Small tractor Kentavr T 224 4×4 – description and properties

Minitractor Kentavr T-224 – compact combination with improved traction properties

Possible applications of small-sized mini-tractors with engines rated at 10 and 12 hp are largely limited. Budgetary cost of such devices and economical consumption of fuel do not compensate more than moderate traction properties, lack of front-wheel drive and functional options, more typical for more powerful machines.

The culmination of consumer demand has shifted to the category of more advanced tractor machinery, so the interest of buyers is understandable and logical.

According to experts, other successful models of economical and efficient mini-universes T-224 meet the specified operating requirements on the wheels.

Compact tractor Centaur T-224

Photo: Mini-tractor Kentavr T-224

In the development of this mini-tractor we used the experience of multiple exploitation of small machines in difficult and extreme conditions, original technical solutions of designers, feedback and wishes of users from different regions of the country.

Small-sized tractor Kentavr T-224 has modern functionality and differs from the small-sized machines:

  • More powerful and reliable power source;
  • Full drive;
  • Cardan transfer of torque to the transmission;
  • More advanced transmission;
  • The possibility of full operation of the machine on loose soils and transport work in the conditions of seasonal lack of roads.

Powerful on-board hydraulic system and three-point suspension make the tractor compatible with a wide range of tillage and attachments, which are activated by an independent crane. A large capacity on-board battery ensures reliable electric starting of the engine at temperatures up to 15° below zero.

Technical features

The overall dimensions of the tractor correspond to its performance class. The 1250-kg machine is only 2.6 meters long, 1.4-meter wide and 1.9-meter high. Ground clearance and agricultural clearance is 0.28 meters, the maneuverability of the Centaur is achieved by a minimum Wenderadius, which is within 1.9 m.

model T-224
engine Kama, Japan
Horsepower 22
Displacement, cm3 1531
Starting system Electric starter
Fuel consumption, l/hour 2,4
Number of gears, forward/reverse 6/2
Maximal speed, km/h 40
Formula of a motorcycle 4×4
Front/rear bike size 6.00-14/9.50-20
Engine oil semi-synthetic
Gearbox oil Transmission TAP-15
Air filter oil M10-G2 (diesel)
Trade width, mm 1000-1200
Ground clearance, mm 280
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2600 x 1400 x 1350 (1900 – with pipe)
Weight (kg 1250
Lawn of Al Co. mowed 34. Comfort. Review, features, owner reviews


The drive of the Mini Universal is an economical and easy-to-maintain three-cylinder diesel engine made in Japan. The list of advantages of this device with a working volume of 1531 cm3 and capacity of 22 hp:

  • Low noise level and flexible traction properties;
  • Economical, 450-500 g/kWh diesel fuel consumption;
  • Effective combined lubrication system;
  • Stabilization of operating temperature due to liquid cooling system;
  • Nozzle design eliminates nozzle drift, which has a positive effect on engine operation as a whole.

Centaur 224


The transmission includes a mechanically controlled dry friction permanent clutch and gimbal driven power train, a dual-range transmission.

  • Six front speeds provide the driver with the possibility of selecting the speed mode in the range from 2 to 40 km/h. The possibility of driving the tractor in reverse mode is limited by the presence of 2 rear gears.
  • The all-wheel drive chassis of this 4×4 model has a basic track width of 1000 mm. The tractor is equipped with special wheel hubs that increase this distance to 1200 mm for machine operation in the passages. If a wheel slips, the differential lock will automatically engage.

Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of the driver’s seat. The steering column is equipped with hydraulic packing, all controls are placed in the most comfortable place. Safety of work in the evening or in poor visibility is increased due to modern lighting equipment.

benefits of

More powerful and technically advanced T-224 “Kentavr” combines high productivity of labor-intensive works with savings in the purchase of fuel and lubricants and consumables.

  • Compatibility of three-point hitch with working units of different purposes is widely valued, which determines the possibility of operating these machines in urban areas.
  • In the design of the machine there are no relatively short wedge-shaped strokes transmitting torque from the power unit to the gearbox.
  • The use of a cardan gear allowed to reduce power loss and several times increased inter-repairs life of this unit.
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The Centaur T-224 with an attachment


Negative reviews are typical for the entire category of light tractor units weighing up to a ton. In the first place, these are:

  • insufficient traction of pneumatic wheels with weak and watery soils in some cases;
  • Lack of high-speed operation of the PTO;
  • Frequent change of models, which reduces the unification of spare parts and units with previous machines.

Due attention is not always paid to the choice of components. In particular, there are justified requirements to quality of hydraulic pumps and hoses of the onboard hydraulics.

Price of new and used Centaurs model T-224

On the domestic tractor market, the price of the zero-production tractor was formed at 140,000 hryvnia ($5,200). The cost of European analogue is on average twice as much. Therefore, the expediency of buying a powerful mini-unit at a budget price is more than obvious.

There are few proposals for the sale of used mini-units of this model. The owners appreciated the advantages of this model, so they sell quite powerful and durable equipment only with PE.

The cost of a knapsack tractor with 50% overhaul life can range from 60 to 80 thousand UAH (2200-2900 USD). Practice shows that the funds are reimbursed within a few years.

Video: 224. in work


In the current range there are several identical in power and purpose European and Asirat minivans, and more often Chinese. At our market there are cars of domestic assembly of well-known brands Bulat, Foton, Dongfeng and a number of others. Mini-universes MTZ Belarus-142n and HTZ-1410 are also in demand.

