Zheziiann Safun Industrial Corporation Limited, electric chainsaws and chainsaws stavr, welding machines, transformers, impact drills and drill hammers, trimmers, lawn mowers and other devices of this manufacturer are produced.

The success of the company is largely due to the high quality of products and reasonable pricing policy.

Today, a quality StAVR chainsaw can be purchased at a price of 4,640 to 8,650 rubles.

Properties of StAVR chainsaws:

  • Factory-assembled on state-of-the-art systems;
  • Long-term warranty on all types of tools (up to 36 months);
  • High-quality information support from the manufacturer and an extensive network of service centers;
  • Long overhaul and high level of maintenance.

Stavr chainsaws: range of products

To date, in the company’s catalog, we will find several chainsaw models. They have differences in technical and operational properties, as well as the purpose. About which tool is better to choose, you can learn from our test report.

StAVR PCB 45/1800

The cheapest chainsaw in the manufacturer’s lineup: Today you can buy this tool at a price of 4,990 rubles. The device is equipped with a medium-powered engine (2.45 hp), complete with a branded planter, consisting of an 18-inch guide and 66-bead chain. Thanks to the motor’s power, chain speeds of up to 12.1 m/s can be achieved. The StAVR PCB 45/1800 is equipped with Hualong’s proprietary carburetor for perfect fuel flow and a primer that makes it easy to start the engine in cold weather or after long downtime.

According to the owners, the gasoline saw has proven itself in various climatic zones. It can be used for all types of work, including non-professional cases of felling trees with a trunk diameter of up to 45 centimeters.

StAVR 45/2200 conductor plate

The main difference of this model is a more powerful engine (3 hp) and upgraded starter with “Easy Start” function. Piston group parts of the two-stroke anotor engine are made of high-strength material and are chromeplated, which considerably prolongs the engine life. The chainsaw is equipped with an advanced proximity ignition system that ensures stable engine operation.

Safety of the operator is guaranteed by the exposed steel stop that reliably fixes the wood to be cut and the reliable inertia brake with a response time not exceeding 0.12 seconds. It is also worth noting the effective system of protection against vibration and ergonomic housing. The disadvantages of the model are its high weight: more than 7 kg. The model PCB-45/2200 has a universal purpose and can be used in construction and repair works, for the preparation and sawing of firewood and other household needs.

This chainsaw is available on the company’s website at a price of 5 130 rubles.

Stavr PCB 45/2200m.

Another petrol saw with a 3 hp engine. The details of the piston group of this engine are made of high-quality material, and its walls are covered with chrome, which significantly increases the service life and allows you to use the saw in intensive mode. The designers of the tool took care of the capacious fuel tank (550 ml) and the presence of a modern starter with the function of automatic cable reflection. In their ratings, the owners of these chainsaws note the successful location of the controls and the well-designed ergonomic body made of impact-resistant plastic.

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Model STAV R-PKB 45/2200M belongs to the domestic class of tools, but can be used not only in the household, but also by employees of retirement companies and emergency services.

The cost of this tool is currently about 6,400 rubles.

Stavr PCB 50/2400m

The most powerful tool in the list of this manufacturer. The device is powered by a 3.3 hp engine, which provides chain rotation at a speed of 12.1 meters per second. The power saw is equipped with a 20-inch guide bar and a 76-link saw chain. With these devices you can cut trees with a fuselage diameter of up to 70 centimeters. Chainsaws are equipped with a multipoint system that eliminates vibration on steel springs, which the tool reliably repairs in the wood.

According to owners, chainsaw bodies are not afraid of hitting the wood and are perfectly able to withstand severe frosts. The model is adapted to work in different climatic zones and starts up perfectly both in heat and in low temperatures. Basil can be used for all types of work, including non-professional trees.

The universal chainsaw PCB-50/2400m is available on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 6,480 rubles.

Preparing to work with the StAVR chainsaw

  • After buying a chainsaw, we recommend reading the manual, study well the basic rules of care and operation of the tool.
  • Pay attention to the correct installation of the chain and its voltage, assembling the saw system. Do not forget that the chain is tensioned after 10-15 minutes of work, it is necessary to stop the engine and check the tension of the chain and adjust it if necessary.
  • Use only high-quality AI 92-95 gasoline for fuel mixture and engine oil for two-stroke engines with air-cooling function. When working in the StAVR chainsaw, the fuel mixture is used in the ratio of 1/25. Further it is recommended to mix fuel in 1/50 ratio.
  • After testing the engine and the automatic lubrication system make sure that there is no gasoline and oil text. Do not operate the chainsaw with the fuel system out of bounds.
  • Observe safety rules when starting the engine and follow the sequence specified in the instruction manual.
  • At the end of the work, clean the chainsaw of dirt and dust, remove the air filter and clean it.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the StAVR chainsaw


  • Reliable, high-speed engine with chrome plating;
  • Improved ignition system;
  • Upgraded starter with rope return function;
  • Multi-point vibration relief system on steel springs;
  • High-quality carburetor from Hualong;
  • Ergonomic body and well-placed controls.


