Small-sized tractor Mitrax. Overview, properties, instructions

Features of “Mitrax” mini-tractors

Means of small agricultural equipment, especially power tillers and mini-tractors, significantly facilitate not only gardening, but also gardening. A striking example of this is the unit T10 company “Mitrax”. It is about its characteristics and technical properties will be discussed below.


Today, specialists call this type of agricultural equipment garden mini-tractors. Despite its small size, such a device is very convenient and multifunctional in operation. The manufacturer of the mini-tractor “Mitrax” is a domestic work in St. Petersburg. To date, such a device is particularly popular due to such features.

  • Absolutely insensitive to sudden changes in temperature. This allows you to work both in hot and in cold seasons.
  • Despite its small size, the mini-tractor perfectly copes with any kind of work, both on small country plots, and on large plantations.
  • The efficiency and productivity level of this type of devices is many times higher than that of similar devices, which are called motor pumps or power tillers. However, their prices are often the same.
  • Mini-tractor is suitable for a variety of tasks thanks to a variety of special devices for cultivation. Thanks to a special wave of the crane, it is quickly and quickly installed.

In order to understand whether such equipment is needed on the secondary plot, it is necessary to carefully read the technical description and the functions performed.

Technical characteristics

The model T10 mini-tractor itself is equipped with a special transmission, made of cast iron and securely closed from above with a special protective block. The capacity of this gardening unit is 10 hp, and the maximum speed of 10 km/h. Mitrax is equipped with electric ignition, its weight is 270 kg, which means that the transport does not put much pressure on the soil itself and does not disturb its structure. The device is equipped with 3 gears and powerful neon lights, with which you can operate the device even in the dark.

External turning angle 155 cm, wheelbase 100 cm and internal turning angle 115 cm Low weight and compact turning area allow you to quickly and easily perform the necessary maneuvers in confined areas of land. Various attachments are available as optional equipment. In this case, the model T10 assumes both the joint sale, and the possibility of purchasing only the necessary elements. For maximum human comfort, the mini-tractor is equipped with a wide, soft and comfortable seat. If necessary, it is possible to assemble a small trailer on the rear electric hoist.

Attachments and their functions

If necessary, the Russian mini-tractor Mitrax T10 can work with the following additional attachments.

  • Pathfinder. All types have a classic black color and a branded sticker on the side. They can be used to haul loads of any kind that weigh no more than
  • 0.5 t.
  • The harrow is designed with unique technology. Thanks to this, you can work not only faster, but also better with such devices.
  • If you need to plow a whole and previously uncultivated piece of land, the manufacturer himself recommends using a special plow instead of a harrow. This will allow you to quickly and properly master the virgin soil.
  • With a special plow, you can easily remove excess snow, dirt and leaves in the garden, vegetable garden or any other area.
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Lawn mower – allows not only to get rid of excess vegetation in the personal property, but also to store hay for the future.

  • And the use of a special grass collector facilitates and speeds up this process.
  • Cultivator, like a harrow and a plow, is used to plow the land. In this case, it can work both for tillage of virgin land and for plowing only difficult lands.
  • A special spreader provides two types of work at once: Seeding and sprinkling the place with sand or special reagents in the cold season.
  • The snow thrower is specially designed for use in the cold season. This attachment can be used independently or together with a special brush. With your use, you can quickly and easily clear the area of snow, leaves and dirt.

A special backboard is used for leveling. This allows you to make even the most hilly area perfectly level.

It is not necessary to buy all kinds of such removable devices at once. First you need to choose a list of works to be performed by the MitRax T10 mini-tractor, and only then install the necessary list of attachments.

Operational characteristics

  • In order for the purchased new devices to serve properly and be convenient in operation, it is necessary to observe the following rules:
  • Check oil and fuel levels, and that all couplings and your joints are securely fastened each time you start.
  • At the first sign of malfunction you should stop operation and inspire the mini-drive for malfunctions.

Before the first use, you should operate the Mitrax T 10 mini tractor according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The storage conditions of the equipment itself do not need to pay less attention. The room must be closed, preferably ventilated and dry and free from excessive moisture and rodents. Otherwise, there is a risk that during preservation in the cable compartment of the mini-storage unit rodents will get infested.

Before putting the unit away for the winter, you need to clean it of excess dirt, remove all fasteners and drain the fuel from the tank.


The manufacturer itself positions its mini drive as the best equipment for private estates and cottages. However, assessments of the owners of such equipment much more clearly speak about their effectiveness and demand. Almost all owners of such a mini drive leave only positive reviews about it. At the same time, they cite versatility, ease of operation, low price and ease of use.

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In the case of proper operation and compliance with all recommendations of the manufacturer, no significant disadvantages in this device its owners have not found. The only disadvantage is only too low weight of the device, even when it comes to some work. But this problem occurs very rarely. Minitractor of domestic production “Mitrax T 10” – this is a really modern and necessary small agricultural device, which is designed for use in private yards and garden plots.

