Small tractor Jinm a-244 – description and properties

MiniTractor Jinma-244

Jinm a-244 is a small special equipment that is ideal for operations in cramped conditions (traction class – 0.6). The mini tractor is made by the Huanghai Jinma Corporation based in China. The manufacturer constantly improves the quality of the devices. In 2009 the brand began to work with the Mahindra Yueda Tractor Company, which had a positive effect on the reliability of the products manufactured. Jinma machines all over the world are currently known and their deliveries are carried out to many countries.

Jinma 244 is a multifunctional mini tractor with which you can perform many operations. The brand’s products were published in 1995 in the domestic market. The sale and maintenance of models of the Chinese group are carried out by dealers, of which there are quite a few in Russia. As a result, all problems in connection with Jinma devices are solved as soon as possible.

This series is in great demand for Russians. Consumers of the Jinma 244 model are attracted to affordable costs and wide functionality. The devices can be used everywhere and all year round.


The main purpose of Jinma-244 is agriculture and private country (land up to 5 hectares). The machine confidently copes with the processing of light floors, the care of crops, the harvest and the transport of crops. Here too, a mini tractor in the livestock industry can be used to support cattle care. A large selection of attachments enables you to work (plowing, cultivating, sowing, pouring, mowing, intermediate series processing, fertilization and others).

Jinma 244 is used by road construction organizations and supply companies. Here the machine is used for cleaning territories, clearing lanes, parks, playgrounds and streets as well as for transporting goods over short distances.

Modifications and functions

Jinma-244 is offered to consumers in several modifications, most of which do not differ structurally. The most common versions:

  • Basic variant Jinma-244;
  • Jinma-244b;
  • Jinma-244c is equipped with a heater under pressure;
  • Jinma-244cg-an improved version of Jinma-244c with more efficient on-board hydraulics, supplemented by fittings for connecting hydraulic devices;
  • Jinma-244e-differs from the basic variant by an improved 2-disc coupling mechanism;
  • Jinm a-244K modification with a heated print cabin;
  • Jinma-244kmg is an updated version of Jinma-244K with an improved 10-speed transmission.
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In Russia, modifications with driver’s cab are most widespread, as they can thus cancel the operating restrictions that are available in models without a driver’s cab.

Features of the Jinma-244 series:

  • Hinter differential lock, wide cycling profile and large ground clearance enable the mini tractor to move in every area;
  • The presence of a power steering in the basic version increases the maneuverability of the equipment;
  • Excellent ergonomics and well though t-out arrangement of the controls simplify working with the machine and increasing work efficiency;
  • A relatively significant cost makes a mini drive affordable for most consumers.
  • Good maintainability and simplicity of design can reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Many advantages have made Jinma-244 one of the most popular models in 2016-2017. There are very few downsides to the technology. Some versions have increased kickback at the tips of steering rods. The starter relay again causes complaints. The shortcomings again contain the small information of the operating manual.

Technical characteristics


  • length – 2990 mm;
  • width – 1290mm;
  • height – 1410 mm;
  • wheel base – 1645 mm;
  • road clearance – 295 mm;
  • The smallest track width (front/rear) is 1050/1080 mm;
  • The largest track width (front/rear) is 1250/1380 mm;
  • The minimum turning radius is 2800 mm.

The structural mass of the Mini drive is 1020 kg. The rear attachment device of the equipment can lift goods weighing up to 500 kg. The maximum weight of the transported goods is 3000 kg. The traction force on the hook is 5.98 kN.

The range of available speeds:

  • The highest/lowest speed is 1.75/26.4 km/h;
  • The highest/lowest movement speed is 2.28/11.02 km/h.

wheel dimension:

  • Front 9.50 R24;
  • The rear-6.00-16r.


Jinma-244 is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke diesel installation of the German-made KM385 model. This unit is characterized by low fuel consumption and direct fuel injection. The engine differs in a large operational resource and is considered one of the most reliable elements of the min i-tractor. The KM385 engine features a forced circulation liquid cooling system and in-line piston fuel pumps. The engine is performed with an electric starter with the possibility of safe starting. The KM385 engine effectively starts from minus temperature and is suitable for use in severe conditions.

