Small tractor Chuvashpiller 354. Overview, properties, equipment

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 354. Overview, features, attachments, instructions

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The small tractor Chuvashpiller 354 belongs to the agricultural equipment of the heavy class. It is designed to perform the entire range of agricultural work with the soil, as well as suitable for municipal, domestic and construction purposes. With the help of Chuvashpiller 354 mini-tractor it is possible to cultivate the land up to 20 hectares. Weight category: heavy. Type of engine: diesel, four-stroke, water-cooled.

Chuvashpiller 354.

  • Engine 4L22BT has a power of 35 hp. This is a powerful and efficient unit with the specific fuel consumption of 248 g/kWh.
  • The mini-tractor is started with an electric starter.
  • Weight of the mini-tractor is 1586 kg. Without attachments. Great weight and engine power rightfully make the Chuvashpiller 354 one of the most popular and in demand models for work on large lands.
  • The maximum duration of engine operation without parking can be 12 hours. After that, a break is needed to allow the engine to cool down.
  • The Chuvashpiller 354 works after the 4×4 wheel configuration, it is all-wheel drive, which can work on sticky or unstable soil, sandy soil and uneven terrain.

Basic configuration

Chuvashpiller 354

In the basic configuration, the buyer receives an assembled small tractor Chuvashpiller 354. It is possible to buy a variant of this tractor model with or without a cab. The price of the version with a cab will be higher than in the standard configuration. It is also possible to install a rear gear, which also affects the increase in price.

The price of Chuvashpiller 354 on the official website of the manufacturer is 528 000 rubles without the PMS package (with cab) and 616 000 rubles with a package of documents. When installing the rear gear, the price of the equipment increases by 40 000 rubles. The cost of the model without the cab and documents is 440 800 rubles.

Overview of available attachments for the Chuvashpiller 354 mini-tractor:

  • Loader FGP-0,3;
  • City landfill (shovel for cleaning);
  • Potato digger 4U-1;
  • Potato planter KS-2MT;
  • Senicidal mower 1,3;
  • Grabber + Hiller model 3Z-3;
  • Double arm plow;
  • Rototiller in steel case;
  • Bale press (mark 850);
  • Machine (TMT-540, TM-500).
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Loader FGP-0,3 local knife potato plow rotor 4U-1 potato planting machine KS-2MT prosekatel mower 1.3 Grabber + Cutter model 3Z-3 two-beater disc cutter bale press, model 850

For Chuvashpiller 354 each attachment is suitable for mini-tractors of similar weight category, for example, B. Belarus, Salut, Zirka, Shifeng, DW, DTZ, Dongfeng, Branson, Kioti, Jinma, Made in Belarus, China, Russia, Ukraine, USA.

It is necessary to select the mounted equipment for your model of minitractor “Chuvshapiller” taking into account the way of cultivation (three-point, one-point).

Technical characteristics

  • Total dimensions of the mini-tractor are 3350/1500/1480 mm, ground clearance of 32 cm, number of gears 8 (6 forward, 2 backward).
  • The wheels are 6.50-16 in the front and 11.2-24 in the rear. This wheel size increases maneuverability and floatability on a shaky surface, wet from melting snow, for example.
  • Type of cup: double-disc, dry. Hexapfwelle with 540 and 720 speed.

Manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on the product.

  • Allowed track width: from 96 to 140 cm.
  • Mounting system – classic, three-point.

It is possible to install a cabin with additional equipment and, for example, to remove it for the summer time. At the customer’s request, a safety bar (with or without a canopy) can be installed on the small tractor instead of the driver’s cab.

Maintenance and operation of Chuvashpiller 354

Basic rules of operation of the small tractor Chuvashpiller 354:

  • Store the tractor in a dry place, preferably at positive temperatures;
  • Timely (every 50, 100, 250, 500 or more hours) change oil in the crankcase and gearbox, clean oil filters, change the electrolyte;
  • When working on the virgin soil, do not load the engine to the maximum, take breaks in the work, do not leave the engine on for more than 10-12 hours;
  • Before checking oil level in engine, wait till it cools down (for engine – diesel according to GB/T 252-1994, choose 80W/90 or 85W/90 oil grade);
  • Engine cooling, of course, must be, it is forbidden to pour water on the heated part of the body!
  • When buying, check if the unit is retracted, if not, do it yourself and only then use the mini-tractor at full power;
  • Do not use the mini-tractor to carry passengers, only one driver is allowed!
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At the end of field work minitractor preserved: cleaned from dirt, dried, drain the oil and fuel, lubricate the parts to prevent corrosion, cover and dry.

