Small tractor Belarus MTZ-622. Description of the machine, technical characteristics, video and reviews

Small tractor Belarus MTZ-622. Description of the machine, technical characteristics, video and reviews

Tractor Belarus MTZ-622 is produced at the Bobruisk plant of semitrailers, which since 1972 is considered part of the Minsk tractor plant.

The enterprise specialized in the production of equipment for loading and unloading processes, produced spare parts, various components and disks for all MTZ units.

After small farms appeared in the country, consumers needed small-sized devices, which began to produce work. Using such compact machines was more rational and economical than operating large tractors.

Belarus MTZ-622 has been produced since 2009 and overtakes its analogues Belarus-320 and Belarus-422 in productivity. The powerful, convenient and easy-to-use machine was immediately adopted by the farmers, who were able to do many different jobs on it.

The Belarus MTZ 622 tractor is distinguished by its compact dimensions and belongs to the 0.9 traction class. It was specifically designed for use in urban conditions of public utilities.

However, this does not mean that the scope of application ends there. Just like any other tractor equipped with special brackets for the use of attachments, Belarus MTZ-622 becomes a reliable helper in agriculture.

The tractor is effective when plowing and cultivating small areas of land, when digging trenches, lifting asphalt and similar works.

Belarus MTZ-622 tractor can also be used as a transport for cleaning household plots. Due to its compact size and powerful engine, the tractor copes with cargo transportation, snow removal, road and sidewalk cleaning.

Due to its maneuverability, small size and low weight, it can be used in greenhouses.

The 2017 Tractor Machinery Show introduced to the world an improved version of the Belarusian MTZ-622, which featured improved environmental performance and conformed to the Euro III standard.

The wheel size was also changed, and the tread was adapted to work on lawns. Due to the increased contact area of the tire with the floor, there was less pressure on the surface, which became the most acceptable when working on the ground.


As mentioned above, the tractor has compact dimensions. Its length is 345 cm, width – 170 cm, cabin height – 238 cm.

It is ideal for use on small plots and in narrow spaces.

The device received increased ground clearance, which allowed it to work in areas with large bushes and saplings.

The weight of the tractor is 2200 kg and the maximum payload is 2800 kg.


To make the Belarusian MTZ-622 tractor profitable in operation, the manufacturers paid attention to the economical engine, so all models are equipped with the modern Lombardini LDW 2204T engine with a capacity of 62.2 hp.

Herb garden - arrangement and care

The four-stroke engine has four cylinders and 2.068 liters.

Water cooling allows to work at high temperatures. In this case, additional cooling is done in the form of an axially mounted ventilation device.

The Italian-made engine needs it a bit more often, but this is compensated by the high power.

The engine meets the world standards for exhaust emissions and noise level, which is slightly lower than in previous models. The noise has been reduced by using waste exhaust gases. And after cleaning the gases are used in the turbocharger, which increases the efficiency by 18%.

The tank is designed for 90 liters. Belarus MTZ-622 tractor consumes 7 liters of fuel per hour and works in normal mode.

Running gear and transmission

A peculiar feature of Belarus’ MTZ-622 tractor is the all-wheel drive, which increases its maneuverability on small plots.

Wide pneumatic tires provide good cross-country ability and responsibility at crossroads.

Transmission on the Belarus MTZ-622 tractor is a single friction stimulator with mechanical control. The gearbox has 8 and 8 gears and engages smoothly.

A differential locking system is installed to prevent a hidden axle.

Behind it is a two-speed current selection wave for use on crawlers and other devices.

The front axle is also equipped with a moderator and a system that automatically engages the rear wheels when slipping.


The cabin of “Belarus” MTZ-622 tractor in a semi-final version is reliably and durably assembled. All the most important working units and chassis elements are connected to it.

For the operator’s convenience, the cab is mounted on shock absorbers, which increase comfort when driving on bumpy roads.

Significant comfort comes from the comfortable seat, which is also mounted on the feathers.

In the cockpit, visual ships create significant noise, heat and moisture insulation, while providing a wide view of the driver.

Types of attachments

A wide range of attachments allows you to choose the necessary options depending on the field of application of the tractor.

When working in agriculture, the following equipment can be attached:

  • Cultivation;
  • Ploughing;
  • Harrow;
  • Dealer;
  • Sprayers;
  • Potato residents;
  • Potato cutting edge;
  • Braids;
  • Feed dispensers.

The following device is used to perform maintenance programs:

  • Trash instances;
  • Snow deflector;
  • Bucket;
  • Sand removal devices;
  • Drills;
  • Brush;
  • Digger;
  • Vacuum cleaners and more.

Operating Characteristics.

Tractor must be washed, stripped, and charged to operating condition before installation. If necessary, check oil levels in all tanks.

Manufacturers recommend draining the existing fuel and refilling with fresh fuel, and it is advisable to use seasonal fuel.

As the main fuel in the summer at temperatures from 0 to o-20 diesel fuel 3-0,2 GOST 305-82 is recommended to use L-0,2-40.

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Oil in the engine crank is filled with M-10DM in summer and M-8DM in winter.

