Small tractor Rusich T 15 – description and properties

Small tractor Rusich T 15

Rusich - Chuvashpiller.

The tractor Rusich T-15 is one of the most popular models of modern mini-tractors. This is due to its advantages and technical properties. The mini-tractor is ideal for harsh climatic conditions, which are typical for most regions of Russia.

Overview of the mini-tractor, characteristics:

  • Liquid-cooled diesel engine with a working volume of 15 hp. C. A gearbox with a lock and a soft scheme give the tractor a special reliability, which has been repeatedly confirmed in the operation of machinery.
  • An indisputable advantage is the cost of attachments, which are cheaper than the three-point linkage. In particular, a cutter and plough, as well as the availability of standard attachments for cultivation.
  • Due to the forced differential lock, the tractor has excellent traction, which becomes a serious advantage when performing agricultural and other works.
  • Slipping is completely eliminated.
  • Adjustable track width of the front and rear wheels is 1-1.4 m.

Fields of application:

Minitractor Rusich T 15 is actively used in small agricultural enterprises, homesteads and private households. List of works:

  • Tillage – tilling, plowing, Hillern;
  • Planting of various crops;
  • Harvesting;
  • Harvesting furrows and grass; ;
  • Carrying loads;
  • Performing various works with a front loader, snowplow.

Here you can buy a tractor Rusich T-15 on favorable terms. You can sign up for a test drive, to learn about the configuration, features and availability of equipment, please contact us: 8 (800) 302-46-50.

Technical characteristics of the Rusich T 15

Engine brand JD-16
Engine type diesel
Engine power, PS 16
Number of cylinders, CTC 1
Cooling system liquid
Engine start Electric starter
Type of drive Belt
Bicycle formula 2×4
gearbox manual
Number of gears 6 forward, 2 reverse
Parameters of tires and wheels
Front wheel size 6.0-12
Rear wheel size 7.50-16
Wheelbase, mm 1200
Width, mm 1300-1500
Ground clearance, mm 180
Parameters of the rear power lift
Rear electric lift type Single point hitch system
Hydraulic spreader 2-component floating
Brake system type Disc brake, separate for each wheel
basic characteristics
Weight of construction, kg 600
Fuel capacity, l 6
Type On Wheels
model Rüsich T 15
Differential lock Yes
Heated cabin no
Tractor weight no
Collections Tractor Rusich T 18, Minitractor Rusich T-21, Minitractor Rusich T 12, Minitractor Rusich T-30 PTO, Minitractor Rusich T-30 PTO 4×4
In stock Y
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2400/1350/1300
Manufacturer Rusich – Chuvashpiller
Manufacturer China / Russia
warranty 12 months

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Minitractor Rusich T-15: Reviews of owners

Ministor Rusich T-15: Reviews of owners

Minitor Rusich T-15 – one of the simplest budget models, characterized by compactness, versatility and the possibility of aggregation with a large number of attachments and trailed devices. It is assembled in Cheboksary, Chuvashpillar, from the cheapest Chinese Sintai tractor complexes (large collection of large-sized). in earthworks. Rusich T-15 has found its application in agricultural, domestic and housing construction and utilities. It is designed to work on private plots, personal terrain and small farms. Together with the tractor, the buyer will receive a carrier tiller with a 1.2 m working width and a single-hoe plow.

Light the garden

General description of Rusich T-15

Rusich T-15 mini-tractor is equipped with a simple single-cylinder diesel engine with a flywheel. The power of this engine is 15 hp. The wheel formula of this mini-tractor is 4×2. The mechanical transmission has three forward speeds and the same number of downshifts. The tractor has three forward and the same number of downshift speeds. The tractor track can be adjusted by shifting the wheels.

Rusich T-15 is equipped with differential lock function, two-section hydraulic valve with floating mode. It is equipped with rear view mirrors, front and rear fenders, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge and ammeter gauge mounted on the rear axle. To paint all metal surfaces of the parts of the mini vector, Sintev plants use a special paint for wet climate, with the effect of anti-corrosion protection.

General description of the Ministor Rusich T-15

The overall dimensions of the mini-tractor Rusich T-15 are: length – 2,4 meters, width – 1,35 meters, height – 1,3 meters. The weight of the construction is 600 kg. Ground clearance – 270 mm. Track width – 1050 or 1300 mm (can be changed in these two positions).

Engine Minitor Rusich T-15

The Minitor drive is equipped with a 1-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine model R15nd. The working volume of this engine is 709 cubic centimeters. It is extremely economical and consumes very little fuel. Such economy is achieved also due to the efficient combustion of diesel fuel, due to which about 45-50 percent of energy is obtained from the same volume on the burnt diesel compared to the indicator of a petrol engine of thirty percent per tenth. And its simple, elementary device greatly simplifies the conditions of operation and maintenance. Diesel fuel consumption per hour is 255 g/kWh.

