Small tractor Chuvashpille r-1220 – description and properties

Small tractor Chuvashpiller-1220

The Chuvashpiller-1220 small tractor was developed by a Chinese manufacturer, but the mass production of this model is carried out by a work in Cscheboksary. A mult i-purpose tractor served as the basis. The devices were relatively compact in the external dimensions and quite economical in operation, which was very popular with private and agriculture. The model is also in great demand for municipal utilities.

Perhaps the main advantages of this mini tractor are similar machines:

  1. Quite good traction performance for this special equipment segment.
  2. Reduced consumption of diesel fuel and oil, which has a positive effect on the service.
  3. The technology is equipped with increased terrain and excellent maneuverability, which significantly expands the scope.
  4. The mini tractor is perfect for working under rough conditions. Operation at extremely low and high ambient temperatures is permitted.

The functionality of the Chuvashpiller-1220 small tractor was significantly expanded by the possibility of using a large number of different attachments and trailers at work. The machine equipment of the machine includes a plow and an active tillage knife that works from the tailging wave.


The model is in demand on agricultural companies, in suppliers and private households. Basically, the mini tractor for plowing a small property, for planting vegetables and tuber fruits, compiling the attached products and for transporting the harvest to the storage location is used. It is noteworthy that the mini tractor can pull tractor carts thanks to the flexible traction properties, which are designed for a loading weight of 500 kilograms to one ton.

With the help of mowers, arithmetic and similar attachments, the devices do an excellent job in preparing the roughage for winter.

If the device has a front sign or another snow clearing device, all locations of small snow masses are often cleaned with such devices.

The tractor has a blockable midday difference and an angle profile on all four wheels. This gives the machine a high level of of f-road and commitment on all types of soil, which means that the equipment copes as efficiently as possible.

In addition to all of this, Chuvashpiller-12 can also be used when mowing different vegetation, including lawns; Processing of crops; Use of mineral fertilizers; Cultivation; Ground processing; Hills of several beds and pouring.



The attachment system provides for the installation of many different units, including devices that require a pf shaft drive for operation. The Chuvashpiller-1220 small tractor can be equipped with the following devices:

  1. Different segers.
  2. Single-body and multi-body plow units.
  3. Irrigation machines.
  4. Potato excavators.
  5. Potato planters.
  6. Multi-hill hill ships.
  7. Different cultivators.
  8. Shaking units.
  9. Spray.
  10. Hanging body.
  11. Lawn mower at the front.
  12. Lawn mower at the back.
  13. Spreater for mineral fertilizers.
  14. Frontal snow plow.
  15. Frontrotation snow clearing device.
  16. Front mower.
  17. Front circuit mower.
  18. Front segment mower.
  19. Heu user.
  20. Rechen.
  21. Equipment for the destruction of weeds.
  22. Nice editing knife.
  23. Active soil processing device The outstanding advantage of this mini tractor is the option of using additional devices that are used for han d-led tractors because it has similar connections.
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Technical characteristics


  • The construction length of the mini tractor is 2400 millimeters.
  • The total width of the body is 1050 millimeters.
  • Full height – 1250 millimeters.
  • The smallest ground clearance under the rear axle is 180 millimeters.
  • The smallest track width of the front axle is 1100 millimeters.
  • The smallest track width of the rear axle is 1100 millimeters.
  • The largest track width of the front axle is 1400 millimeters.
  • The largest track width of the rear axle is 1400 millimeters.
  • The smallest Wenderadius is 2600 millimeters.


  • Type of installed engine – diesel, inline.
  • The brand of the buil t-in engine is R195nd.
  • The number of cylinders is 1 cylinder.
  • Nominal output – 12 hp / 8.8 kilowatts.
  • The highest crankshaft speed is 2300 rpm.
  • The total volume of the cylinder is 709 cubic meters.
  • The type of cooling system is liquid.
  • Start system type – electrical starter or manually.
  • Type of fuel supply system – electronic.
  • Type of the lubricating system – gear pump with lubricating spray system.
  • The cylinder diameter is 92 millimeters.
  • The piston stroke is 95 millimeters.
  • The weight of the power plant is 112 kilograms.
  • The ÖLINGSENT in the crankcase is 1.5 liters.
  • The coolant content in the cooling system is 1.5 liters.

Transfer features:

  • Type of installed gear – gear, mechanical.
  • Drive type – horizontal, two straps.
  • Differential lock – forced.
  • The number of forwards is 6.
  • The number of backward passages is 2.
  • Cup type – dry, friction insert brake, in permanently closed position.

Properties of the tap wave:

  • The type of installed tap wave is independent.
  • The speed number of the PTO is 1.
  • The control is mechanical.
  • The lowest PTO speed is 540 rpm.

