Small-sized tractor Kentavr T 18 – description and properties

Small-sized tractor Kentavr T 18 – description and properties

Dimensions and weight

Transport dimensions: 2200 x 1250 x 1150 mm

Packaging dimensions: 2400 x 1500 x 1470 mm


Engine brand: Toyokawa G1100

Power: 18 hp

Engine type: Diesel

Number of cylinders: 1

Engine cooling: liquid

Starting system: electric starter

Engine oil quantity: 2 liters

Fuel tank capacity: 8,5 l

Mini-tractor Kentavr T-18 is produced in Belarus by the Brest Tractor Plant (BTZ). It is a budget, but reliable tractor, and it is very popular in Belarus. Only high-quality components are used in the production, which positively affects the quality of the finished machine. In addition, there is a strict quality control at all levels of production.

  • Reliable Toyokawa (Japan) engine;
  • Unique direct injection system 40 DI-EM increases the efficiency of fuel combustion, which leads to an average fuel consumption of 1.2-2 liters per hour. The engine runs quieter than analogues made in China.
  • Equipped with planetary (full) agency, which increases continuity and reduces wheel wear;
  • Hydraulics. 4 modes of operation: Forced lowering of the plunger allows you to dig down the attachment to the required depth; Locking mode in any position; Floating mode, by which the equipment copies the site; Forced lifting;
  • The chassis consists of a stable welded 2-base frame;
  • The base frame is longer than in tractors of similar Chinese brands. It has a more comfortable seating position for the driver, the operating elements are not near the fenders or seat, and the pedals are easily positioned.
  • The working width is adjustable from 1,080 to 1,400 mm;
  • With properly aligned V – belts hold up to 3,000 mph;
  • Clutch dry disc, discs made of heavy-duty material, characterized by the stroke and easy shifting of gears;
  • The gear case is made of high quality cast iron with magnesium additives, which makes it resistant to gearboxes. The gear shafts are made of alloy steel, which triples their strength;
  • Improved clutch on the front axle – small Venderadius and easy handling;
  • Aisin quality wave o-rings protect against any oil slicks, they don’t sag even with constant vibration;
  • Top-mounted hydraulic cylinder – this location helps protect it from dirt and dust;
  • Universal hitch – while standard mini-tractors work with the attachments of the brand under which they are manufactured, the Centaur T-15 allows the use of devices from other manufacturers;
  • Reinforced rear hydraulic elevator design – Eliminates the problem of wave breaking on a single-point hitch when working with heavy-duty attachments, such as the B. redotiller;
  • Instability when starting the machine – Both an electric starter and a decompression valve are included to help with a crooked key when starting the equipment;
  • Availability of replacement parts – if something happens to the unit, you can easily replace the faulty part.
  • Build quality. Personal quality control of each tractor + inspection in the quality control department.
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Scope of application of the mini-tractor Kentavr T-18

  • Rotary cutter;
  • Plow;
  • Potato planter, potato farmer;
  • Cultivator;
  • Blade, brush;
  • Calculated standard and agitator;
  • Suspension up to 1 000 kg;
  • Vegetable planting.

Primary manufacturer: Kentavr Country of manufacturer: Belarus Power: 18 hp. Wheel arrangement: 4 × 2 Transmission: Automatic Engine Type: Diesel Availability: No Power Steering: No Number of gears: 6 Forward / 2 Reverse Number of cylinders: 1

Engine cooling Engine water brand: Toyokawa G1100 (Japan)

Total Hydraulic Distributor: One Magnesium Dealer with floating position Dimensions: 2450 x 1360 x 1350 mm Warranty: 3 years Hydraulic Output: 1 Binding System: Monopoint

Equipment: upgraded frame, decompression mechanism, engine gauge, voltmeter, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, hand throttle, dual circuit distributor, adjustable rear linkage, differential lock, industrial tread wheels, spare parts kit, adjustable track width, Japanese engine, electric steel, electric steel, liquid cooling, soil and plant

Weight 660 kg

Rear washers: 6.50-16 Front wheels: 5.00-12 Brake system type: Column

Minitor T-18 centaur primary options for the small station wagon

Many, including domestic tractor factories, mass-produce small general-purpose multipurpose machines designed on the basis of powerful power tillers. Mini-unit Kentavr T-18 differs from similar machines of foreign and domestic production by a moderate price range, quality and durability of units and assemblies. Simple and inexpensive maintenance and high level of service is also noted.