Owners’ reviews

When choosing a contract Mini scene an important role was played by its budget cost and high quality, typical for Belarusian factories. The machine was fully trained before the open site, so that all systems of the tractor work without any problems for 10 months already. The floors at our site are humming, so we had to suspend the ballast weights from the written MTZ. As a result, driving control has improved when towing a loaded trailer over uneven dirt. Arkady

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I started updating my fleet of small tractors by purchasing a T-224 Centaur Mini Vector tractor. The machine successfully operates potato plantations with a total area of 2.4 ha. Plowing performance is satisfactory, although there are prerequisites for the use of more powerful devices. The tractor’s compatibility with the half-bucket potato plow and three-bucket cultivator is complete. I think that there will be no problems with the harvest of potatoes, the purchase of which is planned in the near future. Vasily Vasilievich

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Mini tractor Kentavr T224 is a universal tractor model with a small scale for use on any type of soil. With the help of this equipment it is possible to automate the work of the farmer on plots of 10 or more hectares. Compared with cheaper minitractors or power tillers with 10 to 12 hp, the technical capabilities of the Centaur T244 are much wider, and the availability of devices with a large number of additional devices.

Pentavr T-224 compact tractor

Mini-tractor Kentavr T224 Full drive, wheel formula a-4×4, as well as most models of this kind, is designed and manufactured by “Kentavr”. The technique of this brand is focused on the work on the garden plots, cottages and fields. The brand is also known for its large selection of electric devices such as chainsaws, power blowers, mowers, welders, concrete mixers, compressors and tillers.

The T224 Centaur is equipped with a 22-hp chamber fire engine with a displacement of 1,531 cc. The engine is three-cylinder, diesel. The main characteristics of the Kamsky engine are:

  • Durability;
  • Reliability;
  • High productive life;
  • Economical fuel and lubricant consumption (at 450 to 500 g/kWh);
  • Moderate noise;
  • Excellent traction characteristics;
  • Type of Combined Lubrication System;
  • Liquid cooling;
  • Unique nozzle design that minimizes fuel atomizer pressure.

Pentavr T-224 compact tractor

Engine cooling system – water, which allows the farmer to turn the engine on for more than 10 hours. Another tangible advantage over counterparts in the traction and price range: The Min i-T224 engine is designed with a pump that makes the liquid in the cooling system boisterous. The cooling system itself works with active air flow, so the engine does not overheat during prolonged operation.

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Basic equipment of the Centaur T224 mini vector

The mini-tractor is offered for sale already assembled. Depending on the supplier, some models may be ready for operation, i.e. not yet run-in. Information about this should be specified when purchasing the mini-tractor.

The basic configuration of the Centaur T224 includes the following components:

  • four pneumatic wheels (of different diameters);
  • universal mounting for attachments;
  • a driver’s seat;
  • wheel fenders (2 pcs.);
  • two rear-view mirrors;
  • lights;
  • instrument panel with display of information from all gauges (fuel, oil level, coolant level, number of hours);
  • wheel hubs to increase the track width;
  • Documentation for the mini-tractor;
  • warranty document.

The tractor is supplied unfueled. All flammable liquids are poured into appropriate containers after purchase.

Technical features

The length of the model T244 is 2600 mm, width – 1400 mm, height – 1900 mm. The weight of the tractor is 1250 kg. Passage is 28 cm. With a turning radius of 1.9 m, the mini-tractor has sufficient maneuverability and can be used on small plots, including greenhouses. Available track width for tillage: 1000 to 1200 mm.

The machine is started with an electric starter. Average fuel consumption per hour is 2.4 liters. There are 8 operations – 2 of them in reverse. Maximum speed of the T244 is 40 km/h. The wheel formula is 4×4. Wheels have sizes: 6.00-14 (front); 9.50-20 (rear). Recommended type of engine oil – semi-synthetic. Gearbox oil is TAP15, transmission oil. Air filter oil type: diesel, grade M10G2.

Features of application and maintenance

Centaur T224 mini-tractor has many features that distinguish it from its counterparts on the market. Namely:

  • more powerful engine, reliable and powerful;
  • improved transmission;
  • relatively high maximum speed;
  • Maneuverability, which does not decrease even on loose soil or off-road;
  • Full drive;
  • Basic track width of 1 m;
  • Complete wheel hub that expands the track width to 1.2 m;
  • comfortable workplace (driver’s seat);
  • good lighting system;
  • economical diesel fuel consumption;
  • compatible with all attachments with three-point linkage system;
  • no V-belt drive;
  • higher service life of the engine (due to the cardan shaft transmission).
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Pentavr T-224 compact tractor

Maintenance of the mini-tractor is simple enough: before each start of the seasonal works, oil is changed and all knot mounts of the machine are tightened. When storing the mini-tractor leave it in a dry room, it is desirable to store such equipment at positive temperatures.

Do not use the mini-tractor for other purposes, for example, do not exceed the recommended weight for transportation on the cart or trailer, do not overload the engine by intensive continuous work on stony soil or uncultivated land, which has not been cultivated for more than three years.

Centaur T224 mini-tractor operating video review

Testimonial from a farmer operating a Centaur t224 mini tractor.

Owners’ reviews

Yegor, Vladimir region:

“The whole family bought a gift for my father – Centaur T224. A good and reliable tractor. We took it at our own risk, because the reviews about it are not always excellent. My opinion when using it: small and handy. There are more advantages than disadvantages.

I’ve found only one disadvantage so far: some uncomfortable seat, I personally do not feel comfortable to climb into it. In this respect the Chinese somehow poorly thought out design.

We use a mini-tractor with plow and harvester, so far I don’t plan to buy more powerful equipment. In general, my father is very pleased with the gift, a lot of work on the site, without a tractor alone can not cope.

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