Small tractor MTZ 320 – description and properties

MTZ-320.4: Specifications

The “Belarus 320.4” bike tractor produced by the Minsker Tractor Werk (MTZ) belongs to the family of universal small models, which are used for agricultural work on areas up to 20 hectares as well as in public utilization companies to plan work and clean the territory below .

Compact dimensions also make it possible to successfully use this model for the processing of farm gardens and vegetable gardens, and a variety of additional attachments and drawn devices do not allow any user to be uncovered to buy an “iron helper”. In addition, the tractor is equipped with a comfortable heated cabin with an adjustable seat, and the LDW1603 / B3 engine of the Italian company Lombardini ensures stable operation even under difficult climatic conditions.

A little story

The equipment of the Minsk tractor plant has been produced in mass production for more than fifty years, in the course of which there was a constant technological progress and an increase in industrial production.

But at the very beginning, MTZ did not start with the production of caterpillar tractors, but of caterpillar tractors. The first development of universal bike tractors for terraced cultures is MT Z-2 – the legendary model of the construction office of the work, which specified the main direction of the development of the company. The Minsker tractor plant actually becomes the locomotive in the industry. For the period before the beginning of 1984, such basic models such as MTZ-50, MTZ-52, MTZ-80, MTZ-102 with an output of 50-100 hp were developed, which with a variety of to the founder of different series became functionality.

In 1990 MTZ already planned the production of 120,000 equipment units, which should not be realized due to the operational economic decline, which led to the collapse of the USSR.

There was a strong need to change the concept of production because the old methods no longer work. And a solution was found that made it possible to save not only the system, but also to ensure the further development of production.

Steps to develop new small tractor models up to 36 hp were taken.

One of these models was the “Belarus 320.4” developed in the early 2000s, whose series production was in 2007.

Note that the Belarus 320.4m (Modification Belarus 320.4) introduced in 2013 is already equipped with the Belarusian MMZ 3LD engine.

Technical and operational properties

The multifunctional universal sound tractor “Belarus 320.4” is equipped with a diesel two-cylinder engine with electrical starter ignition.

Technical main data:
  • Italian diesel engine with a displacement of 36 liters. C or 26.5 kW wate r-cooled;
  • The maximum developed speed is 25.2 km / h;
  • Consumption 316 g/l. With. h, which corresponds to 11.7 liters of diesel fuel when the engine runs under full load for an hour;
  • Tank content is 32 l;
  • Battery with a capacity of 88 Ah;
  • Heated cabin;
  • Support for the installation of fastening devices using a tw o-speed current selection wave (from);
  • the presence of a hydraulic output;
  • Support for the installation of trailer devices with the possibility of a thre e-point assembly;
  • The total dimensions of the DHHHV are 3220x1550x2150 mm with a mass of 1720 kg and a wheelbase of 1690 mm;
  • Additional options as part of the power steering, the setting of the seats, the fuel indicator and the loading of the battery.

Dimension indicators

The total dimensions are 3220x1550x2150 mm for a tractor with such performance properties. The track of the front wheels can be set within 1260-1410 mm and the rear 1250-1400 mm. With a minimal letters, a rotation radius of 3.7 m is reached.


The thre e-cylinder fou r-strok e-Diesel engine LDW1603/B3 of the Italian company Lombardini with an industry in the order of cylinder with a diameter of 88 mm, a piston 85 mm piston and a total volume of 1551 cubic measuring device. See engine power – maximum/nominal/operation is 36/33.5/30.2 l. With. The engine has forced the liquid cooling and is firmly attached to the skeleton of the tractor, and the hooded opening to the front is at the top.

Grape processing with copper sulfate in spring


Механическая 24-х ступенчатая (16 передач вперед и 8 назад) коробка передач (КП) обеспечивает, при номинальной частоте вращения коленвала двигателя в 3 тыс.об/мин, разгон трактора до скорости 25,2 км/час вперед и 13,3 км /before an hour. The box contains a reduced gear.

Attention! You can only install and switch the reducing speed mode if the tractor is completely stopped and the engine is overturned.

The front bridge is a host (PVM). The secondary wave of the KP, which consists of a differential with a ratchet mechanism, is put into force.

