Snowmobiles k-Prorab: reviews of owners about the models, their operation

Snowy-Stage Brigadier’s Reviews. Technical specifications and operating rules

For Russian latitudes are characterized by heavy losses of snow in winter, and owners of private plots simply need a critically high and reliable devices for cleaning the territory. An excellent option will be domestic snow blowers “Prorab”, which are very popular not only in Russia, but also in the Middle East. The company produces high-quality household floor cleaners at a pleasant and affordable price.

The company itself was founded in 2005 and is still actively developing. The range of “Pro Arab” includes about 1000 units of garden equipment of different specialization on electric and gasoline-powered. Turning all the attention to the production of budget household tools, “Proab” company took the leading position at the Russian market of garden equipment.

Basic configuration and production of these snow blowers “hurrah”

Buying Russian snow blowers, you will get the necessary parts for the assembly and maintenance of equipment.

  • The snow blower itself “chela”;
  • Operation manual with safety regulations;
  • Snowblower;
  • A set of wrenches for adjustment, adjustment and maintenance of the mechanism.

Production and assembly of snow shovels takes place in China. Thanks to this, the cost of the tools is low, which makes them even more attractive and affordable to customers.

A series of snow shovels

Prostrab Company produces many types of snow shovels on electric and gasoline-powered. The main difference is in their power and cost. Some specifications and performance also differ depending on the model of the snow shovel.

Snowcat “Prostrab” GST 45 s

Modern technology of manual start of the engine ensures the start of work from the first start. Gest model GST45 snowmobile has a powerful four-stroke engine rated at 5.5 hp and 163 m2.

It offers the user two speeds for the greatest comfort when driving with different terrain and surfaces. The metal auger grabs snow 53 cm wide and 40 cm high, allowing for quick and efficient removal of snow mounds from the entire area. The direction and range of throw is determined by the operator and can reach up to 10 meters.

Pro Arab gst 50 s snow blower

Fast and durable four-stroke snow brush from the domestic company “Pro Arab” model GST 50 has a powerful proprietary engine at 5.5 hp and the volume of 163 cc. A simple manual start ensures that the engine is set up the first time. The machine runs quite economically, consuming 0.8 liters of gasoline per hour.

The two-stage metal slurry will perfectly clear a large area of new, wet and icy snow. The working width is 53 cm and the height is 51 cm. The operator can choose the direction and distance of throwing snow to a maximum of 11 meters.

GST 54 Hurrah snow blower

Homemade domestic snow blower k-GST is very handy with a fairly high quality. Lightweight and small, it needs only maintenance. Branded 5.5 hp four-stroke engine provides 5 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds.

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The high speed is extended by a large 51 cm rim, which makes cleaning even better and faster. The operator can change the range and direction of the snow throw independently.

Pro Arab GST 55 snow blower

Beautiful household snow thrower from the domestic manufacturer “Prostrab” model GST 55. Branded engine capacity of 6 hp and a volume of 163 m3 guarantees the quality and high speed of cleaning. The air cooling system protects the engine from overheating, which significantly increases the service life of the mechanism.

Up to 350 m3 of snow can be removed in one hour of continuous operation. Such speed and volume of the GST 55 is possible due to the large air intake 56 cm wide and 51 cm long. The direction and range of throwing snow can be adjusted independently, the maximum values are 15 meters.

Snowman “Pro Arab” gst 60 s

Compact and handy snow thrower with ease and amazing speed cleans a small area both from new snow and from stuck, icy snow. About the “foreman” GST 60 often leave positive reviews, where they point out that the proprietary 6.5 hp engine starts by hand at the first time.

In one pass it is possible to remove a strip width of up to 60 cm. The metal auger is characterized by improved durability and performance. The operator himself is set in the direction of the snow and the reach, which has a length of up to 11 meters.

Prorab GST 61s Snowblower

The powerful snow blower “Prorab”-GST has a quality and durable branded engine for 7 hp. The device supports 6 speeds, 4 of which in the forward direction and 2 – in the reverse.

The width of the auger is 51 cm, height – 41 cm, which guarantees quick and quality snow collection. Exhausted snow is removed 10-15 meters from the working area. 13-inch wheels provide good ability and maneuverability snow thrower GST 61, regardless of the terrain and surface area.

Prorab GST 65 ELV snow blower

Numerous reviews of the model snow blower GST 65 from the Russian company “Prorab” speak of the reliability, quality and durability of the tool. For a fairly pleasant price the buyer receives a powerful four-stroke engine capacity of 7 hp, which supports a variety of speeds (a total of 7 speeds: 5 – forward and 2 – backward) to provide the greatest comfort when working with a tool.

