Snowoffers Hauter. Reviews, video, service, overview of the snow machine huts

Snowoffers Hauter. Review, characteristics, types of engines, operation

Hute r-Schneebrissen are among the manufacturers of sno w-covered equipment. They are built in Germany, which immediately implies high quality. The Hauter brand is a wide range of models in which everyone fulfills the affordable and as suitable for them as possible for certain goals.

Snowman Huter SGC 4000 Snowman Huter SGC 4100 SGC Huter SGC 4800

The most popular models for sno w-covered Hute r-Sno w-Boiling models for the price and the operational properties are the Huter SGC 4000 and Huter SGC 4100 models.

These are sel f-propelled models that can easily deal with the height of approximately 50 cm. They are most frequently used for cleaning. The engine is driven manually with a cable.

This video shows a review of the SGC 4000 technology:

The 4800 snow pistol model is something more powerful on paper. However, the costs are greater. This technology can be activated from the battery and has an output of 1 hp. more. According to the reviews, however, there is no specific difference between 4800 and 4100.

Snowoffers Hauter SGC 8000 and 8100C

The most powerful professional models of the snowman are Huter SGC 8100 and Huter SGC 8100C. They are identical in their indicators and equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 11 hp. This is more than enough for quality work. And 8100 C even has a caterpillar module that enables cleaning under the most difficult conditions.

In addition, these machines have an electric starter that largely facilitates the start of a petrol engine when the temperatures subsequently.

Snowman Huter SGC 1000E Snowman Huter SGC 2000E

There are Huter SGC 1000E and 2000 Electric Snowmen. However, they are not particularly demand because they are connected to the electrical network, which delivers many inconvenience in the company. Your design is more fragile and often has to do repair work.

Electrical modifications of snow information are only used in areas with a low snow, and there is a lot of it in our country, so that their use is not in demand.

Types of engines

For all snow packing machines, Hter engines are put together directly in the factory.

These are gasoline engines that are operated with high octane fuel AI-92 or AI-95.

The use of gasoline of lower quality or diesel fuel is not recommended, since fuel systems can be clogged onto candle shape or dozen of dozen. In such a situation, petrol engines work unstable and their repair is required.

model Engine type Engine power
Huter SGC 4000 4-stroke, single cylinder 5.5, L.S.
Huter SGC 4100 4-stroke, single cylinder 5.5, L.S.
Huter SGC 4800 4-stroke, single cylinder 6.5, L.S.
Huter SGC 6000 4-stroke, single cylinder 8, L.S.
Huter SGC 8100 and 8100C 4-stroke, single cylinder 11, L.S.
Huter SGC 1000E Electrical 1000 watts
Huter SGC 2000 Electrical 2000 watts

The motors differ in their capacity of 5.5 hp for 4000 to 11 for Nutter SGC 8100 on caterpillars. It is necessary to mark the gearbox separately. All engines of the Fuit have several gear regulations. Thanks to this, you can easily adapt to certain working conditions.

Overview of the case

If you are buying a machine from the factory, you need to know how to properly assemble and disassemble the machine, as all Huter brand snow throwers are sold unassembled.

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An instruction manual will come to the aid of the user, in which the assembly process will be described in detail and clear diagrams will be presented.

All Huter snow blowers are identical.

  • A shovel with an auger is installed at the front, which shovels the snow onto the rotor, which then discharges it laterally through the chute. On average, the range is 5 to 10 meters, depending on the model and wind direction.
  • For easy operation of the Huter snow plow, all control levers are placed on the handlebar. Namely: the lever for driving the auger and wheels, switching and rotating the shaft in the desired direction.
  • If you have chosen a self-propelled snow blower with pneumatic tires, then you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time and reliably. Since they are made of high-quality rubber with a wide winter tread, thanks to which the car does not slide through the snow, but drives smoothly and gets caught on it. The drive belt from the engine ensures reliable operation of the wheel axle.
  • All Huter brand snow plows have a shovel height that is adjustable with restrictive shoes. This allows you to adjust it to an uneven surface and not rake stones, sticks and other foreign objects into the drill, which may cause the drill to deform.

