Snowman – which one to choose?

12 best snowballs

The simplest device for removing snow – the usual shovel. Cheap, sometimes healthy, but ineffective. As an alternative method of removing snow from the ceremony, you can use a snow shovel, a tool from low mechanization, emerging specifically to deal with snow shifting. Essentially, a snow blower is the same as a camping tractor, with an auger gearbox rigidly defined on the front suspension. The axle is cheaper, but requires regular maintenance. The worm gear is able to withstand the entire structural group of the device, but at the same time to turn around with it without a differential is not the easiest task and so on.

Remember that even the leading manufacturers have unsuccessful models. Choosing the best snowmobile, pay attention to:

  • Engine power. It must match both the width of the capture, and the intended conditions of operation – for wet, carrying snow, the engine is sometimes needed twice as powerful than for loose and dry. Most models of snow blowers are installed with a capacity of 5.5 to 6.5 hp, on snow blowers with a working width (more than 70 cm) is not uncommon and 11 hp.
  • The presence of reverse. This greatly facilitates maneuvering during work, which is primarily important for strong snow blowers.
  • Starting from the electric starter. Of course, it is more convenient than a manual start, but at the same time, the snow blower is heavier and more expensive. Basically, the electric starter is useful for engines, with a cylinder volume of more than 300 cm3 maller engines, cable starter is introduced without difficulty, provided that the properly installed load is introduced.
  • The width of the working area. Depending on the planned work, it should be different: for cleaning paths, you need a maneuverable snowplow with a record of up to 50 cm. For personal property, a range of 50 to 70 cm is best. Large recording – the fate of equipment for stadiums.
  • Drive type. Snow blowers can go either self-driven or operator-powered. A self-powered snowman costs considerably more, but it pays off a hundredfold with a high volume of work. It is also necessary to illustrate the type of connection between the drive axle and the gearbox, pulling the handle that connects the wheel standing on the inside radius of the curve to the axle.
August work in the garden.

In addition, not only wheels but also tracks can be used on the snowman. Wheels will suffice.

Evaluation of the best snow blowers of 2021

category place name score
Best professional snow blowers 1 Honda HSS760AETD 9.8 / 10
2 Hyundai S 7713-T 9.7 / 10
3 Stiga st 7276 pH 9.6 / 10
4 Honda HSS655T1 9.4 / 10
The best inexpensive gasoline snow blowers 1 Hyundai S 6561 9.7 / 10
2 Champion ST761E 9.5 / 10
3 Champion ST656 9.2 / 10
4 Patriot PS 601 9.1 / 10
5 DDE ST6560L 8.9/10
6 HUTER SGC 4800E 8.7/10
Best electric snow blower 1 Daewoo Power Products Dast 3000ee 9.4 / 10
2 Toro 38302 9.0 / 10
3 Monferme 26087m 8.4/10

Best professional snow blowers

Honda HSS760AETD

Our review of the best snow blower opens with the Honda HSS760Aetd. Of course, you will have to pay for “branding” – but the expensive Honda can rightfully be called a professional model. Productivity up to 42 tons of snow per hour, working width of 60.5 centimeters, the effective gear cover, a powerful 196-cubic inch engine Honda GX200T2 – this is not all that the snow blower can offer. In particular, instead of a mechanical transmission it uses a hydrostatic transmission – as in the car “automatic” – you can change speed without jerks and stops, and perfectly combines with a tracked mover. In addition, the control lever, located on the panel between the handlebars, allows both front and rear to adjust speed smoothly, rather than through on/off options. walk!

Having an alternator allowed the snowmobile to have not only an electric starter and headlight, but also a very convenient adjustment of ejection direction via joystick (not only “right-left” but also “up-down”). -All the work is done by the electric drive. The area of snow can reach up to 15 meters: hello, neighbors! The system of free fixation of the snow blower is based on a gas shock absorber – allows you to adjust the height smoothly and directly on the move, and when moving at speed, quickly raise the snow blower by moving the lever under it with the thumb of the left hand.

Powerful productive Motriot MBP. Assessment of the list, video, reviews.