Most owners of Mini-Rusich T-15 note that they have not had any problems with the R15nd engine for the entire period of operation of this equipment. As a rule, it is characterized by exceptional reliability and durability. The main engine parts – crankshaft, cylinders, pistons, flywheel are made of durable alloys, which ensures a high level of reliability and an extremely long service life. Due to the load of this engine at low revolutions, the diesel engine operates in an economical mode, which avoids increased friction and premature wear of its parts. The cooling system of this engine is liquid.

Preparing gardening equipment for spring

Rusich T-15 minitractor engine

The coolant tank and six-liter diesel fuel tank are located just behind the instrument panel under the hood. The hood tilts forward for tank refueling, routine maintenance and servicing of the diesel engine. The engine is started with the electric starter or, in case (e.g., the battery is dead), with the manual starter knob.

The engine is absolutely unpretentious about the quality of diesel fuel, it is practically all-season. One brand of diesel fuel is suitable for refueling. The gas and transmission oil grade is 75W90 or 80W90.

The muffler of the minitractor Rusich T-15 in the basic configuration is dismantled first, and the exhaust gases are discharged under the wheels. As an additional option, it is possible to transfer the exhaust system to divert harmful gases from the engine during its operation. The vertical muffler is fireproof: it eliminates the possibility of dry grass ignition from an accidental spark, reduces noise level and slightly increases ground clearance in comparison with the lower position of the muffler.

Transmission of the Rusich T-15

In the design of the minitractor of this model used a mechanical transmission with a separate for each of the wheels locking differential. It has three forward speeds and one in each row (upshift and downshift). As a result, the owner gets six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. This extended gearbox allows the operator to select the optimum speed and traction mode, balancing the load and traction power of the mini-tractor when cultivating different soil densities or when transporting various loads on a trailed cart.

Minitractor Rusich T-15

The type of clutch installed on this mini-submersible machine is a dry, single-disc clutch.

The torque is transmitted from the engine to the wheels by means of a belt transmission.

The Rusich T-15 Mini has the ability to lock either of the drive wheels. A separate lever on the gearbox is used to use this necessary function. Differential locking provides the increased maneuverability, makes the minimum radius of turn (practically in one place), reduces tire wear while driving on roads and also allows to avoid slipping when cultivating the soil.

Electrical equipment of Rusich T-15 minitractor

The R15nd engine is equipped with an electric starter and generator, which is as efficient as its modern automotive counterparts. However, the battery on this tractor is quite weak – motorcycle and sits down quickly, especially in cold weather. Therefore, it is very important to disconnect the “mass” lever after the end of work and have in your household an ordinary network charger for batteries operating from 220 volt outlets. In this case, the presence of a decompression valve allows you to start the minitractor T-15, if necessary “crooked starter.

Tools that will allow you to effectively clean the garden before winter

Electrical devices of the Rusich T-15 minitractor

Frame. Chassis: Adjustable range and drive axle

Reinforced construction of the frame and chassis allows you to significantly increase the maximum load of the tractor. The seams are additionally welded from above, which gives a guarantee of no defects. Using the maximum of the above mentioned, the front axle and frame of Rusich T-15 Minitractor retain the strength due to the use of high-strength alloys in these components, which allow to operate this agricultural equipment even in the most difficult conditions.

Both rear and front tracks of Rusich T-15 mini-tractor can be adjusted. When the track width is set to 1050 mm, the mini-tractor is characterized by increased maneuverability. When the track width is adjusted to 1300 mm, the Rusich T-15 mini-tractor is ideal for cultivating row crops. Thanks to the extended shafts and universal hubs specially designed for the tractor, you can quickly and easily set the track yourself.

Frame. Chassis: adjustable track and driving axle

Rusich T-15 is equipped with wide wheels so that the mini-tractor can move smoothly and without slippage on various working surfaces. The rear wheels are 16 inches (7.50-16) and the front wheels are 12 inches (5.00-12). Such characteristics help the mini-tractor to have enough reliable traction with the surface and transport heavy loads without the slightest concern.

The type of braking system – disc brake, separately for each wheel.

hydraulic system

This mini-tractor model is equipped with a two-section floating distributor. When additional attachments are installed on this agricultural machine, the rear and front attachments can be controlled simultaneously – two separate levers are provided for this purpose.

Hydraulic system

A successful design element of the Rusich T-15 hydraulic system is the upper location of the hydraulic cylinder. It provides its bigger stroke and much less dust and dirt penetration into the hydraulic cylinder. The rear hitch type is single-point. There is a power takeoff (PTO) to work with various attachments.

instrument panel and seat

Simple and intuitive dashboard of Rusich T-15 allows the owner to be always aware of such important indicators as oil pressure in the diesel engine system, coolant temperature and battery charge.

The driver’s seat, too loudly called “seat”, of course, is better than the stool, but not by much. However, it is padded with two springs from below, but as a whole it is not very comfortable: the back gets tired on such seat during long work. Its coating is quite high quality, waterproof, with a seamless coating, resistant to abrasion.

Cultivator for the tractor and other attachments (already at extra charge).