Performance features:

  • Operating weight – 410 kilograms.
  • Tank content – 5.5 liters.
  • Type of the hydraulic system – thre e-point.
  • Type of brakes – doubl e-sided, drum.
  • The lowest speed of the independent movement at the front is 2 kilometers an hour.
  • The highest speed of the independent movement at the front is 22.78 kilometers per hour.
  • The lowest speed of the independent backward movement is 1.8 kilometers per hour.
  • The top speed of the independent backward movement is 6.97 kilometers per hour.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per operating hour is 0.9 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per business hour is 1.5 liters.
  • The size of the front wheels is 4.00-14.
  • The size of the rear wheels is 5.00-16.
  • Steering type – snail.
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Device functions

The cabin of the Chuvashpiller-1220 is not intended for the cabin. However, this compensates for the comfortable arrangement of the driver. The steering column and all machine controls are quite comfortably located so that consumers can use any complexion devices. Optionally, a mini drive can be equipped with a solar visor and a special security sheet that protects the driver from serious injuries.

The basic configuration includes powerful lighting devices that increase the level of safety when moving in the dark on public roads. Bearing lights have two lighting modes, namely close and highlight. Intuitive sensors and indicators are convenient on the dashboard and show the most important parameters of the condition of the technology (fuel level, coolant temperature and the like).

The design of the mini drive was developed, taking into account modern trends in the structure of such special devices. It was also supplemented by its own technical achievements of the manufacturer and its lon g-term business years of the small tractors of the class class at various loads.

The following features of this model should also be emphasized:

  1. In addition to the complete compliance with the current standard of machine production, the technology also corresponds to modern environmental standards.
  2. The technology is resistant to various weather and climate influences, which they can actively operate in the areas of the southern and northern regions of the country.
  3. With regard to maintenance, the model was very successful because most parts of the Mini actoror can be used from similar models, which expands the maintenance options.
  4. The adhesive system of devices not only enables you to install tractor units, but also to use the domestic and imported engine block.
  5. Special services that offer repair and order services work quite quickly and simplifies the maintenance of the Min i-Actractor.
  6. The technology can be constantly at work, i.e. not long during the repair, since consumption materials and spare parts are very widespread.

The tractor is equipped with a 1-cylinde r-0.7 lite r-diesel unit, which is characterized by simplicity and high reliability. The engine has a system of combined lubrication of grated elements, liquid cooling and the possibility of starting with an electrical starter.

It should be emphasized that in this model the torque is transferred from the pulley of the electricity unit to the gear system due to the belt transmission. Sometimes some problems arise with it, since wedge belts quickly develop their company resource due to the improper centering of one of the drive discs. Although this rarely happens, but it still happens.

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If you do not take into account the previous case, the Chuvashpiller-1220 model is even a very reliable machine. The tractor has an increased resistance to various temperature and weather conditions, so that you can use it all year round at work. All elements are designed for a long service life. The exception is steering rods, since a counte r-reaction is displayed in them after a certain operating time, but this has been remedied.

Features of the repair

The owner can, how to give a Min i-Actractor a special service and carry out his repair himself. When looking for spare parts, however, it is still necessary to contact the service centers, as it gets much faster over time. It is also worth noting that certain elements with similar ministerial models are completely uniform. In some cases, components from domestic models can also be suitable with small improvements.

Of 130,000 rubles up to 160,000 Russian rubles. In this price range you can currently buy a mini drive of a Chuvashpiller-1220 without run. The configuration can include a safety sheet, sun protection, a plow and a floor cutting mill.

The minister in a used state costs a price of 70,000 rubles and up to 110,000 Russian rubles. The costs of this option vary depending on the release year, the number of working hours developed and the technical condition. Even in this case, the equipment can be delivered with both additional equipment and without it. This factor also affects the final costs.

Overview of the Chuvashpiller 120 mini tractor. Technical data. Application functions

Minitor Chuvashpiller 120 (cycling formula 4×2) is one of the most popular models in the Rusich-Chuvashpiller family. Agricultural machine 12 hp It is widespread in personal farms, on farms, the common sphere, is able to carry out all the work on land cultivation. The model has become the basis for a more advanced change in the Rusich T-12 mini vector.

You operate a min i-actractor according to the manufacturers. Maintenance takes place with a frequency of 50/100/250 mothers. The amount of motor oil (15W40 in summer and 10W40 in winter), the condition of the battery, the clutch, the brake system and the reliability of the moving connections.” width=”1024″ height=”576″ />

Description of the model

Compared to the analogue of Min i-Actractors from other manufacturers, Chuvashpiller 120 is characterized by rational traction properties, optimal adaptation to the work under difficult climatic conditions, an increased ability to cross and high maneuverability.

