STAVR chainsaws: description, characteristics, rules of use and reviews

Brand STAVR. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

The market of garden equipment is increasingly filled by domestic manufacturers, which, thanks to high-quality materials and parts, make strong competition to global companies. For example, Stavr chainsaws have long been loved by Russian owners of land plots and private houses, garden and homestead land.

Domestic chainsaws with enormous power, excellent performance, quality assembly and pleasant cost will become the best helpers in tree maintenance or firewood preparation.


The Russian company STAVR began producing products in 1998. Over time, technology has changed, but the range of the company remains relevant due to constant new developments, additions and updates. Thanks to the affordable price one can afford absolutely everything. The company has its own laboratory, where new developments and projects are tested.

Each new released model of the device is an improved version of the previous model: safer, more practical, economical, comfortable and powerful. STAVR” company guarantees the performance of each own device and offers a two-year warranty to customers.

Basic equipment and manufacturer of “Stavr” chainsaw

The Russian company supplies chainsaws in disassembled form and in the following configuration:

  • drive bars;
  • saw chain;
  • Protective cover for the bar for safe storage and transportation;
  • combination wrench and screwdriver for assembly and service;
  • special file for sharpening the chain;
  • Measuring cup for preparation of the fuel mixture;
  • Technical documentation.

The company manufactures its entire range in China, which significantly reduces the cost of the finished product. That’s why STAVR chain saws can be afforded by people with different income levels.

STAVR” chain saws for petrol engines.

For all the periods of existence, the company “STAVR” has released an extensive model range. Here we will consider the main, most popular models of the entire range. Three domestic chainsaws, which differ from each other in power, performance, cost, technical characteristics and indicators.

Basil “STAVR” PCB 45/1800

Connoisseurs of powerful domestic chainsaws at a low price will certainly appreciate the chainsaw “STAVR” PCB 45 1800 for the quality two-stroke engine capacity of 2.45 hp (1.8 kW) and a volume of 45 cm3. The long 45 cm hoop from the professional brand Oregon will allow you to easily see even the thickest logs or poles.

Bubblers PCB-45/1800

The chainsaw has automatic chain oiling during operation, which makes sawing, maintenance and extended life much easier. Reviews of the Stavr PCB 45 1800 chainsaw also note the emergency stop, the center of gravity of the equipment and the primer for fuel priming, which makes the chainsaw convenient, safe and very comfortable for the operator.

Basil “STAVR” PCB 45/2200

STAVR” STAB 45/2200 chainsaw is distinguished as a domestic model with a power of 2.9 hp (2.2 kW) and a volume of 51.3 cm3, reliable and very powerful. Durable and high-quality plastic protects the body from damage and chrome plating on the cylinder greatly increases the service life of the chainsaw.

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Bazis Stavr 2200

“STAVR” PCB 45/2200 has a small weight (5.7 kg) and compact size, which has been repeatedly with merit in reviews of the model. The 45-centimeter bar allows you to saw even thick logs, easily and with maximum speed.

More information can be found in the manual to the tool.

STAVR Basel 50/2400 m

3.2 hp or 2.4 kW of powerful household chainsaw “Stavr” from PKB-50/2400m make it the most popular and quality among the model series of tools with a gasoline engine.

Excellent vibration and noise absorption system, automatic chain lubrication during work, emergency stop, easy start technology make the work with a chainsaw even more convenient and easy. The height marking makes it possible to create precise and even sections in the wood.

STAVR PKB chainsaw maintenance, main faults and troubleshooting

Any equipment and devices require high-quality and correct maintenance. This is the key to long and high-quality work without frequent breakdowns. If we speak about “STAVR” chain saws, a special role is played by properly chosen oil, which maintains the ratio in the preparation of the fuel mixture and running – in the working.

Oil and fuel for chain saws

For good STAVR engine performance it is important to use gasoline A92 together with special oil for two-stroke engines. The main thing is to respect the proportions when mixing the fuel, namely 25: 1. For easy mixing you can use the measuring jug supplied with the chainsaw.

Do not pour pure gasoline into the fuel tank, use four-stroke or boat engine oil, waste oil.

To lubricate the chain and mechanisms it is recommended to use an oil fluid of medium viscosity. An excellent choice for a STAVR chainsaw is 10W30. In winter, low-viscosity 10W20 will do the job.

The first start and work – in STAVR

For the normal operation of the engine and the whole “STAVR” as a whole, it is necessary to start it. To do this is simple: the saw is installed on a level place, whether it is the ground or the ground. It is important to position the chainsaw so that its bar does not touch the ground. The chainsaw is started and left idling for a few minutes.

Main irregularities and what to do about them

If you are faced with the fact that the engine does not start, it is likely that you have violated the starting procedure. How to do it correctly – see the manual.

  1. If the PCV “STAVR” engine does not work at full power, you should check the muffler and the air filter for contamination.
  2. When the STAVR engine works intermittently – there is a wrong adjustment of the carburetor. For correction it is recommended to address to the service center, where qualified specialists will carry out qualitative and correct adjustment.
  3. If the engine smokes heavily during operation, the cause may be either improper adjustment of the carburetor, or improperly selected fuel mixture.
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How to tighten the STAVR chain?