The standard feature of this mini-tractor with which it is most effective is the rototiller, which is an active attachment that attaches to this machine through a reduction gear. Such a rototiller is able to process (cultivate) up to twenty hectares of land in just one and a half hours of work – thanks to the width of 1.2 m and the average working speed of 2-3 km/h. The plough has a chain drive, with a double reinforced metal chain.

Agromash 85TK tractor - description and characteristics

The single-hoe plow supplied with the Rusich T-15 mini-tractor is hardly suitable for particularly dense and hard virgin soils. Moreover, in such conditions the mini-tractor will “stand on its hind legs” – heavy loads and ballast in front are required. On the other hand, it can easily cope with its tasks of presowing loosening the soil on annually cultivated plots.

Tractor seats, etc. (already at extra charge).

Recommended attachments for Mini-tractor-Rusich T-15 are as follows Potato harvester (KC-2MT, KCM-1A and others. ); Carts (TM-500, TMT-540); Follower; Protective bow (protective bow with or without a visor is possible); three-grain visor; snow and (or) garbage scraper; Various types of mowers – rotary or segmental, attached to the front, rear or side of the mine-activator; harvester; harrow; potato digger (regular, vibrating, roaring – depending on the u200bu200bt area of the plot). For Rusich T-15 Mini-15 fits attachments from many other manufacturers of compact agricultural equipment. For example, such as Zirka, Gruss, Neva, Feiter, Scout, Rustrok and others.

What is the Rusich T-15 mini-tractor in action?

This technique is recommended for work on small plots of land – up to two hectares. The sphere of Rusich T15 mini-tractor application is as follows: pre-sowing tillage of the soil, used earlier in tillage (virgin “teeth”, perhaps, not “teeth”); mowing grass for hay; hilling and inter-row treatment of weed crops; harvesting and transportation of crops to the camping grounds; snow removal up to one meter.

According to the specific experience of using the Mini-Truich T-15, their real owners, the following advantages of agricultural equipment have been identified:

  • low price;
  • extraordinary simplicity of design;
  • simplicity and ease of operation – the steering wheel can be turned smoothly with one hand;
  • a decent level of maneuverability;
  • efficient consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • The possibility of changing the width of the RUT for inter-row cultivation;
  • Inpretentiousness, to the quality of diesel fuel, low maintenance costs;
  • Reliable engine that starts well even in cold weather;
  • Compact size, suitable for work in any, even the most cramped conditions;
  • Decent appearance.

What is a mini tractor Rusich T-15 in this case?

There are also few disadvantages. Justify the presence of some of them can only be inexpensive (compared to many similar competitors) price mini vector Rusich T-15.

  • Every owner of compact technique Rusich points out to this – the terrible quality of assembly. It is impossible to assemble the tractor carefully. Absolutely all the nuts and bolts are not tightened, but simply borrowed. Steering equipment and (or) oil may well be missing;
  • Low weight, need to weight the front end.
  • Rubber of the lowest quality;
  • Tight and loving gear shifting – you need to get used to and adapt to the Russian box.
  • Poorly working differential lock function. On many tractors it completely refuses to engage – you have to rebuild and adjust the gearbox.
  • Low-quality hydraulic hoses – they twist, break and burst already in the first echelon of machinery (or in the second).
Tradition against innovation or how to reduce a tree

One owner reports that an oil leak occurred literally six months after purchasing the Rusich T-15. He fixed it himself by disassembling the gearbox and replacing the gaskets. In general, you need to set yourself up that any problems that arise during the operation, you will have to solve on your own, using your own ingenuity and life experience. Despite the warranty, neither the sellers of mini-tractors, nor their manufacturers ask for repairs: you can call and swear for a long time, and not the fact that anything will be done to solve the problem. Basically – will “dynamite” and “breakfast” “dynamite” and “breakfast” “dynamite” and “breakfast” “dynamite” and “feed” for a very long time, experience predicts.

A sad plant. At high speeds it was deadly to use. Obtaining parts from vendors and manufacturers, especially when guaranteed is an extremely long and difficult “song.”

Another owner complained of such a problem: it turned out that the moment of diesel injection was very late, due to which the mini-drive ended up not developing all its power, but only smoked and at the valves. Technical support, he noted, is at zero. Inquiries are not answered, ignored and “dynamited”.

In general, the conclusion about the minitractor Rusich T-15: you should not expect “stars from the sky” from it, it is designed only for simple work as an assistant in the private household and is no longer intended. On light floors it is better to work on the decks and plowing, otherwise it will tear. Good for hauling loads (but not heavy!) on a trailer, weeds and grass fly through in the hayfield, and the hardness of relatively light floors.

Despite all the shortcomings, the Rusich T-15 models are still steady at Chuvashpiller dealers thanks to its attractive price.

Cost of the new mini-tractor Rusich T-15

In 2020, the sale of Rusich T-15 significantly increased in price to 170 thousand rubles per unit. Although in 2019 you could buy them for 140,000 rubles.

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