Small tractor Rusich T220. Overview, properties, equipment

Small tractor Rusich T220. Overview, characteristics, systems, instructions

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The Rusich T200 mini tractor is a well-known model of agricultural equipment from the Russian manufacturer Chuvashpiller. The tractor is designed for use on lands with a total area of up to 15 hectares. With the help of the tractor Rusich T220 the operator of the device can fully handle both large plots of land and household plots, vegetable gardens, large greenhouses and garden plots.

Minitor Rusich T220

Appointment of the mini-tractor Rusich T220:
  • Local (garbage removal – a brush is used, snow removal);
  • Household (transportation of goods around the dacha, can serve as a simple vehicle);
  • Agriculture (the whole range of work with attachments – plow, mower, hiller, awl, haymaker; planting and harvesting of tree fruits, sowing);
  • Transportation (transportation of crops or non-food items).

The Rusich T220 small tractor is equipped with a two-cylinder engine. Engine type: Diesel, model – T Y-295IT, power – 22 PS With such an engine, the device can operate in any conditions, both in frost and in hot summer weather.

The performance of the mini-tractor is of the highest class. The model is also popular due to the large number of available attachments. Type of mounting – three-point. Type of drive – rear.

Fuel consumption for the Rusich T220 is 236 g/kWh. The tank volume is 16 liters.

Basic configuration

The Rusich T220 small tractor is already delivered in the basic configuration. The tractor is equipped with four bikes, over which protective fenders are attached. The driver’s seat is covered with a protective film, and there are two handles on the sides of the seat. Together with the mini tractor, the buyer receives a set of documents for the equipment and the manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year.


Standard reinforcements for T220, recommended by the factory “Chuvashpiller”:

  • KC-2MT potato net (also suitable for KCM-1A);
  • Potato roll 4U1;
  • Wagons of different carrying capacity (tmt540, tLOW);
  • Rototiller 1GQN-140;
  • double plow 1L-220;
  • Senicidal mower 1.3, mower 94;
  • Bale press (800 or 850);
  • 3Z-3 bale baler.
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In addition to this attachment, a protective sheet with a canopy can be fully installed on the equipment. This detail is extremely valuable in hot weather, especially when working in the field, such as digging potatoes or planting crops. If desired, a bow can be mounted on the mini-tractor without the visor.

Thanks to the universal three-point mounting system on T220, it is possible to grow attachments from other minitractor manufacturers (Ukraine, Poland, China, Belarus). The most famous companies-manufacturers of equipment are: Zirka, Neva, Demarol Zielonki, Biardzki, Salut, Patriot, Kaskad, Zarya.

The price of the T220 on the manufacturer’s official website is not listed, in major Russian online stores the cost of such devices start at 230,000 rubles (without accessories in the kit).

In the comments to this review you can leave a review about what was the cost of your mini-tractor at the time of purchase. Also in the review you can give information about the pros and cons of the model, so that other users can form their own opinion about the Rusich T220.

Technical characteristics

  • The weight of the Rusich T220 minitractor is 1,060 kg.
  • The cutting disc is of dry type.
  • Vom speed is 540 rpm.
  • The track width is adjustable from 120 to 140 cm.
  • The units are started with an electric starter.
  • Size of the front wheel is 4.00-14, rear wheel is 7.50-20, the distance is 40 cm.
  • Dimensions Mini Vector T220: 2760/1400/1380 mm.
  • Transmission tests 8 gears: 6 front, 2 rear.

Please note that most of the sellers of mini tractors Rusich, as well as the official representative of the Chuvashpiller, indicate the price without the payment of the recycling fee and a number of PSM documents. Check the price of the tractor with permits when buying with the manager.

Service and maintenance

You can not run-in, because this model is assembled and run-in at the factory. However in the first days after the purchase you work at 70% of the maximum power – you should use the engine parts.

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Observe the following rules when working with the Rusich Minitor:
  • It is forbidden to use the equipment for transportation of people (presence of the operator in a sitting position is allowed).
  • Use the protective screen during operation;
  • Resist fuel for 48 hours before filling it into the tank;
  • If you are transporting loads over long distances, drive with the hydraulic lock closed at minimum speed.
  • Do not overload the unit or exceed its carrying capacity.
During daily maintenance, perform the following operations on the mini-submarine:
  • If necessary, check the tightness of the wheel nuts and retighten them.
  • Before checking the oil level in the engine, wait until it has cooled down (for diesel according to GB/T 252-1994, 80W/90 or 85W/90) gearbox oil.
  • Clean the body of the Mini from dust, oil stains;
  • Check the pressure in tires;
  • Check the clutch pedal and brakes every 50-100 hours.
  • Check the electrolyte level in the battery.
  • Perform ÖlerStar in the engine and gearbox.

At the end of field work, the Mini – tractor is preserved, namely: remove dirt, dry, dry and clean the fuel, lubricate the parts so that corrosion does not form, cover and use in a dry place.