  • Heavy weight of the tool;
  • High noise level;
  • Some models of StAVR chainsaws have an unfortunate design of the chain tensioner.

Babene StAVR: video review

Until now, video reviews of the chainsaw model from StAVR were not available on the web. In terms of their characteristics, however, the tools of this manufacturer are similar to many budget chainsaws made in China, a review of which we offer.

Comparison of popular gasoline models:



Proper running-in of a chainsaw



Reading forums: reviews of real owners

Alexei Vinogradov, 52 years old, Tambov region:

I bought the STAVR chainsaw not by chance, the fact is that the tool of this manufacturer I already have and proved itself quite well. Yes, the saw was assembled in China, but it is clear that it is not in the basement, but in the factory. All parts are tightly fitted, nothing dangles anywhere, the body of the assembly is made of a fairly high cushioning material. My Stavr HSB 50/2400m gasoline saw is equipped with Oregon sawdust – a pleasant surprise. Of the shortcomings of the manufacturer discover the chain tensioner, which is not too successful.

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Valery Chichvarkin, 32 years old, Volgograd region:

After the old doldrums, I decided not to spend on branded tools, and bought a budget gasoline saw from PSHB 50/2400 m. The decisive role was played by the cost of the saw and the power of the engine. The seller tried to prove that it was assembled in Russia, but it was clear from the documents and markings and from the meeting that it was made in China. The engine started almost immediately and there were no problems later on. But the problems were not long in coming. The teeth of the main star, the alloy from which the part was made, turned out to be of poor quality. Then came the turn of the oil tank, which simply slipped, indicating the quality of the plastic. With all this, the chainsaw also has a rather impressive weight.

Advantages: good assembly, price, reliable engine, high-quality saw in the set;

Disadvantages: The leading star, the poor quality plastic and the heavy weight of the tool wear out very quickly.

Also on our website you can read descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) of such brands: Bosch, Oleo Mack, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Forester, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Union , union, union, union, union, union, hammer, union storm, parma, coste, champion, champion, huter, echo, patriot, ural, karcher, carver, husqvarna, makita, friendship, kruger, caliber, stihl, and also leave reviews about chainsaws of these brands, If you have something to say about the build quality and experience with certain chainsaw models of these brands, write your review in the comments, it will be very useful to our readers.

Saw stavr – reviews

After buying it from an online store and the first review, it turned out that the saw would not lift – the lock button. After some torture, it worked itself. The first shot ended with smoke – the disk lock button was in the “lock” position, apparently the spring or not there at all. Didn’t experiment any further, that was enough!

Bought for the country, taking into account the work twice a month. It did not work, did not work stable. There was a factory defect, air leaking between the carburetor and the cylinder for 10 minutes. Then you start it. The candle threw out.” From the first day the engine stalled. I took it to warranty repair to replace the saw service part “spacer between robot and cylinder and switch”. It has been 15 days, the part still has not come. I spent 45 days on warranty repair. I will probably get it by the winter, why do I need it in the winter? The model is outdated, apparently plucked from the Japanese, the 80s. Bought the Saw LLC “Instrument” Perm, the supplier LLC “Megapolis” Ulyanovsk.

Fuel transfer pump from floating pump. Flies the carburetor, it is not possible to start.

Afternoon. Bought a Savamen Stavr as it should be. Drank the jet and put everything on the shelf, three days later and saw that everything was in oil. There was no oil and the oil in the saw was all leaking from the bottom. When he went back to the store, came back two weeks later, came back and the answer was no part. It’s a horror, not a binge. Don’t take them, this is the worst company I have encountered.

It has been 50 days, Stavr saw still could not be repaired. Tired of talking to the service on the phone. Came in, either ran to another saw or money. Got my money back. Took my partner’s neighbor’s R352, started well, the Stavr runs much quieter, decent power. Price is about the same.

Neutral Reviews

Been using this saw for over two years. I use the saw and trimmer TM STAVR for gardening. The price, of course, is not small, but the tool is worth it.