  • A reliable single cylinder diesel engine R195nd with water cooling is installed on the mini drive.
  • The presence of an electrical starter enables you to easily start the machine under all temperature conditions.
  • Thanks to the gearbox of a combined type at a speed of 6 V-IT/2NAZAD, the necessary operating pace of the device is ensured within 2 to 23 km/h.
  • The presence of a compulsory difference in the rear axle offers optimal conditions for the generation of the necessary traction, regardless of the work carried out – cultivation, plowing the earth and slipping complexes.
  • Thanks to the compact dimensions and a small radius of curves (2.6 m), the Mini actionor is successfully used in limited rooms – in greenhouses, storage rooms, farms and cleaning roads.
  • Due to the possibility of setting the width of the lane of the front and rear wheels in the interval of 110 to 140 cm, different agricultural and other work are possible.
  • The necessary lighting equipment that is installed on the tractor is narrow and High Beam offers sufficient comfort when you work in the dark.
  • The required sensors that control the function of all systems are carried out conveniently on the dashboard.
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Technical characteristics

model Chuvashpiller-1220
Engine type 1 cylinder, horizontal, diesel
Cooling type Water (liquid) with a cooler
Type of fuel Diesel (dt)
The number of cylinders 1 one)
Cylinder diameter and piston stroke 95 mm x 97 mm
Engine power 12 PS
Nominal speed of the crankshaft engine 2 400 R./Min.
Engine volume 0.632 L (632 cm3)
Specific fuel consumption 293 Gr./KW. Hour
The volume of oil in the engine 1.5L
Liquid volume in the cooling system 1.5L
The volume of the fuel tank 5.5L
launch system Electric starter/ manual inertial starter
engine disc Three-Armed
drive unit Horizontal belt, 2 straps
coupling Dry a friction type continuous contact AID
brakes drum (bilateral)
Type of control point Equipment, combined type with a forced lock of the rear axle
The number of gears 6 forward/ 2 forward
Maximum speed 22.78 km./hour
Max speed back 6.97 km./hour
Volume of oil in the control point 6.0L
type of steering worm type
Sit the operator Soft, enhanced with the possibility of horizontal position adjustment
The size of the front wheels 4.00-14.00
The size of the rear wheels 5.00-16
Dimensional dimensions (length x width x height) 2 140mm. x 905mm. x 1 175mm.
Road clearance (release) 180mm
structural mass 410kg.
warranty 12 calendar months*
country of origin PRC

basic equipment

At the request of the customer, the manufacturer is supplied with a mini contract plow and an active mill with a mini drive. Some models of min i-Actractors are available for sale without locking the differential, and with an unregulated track in this case improve suppliers, if necessary, the design itself.

Features of the application

Due to the presence of a standard mono claim attachment device, the agricultural sector is possible with devices from other manufacturers. The Chuvashpiller tractor is included with additional weapons and can effectively perform many functions:

  • Agricultural work on cultivating the earth – plowing, cultivating, hilling, weeding with grinders, plows and rubber tillers of various modifications;
  • Landing of agricultural crop s-potatoes with the help of potatoes from a single row and two rows;
  • Sow grain and technical crops with a seeder;
  • Mowing and cleaning of cultural, wild herbs using rotary mowing, raking, voroshilok;
  • Clean the territory from snow with a shovel offline, sweeping the terrain with a community brush;
  • Transportation of various loads on carts, trailers;
  • Execution of other special work with equipment that corresponds to the traction class of the Min i-Actractor.
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According to the reviews of the owners of the min i-Actractors, the Chuvashpiller 120 on various forums, the lack of a driver’s cab is sometimes inconvenient, which is somewhat offset by comfortable steering control and the possibility of installing a protective arc with a sight .

operation and maintenance

Minitor Chuvashpiller 120 distinguish minimal operating costs, easy maintenance in combination with a budget price for the device. On the forums you can find a lot of positive reactions about the high maintenance of the mini contract catcher, the possibility of independently implementing various repairs. The availability of spare parts excludes unproductive downtime of the devices.

At the same time, as can be seen from the reviews of experienced owners, the Min i-Actractor is not suitable for heavy work on viscous swampy soil. The imperfection of the structure is manifested in the wrong centering of the pulmonary transmission pulleys, the lack of a reverse regime. The truth is that the Min i-Actoror is characterized by an increased flow rate of diesel fuel compared to similar Min i-Actractors and is 0.9-1.5 l/h.

They operate a min i-actractor according to the manufacturers. Maintenance takes place with a frequency of 50/100/250 mothers. The amount of motor oil (15W40 in summer and 10W40 in winter), the condition of the battery, the clutch, the brake system and the reliability of the moving connections.

Video review

Overview of the mini vector of Chuvashpiller 120

Minitor Chuvashpiller 120 works with a snow dump

Land of the earth with a minister

Reviews of the owners


“Chuvashpiller 120 has been working for me for 6 years. Good unit, reliable. I mainly use the treatment of soil, a little in the household and transport. I even tried to clean the snow with a dump, but we have a little snow, so that’s irrelevant. But with the harvest of hay with a Rotary mower, it works great. Simply in operation and repair. “

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