The entire body and parts are made of high quality steel that can withstand heavy loads.

The following video test of the snow blower Huter SGC 4100:


Before you put the Huter snow blower into operation, you must read the operating instructions. It contains all the information about the operation of a self-propelled snow blower, possible malfunctions, ways of repairing, maintenance and device.

  1. If you are the first owner, you will need to break in the machine before you start the actual work. This means using it at half power so all parts fit neatly into the grooves and work as a single mechanism.
  2. Please note that there is no oil in the tank when the Huter snow blower is delivered to the owner. Therefore it must be filled. It is recommended to use 5W-30 or 5W-40 series oil. They work great in the cold season.
  3. After running in, the oil must be changed. It is also recommended that this procedure be performed every 25 hours of machine operation.

Depending on the model, the start of the engine is also different. All Hooter models can be operated manually with a cable. And on the 4800, the starter can still be powered by the battery.

Here is a video review of the Huter SGC 4800 device and operation:

Huter 8100 and 8110 C can also be started with an electric drive at a temperature of minus 30 °C without any problems.

The manufacturer recommends not only changing the oil every 25 hours of operation, but also cleaning the air filters and monitoring the spark plug.

Each year, a Huter self-propelled snowplow should be taken to a service center prior to operation to have the valve lifters adjusted and carbon deposits removed from the cylinders and pistons.

Here is a video of the Huter 8100 C on rails:

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If you do not intend to use snow clearing equipment for a long period of time, you should:

  1. Drain oil and gasoline from their respective tanks;
  2. Completely remove snow residue from the Huter snow blower;
  3. wipe metal surfaces with oiled rags;
  4. Disconnect the high voltage wire from the spark plug;
  5. Remove the spark plug and pour machine oil.
  6. Install the candle in place (but do not connect the wire);
  7. Replace the lubricant in the gearbox;
  8. Cover the snowman and put in a dark place, protected from the effects of direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation.


Let’s also find out what the owners of snow removal equipment say about the Huter brand.

Kfrmanidze writes the following in his review:

I have a Huter 4800 model. A reliable assistant in winter. I have been choosing different models for a long time, in the end I stopped at this one. At first, acquaintances asked questions about why they are spending extra money, but after the first snow they radically changed their minds. If before I spent about 4-5 hours on snow cleaning, and since it rains all day, the procedure has to be done a couple of times a week, now everything now takes 1 hour for everything. And I can spend more time with my family and not with a shovel on the street.

Pros: easy takeoff in any weather, convenient direction of snow mission adjustment, a large capture width, the presence of searchlights (trifles and at dusk without them), ease of management.

Cons: I didn’t find these”

And here is Vladimir’s review:

“I bought Huter SGC 4000. I worked on it for a year and I can say that. A slightly impractical lever to turn the gutter. During the movement you have to bend and dodge to change direction. But otherwise, to consider the rest. Give a hut and give him snow. Wapes with a bang, moreover, no matter the type of loose or heavy. COPES with both. Snow is discarded from about 5-7 m. Fuel tank 3L. There is enough for about an hour of intense work.

Pros: Excellent performance, low price, only one mechanism.

Cons: An awkward position of the lever to turn the gutter, slow back speed. “

Review of snowbrecherers Hauter

Review of snowbrecherers Hauter

Snow from House Territory helps snow workers at German Hut.

They are modern and effective when cleaning sites up to 4,000 square feet or more. A wide range of snowpacking equipment allows you to choose the right machine for a specific case. Electric and petrol models differ in power and process from 7 to 12 cubic meters of snow per minute. As a rule, at a distance of 5-15 meters, the draft rate reaches 60-70 kilometers per hour.