As of the end of August 2021, the price of the new mini-tractor of this model, set by the manufacturer, is 849,000 rubles.

Mitrax T150 minitractor: technical characteristics

Mitrax T150 is a 4×4 permanent all-wheel drive minitractor. It is based on the concept of a universal compact machine capable of successfully combining the skills of an agricultural, lawn and municipal minitractor. This full hydraulic machine can be used all year round and there is always something useful to do. It is impossible not to note the excellent design of Mitrax that pleases the eye with modern solutions.

All-wheel drive Mitrax T150 has even more skills than its “younger” model T100, it has increased ground clearance, large-diameter wheels and neat relief.

Mini-tractor of this model has manual and foot disc brake, is characterized by compact size, small Wenderadius and high maneuverability.

Development and production of “Mitrax” minitractors has been carried out in Russia in St. Petersburg since 2015. The frame and all attachments are made by domestic manufacturers themselves. Engines for their mini-tractors are bought in China. In recent years, this manufacturer has also mastered the production of multifunctional minitrakes.

Scope of MitRax T150

The mini-tractor MitRax T150 has developed skills for use as a garden tractor – lawnmower and a small multi-purpose minitractor for a large number of daily works.

As a lawn mower with a large agricultural clearance, wide wheels, stable construction and a working roof height up to 150 mm, the mini-tractor easily works in areas with difficult and ambiguous terrain and has no problem mowing tall grass.

As a versatile sound tractor with rear-mounted or single-point hitch, the Mitraks T150 for agricultural and general work is used not only on lawns, but also in orchards and fruit farms. For example, it can edit the soil with an active tiller that tills the ground with other special agricultural tools. With the help of BRS hydraulic couplings, any attachments can be attached to the mini-tractor. It is possible to install a three-point suspension (this is an additional option).

Mitrax T150 engine

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Minitractors of this model are equipped with powerful V-shaped four-stroke engines of a large Chinese manufacturer of internal combustion engines, the Loncin company.

Mini-tractor Mitraks T150: technical characteristics

The engine model is Loncin 2V80FD. Its displacement is 764 cm³. Cylinder diameter is 78 mm and stroke is 71 mm.

It is a 26 horsepower (19 kW) carbureted gasoline engine that has high torque and is not susceptible to starting in sub-zero temperatures. It is equipped with a double-clean air filter. The lubrication system in this engine is forced closed with a filter and pump. The engine has a built-in fuel pump. Ignition is electric, from the starter.

The fuel tank installed on the Mitrax T150 Mini holds 12 liters of fuel. Fuel used by the engine Loncin 2V80FD is gasoline AI-92 or AI-95.

Mitrax T150 Tractor Transmission

A distinctive feature of this model and the entire new line of Mitrax brand mini-tractors is the hydrostatic transmission (HST), which has an enhanced performance that provides smooth and unobtrusive speed control. If you go both forward and reverse, you only need to use one pedal. It’s very simple and convenient. The machine operator can adjust the speed without the distraction of the steering wheel, just by transferring the effort of the feet from toe to heel. For the safety of each job, a pedal lock stops the movement of the mini-tractor.

Engine Mitrax T150

Mitrax T150 tractor speed when using passive implements is 0 to 12 km/h. When using active implements, 0 to 5.2 km/h. Speed limiter/pseudo-docroiz-0 to 12 km/h. Increase the speed of movement without stopping and shifting gears. You just need to choose the comfortable speed for different tasks with the crank.

Clutch drive is hydrostatic, with blade control. The torque on each 23″ wheel is 1030 Nm. Constant all-wheel drive is provided by a hydraulic motor in each wheel.

Essentially, the hydrostatic transmission of this head/rear pedal minivan is like the European garden minivan offerings. It’s not a Tuff-Torq, however, which costs a hectic amount of money. The evil is simpler and more reliable: a self-locking differential with two gears, rotated by a geared hydraulic motor made by OMSC.

hydraulic system

The type of hydraulic system is two-circuit: the first circuit is directed to it. The second circuit is designed for connection of active trailers, half girders and hinge channels.

Hydraulic plate group #1 is for connecting front implements. Group #2 is the front hydraulic plate for connecting front active implements and mowers. Group #3 is the rear hydraulic plate for connecting rear active implements.

An important feature of the Mitrax T150 mini excavator is the presence of a steering wheel (GUR). This necessary option allows full control of the tractor, the steering wheel of which is literally “turned by a finger”.

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The rear axle of the original design, combined with the frame, is the strong supporting structure of the T150 Mitrax that is equipped with a hydraulic motor drive.

Thanks to the reliable and simple mechanical transmission of the rear axle, the power of the hydraulic engine is converted into two zones, for normal or heavy duty operation. The design includes the option of a self-switching differential, which allows the force on the wheels to slip during travel.

With the hydraulic drive (hydraulic motor), the widest range of attachable, stable implements can be easily installed.