Due to the rear bridge, which comprises the main program and the differential, which blocks mechanically, the torque is transferred to the rear wheels of the tractor.

The chassis

The Belarusian 320.4 has a chassis with a kind of 4 × 4 wheel formula with leaders and leading front wheels and the rear. Pneumatic special sixtee n-inch tires with low pressure are installed on the bikes of the tractor, which have a 7. 5-l profile for front wheels and 12.4 l for the rear.


The hydraulic pump installed on the engine unit works the hydraulic pump. The angle of inclination of the steering column can be adjusted in height for the convenience of driving.

Hydrodnavensy system

With the help of a hydraulic system, a fed and sem i-Western equipment connects to the tractor, which significantly expands the functionality of the tractor.


As an additional equipment, the tractor can be equipped with the following units:

  • Front power wave;
  • front assembly system;
  • Pneumatic ride of the trailer brakes;
  • Tug plug for the aggregation of a tractor with a trailer;
  • Mistern additional loads with a weight of up to 175 kg, improvement of the traction qualities, longitudinal stability and controllability of the tractor during work with assembly devices.


In order to rule out possible unpleasant surprises in the work, the following measures must be carried out before the Belarus 320.4 tractor is carried out:

  1. Mandatory check of the fastening elements of all parts and in particular the chassis, the gearbox, PVM, steering, lighting devices and the alarm.
  2. The unhindered liquid (a mixture of antifreeze with distilled water) in the cooling system should be flooded at the corresponding label on the tank at the maximum level.
  3. It must be ensured that the hydraulic system is fully functional.
  4. Make sure to check the presence of oil in the hydraulic tank.
  5. If attachments or trailers are grown, make sure that they are properly installed.
  6. Check whether there are coverings surrounding all rotating assemblies.

Since the gear lever is locked with the engine start system, the clutch is first loosened to start the tractor, the gear lever moves to the left into the “neutral” position and only then the ignition is switched on. Before the start, make sure that no other people are in the immediate danger environment. Let go of the clutch slowly and drive off. Do not drive sharp curves while driving. Use low corridors when driving down and do not leave the tractor on hanging. It is necessary to move the obstacles found at a right angle at the right angle.

Attention! Under no circumstances work on the tractor in closed rooms where there is no sufficient ventilation and ventilation.

Grown and pulled devices

The list of attachments and trailers for the Belarus 320.4 tractor comprises more than 30 items, the most important ones are listed below.

Connected equipment for supply companies, planning and cleaning the territory.


This is equipment for the processing of agricultural fields and personal land. It is also used in gardens, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, for harvesting hay, for planting and harvesting potatoes.


These are tractoring machines from the platform and Mulo type.



In addition to the 6 other models considered, “Belorus” of the 3rd series:

    – Universal bike tractor (33 hp), which is used for agricultural work and is also used in industry, in the construction industry, in transportation and in public institutions.
  • “Belaru s-311m” – practically does not differ from the previous model, with the exception of the engine output of 35.4 liters. With. You can choose whether you want to drive 4×2 or 4×4 as required.
  • “Belarus-320.4m”-compared to “Belarus-320.4”, the engine properties are slightly improved. By reducing the total volume of the cylinder by 0.049 l (from 1649 to 1600), the maximum torque was increased by 2 Nm (from 92 to 94), which increased the torque reserve factor from 12 to 20 %.
  • “Belaru s-321” – compact dimensions combined with a small Wenderadius enable the use of the tractor when working in tree nurseries, greenhouses, gardens, workshops and business areas in production.
  • “Belaru s-321m” – the difference to the previous model in the engine. Due to a slight drop in performance (from 36 to 35.4 hp), the maximum torque rose by 2 Nm (from 92 to 94). The increase in torque factor was 3 % (increase from 12 to 15 %).
  • “Belarus-320.5” is a universal bike tractor with a superior cabin. Mechanical lock of the rear axle differential. Installed Italian motor Lombardini LDW1603/B3 with an output of 36 hp. With. It has a high performance with minimal operating costs.
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Number of cylinders

Type of

Diesel fourth



maximum torque


Number of forward/backward passes

Hydraulic lift on the suspension axis

maximum pressure

Pump performance

Capacity of the hydraulic tank

Cabinet type


dry, insert, friction, permanently closed

type of transmission

Operating experience, advantages and disadvantages

The operational experience of the Belarus 320.4 tractor was very positive. Users are not picked up by this model. Of course there are comments, but there aren’t that many of them.