Owners reviews

Stanislav, Borovichi:

“From my experience, I will say that when I work with a mini-tractor, I always have to take something that is overcome up to 15 acres. Especially if you have a site of several hectares. The larger the site, the more your equipment works and the higher the load on the engine. Do not skimp on the purchase and remember that this is a mini tractor and mini, not a full tractor, it also needs to be treated with care and right. Many of my colleagues speak well of the Chuvashpiller and Rusich. I am no exception. These machines are good for medium areas, on huge areas, of course, professional units are already required. “

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Review of the mini vector Rusich T-220. Technical characteristics. Functions of application

Minitor Rusich T-220 (wheel formula 2×4) is a versatile multifunctional unit for agricultural work on areas up to 15 hectares. The capacity of the agricultural machine has 22 hp. It is enough for communal, road, construction, transport and other special works in aggregation with the additional attached equipment.

Model description

The mini-drive is equipped with a reliable water-cooled two-cylinder diesel engine. It features a simplified design; no special knowledge or practical experience is required to operate the device.

  • The extended 6-Time/ 2-Zada gearbox allows you to set the desired rhythm of operation.
  • The electric starter ensures easy engine starting regardless of weather conditions.
  • The power steering makes the Min i-Actoror easy and comfortable to operate, regardless of the complexity of the work to be done.
  • The wheels are adjustable from 120 to 140 cm and the high ground clearance of 40 cm allows you to perform the necessary work and expand certain types of crops.
  • The machine is characterized by economical consumption of diesel fuel – 236 g/kWh.
  • Due to its compact size, the mini-tractor “Rusich” is widely used for processing various plants in a limited space – in greenhouses, rows, warehouses, etc.
  • The device is equipped with headlights and mirror reflection for convenient operation.
  • Reliable differential prevents wheel slippage, provides high maneuverability and passability on difficult terrain.
  • Thanks to the available connection of attachments, the functionality of the Rusich-Mini contract conveyor extends widely.

Technical characteristics of the tractor Rusich T-220

Engine brand Zn1105n
engine type diesel
Power, hp 22
engine displacement 996 cubic cm
Number of cylinders, pcs. 1
Engine cooling type water
wheel formula 2×4
starting system electric starter
Wheel sizes (front/rear) 6.00-12.00/7.50-20.00
scope of delivery 120 cm active soil and double box plough
warranty 12 months

Basic model set

The soil tiller and double-box plow are supplied with the mini-actor. Required sound devices are purchased separately.

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Features of use

Thanks to the power selector, hydraulic system and three-point hitch, a variety of attachments can be installed on the mini-tractor:

  • floor tillers with various working widths
  • ploughs
  • harrow
  • Potato digger
  • Potato digger
  • Snow blowers
  • snow blades
  • Rotor, segment, conventional mowers
  • press calculation
  • ordinary brush
  • cultivator
  • subtractor
  • carts and trailers
  • Protective bow with canopy.

Attachments of other brands are also rationally installed on the Min-and-Pu x Min-and-Activator: Zarya, Patriot, Neva, Zirka, etc.

operation and maintenance

The tractor is offered for sale in assembled form, the machine is made at the factory. The manufacturer recommends several days of work in the assembled form for the final grinding of nodes and parts.

The engine of the mini-tractor runs on diesel fuel, before that the fuel tank should be defrosted for 2 days. For the engine 10W40 oil is used in summer in cold weather. For the transmission, 80W/90 or 85W/90 oil is recommended.

Due to the well-thought-out design the Rusich T-2P20 mini-drive can be repaired. Spare parts for the device are available in a wide range, and the necessary node or unit can be replaced with ordinary tools.

To ensure a reliable long-term operation of the Rusich T-220 mini-tractor without downtime and breakdowns, the manufacturer advises to adhere to simple recommendations for maintenance and operation:

  • It is impossible to exceed the established norms of carrying capacity of the unit.
  • When transporting loads over a long distance, you should move with the minimum speed and closed hydraulic system.
  • When working with articulated tools connected to power waves, a protective screen must be installed.
  • The mini-drive is not designed to carry passengers, only the operator should be on the seat.
  • Must be performed a weeping maintenance of the unit, which exists by checking the amount of working fluids, checking the condition of all systems flocid Mini contract, a thorough cleaning of dirt, dust and checking the pressure in the tires.
  • Further routine maintenance is carried out after 100/500/1000 materiaels replacement of consumables.
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Video evaluation of the tractor Rusich T-220

Owners reviews


“On the whole, the Rusich T-220 Mini justified my expectations. I bought it used after 5 years of work. The unit was in good condition, I think the overhaul is not needed soon. So, changed the rear wheels and a little bit of change, the seat also had to be replaced. But so powerful, economical, often do not fill up. I use another one, no problems. It is enough for my 5 ha.

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