It is possible to throw snow up to 15 meters, and the operator himself chooses the throwing angle. The engine can be started with either an electric starter or manual start. Both methods are very fast and load the device from the first time.

Snowblower “Pro Arab” GST 70 El S

If you need to quickly and efficiently clean an area with packed and icy snow, the GST 70 model will cope with snow “head-on” the best. The proprietary four-stroke engine runs at 6.5 hp, offering you stable operation with a powerful and reliable tool.

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The user can choose their own snowmobile speed, as the GST 70 supports 5 and 2 and 2 up to 5 speeds. An easy start system in the form of a 12-volt electric starter ensures that the engine will start on the first try. In addition, the operator has the option of selecting the direction and snow compensation zone on the control panel.

Prorab GSt 71 S snow blower

Good budget power of the new power unit of the Russian company “Prorab” model GST 71 contains only positive reviews on forums and in stores. Branded engine on 7 hp and a volume of 208 cm3 guarantees high-quality and fast cleaning of snowy territory.

Prorab GST 71 S snow thrower

The ability to change the speed and adaptation of the direction and area of ejection of collected snow makes the use of the GST 71 even more comfortable and convenient. The big weight is 75 kg. It is perfectly balanced in the body and bikes, which provide easy stability and passability in any terrain and even on the ground.

Operation and maintenance of foreman snow plows

To keep all units working properly, long and reliable, it’s important to maintain and properly handle your snow blower in a timely manner. Foreman tools are easy to use and low maintenance. You can read how to do this in the manual that comes with each GST model.

Choice of fuel and oil for the snow “slasher”

GST snakeskin “foreheads” are shipped without oil or fuel in the tanks. Before starting any operation, it is necessary to check the availability of fluids. If they are missing or insufficient, you must bring the oil and gasoline levels up to the required level. Otherwise they will cause frequent and serious breakdowns.

As fuel for the “brigadier” GST is recommended to use fresh, high-quality gasoline with an octane number of at least 90. The most suitable option is AI-92.

The manufacturer himself recommends ProBuilder’s SAE 5W-30 Signature Synthetic Oil.

Play with the GST Snowman engine

Play is an important consideration when using new devices to ensure long, serviceable and reliable operation. The Pro Arab Snowman has a run time of 20 hours. This means that during this period the tool should not be charged more than 70%, and the duration of continuous operation should not exceed 2 hours. After work, it is recommended to change the oil completely and to work in the maximum mode.

The main deformities of the snow blower and their elimination

  1. Lack of engine starting and poor performance can be associated with a lack of fuel in the tank, or I its poor quality. Try replacing the gasoline with fresh gasoline. It is also recommended to check the spark plugs, the fuel hose for clogging, and the position of the control lever.
  2. If you feel increased vibration during operation, the auger may be damaged or clogged, fixing elements are addressed.
  3. Difficulties in the work of the snow blower can be associated with jammed wheel drive or improperly stretched, worn or reduced belts.
  4. In this case, if the auger does not start rotating after the engine starts, a foreign object may be clogging it. Also, a broken split screw, a stretched or torn drive belt, or an improperly tightened drive sorso could be the cause.
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Prostrab GST snowmobile test video

Reviews about the company “Prostrab” and produced models GST

On the forums and in the comments, many owners leave only positive reviews about both the company “Prrab” itself and their Snowmobile e-Gst. Many owners are pleasantly pleased with the low cost of the snowmobile itself, easy and affordable maintenance, sufficient power and performance. Of the minuses, users often point out the lack of rubberized handles and backlighting, so you can work in the dark.

Vitaly, 44, ripped

“I bought a GST 55 Pro Arab just for the cottage. Sometimes it was very expensive not to row with a shovel, not an option. The price really satisfied me. For such money I got good equipment at all, which can only be used during the day. And, perhaps, this is the only disadvantage. In winter we often have fog. But how do I work in the evening? “” “

Igor Vladislavovich, 56, Perm

“My usual snowman parted and I had to repair it for a long time. At this point it was necessary to clean the yard with something and I bought the “Pro Arab” GST 60. A good budget model. I liked the block of electricity and the fact that you can choose the zone of snow throwing. Lighting, of course, not enough, but it is not very critical.