Some reviews

“I bought Belarusa 320.4 for myself, I’m very satisfied, it works great. The Italian engine and the main body of parts and nodes from Slovenia and the Byelorussian production corps like Hodovka. Previously, Jinma is Chinese, broke every 20 hours and still it was new. I just returned it and got much better gear. “

“It plows perfectly with a 3-ka plow, I don’t remember the sizes of the lemons. From a depth of about 25 cm. I use elevated revolutions. He plows very easily and even well, without even thinking about himself burden. “

“A rather competent approach (preferably the minimum number of service, ideally a responsible machine operator) and a large resource provided.

From weak moments one can recall: spacers on the rear bridge often burst with strong shaking on a bumpy road and under a heavy load; Weak batteries are disgusting suppliers and there is nothing to be done here. The hydraulic system is often clogged, but this already refers to the features of the configuration and assembly.

It is advisable to immediately clean the system completely (the filter is installed at the inlet to the hydraulic tank) and add an additional suitable filter in front of the pump (NS6), which quickly fails due to dirt. “

“This unit has become an indispensable and good assistant to their older and no less famous brothers, but at the same time in front of them when performing transport field work, in gardens or there, when they clean a chicken coop or other territory during transport and issue various garbage . Everything is done quite skillfully, and what’s more important quickly.

This machine is a complete personal fit for me and I’m always willing to buy it in any configuration and condition. But for some reason no one is in a hurry to part with such a tractor so far – I’m not watching the sale of the sale. “

The price of the new “Belarus 320.4” in the basic configuration in 2020 ranges from 900 to 940 thousand rubles. These tractors are sold throughout Russia from Irkutsk to Murmansk, from Kaliningrad to Krasnodar. More than fifty only official dealers across the country. Hence the price storm. The used tractor of this model can be purchased from no more than 30% cheaper than a new one. This is due to the fact that the model is a fairly new and secondary market in this direction, not that big. For hinged devices, it is necessary to pay additional from 25 to 100 thousand rubles per unit, and the trailer costs even higher – from 100 to 180 thousand rubles.

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The Trulyus 320.4 Universal Wheeled Tractor will become an unconditional help in the daily difficult work of the farmer and the community vehicle node.

MTZ-320 tractor device, characteristics, modifications

The MTZ-320 tractor is the best option for a four-wheel unit used for work in the agricultural sector. This is an improved modification of MTZ-1 and 2, created at the MINSK tractor plant in the 50’s. Unlike old models, it was equipped with a large engine, which made it possible to speed up the workflow and increase power.

Das Aussehen des MTZ-320-Traktors

The purpose of transportation

The universal and small MTZ Belarus MTZ-320 is used on small homesteads or in the case of field workers. Due to its small size, the device is easy to handle and carry out the necessary work. However, it is better to use it on loose soil that can be processed quickly. What else is MTZ-320 used for:

  • Cut the grass;
  • transport of goods;
  • soil fertilizer;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • Harvest;
  • cleaning the area from weeds;
  • cultivation;
  • plowing.

Die Verwendung des MTZ-320-Traktors

As you can see, the vehicle is used in the fields, to transport small parts, for utilities. In terms of function, it is in no way inferior to transport in the construction and timber industries.

tractor device

The tractor is equipped with a four-stroke four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. It is installed under the hood and is rigidly connected to the frame of the device.

  • Clutch – Single-plate dry friction clutch;
  • Transmission – speed, mechanical, six-band, with a wide range of gears (8 reverse / 16 forward) and a reduction gear;
  • Front axle – leading, assembled (3-part), portal, with single-stage gearboxes for final drives;
  • the rear axle is compound, with a forced-locking differential.

