Spruce, pine or fir – choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year

Spruce, fir or pine: choosing a coniferous tree for the New Year

Spruce is probably the main attribute of the New Year, which is installed in most apartments and houses on the eve of the holiday. True, some people prefer fir or pine. Tsargrad Novosibirsk about what rules to follow when choosing a coniferous tree and where to buy it better.

To buy a festive tree, you need to visit a Christmas tree market or forestry. According to the city portal, the regional center, “My Novosibirsk”, there are 148 such outlets, all they are already working at full capacity, the sale officially began on December 10 this year. By the way, the region plans to sell about 30,000 Christmas trees, pines and fir trees for the New Year, so the holiday trees should be enough for everyone.

How about artificial trees?

If you’re faced with a choice between an artificial Christmas tree and a live one, and the only argument is that you’ll harm nature, don’t worry. Christmas tree bazaars sell trees harvested from the forestry. Specialists collect conifers in areas where young trees are cut down, and under power lines. There are also nurseries, where young trees are grown from one-year-old saplings and then sent to our homes.

Pine and spruce are brought from the region’s forest-steppe zone, Ob forests and ribbon forests, and fir is harvested from the region’s Salair forests.

Once you have decided that you need a live beauty, you need to choose a place to buy it. As we have already written above, the purchase should be made at Christmas tree bazaars. The plants are also sold on the Internet, but Rospotrebnadzor reminds you that it’s illegal to buy coniferous wood “off hand” from so-called “black woodcutters”. To avoid trouble, you should buy Christmas trees from sellers who have the appropriate documents – an agreement with the tree nursery for the purchase of trees.

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advices for buying Christmas trees

Of course, no one wants the tree to turn yellow and fall off during the Christmas holidays. The question arises: When is the best time to buy a Christmas tree? Rospotrebnadzor experts recommend buying it on December 20. In addition, it is better to do it in the daytime, as in good light it is easier to notice defects.

In Christmas tree bazaars buyers are usually offered three varieties of Christmas trees – pine, spruce and fir. Here you should choose according to your budget. For example, pine is popular because of its low price. In addition, its needles fall off more slowly than the spruce, and the fragrance of the needles is stronger. The most expensive fir is considered to be a fir. It has long and lush needles that almost never fall off. It can stand at home longer than pine and spruce. Also, fir trees don’t shatter very much. But a fir has a very faint smell of needles.

Photo: Victor Lisitsyn, Victor Lisitsyn/Global Look Press

Choosing a tree, pay attention to the trunk. It should not be too thin, without cracks, mildew and dark spots. Remember that resin bodes well for success. Pay attention to the crown, you should not buy or cut down a tree with few. Don’t forget the parameters so that the tree will fit in the space allotted to it.

The branches should bend well. If they are dry and break with minimal effort, then the plant is far from light and will not hold the weight of toys. Look at the lower branches – they should be upright.

Separately, pay attention to the bite. The needles should be emerald, firm, and clinging to the branches. To check this, press the lower part to the ground or shake it. If there are many needles at the same time, pick another one.

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Don’t forget the very smell that gives the holiday atmosphere. To check it, break a couple of needles in the palms of your hands. If they are dry and do not have a characteristic smell, it means that the tree is long gone.

If it is still important to you that the tree did not die after the holidays, in some places you can find conifers in pots. Such plants can then be planted in the region or in the summer house.


After making your choice, ask the seller to bring a Christmas tree in a net. This way you can easily move it or bring it into the house. By the way, do not immediately bring the Christmas tree into a heated room. Leave it for a while in the hallway or on the balcony. Experts recommend waiting 2-3 hours. This is necessary, as a sharp change in temperature will harm the plant.

tree care

In order for the tree to enjoy the housemates for a long time, do not put it near a source of heat – a radiator, fireplace, heater. Otherwise, the tree will quickly dry out and the needles will fall off. Do not forget to take care of it – put it in a bucket of water and spray the needles. This way the plant will rot longer and please you with the spruce aroma.

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New Year Tree: who and why chooses a spruce, fir or pine?

We started, friends, on the New Year’s omens associated with Christmas trees, pines and other conifers that decorate our home on the holiday. Well, about choosing the right Christmas tree for the New Year, I think we should still talk separately.

What Christmas tree would you choose?

What Christmas tree will you choose?

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What are we guided by when deciding which Christmas tree will decorate our home this year? Most often stand such parameters as appearance, resistance of needles to weaning. But what’s interesting: some people put exclusively Christmas trees all their lives, while others are constantly experimenting, buying then a pine, then the New Year in the company of an artificial Christmas tree.

But did you know that the choice of a certain kind of Christmas tree is not random? There are no accidents in our lives, and if you are reading this article now, it means that for some reason you need it! We are always attracted to things that are close to us, even if we don’t realize it. Let’s see together who and why chooses Christmas trees, pine or fir, pay attention to the features of each tree and decide what to buy this year.

A great choice! A classic Christmas tree option. Gorgeous thick needles, a pronounced fragrance that immediately fills the whole house. In order for the spruce to retain its regal appearance for a long time, it needs coolness and watering. In a hot place the needles will fall off and fall quickly.

Fichte is a classic Christmas tree option

A spruce is a classic Christmas tree

Do you buy fir trees? About fans of Christmas trees noticed the following. People who prefer ordinary spruces, very demanding to themselves, have an innate sense of nobility, fairness and delicacy. As a rule, they are good reliable friends, on whom you can rely in any situation. They are not used to pass up in front of difficulties, rather the opposite: go forward boldly, maintain self-control and fully trust the victory. Persistent and tenacious in moving towards the goal and almost always succeed. They require cleanliness and order (but without excessive fanaticism), to deal with children and pamper themselves with a simple hearty meal.

You don’t have to buy a cut down tree: A miniature tree in a container can create a new annual atmosphere in the house! And in the spring it can be planted on the plot.

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A variety of conifers in containers can be chosen in our catalog, which compiles offers from many large online garden stores. See a selection of conifers in containers.


A wonderful hardy tree: Even in a warm room, its long needles do not soon detach, although their color quickly fades. The scent of pine at room temperature is not as pronounced as that of spruce and fir. To fully enjoy it, it needs heat.

Many people welcome the new year in an elegant pine tree.

Many people welcome the New Year in an elegant pine tree.

If you choose pine as your New Year’s Eve tree or rely on your site, familiarize yourself with its properties). For this category of people, a cozy home is very important. No less attention should be paid to the interior and the area near the house. People in love with pine are not afraid to take risks, they can at any time change the profession they consider suitable for themselves. They stubbornly go to the chosen goal and do not pay attention to minor problems. Natural born organizers are distinguished by an analytical disposition and quick decision making. You can rely on you, but you should remember: for lovers of pine their own fountain, safety and peace of mind – above all.


This elegant beauty is a worthy New Year’s decoration of the house. But, like all beauties, it causes delight. The better, the better for you. FIR must be watered, otherwise it will have already shed its needles before you know it!

What can be said about those who chose FIR? Very serious people. They have a meticulous and responsible attitude to their work and to all, even the simplest of tasks. You can’t call them too hasty, because before you enter into a relationship with the shop, you will think that everything is fine. But the result is almost always brilliant! Firs are not used to revealing their feelings, they are quite closed and therefore often feel lonely even in a large family or friendly team.

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A fir tree is a worthy New Year's decoration for the home. Photo from SAD-24.RU page

A fir is a worthy New Year’s decoration for the home. Photo from SAD-24.RU

What do you think? Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? If you disagree, write your opinion in the comments! What Christmas tree do you choose?

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