8100, 4800, 4100, 4000 and 2000 models of snow data keepers are practical and reliable

Snow removal machines manufactured by the German company Huter Elektro Technik GmbH, which has been producing such technology for more than 35 years. The brand model line offers an optimal choice between household and professional devices with petrol or electric motors. Regardless of the category, all products of the line are easy to manage, convenient to use, characterized by low noise during operation. The high quality of the products under the Huter brand is provided at all stages (from project to release) staffed by the best engineers in Germany. Their creations comply with the worst world and Russian standards, subject to mandatory testing and control of parameters for compliance with strict internal requirements. As one picks a buyer who is first seeing a small “household” portion of the line of Hutter cars on offer, it can be difficult to pinpoint the choice right away.

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A few reflections will help with this difficult subject.

First, about the criteria of choice. Basis: required force; Motor type; the number of steps of the snow plow system; the width and amount of the recording of the removable snow; Roll or caterpillar movement; Sel f-clad or not sel f-employed machine type. It is more convenient to disassemble each listed element with links to certain models from snowball players.

So what to do.

The power of the engine must be taken into account that: With snow cleaning on an area of ​​about 600 square meters, the engine can easily finish with a capacity of 5 to 6.5 hp. The power supply of 7 “horses” will quickly remove snow from the area to one and a half thousand squares. Motor of 10 l. With. installed on machines that can be cleaned up to 3,500 square meters; Snowmen with an engine of 13 “horses” can easily process about 5,000 m2 sno w-covered land. Obviously, the most popular in private consumers will be the engines of the first force group, which is considered average. In fact, the German brand line in this category shows three models at once, which are equipped with gasoline engines of the corresponding performance: SGC 4800 with a motor of 6.5 liters. With.; SGC 4100 and SGC 4000 with a unit of 5.5 liters. With. The type of engine user must be aware that it is quite ineffective to clean small areas with a bulky, no n-economic and expensive snow machine with gasoline engines with gasoline. The unstoppable law of price and quality comes into force. In the total list of brand machines, the Huter SGC 2000E model is offered with a 2-kW engine. A silent, light and maneuverable devices eats from the 220 volt network and easily processes up to 150 square meters of useful surface. If the snowman works on a solid property, a large parking lot and similar objects of an important area, the petrol engine is not competitive. In the sel f-employed models of the Hute r-SGC 4800, 4100, 4000 and 8100, four climbing engines with mechanical transmission and seven speeds were used. Of these five front and two behind. Motors are introduced by a manual starter. The Huter SGC 4800 Snowman model also offers an electrical start from the battery with a voltage of 12 volts. The fuel container for all cars can take up to 3.6 liters of gasoline, which offers about an hour of work.

Wheels or caterpillars, which is to be chosen

Wheels or caterpillars? When choosing, several factors of the convenience of the use of the machine are taken into account: it is possible to block wheels or caterpillars that enable you to easily increase the maneuverability due to the turn at the point. The caterpillar movement increases the cros s-sectional ability of uneven areas, slides, steps and limits and ensures the simplicity of snow observation compensation. The number of steps of the cleaning system in practice uses two types: a single and two-stage snowplit system. In it, snow is rejected due to the rapid rotation of the rubberized screw, which is mainly installed on the electrical model. At the same time, the maximum area of ​​such an emission reaches 5 meters. It is also important that such a system quickly finishes with loose or fresh sno w-covered snow. If you have to remove the solemn snow drifts with an infusion crust, it is better to use a tw o-stage snow lock that is used for powerful machines. Two steps are used in such constructions: steel screws, jagged or with aggressive toothed sharpening; High speed wheel. Such a system weighs more, but offers a number of advantages: it enables you to easily clean any dense, cervical layer of snow and ice. Increases the release range from material to 15 meters.