Specifications MTZ-320

engine 1503 NR or LDW 1603/B3 – 36 HP With.
The weight 1650 kilos
Dimensions: Length – 2.99 m, width – 1.55 m, height – 2.15 m.
Fuel consumption at operating power 316 g/kW/hr
speed minimum 1, maximum 13.37 km/h
brakes separated, disc
transmission mechanically

tractor use

The functionality of the MTZ 320 Lombardini tractor, which you can buy from us on favorable terms, allows it to be used in the following industries:

  • Agriculture: For irrigation, reclamation and other agricultural work;
  • Utilities: when carrying out work on cleaning the territory from solid waste and excess snow;
  • Estates and Farms: For organizing field and garden events;

Conclusion: when operating a tractor in the field, where maximum resource development is required, it is advisable to use both devices with a Belarusian unit and MTZ 320 Lombardini, and at one-off events where reliability and comfortable operating conditions are required, Slovenian Lombardini should be chosen.

Technical characteristics

Engine MTZ 320 Lombardini LDW1603
  • Type: four-stroke diesel
  • Model: Lombardini LDW1603/B3
  • Power, kW (hp): 26.5 (36.0)
  • Rated shaft speed, rpm: 3000
  • Number of cylinders, pieces: 3
  • Cylinder diameter/piston stroke, mm: 88/90.4
  • Displacement, l: 1,649
  • Maximum torque, Nm: 92
  • Torque reserve, %: 12
  • Tank capacity, l: 32
  • Score: 0.6
  • Emission standard: Euro-3A

Transmission: Dry clutch, single-disc friction, permanently closed Mechanical transmission, stepped with constantly meshing gears, with smooth-running toothed clutches, two-range with reduction gear Number of gears:

Movement speed, KM/H:

  • forward: 1.0-25.2
  • Reverse: 1.8-13.3

Rear PTO (PTO):

  • dependent I, rpm: 540
  • dependent II, rpm: 1000
  • synchronous I, approx. / m way: 3.4
  • Synchron II, approx. / m way: 6.3
  • Main gear: Bevel gears with spiral teeth
  • Rear axle differential: gear, bevel gear with 2 satellites, with mechanical lock
  • Final drives: single-stage gears with spur gears
  • Drive: 4×4
  • Type: disc, in oil, mechanical (separate control)
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weight and dimensions

  • Length, mm: 3050/3220
  • Width, mm: 1550
  • Height, mm: 2150
  • Base, mm: 1690
  • Front wheels: 1260; 1410
  • On the rear wheels: 1250; 1400
  • Street freedom, mm: 320
  • Drehradius, M: 3.7

Operating mass, KG.

  • By taxi: 1720
  • Front wheels: 7.5l-16
  • Rear bikes: 12.4l-16
  • Type: separate authority
  • Load capacity on the axis of the suspension, kg: 1100
  • Maximum pressure, KGF/CM2: 200
  • Pump performance, l/min: 17
  • Capacity of the oil border of the steering hydraulic system, L: 9.0

Standard equipment MTZ 320 .4

  • Two pairs of hydraulic systems for additional hydraulic mechanisms;
  • The crossbar of the trailer device.
  • The mechanism to repair the back problems;
  • Jobs at the front and back;
Complete set
  • Towing device;
  • Front from;
  • Bracket with front loads;
  • Front Montagger;
  • In height adjustable traction lord;
  • The pneumatic drive of the trailer brakes is individual wire according to ISO and CEE/EEC;
  • Safety ball or tent carcas (Belarus-321 is only equipped with security sheets);
  • Tires for work in lines 210/80r16 and 11.2 – 20
  • Other sentences in the section: Little Gabarit Traktor MTZ 320

Universal MTZ 320 .4H

The popular MTZ-320 model production of the CHLMZ (Cherpovets Litea-M …

Universal tractor 320.4 mmz 3LD

The universal tractor is designed in such a way that it performs different works …

MTZ 320.4 with PNU

The front is a front device for the dump and other units …

MTZ-320 with a front loader with a dump and brush

Multifunctional tractor for service programs – frontal …

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

As mentioned above, the advantages of Belarus 320.4 Min i-Ctractor are the ability to work effectively in limited space and compactness. In addition, the following indicators can be introduced into the asset of the model:

  • Motor efficiency;
  • modern design;
  • Multifunctionality, which is guaranteed by the ability to combine more than 30 types of assembled and trailer devices;
  • a comfortable cabin that is equipped with the latest technology;
  • high maintenance;
  • Good intersection (thanks to a wheel formula 4 x 4 and a control point with a lowering gear that enables the use of 16 anterior and 8 rear gears);
  • Low costs: MTZ 320.4 is almost half of the cheaper than the classic MTZ 82 model and its modifications.