Instructions for choosing a snow blower + evaluation Prorab GSt71S

Good afternoon. Today we will talk about the snow blower for the garage. Basically, there is not much information on the Internet on this subject. I will try to systematize everything I could read. To begin with: 1. One-Day. This type works as follows. It has a rapidly rotating auger that performs three functions simultaneously: – Racing snow into the emission chute. – Snow into the gutter – advancing the snowmobile – yes, even though it has no wheel drive, it still drives! To perform these functions, the auger spins very fast and is usually made of plastic or rubber. These snow blowers are not suitable for garage cleaning for the following reasons: – Narrow and low snow grip. – The small swing of the exchange. – Even a little compacted snow is already a problem for you. But if you have some snow and you clear it regularly, you can take it. The advantage of these snow grabbers is clearing snow – you can clean surfaces for paving, for example, with them. At the same time, such a snow machine does not disturb the tiles themselves, as its auger is soft. Here are examples of such snow blowers: gasoline electric

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2. Two snow blowers. Here, the snow is thrown in two steps. First: the auger is enough to stir the snow. The second stage: the snow blower throws the snow through a channel. Typically, this technology already exists with a wheel drive. This is probably the largest group of snowball players. How they may differ: 1. Drive – Rad – Gussenic 2. Type of stage equipment – with starter / without starter – with battery / without battery (starter runs on the socket) – with headlight / without headlight 3. Control – with fixation – with fixation pins (very convenient)/without fixation – with control of snow direction from the operator’s seat, especially with the Chinese. 4. Because of the type of wheel drive – with differential / without it – if you often have to turn, then the thing is really useful. 5. Translation – Step – Step – Step – Variator in the secret is not, I will say that you all have a hard disk variator (I will show below in the photo), the only difference in speeds in it, or lack thereof. 6. Exhaust – the more the better. 7. And above all the brand. Depending on the brand, the same models can cost up to 3-4 times. In theory we should get more quality, more service, more resources for more money, but unfortunately it does not work for us… In fact, you can only find out about quality by trying a particular product in person.

3. There are also attachments for power tillers, but I have not read anything about them, as I do not have a walking tractor.

Having mastered the above information, I proceeded to choose a two-stage snow blower. I will say right off the bat that I need to examine the lowest price category. This is the category under 40 thousand. All the reviews and reviews basically boil down to the following: 1. Bought it – see how cool it is. The maximum the reviewer can tell you is the features from the passport. 2. The second type of reviews are clearly paid for. You will also not see anything interesting for yourself …..

The only option is to test this or that model yourself. I can tell you specifically about the model I bought for myself. I will try to make it as informative as possible. And I decided for myself – pointing my finger in the sky. I chose it because it is the most powerful in its price range – 7 hp.

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So, let’s go: It came in such a box:

In theory it was enough to put off the preservative, fill it up with normal oil and go to war – and so we did, but it was a wreck. The snowman refused to go. When I read the manual, I got the real impression that there was a real manual transmission in 4th gear. Words like “shifts only when standing”, “flickers only when the clutch is released”, etc. Except I never saw the oil filler neck in the box. Okay, take off the palette and what do we see there? Just a regular variator:

And here’s the cause of the malfunction – wrong cable routing:

We run the cable like this and put it back together – but not for long :) The snowman started to twitch and vibrate, when the drive analyzes it, we see the following:

To solve the problem we need a sparking belt from a truck. It is necessary that the profile is as high as possible. I found one at a store (gee whiz):

Then we cut it to length and put it between the window halves and grease it well with a six-pack in the process:

By the way, because of the grease, you just won’t get it anywhere – it’s a pinion, and you can tell by it that the grease never went through it:

I bought this grease syringe:

But when I turned the grease fitting back on, it broke because. made extremely poorly, not only is the wrench an 11, it also doesn’t hook on the end… I unscrewed it with pliers and broke it. I had to screw a syringe directly into the reducer and pump grease into it (first unscrew the bolts from the bottom so the grease would go somewhere). Once the grease appears from the bottom, that’s enough:

Here’s a short video showing how it works:

Well, my opinion. Basically, for the price, the equipment is just FIRST, assembled pretty well, we didn’t find a single bolt that wasn’t tightened, but you still have to put your hands on it. You should at least do the following: – Lubricate the wheel drive gears. – Put grease in the worm gears. – Adjust the belt tension. – Adjust the wheel and auger drive clutch springs.

I have been using it for 3 months now – it is well worth the money and very helpful, in short, I can recommend it for purchase without hesitation, but only if you have a straight hand. If you are not tech savvy then this is not for you, look at models from better known brands that can provide better service!

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