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Width and amount of the recording

In fact, we talk about a bucket of a snowman. The procedure determine the number of gears to free the strip of the required width from snow. The width and heights of the recording (in centimeters) are among the previously listed models: 56×50 for SGC 4800; 56×54 for SGC 4100; 56×42 for SGC 4000; 40×16 for SGC 2000e. When working on the website, it is important that the bucket does not touch the ground, otherwise the permissible load exceeds when transmitting and emergency violation. In order to prevent the appearance of scratches on the undercuts of the screws, the design of the bucket has a special, adjustable skiing in height. They are installed on lateral surfaces. The setting is carried out by the operator and must correspond to the snow cleaning. In uneven surfaces it is preferable to set supports higher. It is important to monitor this, since during the guarantee period of damage to the screws can be the cause of repairs to the rejection. The type of drive of the machine that is in motion in motion is closely related to all the previous ones, since even cleaning staff who do not have to press alone. In this case, small weight is preferred. Devices with electric motors and individual level cleaning systems are provided. Such a model that does not weigh more than 12 kilograms is the Huter SGC 2000E. Sel f-proceeded vehicles such as the Snowmaker Huter SGC 3000 aim at more difficult work. In contrast to no n-proceedings, they are much more difficult, two levels and have certain advantages: it is possible to select several speeds, taking into account the depth and height of the snow changes. The operator only holds the car and guides; The opposite and unlocking the bikes increase maneuverability. What is a deflector who is the name of the canal is thrown away by the snow? The gutter is also called. This part of the structure can be plastic or metal. In the simplest devices you have to switch off the engine and change the position of the upper visor manually. The rotary mechanism can be different, for example, which is equipped with a mechanical drive from the control panel. In expensive models, a special joystick changes the position of the deflector at any time without stopping the movement. In a simpler version, the gym is carried out with a special handle with worm equipment.

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The first assembly of the Huter snow rescue department

After it has sorted out the tricks and subtleties of choosing a snowman, it is time to find out how to prepare devices for work. The procedure for the compilation of two-stage self-driving vehicles of the Huter SGC 4800, SGC 4000 and SGC 4100 models is approximately the same and represents a consequence of simple actions: the main handle is screwed on 4 screws; The trunk of the distance snow is installed and fastened; The rotation lever of the bell is exhibited and attached to the cobblestones; The handle of the gear lever is installed. The rods of the screw and clutch are set. After assembly, it is necessary to fill the motor crank with oil. It is better to take quality compositions because the engine resource depends on its parameters. If the machine is in an unheated room, you need to use winter brands. The same brand should also be poured in the crankcase of the screw supplier of the screw. The assembly of the screw is checked. A special type of cutting screws is used for this purpose. Its design is made of a sno w-capped brick or a similar obstacle in cases. By destroying, such a fixation protects the worm transmission of the screw transmission from outbreaks. Applying the usual uses are strictly prohibited instead of cutting screws. After refueling and checking the screw on the horizontal surface, the carriers are set. It should not touch the earth, and the height of the bond of both skis is strictly the same to avoid distortions. The starting process after the end of the check and the preparation can be started from the engine, for: the fuel valve opens; The gas lever opens with closed air twisting; The ignition is switched on. When he starts with a manual starter, he is stretched to slight resistance, whereupon the desire shrugged.

As a rule, the engine begins for the first time.

Features of the work, the selection of the speed, the ratings of the owners should finally be called back to the fact that the five front speeds are used depending on the condition of the snow cover. The heavier (thick and cervical), the reducer the gear should be. After 25 hours of continuous work, the oil is replaced, the air filter should be cleaned. During the same period, the spark plug is cleaned and the gap between the electrodes is set. In breaks and at the end of the work, it is necessary to clean the bucket and snow mass of the snow mass. These processes are only carried out with the cleaner engine with a special standard tool. According to the owners of these devices, compliance with the rules for the use of the device guarantees a long period of time. This fact does not depend on the model of the cleaner: SGC 2000, 3000, 4000, 4100, 4800 or 8100.

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