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good reviews

I bought this model instead of the Chinese CMI, which is two years old, but it also works, though initially there was no accuracy and the depth saw less, initially there was a choice between Blue Bosch 190 model and Girl GKs 55. However, in the end, after the crisis, everything went up sharply and they went from kopecks to eight, I found that at that time it was understandable, then there was a choice of three models. This status CF 190, mine, a friend had one and I worked as a car, but made ours, but I have not found reviews of it and the price is higher, in the end stopped at the Stavra. And some say it is Ulyanovsk tool, but there is little more than the head office and almost all production in China. Now I experienced it for myself when I sawed 50 boards crosswise. And 20 plywood scraps – deciphering floors in the country can easily cope with these tasks

Very handy and necessary tool for the repair of the apartment and not only. The hacksaw is electric, inherently powerful – 850 watts. This is enough for cutting with a thickness – on wood up to 115 mm, on steel 10 mm, and on non-ferrous metal 16 mm.

I even cinder-concrete wall with this tool, to further split the pie, well cut.

The stroke of the screen is up to 3000 movements per minute, when you need the power of rotation, it can be reduced to 500 movements per minute. Also in this gear it’s a little unimportant that it has a soft start. Except that it has a noise level of 85 dB. You either have to work with building headphones, or if you don’t have one, I can suggest simple squeakers as a budget option.

The length of the power cord is good – 3 meters, and the weight is normal not heavy 2.8 kg. Nice to work with a tool like this.

Yes, the most important thing when buying such a tool, at the same time take new canvases, as the canvas is not very hold. For plastic products choose suitable canvases, and for metal you need a file with a small pitch and small teeth, and for wood and HSS the teeth are bigger. Take your pick for the job you need a good smooth file for. I use Bosch consumables.

The unit is not heated, but when I was scraping the cinder block there was some vibration, I guess I did not adjust the blade.

The PS-850 electric hacksaw assembly is very good, all tightened well, no cracks in the joints.

It is a great tool for professionals, I wish I had such consumables!

I bought the saw. I liked the price and the quality. Can cut logs with a diameter of 300 mm, boards. Reliable, heavy. I recommend .

I bought the saw to cut branches from wood and beams. Sucks everything quickly and accurately. Does not overheat (when not heavily loaded). Sucks much cooler than electric jigsaws, although the principle is similar. I bought Bosch files – everything sings great, but they blunt even after prolonged use. But overall I’m happy with everything. Saw the recently fallen tree on the site (except for the thickness of the trunk).

The need to cut wood requires a special tool that can do it obliquely, lengthwise or crosswise. Such a tool is a circular saw or a hand-held circular saw. The main criterion for choosing one or another model of circular saw is the depth of cut. A lot depends on this criterion, including the performance of the tool and, of course, its cost.

Of course, a saw with a blade diameter of 210 mm cannot be inherently compact. When you first look at the “circular”, the chic profile of the sole measuring 331×222 mm, as well as the very tactile rear handle with a rubber coating, immediately catches your eye. The girth is comfortable, and the hand is very roomy here. The trigger of the switch is located quite comfortably, your finger does not need to reach for it, and the button itself is very pliable. For some reason, the manufacturer does not deliver the opening knife. But there is a direct access to the brush assembly, which makes it easy to change the carbon brushes without disassembling the tool body. The length of the power cable is two meters. As you understand, the weight of the saw is not trivial: the total weight with the cable and the guard is about 5.4 kg.

Minitor Uralets 224. Description of the model, video work, reviews

The overall design of the PDE-210/1800 is rigid. This can be verified by placing the sole of the saw on a hard surface and trying to rock the “head” of the tool back and forth. The maximum cutting depth (at 90 degrees) is 75 mm, (at 45 degrees) 50 mm.

A square check showed no disc angle deviations. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the correct position of the device before starting work. In general, the squareness check (cutting planks 50 x 200 mm) gave a logical result of cutting exactly at a 90 degree angle.

What about performance? Here, too, the saw gave no cause for criticism. It took an average of 10.2 seconds to cross-cut the same Pine Fifty board. This result may seem modest, but I should add that I was not trying to get maximum speed, the tool was pushed with moderate effort. At full depth (it is 75 mm) this “circular” saw saw confidently: there was no very sharp drop in speed, and by the location of the beam the saw moved relatively easily, not requiring much effort from the hand. The power consumption of the motor is (1800 watts).

The cutting element is covered by a safety guard for user safety. I liked the case because of the lack of “vagaries”: it opens smoothly and without much effort, without requiring attention at the most inopportune moment.