STAVR PCB chain sharpening is done with a round file, which is sometimes included with some models. It is necessary to position the file correctly in relation to the chain links. How to do it is specified in the instruction and is accompanied by sketches for clarity. You just need to move the file along the links. After sharpening it is important to check the depth of the teeth.

Video review of the chainsaw “Stavr” PCB

Reviews of owners of chainsaws “Stavr” PCB

In general, you can find only positive reviews about the products of their production on the Internet. Owners often note the pleasant cost of chainsaws, good quality and quite high performance. From the negative qualities indicate the need to adjust the carburetor.

Andrey, 43 years old, Odessa

“I decided to switch from the Chinese brand to something native, domestic. I tried to choose the analogue of both the technical characteristics and the cost. As a result, I was more than happy with my purchase. The saw was much more powerful than its Chinese counterpart, though assembled in China, too. The plastic, the mechanisms and the engine of the PM at the highest level. For three months of work, no remarks. The main thing is to properly care for the technique, and they will serve for many years. “

Yegor, 34, Moscow

“I decided to buy a chainsaw “Stavr” at the beginning of the season. Of course, of course, it is necessary to know everything before using it. I sat down, read the manual, at first just worked on it: filling, pulling, sharpening, etc. Now it’s like home in me. I really like its power and speed. Now I recommend it to everyone, beginners and experienced users alike. “

Yuri, 56 years old, Zaporozhye

“Quality tool that will serve you for more than one year. Good fasteners, the quality of assembly was also very satisfied, although it is Chinese. The price can not be happy and for this price is probably the best option you can find on the market. I’ve been using the Stavr chainsaw for over half a year now and there are no major complaints and problems. I advise!

Pros: Powerful and handy saw, pleasant price, the vibration system.

The lineup of chainsaws Stahr. Specifications. Manual

The first mention of the brand “Stavr” dates back to 1998. At that time, a small company began importing electrical equipment and garden equipment, which was not produced in the former Soviet Union. Soon the specialists of the company started to study the market more thoroughly and develop their own goods. This is how Russians got acquainted with the “Stavr” brand. Today the company has its own production area in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk. Some tools, including chainsaws, are produced in China. If we talk about “Stavr” chainsaws, they are manufactured by Zheyan Safun Industrial Corporation Limited in Zhejian Province.

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Products under the STAVR logo are focused on the medium market segment. This means that we are dealing with products of sufficiently high quality at a reasonable price. Today you can buy a Stavr chainsaw at a price of 4,640 to 8,650 rubles, depending on the model. It should be added that all tracked engines of this brand comply with Russian quality and safety standards, which is stated in the technical passport of each unit.

  • The chainsaws are manufactured in a factory in China;
  • Availability of EasyStart function, which facilitates engine starting;
  • Extended warranty up to 36 months, the presence of an extensive network of service centers;
  • Chrome plating on the walls of the piston group parts;
  • StAVR chainsaws are equipped with the fuel system of the Japanese company Walbro.
  • Effective system for vibration suppression and safety protection.

StAVR chainsaw switching zone

StAVR PCB-45/1800

The chainsaw belongs to the domestic class of tools, it is designed for use in private households, but can be used by supply companies and electricians. The device is equipped with a medium power engine (1.8 kW/2.45 hp) and 18-inch oregon tires. For the operator’s comfort and convenience, the saw has a metal stop and an effective anti-vibration system.

Worker’s safety is guaranteed by metal valve and instantaneous chain stop brake. In Russian online stores the price of the StAVR model PSHB-45/1800 starts from 4840 rubles. Technical characteristics of the device can be found here:

StAVR PCB-45/1800m

An improved model of PCB-45/1800. With external similarities, this chainsaw has a better assembly, fully chromed cylinder and piston, it has a Walbro fuel system and NHSP fuel system. We note the high-quality multi-point anti-vibration system on steel springs, which takes the strain off the operator’s hands. The PCB-45/1800M chainsaw has versatility, but due to the quality of components it is more expensive: from 8,640 rubles.

Stavr PCB-45/2200

Unlike previous chainsaws, this model has more powerful engine (2200 kW/3,0 hp). Basil is equipped with Oregon bus, Japanese Walbro carburetor and NHSP control panel. Also note the presence of an enlarged fuel tank (540 ml) and a primer for pumping fuel. The manufacturer classifies this chainsaw to the domestic class, although in some respects it can compete with the semi-professional tool. STAVR PCB-45/2200 gasoline chainsaw is perfect for firewood preparation, cross and longitudinal sawing of wood, repair and construction works. Today this model can be purchased for 5 430 rubles.

Technical documentation on the saw PCB-45/2200 can be found here:

Stavr PCB-45/2200m

This modern saw is characterized by high performance and can be used both for non-professional felling of trees, and for sawing the trunks of trees up to 50 cm. Many owners speak of this model as a reliable, unpretentious and hardy chainsaw. The powerful engine develops up to 12500 rpm, which significantly increases productivity. The device is equipped with all modern safety systems, its cost is about 6200 rubles.