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Unit Features:

  • working volume – 1532 mm;
  • Rated power – 17.6 (24) kW (L.S.);
  • The estimated speed is 2400 rpm;
  • the number of cylinders – 3;
  • cylinder diameter – 85 mm;
  • Dry weight – 250 kg.

The fuel cycle consumption is 275 g/kW (about 3.2-4.8 l/h). The Min i-Actractor’s fuel tank holds up to 18 liters of fuel.

Special devices are equipped with a modified fuel line, thanks to which they effectively operate on the low-quality fuel. For Russia, this feature is extremely important, because in many regions a high level of fuel is a deficit in many regions.

Device and operational functions

Jinma 244 has a wide range of applications due to the characteristics of the design. The mini contract case has increased strength and can withstand maximum loads for a long time. The chassis of a full-wheel drive type has a classic scheme (4 to 4). If necessary, the rear bridge is switched off. A feature of the front bridge is the function of inte r-long locking of differential, which improves the overall cross-section capability of the machine. As with most models of this type, the operator can adjust the width of the track and set up the running parameters based on the tasks. The guide wheels are characterized by a large angle of deviation, after which the radius of the curve is reduced.

The Jinma-244 transmission has a mechanical type and includes an 8-speed gearbox (6 front and 2 rear speeds) with a gearbox and a multi-disc friction clutch that works in an oil bath.

An independent 2-speed current selection wave is used for a mini tractor (the type of control is mechanical). The frequency of WOM (minimal/maximum) is 540/1000 rpm. The installation of additional devices enables a 3-point hinge system that enables the use of a variety of devices.

The hydraulic system used consists of 2 circuits that provide the operation of remote hydraulic cylinders. If this mechanism is paired with a loader or dump, it is indispensable. The performance of the used hydraulic pump is 12.5 l/min. This indicator offers a broad functionality of technology. Compared to the larger technology of Jinma 244, it does not seem to be very powerful, but the existing traction of the engine and the hydraulic system is sufficient to carry out most processes with additional equipment. The list includes:

  • Variable seed machines (vegetables, cereals and others);
  • Potato registration (1 and 2 series);
  • Potato cutting edge;
  • Floor mills;
  • Plow;
  • Slice;
  • Scarier rake;
  • Singers braids;
  • a variable type of car;
  • Frontal pad;
  • Community brushes.
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In the basic equipment, the fully-fledged cabin of the operator for the Jinma-244 model is not provided. At the same time, the workplace has a rich set and enables you to conveniently carry out basic operations. The transmission switches smoothly and the main engines and tax bodies are located next to the stool of the operator. Jinma 244 belongs to the Mini Actractors’ category, but has a solid mass because the presence of a steering hydraulic gives the convenience of control. Several adjustments of the chair are available for the driver, so that he can adapt it for himself.

Separate versions of the Jinma-244 are equipped with a closed cabin of the operator with a heating system, which means that the mini drive can be operated on all year round. Special equipment is again equipped with headlights, rotary signals and overall viewers.

Jinma 244 is one of the most unpretentious and most reliable cars. The main feature of the equipment is the maintenance. Most nodes and elements of the model are uniform with other series, so that you can reduce the repair costs. The costs for spare parts and consumables remain affordable for consumers and are sold in many specialized shops. With a simple design, you can make repairs yourself.


The cost of a Jinma-244-mini tractor without a run start with 490,000 rubles. The versions with the operator’s cabin in the first version cost 580,000-620000 rubles. The final price is determined taking into account the configuration, the year of the year and the additional equipment.

The used version of Jinma 244 is offered the Russian market at a price of 350,000-440000 rubles.

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Minitor Jinma Uralets 244 is a budget modern all-wheel drive model, which can be used in the presence of attachments not only for different types of agricultural, but also garden, construction and supply companies. A characteristic feature of the Jinma-244 is a high level of performance, an economic fuel consumption, an increased resource for components and assemblies.