Owners reviews

Alexander, Oktyabrsky:

“For a long time I wanted to buy a mini-tractor, especially wanted the Chuvashpiller 354, in the end I bought it. What can I say: I worked with it all summer on the construction site, I never had any complaints. It was comfortable, easy to operate and maneuverable. I took it without a cab, as it turned out to be cheaper. True, if you consider the cost of attachments, you can throw money in the cab and take a full set. I bought a plow, a potato net, and a backhoe from an extension cord. All the equipment has been safely used, easy to assemble, works great. I’ll see how it works in the spring – nesting in the garage for now.

Review of the mini-tractor Chuvashpiller 354. Technical characteristics. Functions of use

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 354 is a reliable high-performance device with 35 hp. It has proven itself in all agricultural work on large plots of 15-20 hectares, in the supply industry, in construction, in loading and unloading operations and in transporting various loads.

Chuvashpiller 354.

Description of the model Chuvashpiller 354

The Chuvashpiller 354 tractor is characterized by high reliability and quality factor, excellent workmanship and turns into a multifunctional machine in combination with various attachments.

  • Thanks to the 4×4 all-wheel drive, the mini-tractor efficiently cultivates any soil, including virgin and swampy soils with high humidity.
  • Availability of electric start allows starting the engine even at low temperatures.
  • A double disc drying clutch and an extended transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse travels ensure smooth running with intelligent speed selection.
  • The liquid-cooled engine allows long periods of uninterrupted operation under high loads.
  • Economical fuel consumption of 248 g/kWh and a capacious fuel tank allow to work for a long time.
  • Due to the possibility of adjusting the width of the RUT from 96-140 cm, the mini-drive on Chuvashpillers 354 can be optimally tuned for various agricultural works – growing vegetables, berries, weed-killing, etc.
  • Sensors controlling all technological processes are conveniently located on the dashboard.
  • Chuvashpiller-Mini Accelerator is also characterized by good cross-country ability, including off-road, this is facilitated by high maneuverability and special wheel reducers.
  • The unit successfully operates in different climatic zones.
  • The availability of a comfortable driver’s cabin creates comfortable conditions for the operator in any temperature conditions.
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Technical characteristics of the Chuvashpiller 354 mini-tractor

Mark of engine 4L22BT
Power, hp. 35
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
wheel formula 4×4
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 3350/1500/1480
Road clearance, MM 320
Operating weight, kg 1586
transmission 8 forward, 2 in front 2
starting system electric starter
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 248
Wheel sizes (front/rear) 6.50-16/11.2-24
coupling double disc dryer
track width, MM 960-1400
PTO rotation speed, rpm 540/720
warranty 12 months

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The basic configuration of the tractor

Mini-tractors Chuvashpiller 354 are available in two modifications – with a driver’s cab and without a cab. Accordingly, the assembly of the unit also differs. In the warm season the cab can be easily dismantled and instead of it a safety arc with a protective visor can be installed. If necessary, the installation of the reverse gear is available as an option, with the purchase of a pass for the self-propelled machine at an extra cost.

Features of application

Chuvashpillet r-Min i-Activator works effectively with a variety of accessories mounted on the rear power shaft with a speed of 540 or 720 rpm.

Installation of excluded weapons and other brands – Salut, Dongfeng, DTZ, Belarus, Zirka is possible.

Pick-ups for mini action and chuvashpiller:

  • Soil tiller with different working widths
  • Two and four body plows
  • Forman cultivators
  • harrow
  • seeders
  • Trash copy
  • Potato tillers Conveyors and conventional
  • potato diggers
  • Rotary mower, segment mower
  • rake
  • baler
  • sprayer
  • trailers, semi-trailers, carts.

operation and maintenance

Chuvashpiller Mini Vector features a simple design solution, no special knowledge and skills are required to operate the machine. The machine has a reliable quality guarantee, high motor life. The tractor is repairable and easy to service.

Lithol-24 transmission oil TAD-17I engine oil Lukoil-Standard 15W40 SF/CC

To avoid breakdowns and malfunctions, premature wear of nodes and mechanisms, the manufacturer advises the Chuvashpiler to adhere to simple recommendations when operating the mini-vector:

  • The fuel tank should be filled with diesel fuel, standard GB/T 252-1994. For the engine, use oil of class 15W40 in summer and class 10W40 in winter. Use 80W/90 or 85W/90 grade oil for gearbox.
  • Change consumables at 50/100/25/500 intervals according to tractor operator’s manual.
  • In case the mini-drive has not arrived at the factory, you should definitely perform this procedure yourself and only then proceed with it.
  • The maximum duration of the session without interruption is 10-12 hours.
  • Despite its great power and solid size, the contract mini transporter is not designed to carry passengers.
  • All agricultural systems should be serviced daily, cleaned of dirt and dust and kept dry.
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Video review

Owners reviews


“From the words of acquaintances, I knew that some models of the Chuvashpiller Rusich can not boast of a good assembly. That’s why I considered various options before buying. I took the Chuvashpiller 354 for a cab. In general I am satisfied, I can hook up a lot of trucks, the performance is normal. I wish the cabin was more modern.

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