Small tractor rusich T21 overview, properties, advantages of the model

Overview of the Rusich T-21 mini-tractor. Technical characteristics. Application functions

Powerful tractor 22 hp with electrical starter and hydraulic socket, 2×4 wheel formula, proves itself in use on large areas, regardless of weather conditions. Important advantages of the model are an economical fuel consumption and the possibility of the aggregation not only with agricultural devices, but also with special equipment for the implementation of household, construction and transport work.

Model description

The T-21 model of the Rusich family is characterized by optimal production parameters and a number of characteristics:

  • The tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine HS380 developed by Mistsubishi with Euro 4 standard.
  • Thanks to the extended gear – 6 forward / 2 reverse gears – you can easily set the optimal hig h-speed operating mode.
  • Equipped with a disc coupling, the possibility of a gentle approach and soft gear change offers.
  • Thanks to the differential lock, the tractor develops the necessary traction, especially for labo r-intensive work.
  • A high ground clearance of 40 cm and large wheels ensure good maneuverability in various agricultural work.
  • The possibility of switching the track width within 120-140 cm enables you to set the required parameters depending on the type of attached plants.

Technical characteristics

Brand of the engine HS380
Horsepower 22
Number of cylinders, STK 3
Bike formula 2×4
Total dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2760/1400/1380
Soil clearance, mm 400
Operating weight, kg 1060
transmission 6 forward, 2 back
Starting system Electrical starter
Specific fuel consumption, g/kw*h 236
Cycling size (front/rear) 6.00-12./8.3-20
coupling Dry single disc
Trade width, mm 1200-1400
Punch speed, rpm 540
Environmental class Euro 4
warranty 12 months

Basic equipment

The mini tractor is equipped with protective front fenders, bottom cutters, a seat and an operating instructions.

Application functions

  • Thanks to a large selection of attachments, the Rusich minitractor can be easily aggregated not only with a conventional attachment for agriculture, but also with other devices that correspond to its traction class.
  • The attachments are mounted on a pawn, the speed of which is 540 rpm.
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The list of attachments for a mini-tractor: cutting devices of different modifications, plows- four and undoubtedly, potato planters, potato roders, screech mowers, trubber chopping, rake, baler, segment mower, carts and trailers, safety bars with a protective visor, a snow shape, a loader, a joint brush.

operation and maintenance

The mini tractor consumes diesel fuel, mineral motor oil in class 10W40 in winter, -15W40 in summer. Oil of TAD-17 (85W90) is used for the transmission. Universal wate r-repellent fats such as solidol are used to smear mobile joints.

Gear oil TAD-17i Litol-24 Synergy Sae 10W40 Motor Oil Optimum Sae 15W40 Motor oil

For reliable work, the Rusich Minitor Rusich needs ongoing work to grind all components and parts. The duration of the procedure is 22 hours: for the first time at 1/3 of the power 2/3 of the maximum performance.

Important! To avoid wearing parts and knots, you should choose the speed if you touch it smoothly from a place without jerking.

It is extremely important to follow the maintenance mode, which is prescribed by the instruction. You should test the condition of all systems daily, the reliability of thread bans, the presence of underdating technical liquids and prevent rust measurement applications from appearing. In addition to the daily inspection, you can regularly maintain maintenance after 100/500/1000 motorized hours.

Detailed information on the device of the Rusic h-Mini vector, the maintenance plan, the control of the hydraulically weakened system, the capacity selection wave and the removal of possible malfunctions are shown in the technical documentation on the link:

Video evaluation of the work

Reviews of the owners

Sergey Ivanovich:

“The T21 tractor bought a good discount. But I had to end a lot myself. The assembly was not of high quality, which means that it continues to break down to this day. I already know all of his problems. Despite greater performance, the ability to make the cross is weak, the weighting system of weighting is not provided, so you have to find it yourself. The rubber is thin. There are also positive moments: many additional devices, three cylinders are connected, it works all year round when the oil is supposed to be suitable.

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Minitor Rusich T21. Review, characteristics, attachments, instructions

Recommend: 67%



Minitor Rusich T21 is the most popular and most popular model in the entire range of the Chuvashpiller technology. Equipped with a thre e-cylinder engine, which was put together under the license of Mitsubishi (diesel engine, HS380). The device belongs to the Euro 4 class, which means that the category of environmentally friendly technology with an acceptable amount of harmful substances in exhaust gases.

