Spring cleaning in the garden with hig h-pressure washing

Spray with a car wash


We have a Karcher car wash in our garage. Well, it is clear that we use it for its intended purpose. But has the idea came to me that you can spray with your help in the garden? Do we still have “Kulibins” in the forum, except me? I would like to discuss this idea before I start implementing it.

The housekeeper

On the one hand, the idea is of course interesting. In any case, it will be better in the sense of standard sprayers. But isn’t it too fast? About five liters of water need a typical tree. In what time will your sink will be finished with such a volume?


Yes, in the area of ​​one and a half minutes. Of course, you cannot handle it. The assistant is needed to run with this thing while running around the tree. But the idea itself. It will be necessary to try with ordinary water. Well, everything will definitely fit for flowers and shrubs.


They are only the gentlemen (or rather the lady) inventor and rationalizer, please, please. It also speaks a fairly wide spectrum and is by no means useful for our body. Breathing devices there are what you have to wear to at least protect the lungs.


Yes, a airway may not be avoided here. Especially when it comes to high trees. It will fly in all directions. It is not a respiratory protection masks, but a whole costume of chemical protection is no less necessary. I would not take any risks and acted in an ol d-fashioned way – Pneum o-Lockers. Let it be slow but safe.


We spray like that. The truth is not trees. I imagine really badly how chemicals can be sprayed to such a height. We are growing flowers, so it’s easier. But we also do it in two parts – my husband wears a container behind me. Well, it should be remembered that it should be so that the wind does not blow in its direction.

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Apparently none of them have Kurher technology. Otherwise, the first thing that is said about the unreal pressure that the minimum itself exerts. This pressure is not that plants can be damaged. So don’t have a bike come in and use devices that were specially developed for a garden garden.


Unreal pressure in the immediate vicinity. And if you spray the spray, there are no problems with damage. There is also the possibility to regulate this pressure. Apparently they are not very aware of which side is approaching her, but taught us.

Sure sure

With such a device, it is a pleasure to wash the tool thoroughly after the spray process so that it does not spray your car and you.


Why discuss? A good idea, the pressure is good and the spray area will be at a height in the literal sense of the word. Only in this case is the problem of itself the problem itself that you have to take care of special clothing.


But does it bother someone that your entire car wash is saturated with fertilizers? In the same place it is really impossible to wash the car. It is better to buy a special spray, because ruining a car wash is simple, only expensive.


Apparently none of them have Karcher equipment. Otherwise, the first thing you would like to talk about the unrealistic pressure that the mini sink itself would be. This pressure can harm plants and trees. So do not invent a bike and use devices that have been specially developed for gardening.

I agree with them 100%, after such a spray not only leaves, but thin branches. Here you don’t dare to wash every car, but you will spray the trees


Is it possible to spray trees with Karcher?

Almost everyone knows what Kärcher mini washing machines are designed for. Your happy owners enjoy the advantages of this device at home or in your holiday home to the fullest. Wash cars, clean garden tools, clean paths – the list of applications of this technology is long. This is really an indispensable article for a variety of budget needs.

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You will not surprise anyone with the scope of the standard use of mini washing machines. However, some craftsmen do not stop here and successfully use Kärcher high-pressure devices for a rather original solution of some problems. Consider the 5 most unusual options to use these devices.

Surface preparation for painting

Removing old color and rust before painting is one of the most frustrating things you can do. Here you can inhale dust and injure your hands, not to mention how much time is needed for this process. Hardly anyone suspects that this process can be very much simplified with the help of a mini-underwear.

A high-pressure cleaner and a “mud cutter” nozzle quickly clean the old surface from unnecessary elements and prepare for the painting. At the same time, it will cost less time and effort.

Spraying garden plants and trees

Everyone knows that water is the working medium for mini washing machines. But what if you try to use a different liquid in this function? For example, a solution for spraying trees. In this case, we get an ultr a-efficient plant sprayer, with which, for example, several larger trees can be treated in a relatively short time. At the same time, you do not have to climb to a height for better processing.

Channel cleaning at home

This procedure can only be classified as not standardized because only a few people use this characteristic of Kärcher high pressure devices. Although the manufacturer has planned this option, he therefore invented a special hose with a nozzle with which you can hydraulically clean the sewage tube. This method is very effective and can be used to remove dirt from a tube of up to 15 m long.

Cattle contrast shower

In hot weather, the poor animals find no place for themselves and try to find at least some protection against the summer heat. Farmers try to take every opportunity to somehow relieve the suffering of their protected people. And what could be nicer than a changing shower in the heat?

Minitractor MTZ-082 - description and properties

A mini sink with a fan nozzle helps to solve this problem. However, the main thing is not to exaggerate it with pressure, otherwise the animals can experience rather uncomfortable sensations instead of pleasure.

Fish cleaning

Many people like to catch fish, even more people like to eat it, but hardly anyone cleans it. A strong water current with a pressure of 150 ATM. In a few seconds, it will remove all scales and save them from such an unpleasant procedure. Here, however, you should pay attention to two points. Firstly, the fish should be repaired reliably (you can pierce it on both sides and repair it on a wooden board), and secondly, you can get it immediately with fish meat if you exaggerate it too much.

As you can see, the use of hig h-pressure devices Kerher is not limited to a sink with cars and cleaning the territory. The original approach and the presence of imagination enable you to find a large number of no n-standard options in order to use this universally.

Is it possible to spray Kerher’s trees?

Each of us in our location is confronted with certain pests that devour our harvest and withdraw the forces. For example, I am with great caution, eat plum: no, no, and there is a worm, although in spring.

Is it possible to combine phyteverm and phytosporin MS when spraying? I want to process strawberries. Is it possible to combine these two medication?

Hello, seve n-Dime! I wanted to ask about the experience of using drugs such as “Radiance” 1 and 2, a healthy garden, Ecoberin, NB-101. I used last year, but did not understand their action, maybe I haven’t seen the right effect.

I only read in one source that glyocladin forms mycorrhiza. Other Mycorrhor education mushrooms can be applied with glyocladin at the same time?

Is it possible to use the “Fitosporin” and “Baikal EM-1” in the bottom of the soil in autumn?

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I bought the Gumi refend “important from Chernozem humus fertility”. It is written to pour the country in spring and autumn. But how can you apply for plants? How much before landing? Is it possible through plants? Is it possible to pour lon g-set perennials? Who.

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Car sink as a sprayer

Has anyone really used hig h-pressure underwear to spray apple trees? Share your experience. There is jokes on YouTube, I wonder how this is implemented.

A normal spray is inexpensive and there is nothing that mock the equipment.

Yes, the spray only costs two thousand, but why should you climb the step and mock yourself?

Everything is sprayed normally. much faster, but the poison consumption is also normal))

Can you advise the product for 3 apple trees? To which volume to breed, the time and the multitude of sprays.

It seems to me that nothing new has been invented since the time of this drug (or its derivatives): http://www.forumdacha.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=902 on war m-blooded animals, bees and other useful insects do not work . It is only necessary to process on time, and not if the caterpillars already have the size of a horse and the half of the leaves devour.

For two years in a row he sprayed a car wash. Very convenient and effective. The tree is fully processed. The first year in which I had already eaten the caterpillars. At the same time they are sewn. Much more effective than benzooists. I don’t know if I called it correctly. The area of ​​spray and strength is much larger. It beats a fog by 5 meters. The consumption is approximately 10 liters. On a tree. This is that it would be cast completely. It already flows from him. The tool was not expensive, but the result was pleased. Actor. Price 15 rub. Ampoule. Diluted by 10 liters. I bred 15.

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