The company “Professkladklekt” implements the mini actionors “Belarus MTZ 320.4” at affordable terms. If you need a universal, inexpensive and economic assistant to work on site or on construction sites, buy one of the most popular models in the MinsK plant.

Technical features of the MTZ-320 tractor (Belarus-320)

  • Operating mass: 1720 kg
  • Load capacity: 1100 kgf.
  • The length of the model is 3100 mm, the height 2150 mm, the width 1150 mm.
  • The road release of the model is 320 mm, the minimum rotary radius is 3700 mm.
  • The longitudinal base “Belarus-320” is 1700 mm, the specific pressure on the floor does not exceed 320 kpa.

With the small general dimensions of the Mini Actractor, you can also use it in production facilities and greenhouses.

The model is equipped with a 33.5 hp engine, and the specific fuel consumption is 316 g/kW per hour. At the same time, the fuel tank MTZ-320 contains up to 32 liters of fuel, which guarantees a large duration of the equipment.

Where the MTZ-320 is used

  • Owner of small farms for sowing and cleaning work;
  • Forers and companies associated with peat mining;
  • Builders and companies that serve streets;
  • Care company for cleaning areas;
  • Owners of garden mushrooms and gardens where manual labor cannot be distributed.

Due to the fact that the agricultural features are combined with scharners, half-guard and excluded structures, the MTZ-320 significantly expands the scope of its application.

The technique is able to shake, cultivate, plow, mow grass, introduce all kinds of fertilizers into the soil, transport goods, carry out agricultural crops, loading and unloading operations and cleaning areas.

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Such a tractor will become a real find for a beginner, a businessman.

The technical dimensions of the machine (3.1 m x 1.1 x 2.1 m) allow it to work in greenhouses, production, construction sites and even when collecting cranberries. Cleaning is a very careful business.

Dimensions are perhaps the main advantage of the product of the famous Belarusian brand. It positively distinguishes the model from heavy and bulky tractors. The operating mass is 1720 kg, the maximum possible is 2800 kg. Load capacity 1100 kg.

There are several options for the release of the car: with a single cabin, a special awning, a security.

Technical characteristics

  • 0.6 traction class;
  • engine of 36 hp;
  • Power Unit Diesel, fou r-Stroke;
  • engine consumption – 329 g/kWh;
  • The capacity of the tank is 32 liters of fuel;
  • There is a leading front bridge and separate brakes.

The gearbox – mechanical stages, can cope with complex tasks. MTZ-320 can accelerate to 25 km per hour.


However, before buying any vehicle, you need to find out what is included in its entire set.

In addition, it can be equipped:

  • clamp;
  • towed gear;
  • Front wave of current selection;
  • Pneumatic drive for trailer brakes.

The model can be called a “universal soldier” that will perform huge works without consuming large amounts of energy.

The cost of the product deserves special attention. The price is quite democratic, which makes the car even more popular for domestic companies and individuals. The spare parts of the MTZ, including model 320, are easy to order and buy – they are relatively inexpensive.

advantages and disadvantages

The technique is very popular thanks to:

  • a large number of modifications;
  • small dimensions and maneuverability;
  • high patency (al l-whee l-drive);
  • Excellent running properties, managed to achieve improved transmission and strengthening of coupling properties;
  • Universality;
  • The presence of reliable engines installed with all modifications;
  • Excellent maintenance, low prices for spare parts;
  • The presence of additional equipment and so on.

The disadvantages of the MTZ-320 include the complex starting of the engine in the cold, rapid wear of the gears on the rear bridge.

Be that as it may, the car you bought is so universal that when you buy it you will be surprised how much easier it became to do difficult work.

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Zweig des Zweigs von OJSC “MTZ” “Handelshaus” Belarus “in der Region Grodno

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