The 5.6 HP engine with high torque combined with the tenacious crawler tracks allows for excellent cross-country capability. There are no problems with the beginning of winter – in general the snowmobile is ready to work “seriously and for a long time”. So, we shall visit the prize – but we shall give the first place in the rating to this snowman.

Snow, go away! How to choose a snowman?

Snow deposits greatly complicate life in winter. To cope with them will help shovel, but it will take a lot of effort and time. To make snow cleaning easier and faster, buy a snow blower. And how to choose it, we will tell you now!

How do snow blowers work?

Designs are different, but the principle of operation of snow blowers remains the same: a unitary auger captures the snow from the ground and throws it aside.

Electric snow shovels

  • Grow no more than 30 cm in height to clear fresh deposits.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • The working part consists of a bucket and an auger
  • The snow rises from the bucket and is tossed forward by the auger
  • Max. throwing distance 7 m
  • Working width up to 40 cm
  • Powered by mains or battery.

Designed for quick cleaning of small areas – parking lots, adjacent paths, etc. Suitable for those who every day clears the way from home to the gate, or car owners for cleaning in front of the garage.

snow blowers

Used to clear fresh sediment as well as old snow on the neck. Most often, the direction of ejection can be adjusted by turning the tube.

They are used by owners of country houses, utilities, park facilities, etc.

Power source for snow throwers

    Limited to the length of the cable. Simply start by pushing the button. Used in the country house or cottage, removes fresh and lightly drifted snow. Free of wires, but the operating time is limited. On average, a full battery charge is enough for 20 minutes of work. Enough to remove a few parking spaces or the street in front of your home or driveway. Used by private homeowners, less frequently by supply companies. Powerful, heavy and productive. Handles coarse sediment, black earth, or icy snow. The engine is fueled by gasoline and oil or gas-oil mixture, which must be prepared independently of each other. More often than not, you start with the idiocy of the tether, so you have to make an effort to record. Suitable for long term cleaning of huge areas. Used by supply companies and services, farmers, etc., etc.
Motoblock Salyut 5X 5.5 Honda 160. Overview, specifications, reviews

Power of snow blowers.

It depends on the power for which the snow blower is designed. About 1 hp (735 watts) is required per 100 m². As a result, a snow blower with a 5 hp engine. Suitable for removing up to 500 m² for a record.

Swift System.

    The snow attacks are electric shovels that entertain the snow. The snow is thrown by the force of the auger. The snow is thrown to a distance of 10 m, usually 6-7 m. The maximum height of the deposit is 30 cm. The auger touches the floor. The footprint is fixed and is thrown with the snow, so the snow blower is only suitable for clearing prayer paths.
  • In two levels, the snow falls from the auger to the impeller, the snow is knocked down. The ejection reaches 15 m. The auger of such units does not touch the ground, so they can be used for cleaning mush and loose products. With snow drifts up to 70 cm high.


Gasoline units are heavy, they are difficult to push. Therefore, powerful models move independently of each other when cleaning, they only need to be managed. The number of speeds is different: up to 6 front and up to 2 – rear.

Augers come in plastic, rubber and metal. Plastic and rubber are installed on devices with low productivity, which are used to clean up fresh snow. They do not scratch decorative surfaces.

Metal augers grind up snow from the ejection. They are mounted on high-powered models to clear cave-like snow. Don’t scratch the surface and use plastic- or rubber-coated augers only for decorative paths.

Grip height and width

The grip width determines what the snowmaker is suitable for specifying:

  • Up to 50 cm – paths by the house
  • 50 – 100 cm – parking lots and driveways
  • 100 cm and more – children’s and sports grounds, paths, parks, etc.
Cultivator Champion BC5712. Video review of the model, reviews of owners

The amount of snow captured depends on the condition of the device:

  • Up to 30 cm – fresh snow
  • More than 30 cm – loose and icy snow

More features for the snow blower

Which snow blower is right for you?

If you plan to clean the way in the house, electric snow blowers are enough. Among them, there are many cordless models that free you from searching for an outlet.

Owners of country houses will suit self-propelled gasoline snow blowers. It will clear large drifts and is designed for frequent use.

For removing large areas, choose a snowblower with a grip of more than 100 cm and a long exhaust.

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