The cooling system is filled with liquid. Lubricate all assemblies and mechanisms in need of lubrication.

Check tire pressure together.


It takes about 50 hours to complete the run. It should run smoothly as all parts of the tractor can work.

In this way, you can greatly extend the life of the plant parts and also help in preventing breakdowns.

The load on the engine should not exceed 50% of full power. Make sure that the temperature of your body parts does not exceed 70 degrees. Do not stop driving daily and then during the run.

After completing the run, there are a number of actions to be taken:

  1. Clean the tractor of dirt;
  2. Change oil in all systems;
  3. Lubricate nodes and mechanisms;
  4. Replace the oil filter of the engine and hydraulic system of the trailed device;
  5. Wash the fuel tank filter;
  6. Check the clutch and brake pedal stroke;
  7. Make sure all fasteners are secure;
  8. Check the pressure in the tires.

Более подробно ознакомиться с инструкцией по эксплуатации можно по ссылке—>

Basic violations

Refer to the owner’s manual for the major violations and methods.

If the engine won’t start:

  • There may not be enough fuel or engine oil;
  • The fuel or air filter is dirty;
  • Incorrect ignition system installed.
  • Missing or insufficient oil and diesel fuel;
  • Loose bolts;
  • Improper installation of attachments.

Video review

Below is a video review of the Belarus 622 tractor

Owners reviews

Andrey “I use the MTZ-622 tractor to work in greenhouses. Thanks to its good maneuverability and small size, it manages to cope with all the work quickly and efficiently. I am pleased that the machine has been improved in terms of minimizing toxic emissions, as I have to work in enclosed spaces. During the year there were no complaints about the operation of mechanisms. “

Vasily: “Comfortable cabin, good rating and economical, but powerful engine – that’s what I like about the tractor. What I don’t like is that the fuel tanks were placed directly under the cab. “

If you are the owner of the tractor Belarus 622 and you had to work on it, we offer to leave your review to familiarize our readers with it.

Review of the tractor Belarus MTZ-622. Description, specifications and user reviews

The compact tractor Belarus MTZ-622 is a reliable agricultural machine 0.9 TC. Agricultural machinery must perform not only a large number of agricultural works, but also in urban areas in common areas, industrial, transport and construction companies.

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Tractor Belarus MTZ-622

Description of MTZ-622 model

Due to its modest size and low weight the “Belarus” tractor has a power of 62.5 hp. It is highly maneuverable and efficient in a confined space, in narrow streets, in camps and hangars, in greenhouses and greenhouses, in vineyards and orchards. It is used for parking works, construction of lawns and landscaping.

Technical features

Type 4-stroke pre-injection diesel with turbocharger
model Lombardini LDW 2204 (Tier 3a)
Power, kW (HP) 46 (62.5)
Rated rotational speed, rpm 3000
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
Working volume, L 2.068
Maximum torque n – m 174
Specific fuel consumption for performance, g/kWh – h 329
Torque t-activity coefficient, % 18
Fuel capacity, L 95
class 0,9
coupling device Friction, single disc, permanently closed
club control mechanically
transmission Mechanical with locking clutches
Drive speed: forward/reverse 16/8
Speed, km/h: forward/reverse 1.2-36.6/2.1-19.5
Depends on i, speed 540
Depends on II, speed 1000
Synchronous I/II, approx. 3.4/6.3
Vom control mechanically
Differential locking Mechanical
Dimensions and weight
Overall length, mm 3450
Width, mm 1700
Awning height, mm 2380
Tractor, mm 1930
Track, mm
On the front wheels 1390 и 1530
On rear wheels 1410, 1510, 1560, 1660, 1730, 1830
Ground clearance under front axle/under rear axle, mm 390
Smallest turning radius, m 3,9
Depth of traversed ford, m 0,6
Service weight, kg 2410
Tire sizes:
front tire 12.4L – 16
rear wheels 360/70R24
Hydraulic system: universal, split AGAGATE
Lower boom pivot axis load capacity, KGF 2800
Maximal pressure, kgf/cm2 200
Pump capacity, l/min 40
hydraulic system, l 22


There is a four-cylinder engine with turbocharging and Lombard pre-chamber injection installed on the tractor “Belarus” MTZ-622. LDW 2204. It meets the high environmental performance requirements of class 3A. The fuel tank capacity of 90 liters allows the machine to run for a long time. The 622 is also equipped with the D-242 engine.

Engine for MTZ-622


Extended transmission provides 16 forward/8 reverse speeds between 1.2-36.6 km/h in forward travel; 2.1-19.5 km/h in reverse travel. Single disc dry clutch.


The skeleton construction is semi-extended. The wheel formula is 4×4. The wheels are equipped with pneumatic tires. Wheel rotation is adjustable: 1390-1513 mm – front wheels, 1410-1830 mm – rear wheels. With a small turning radius of 3.9 m, the functionality of the tractor increases significantly.

cabin, operation

A comfortable cabin made with the use of modern technologies provides the possibility of effective operation of the tractor in all climatic zones. Metal protective frame, curved heat-absorbing glasses with the possibility of full visibility, mounted on the frame with rubber shock absorbers – these features provide the most comfortable working conditions in the tractor operator’s cabin.