Small tractor Rusich T21

A characteristic of the miniistor Rusich T21 is his ability to work in both heavy frost and the heat. It is possible to equip a device with a thre e-point mounting equipment, and the presence of with a rotary frequency of 540 revolutions per minute enables Rusich T21 to the equipment of other manufacturers in a similar weight class on Rusich T21 (up to 1000 kg) .

  • The performance of the Mini contract engine is 21 hp.
  • The fuel consumption is 236 g/kW/h, the device is started manually with an electric starter models.
  • Type of liability: singl e-Disc, dry.

Application of a mini vector

The appointment of a miniistor Rusich T21:

  • Agricultural operations with soil (plowing, cultivation, loosening, digging of root plants, plants of rooters, shakes, hilling, irrigation);
  • Harvest of manipulations (cleaning of the inner courtyard or the field of snow, collecting leaves, garbage-a-shovel offline);
  • Transport of loads with a weight of 500 kg and higher (or based on the maximum load capacity of the existing car);
  • Transport of harvest from the meeting;
  • Excursions in short distances within the rural area or in the country (do not use a tractor for public roads!).
Features of the Rusich T21 model:
  • Impressive weight (1060 kg), with which the machine can operate without weight agent;
  • The presence of headlights for comfortable work in the early morning or in the evening;
  • a powerful engine of 21 hp;
  • the presence of hydraulic outputs;
  • Three points holders for attachments;
  • the possibility to block the differential to improve maneuverability and operator comfort during operation;
  • 6 gears in forward gear, 2 in reverse gear;
  • Large bikes and the possibility to set the transport railway;
  • Floor clearance 40 cm.
Signs: October 17-24

Basic equipment

In the basic equipment of the tractor Rusich T21, the buyer receives:
  • direct min i-tractor;
  • Protective fenders for the front wheels;
  • Driver seat;
  • Cutting set;
  • Operating instructions, 12 month guarantee by Chuvashpiller.

Small tractor Rusich T21

Recommended attachments from the manufacturer for Rusich T21:
  • Bale press, model 850;
  • Potato planters;
  • Sick mower;
  • Doubl e-sleeved plow;
  • Potato planters KSM-1A;
  • Carts with different load capacity (TM-500, TMT-540);
  • Rototiller 1GQN-140;
  • Mower 9g-1.4;
  • Grubber-Häfer 3Z-3;
  • Pendant Universal;
  • In addition, it is possible to install a safety light sheet (with a visor to protect against solar radiation when working in summer or without visor).

Bale press, model 850 potato planting machine KSM-1A screeching mower in two-way pendant т-500 Rototiller 1GQN-140 mower 9G-1.4 Grubber-Schnaufler 3Z-3

In addition to cultivation devices from Chuvashpiller, Rusich T21 can be equipped with attachments from other domestic and foreign manufacturers, for example the manufacturer Neva-Krasny Oktyabr, Dongfeng, NAK ISTA, DTZ, Jinma, Salyut and others.

Technical characteristics

His bikes play an important role in the functionality of the Rusich minitractor. With model T21, bikes are installed in different sizes:

  • The front are 6×12,
  • Back – 8.3×20.

With this diameter, the machine easily overcomes off-road areas, loose, viscous soils and rain-soaked soils. The mini tractor works with 6 forwards, there are also 2 backward gears.

The dimensions of the machine are 2760/1400/1380 mm, the device is equipped with a differential lock, which significantly positively influences its maneuverability and speed.

The device is started with an electrical starter, the type of coupling is a singl e-pane coupling, dry.

The recommended fuel is diesel. Gear oil: 75W90.

Application functions

Use the small tractor according to the operating regulations, namely:

  • Control of the fuel stand for high ambient temperatures;
  • Wait for the engine until the engine has cooled completely and let it run in three sets (20-30 minutes idle).
  • Check the oil level every 50 hours in the gearbox, refill or completely renew it if necessary;
  • Do not use the small tractor on public roads (only for trips over short distances in rural or on the outskirts).
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The operation of the small tractor Rusich T21 is permitted on the following types of soil:

  • previously edited floors of all kinds;
  • Asphalted surfaces (when cleaning snow or leaves);
  • in the area if necessary to transport freight;
  • virgin countries

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Anatoli, Orjol region:

“My neighbor took one, before that there was an Uralets, and so Uralets is better according to the review. I don’t know how his opinion is now – has changed or not. In summer we dug potatoes in Rusich, and when the repair was in the garage, we also transported cement bags that were pulled with a bang. For my budget, this is still an outrageous number, I cannot assign such an amount, but I really want to buy a similar device!

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