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StAVR PCB-50/2400m

The most powerful saw in the manufacturer’s lineup. The device is equipped with a 3.3 hp engine and is equipped with a 20-inch bar. Although the chainsaw belongs to the household class, it is actually a versatile tool that can do all household chores. It can be used to cut and saw firewood, build a house, barn, bathhouse, garage, and other residential and household projects. The device can easily cope with the pruning of the garden and landscaping work. Today you can buy StAVR PCB-50/2400m chainsaw in Russia at a price of 6,300 rubles.

More information about this model can be found here:

Preparing to work the STAVR chainsaw

  • When buying the saw, check its performance and completeness. Make sure that the serial number is the same throughout the case and in the warranty card.
  • You have written down a complex tool before you open your business. We recommend that you read the manual carefully and study the construction and operation of the tool.
  • If you find a factory defect, you are entitled to a replacement request page, a replacement chainsaw, or repair of the defect within 14 days of purchase.

Important: Remember that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover faults due to failure to follow the operating instructions.

  • Your chainsaw is delivered assembled and with an adapted carburetor. To start the chainsaw you must assemble the saw and fill up with fuel and lubricant.

Important: When installing the chain, make sure that the cutting edges of the teeth point toward the sprocket.

  • Prepare an AI62-65 grade fuel mixture and two-stroke engine oil and fill the chainsaw.
  • Pour adhesive oil into the automatic chain lubrication system;
  • Check the mounting housing for oil and gasoline. If you find a leak, find the cause of it and repair the system for leaks.
  • Refuel the engine and start it up.

Fuel and Lubricants and Engine Performance

Your chain saw is equipped with an air-cooled, two-stroke gasoline engine. To lubricate it, you add motor oil to the A92-95 gasoline. For engine operation a fuel mixture is used, prepared in the oil/gasoline ratio = 1/25.

Running-in of StAVR chainsaw is carried out in two stages. First it is necessary to prepare the mixture in the ratio 1/25 in the tank and to do it with a regular bite from 25 to 30 seconds.

Important: It is forbidden to run the engine only at idle. It is also unacceptable to run the engine without a fuel cut.

In the second stage of the run the fuel mixture should be made in the ratio 1/40 (as specified in the manual) and run in economy mode 7-9 fuel tanks.

Important: Running in economy mode ensures that the operator does not see thick protocols and does not allow the engine to overheat.

Do not forget to recharge the batteries. For this purpose a special adhesive oil with such a viscosity index is used, which ensures reliable protection of the sawmill in all temperature conditions. It is forbidden to fill the system with diesel and transformer oil, disgusting and waste fluid.

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Typical malfunctions and possible solutions

Problem Probable cause Probable Cause Probable Solution
Chainsaw does not start when cold No fuel mixture

Ignition does not turn on

Problem with spark plug

Move the ignition switch to the “integral” position

Clean and dry the spark plug or replace it with a new one

No oil on the work surface

Check. the. spark. plug. is. not. coming. out. of. the. working. surface.

Remove excess fuel from “flooded” engine:
  • Unscrew the spark plug, wipe it and dry it;
  • With the spark plug unscrewed, pull the starter handle several times to allow excess gasoline to drain from the cylinder.
  • Install the spark plug and start the engine.
  • If problems are observed in engine operation, the carburetor must be adjusted.

Main advantages and disadvantages

  • Affordable prices with high quality products;
  • Durable engine with chrome plated piston and cylinder;
  • Availability of a primer to pump fuel into the carburetor;
  • Metal stop for comfortable work;
  • Ergonomic handles and comfortable control positions;
  • Oregon saws are available as standard equipment;
  • Extensive network of service centers and workshops (addresses listed in the instruction manual).
  • High noise level;
  • In some models, the chain tensioner may not work properly.

Stavr chainsaw evaluation video

There are no video reviews on tuning the StAVR chainsaw on the web yet. However, these models are similar to Chinese chainsaws in terms of performance, service, and operating techniques.

Choosing an inexpensive chainsaw:

Fuel preparation for two-stroke engines:

A Chinese chainsaw – five years in the making:

Owner reviews

Semyon Kruchinin, 43, Altai Territory:

Bought a chainsaw PKB-50/2400 m for cutting firewood and for all sorts of budgetary needs. For two years I went to the woods with it, sawed firewood at home and helped the neighbors. In general, I am satisfied with the tool. Starts out normal, the saw colormetal from Oregon is pretty good quality. No problems – the vibration is very felt, or I have a defective tool, or it is it winded.

Vladimir Pimonkin, 49 years old, Tver region:

I bought the chainsaw as a Russian, but the passport says that it is made in China. I was not particularly upset, because the price of the Stavr chainsaw corresponds to the price of a normal Chinese saw. A good engine, normal plastic on the body, I am surprised by the quality bar and chain in the basic set. As for the disadvantages, I do not like the tensioner – it is too unlovely, and this model is very loud without headphones, that you can not work.

Advantages: price, quality sawmill, reliable engine, durable plastic on the body;

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