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Minitor Jinma Uralets 244

In the aggregation with a variety of folding equipment, a Mini actionor Jinma can carry out a number of business work, such as: B.:

  • Plowing and processing the garden;
  • Hilling;
  • Harvest and transport;
  • Heublatt;
  • Cleaning the territory;
  • Landscaping.
Characteristics of the MinitKtor Jinma Uralet 244
  • There is a cabin in some modifications to the tractor;
  • The engine with three cylinder fou r-stroke diesel with water cooling with a capacity of 24 hp;
  • Al l-Wahel available 4×4;
  • The Jinma-244 tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system with a double circulation.
  • The continuity of the mini application catcher contributes to a high release of 30 cm;
  • High qualit y-hydraulic system;
  • The earth cultivation is up to 10 hectares.

Basic equipment

The Jinma-Ulalets 244-Mini drive is produced in several modifications depending on the constructive-technical properties. The most popular of them:

  • Jinma-244c published with a sealed cabin and heating;
  • Jinma-244cg equipped with 2 conclusions on hydraulics, with which you can use complex attachments;
  • Jinma-244e-das Presence of a two-disc mechanism of the coupling;
  • Jinma-244 kmg-A resumed 10-speed transmission.

The cabin is not included in the basic model of Jinma-244, but can be installed independently.

The tractor acts slightly as a lawnmower. For this purpose, the Jinma must also be equipped with lawn wheels and an interrodial axial lawnmower.

С минитрактором Джинма-244 можно использовать широкий ассортимент навесного и прицепного оборудования: плуги двухкорпусные и трехкорпусные, культиваторы, грузы для колес, грабли тракторные, бороны-культиваторы, картофелекопатели и картофелесажатели, косилки роторные, сеялки, прицепы, бетономешалки, погрузчики на минитрактор, экскаваторы etc.

Technical characteristics

Enter effort on the hook (s) 5200
Dimensions (mm) (DXSHXV) 2991x1310x1410
Operating mass (KG) 1060
Minimum. Rotary radius (m) 2.75
Speed ​​(km/hour) 1.73-26.4
coupling Singl e-Disc
Type of drive 2×4
Performance selection wave (dated) (speed) 540, 1000
Gearbox (normal/lowered) (3+1)*2
Front/rear tires 5.00-15/9.5-24
Clearance (mm) 340
Diesel brand / volume (L) KM385BT / 1.52
Fuel consumption (GR/KW*hour)
Start diesel Electrical starter
Power (L.S./KW) 24/17
The number of cylinders 3
The possibility to install the cabin +
The possibility to install Kun +
The presence of Gur +
The presence of a driver
Front compensation +
Trace (mm) 1180-1400

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Functions of the application

Due to its low dimensions, the Jinma 244 mini drive is very effective in small areas. The current unit of the model is a three-cylinder four-stroke KM385BT engine with water cooling. According to the owners’ ratings, the Jinm a-244 Min i-Actractor is unpretentious in maintenance.

Before starting the engine, it is necessary to switch on the parking brake, and the gearbox and power selection mechanism should be in a neutral position.

Synergy Sae 10W40 Optimal Optimum Sae 15W40

Regularly spent the level and the pressure of the oil. Recommended oil brands SAE 10W40 or 15W40. The exchange should be carried out after 100 working hours.

Before you start working, you should study with the company manual. The electronic version of this document can be displayed here:

Video check of the tractor

Brief review of the owner of Jinma 244 e Min i-Vector

Universal Mini Tractor Jinma 244 with plow

Reviews of the owners

Oleg, St. Petersburg:

Minitor Jinma-244 bought 2 years ago. Good in management. It is enough to process the garden with a plüger small areas so that it can be finished with a bang. It is easy to start in frost, the box is soft and works clearly.

Advantages: a small diesel consumption.

Disadvantages: Cross-Country ability is not very due to narrow bikes. It comes into the snow.

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