Colorful garden from spring to autumn or which plants to plant?

MTZ-622 cab

The interior design of the cab is made with special materials that absorb noise and vibration and keep warmth in the cab. The cab is equipped with washer windows, air heating, adjustable seat and panoramic mirrors. All necessary control units and sensors are conveniently located on the dashboard.

To make the steering of the MTZ tractor easier, a power steering system is installed, which consists of a donor pump and a gear pump. A special feature of “Belarus” is the improved modern design, equipped with technical lighting with 4 halogen headlights, rear fenders and hood made of durable plastic.


Belarus” is equipped with a hydraulic tank, an additional device is attached by rods and pins. The hydraulic system allows the MTZ tractor to operate with the excluded implements, semi-mounted and articulated implements equipped with hydraulic mechanism. Carrying capacity of Belarus MTZ-622 tractor is 2.8 tonnes.


Like in most Belarus tractors, the rear power shaft is combined and can operate in 2 modes: independent: provides two speeds of 1000/540 rpm, synchronous rotation directly from the control point and operates at 3,4/6 rpm, 3 rpm.

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The tractor is characterized by fairly moderate dimensions dimensions ДхШх В-3450х1700х2380 mm. The operating weight of the machine is 2.41 tons.

Also here is a detailed description of the tractor Belarus MTZ-1221.

Operating Characteristics.

MTZ-622 tractor is successfully used in agriculture and supplying organizations at industrial enterprises. A wide list of fancy, semi-modern, excluded implements of domestic and import manufacture allows performing various works effectively:

  • Tillage – plowing, cultivation, husking, Hilling;
  • Complete with seeds of various modifications for sowing crops;
  • Provision of plant protection, mineral fertilizers;
  • Planting spraying;
  • Grass mower for wild and cultural grasses rotary, segmental;
  • Planting/cleaning of potatoes with potato hoeing and potato haulm of various modifications;
  • Harvesting of grain and technical crops in the unit with a rotary mower;
  • Harvesting of forage for cattle with packing silage;
  • Performance of special works in aggregation with combined agricultural loads;
  • Cleaning the area with communal brooms using a shovel;
  • Loading and unloading work;
  • Transportation of goods to followers, semi-trailers.

Optionally, it is possible to expand the functionality of the tractor and devices with additional units and mechanisms of the manufacturer: weights, traffic controllers, front-wheel, planer, hydra and special bikes to work on the lawn.

Rotormovel Schauffel-Halfscheider-cultivator KUHN-maple bucket-rake-lobster-disc harrow

Due to the expanded functionality, “Belarus” MTZ-622 tractor is characterized by a fast amortization period. The price is quite affordable – from 970 thousand rubles. The cost of operating the equipment does not exceed 15-25% of the original.

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Maintenance of the tractor includes the performance of various in complexity and structure of works:

  • Preparation for the enterprise
  • Preparation for running in
  • Maintenance during operation
  • Post break-in service
  • Screening
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Regulatory work according to 125/500/1000/2000 Mater.

The manufacturer’s instruction manual provides detailed recommendations on the required processes, the precise implementation of which greatly extends the service life of the machine.

Different types of fuel and lubricants are recommended for Belarus’ MTZ-662 tractor depending on the time of the year and climatic conditions. To avoid the device and downtime of the equipment, diesel fuel should be selected strictly according to the instructions. SAE 15W40 engine oil is used in summer, Sae 10W40 in winter. For the transmission use TAD-17, TAP-15B or a foreign brand of analog.

read the operating manual of the tractor Belarus-MTZ-662.” width=”650″ height=”406″ />

Main failures, repairs

In case of failures, malfunctions and various damages which cannot be eliminated by adjustments and settings, the current repair of MTZ-622 tractor is provided. The operator, who has a locksmith 3-4 discharge, can cope with this work himself. In other cases, machine repair should be entrusted to experienced professionals.

Despite the high motoresource of tractors, declared by the manufacturer, in the process of operation there may be information. The most likely occurrence of problems with the main systems of the tractor: engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes, steering, hydraulics and electrical devices. Sometimes the attachments do not work properly.

Detailed instructions for tractor operators contain not only practical advice on how to correct errors, but also on how to prevent them in the future.

Here you can read in detail about Tractorra Belarus MTZ-662.

Video review

Full overview of MTZ-622 tractor

Checking the cabin of tractor MTZ-5622

Belarus MTZ-622 Tractor

Owners reviews

Petr Petrovich:

“I work in an apartment bureau for 5 years on the tractor Belarus MTZ-622. All year round road cleaning, fencing, loading, hauling – the tractor copes with all this work without any problems. It is very maneuverable, lightweight and obedient in control. The engine is environmentally friendly, no smoke. A good machine, as good as similar ones. “


“Bought Belarus MTZ-662 2 years ago to work on the farm. In general, the unit is reliable and well made. The driving experience is most positive, no fatigue at all. The machine is perfectly adapted to the agricultural work. The only thing I don’t like is that the fuel tank is located right under the cab. “

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