Compactness, ease of operation and good passability of this mini-tractor allow you to use it as a versatile small-sized device in the landscape gardening, on private land; for the care of the surrounding areas of various institutions, organizations and municipalities; on small arable land.

Electricity on this model of mini-tractor

Gearbox of the tractor Mitrax T150

The Mitraks T150 is equipped with dual front and rear lighting. The headlights are LED with daytime running lights. The type of electrical system this compact tractor is equipped with is 12 volt, mass = “minus”. Generator is 12 volt, 10 amps. Battery – Delta CT 1218, 12 volt, 18 Ah.

Grounds switch – external. Voltmeter – available. Meter hours – complete. Lighting kit with comprehensive identification and indicators is also available (but as an option).

Tires on the Mitraks T150

Two types of tires can be fitted to the compact machines of this model: lawn (“smooth”) or agricultural (“with terrain profile”), depending on what tasks can be expected from the T150 in the near future.

Mitrax T150 tire sizes: 23 × 8.5-12 on the front wheels; 23 × 10.0 to 12 on the rear wheels. The normal pressure for the front and rear wheels is 0.9 kg/cm².

Aggregate options

  • As with the “younger” Mitrax T100 model, the basic equipment of the T150 mini-tractor has three hydraulic lines for coupling the machine with powerful attachments. Particularly z
  • Rotary mower – 105 thousand rubles.
  • Front mower that cuts tall grass, weeds and small shoots and has a working width of 130 cm – 116 thousand rubles,
  • Grass catcher box for grass, leaves and dirt, equipped with a turbo-vacuum,
  • Two-stage snow blower/snow blower – 176 thousand rubles,
  • Active rear cutter with a working width of 130 cm – 117 thousand rubles,
  • Reinforced tipping machine P R-320 – 60 thousand rubles,
  • Chains for wheels – 11 thousand rubles,
  • Sheet mills with rubberizing – 44 thousand rubles,
  • Hydraulic front brushes – 102 thousand rubles,
  • Rear Grabber K L-100 – 26 thousand rubles,
  • Front loader with counterweight box – 216 thousand rubles,
  • Bucket pickup – 96 thousand rubles,
  • Rubber Krosch – 132 thousand rubles,
  • Triangular brushes for artificial turf – 47 thousand rubles,
  • Rake polomochnye (186 fingers) – 144 thousand rubles,
  • Sand roller for backfilling of soccer fields and sports fields with sand and rubber granulate – 192 thousand rubles,
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Electrics on mini tractors of this model

Brushes for artificial turf for a three-point hitch – 222 thousand rubles.

To ensure quick and easy changing of front devices, MitRax specialists have developed a universal hitch – traverse. This device costs 48 thousand rubles.

In general, both mini-tractors of this series (and MitRax T100, and MitRax T150) are equipped with the largest selection of attachments and pulling equipment of all kinds: a plow with a trailer, a window, any vehicle (including dump truck), a lawn mower, a shovel, a snowplow and other special devices.

The workplace of the guide machine on the Mitraks T150 mini-tractor

The seat of this mini-tractor is ergonomically shaped and has a safety lock. The chassis is equipped with a practical spring mechanism, levers to adjust the work of the attachment and tractor speed, a parking brake and an information board.

  • Technical characteristics of Mitrax T150 in numbers
  • Dimensions: length – 2000 mm, width – 1350 mm, height – 1220 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 1275 mm.
  • Track width (front/rear) – 975 mm.
  • Ground clearance – 223 mm.
  • Outer turning radius – 2.5 meters, inner turning radius – 1.8 meters.
  • Weight of the mini-tractor is 535 kg.

Size of the front wheels – 23 / 12-8,5; rear wheels – 23/12-10,5.

  • The possibility of installing additional options
  • Three-point hitch, corresponding to the size of the hitch of the 1 euro category of small tractors. Cost – 47900 rbl;
  • Rear cross-bar – quick release coupling for replacement of Mitraks attachments. Load capacity – 200 kg, weight – 45 kg. Cost – 47900 roubles;
  • granular lock;
  • safety frame with a set of lights and a sound signal;

wheel chains.

Reviews of minitractors of this model

Judging by the reviews of users and owners, despite the four-wheel drive and high power (in comparison with “junior” models of the same manufacturer), Mitraks T150 mini-tractor does not reach the level of a full-fledged universal agricultural machine that plows the soil and can solve other daily problems in agriculture.

Aggregation options

It is still a garden tractor, which is suitable for regular lawn care (and not for mowing pulled grass, but for forming a neat, flat lawn), for snow removal and path clearing.

In general, the mini-tractor Mitraks T150 is characterized as certainly reliable, easy in operation and service/repair with a competent, technological and thoughtful design. But everybody is surprised by very high cost of this equipment: a garden mini-tractor costs almost as much as a large “full-size” tractor. All equipment for it must be purchased separately, and it also costs a lot of money.

The price of the new Mitraks T150 mini-tractor

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