On the front edge of the sole there are strips with “sights”. They are supposed to help guide the saw exactly along the line, in practice we tried to keep the mark strictly along the entire line, so the cut went strictly along the drawn line. I didn’t even have to look at the blade. Although, of course, for furniture stores, it’s better to cut along the guide.

The model comes standard with a disc with 30 teeth. Longitudinal cutting of pine board with this equipment turned out almost perfect: With a minimal protrusion of the cutting edge and slow driving the cut was quite clean.

Stavr ПДЭ-210/1800 effectively copes with cutting boards, plates and plates at angles from 0 to 45 degrees. It is also capable of making cuts with a depth of 50 to 75 mm. The model is simple and easy to use and maintain. The warranty period is 2 years. The tool is equipped with a 210 mm diameter cutting blade, which can guarantee good results at speeds up to 5300 rpm. Made in China.

I bought this saw because I need to saw all summer season, especially when there is a need for bars or battens, the choice fell on this Stavr saw, although there were no special reviews on it, I decided to buy because it looks reliable, according to the characteristics took something average, there are weaker and stronger, before that worked the same but weaker 1300, and this 1600 did not feel much difference. It cuts well, right from the start the engine smelled good, but then the smell disappeared, it’s convenient, nice to work with, an indispensable thing in the household. There is one thing, I do not know whether to consider it a minus or, conversely, a plus. In general, I sawed 50 boards KU length, pieces of 10×1, 5 meters, on the board 4-th circle, it suddenly lost momentum and stopped, I thought it was all over, half a minute later began to work again, the board finished sawing, the same nonsense happened to the next board, then I gave it a rest and finished sawing the remaining boards without any problems. Now I think either it’s some kind of malfunction, or overload locks triggered, although the properties of the lock does not specify anything, before that was a weak circular saw on it, even if I clamped or heated the disk, no lock has not triggered, only disk slowed down, but continued to rotate.

Compact tractor Kentavr T-24 - description and characteristics

In the household, this tool always comes in handy. You can buy an electric saw. The combination of price and quality is optimal. The only deterrent is “hanging” the tool on the socket. cordless saw? Expensive! That leaves the good old chainsaws. However, it is better to buy a new, but more aggressive. For example, like “Stavr” PCB 45/2200.

It differs from the models of the leading manufacturers by its more or less moderate cost. At the same time, it consists of high-quality components, has good features and an attractive design. The plastic housing is high-quality and shock-resistant. In addition, the tool lies securely in the hand. Now let’s take a closer look.

The single-cylinder two-stroke engine in the PCB45/2200 has an output of 2.99 hp (2.2 kW) and a volume of 51.3 cm. The cylinder of this engine is not simple: its inner walls are coated with chrome, which provides increased wear resistance of the cylinder. In other words, the PCB 45/2200 engine has a fairly good service life. The fuel used is a mixture of gasoline AI-92 and oil (when using mineral oil) in a ratio of 25:1. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.52 l. At idle the crankshaft makes 2800 rpm. When sawing, when the “trigger” is fully lowered, it makes 11500 rpm. /min. The centrifugal clutch delivers torque to the drive pinion as early as 3,800 rpm. /min.

The chain tensioning mechanism is located on the side. This allows quick and easy tensioning with a standard screwdriver.

The multi-point anti-vibration system greatly reduces the harmful effects of vibration on the user.

The popular TORCH brand spark plug guarantees trouble-free operation for a long time.

A removable cover provides easy and quick access to the air filter.

The saw is equipped with adjustable chain lubrication and a bar for supplying the right amount of oil.

The Walbro carburetor is responsible for powering the PCB 45/2200. For fuel pre-pumping, the saw has a primer – a good help when starting a cold engine. The body of the tool is made of high quality impact-resistant plastic. The front part of the body (chain oil reservoir) is made of metal. Therefore, the saw does not suffer a blow to the sawed log. The center of gravity of the PCB 45/2200 is metal with large teeth. Safety of the user is ensured by the contact type brake, the chain is stopped for 0,12 seconds.

The tool uses a bar of an unknown brand. The length, which is 45 cm, allows you to easily handle massive logs. The chain is equipped with chipper (sickle-shaped) teeth. The pitch is 0,325” – one of the most common. In this case, during the work provides a reduction of sawing. The thickness of the driving link is 1.47 mm.

Gasoline saw PSHB-45/2200 is recommended for garden maintenance (for sawing wood, trimming branches, firewood, tree limbs) and minor works in the construction of wooden houses. We are pleased with the power, performance and high quality workmanship.

Includes: bar and circuit board, protective cover, chain for work, center of gravity gear, screwdriver, combination wrench and a container for cooking fuel mixture.

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