The design of the compact and maneuverable machine has a high potential for strength and versatility of use. It is possible to use the mini excavator and various attachments in the construction, municipal and farming sector.

Small tractor Centaur T-18

Photo: Mini excavator Centaur T-18

Feasibility of using the mini universal centaur model T-18

The list of features of this model is expanded by:

  • reinforced frame;
  • flexible traction parameters of imported power;
  • availability of multistage control unit and dual-vector hydraulic system with lifting capacity up to 150 kg;
  • T-18 Kentavr can be aggregated with mounted and trailed equipment, including power tillers for various purposes.
  • Adjustable toe of front and rear axles determines the suitability of the tractor to work in passages;
  • type and linear characteristics allow using the machine for towing trailers with load capacity up to 2 tons.
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Centaur model T-18 is focused on full service of agricultural lands with a total area of up to 2 hectares.

Technical characteristics

With the help of the V-belt transmission, the dimensions of the Mini Tractor have been reduced to 2.52/1.36/1.3 meters. The tractor has a weight of 640 kg and the agronomic clearance is characterized by excellent maneuverability, resulting in the use of the tractor unit on small plots. And also inside hangars, farms, greenhouses and greenhouses. Criticality is increased by the separate differential lock Chevrolet pneumatic floor configuration.

model T-18B T-18c T-18d T-18e
engine Kama, Japan Kama, Japan Kama, Japan Kama, Japan
Power, hp. 18 18 18 18
Engine displacement, cc. 790 790 790 810
Engine rpm, rpm 100 100 100 101
PTO rotation frequency 540 540 540 540
starting system electric starter electric starter electric starter electric starter
wheel formula 4×2 4×2 4×2 4×2
Number of programs, forward/reverse 6/2 6/2 6/2 6/2
Front wheel size 4.00-12.00 4.00-12.00 5.00-12.00 5.00-12.00
Rear wheel size 6.50-16 6.50-16 6.50-16 9.50-16
Maximum speed, km/h 40 40 40 40
engine oil semi-synthetic semi-synthetic semi-synthetic semi-synthetic
gearbox oil Transmission TAP-15 Transmission TAP-15 Transmission TAP-15 Transmission TAP-15
air filter oil M10-G2 (diesel) M10-G2 (diesel) M10-G2 (diesel) M10-G2 (diesel)
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2520x1360x1300 2520x1360x1300 2350x1370x1400 2400x1430x1530
weight (kg 640 640 660 680


The standard engine is an imported two-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine, 790 cc, 18 hp. Simple in the device, economical and reliable power unit on traction parameters equivalent to a 26-horsepower carbureted analogue. It is possible to install engines of other brands with identical traction characteristics.

Average diesel fuel consumption at nominal rpm is 700-800 g/h. Traction parameters of the engine allow to carry out labour-intensive works at nominal rpm which will positively influence fuel economy and duration of engine life between overhauls.


Power transfer from the power unit to the multistage gearbox is carried out by a continuously rotating disc clutch and a two-link V-belt transmission with tensioners.

  • The transmission is manual. Six forward speeds allow the driver to select a speed range from 2 to 40 km/h.
  • No reverse mode, two reverse programs are available for special jobs. The differential lock mechanism is controlled from the driver’s seat.
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The Centaur Formula 4×2 chassis is classically equipped with wide tires on the rear wheels, with track settings from 900 to 1,100 mm.

A double-axle hydraulic system is equipped with a high-performance gear pump and a four-mode switch with parallel control of two attachments.

Centaur T-18 with attachments

Photo: T-18 with mounting equipment


T-18 “Centaur” is presented in 4 modifications:

  • The model with the index E differs from the prototypes by the increased strength of the drive belts and cut circuit of the cutter drive, the presence of a floating mode in the switch of the on-board hydraulic system. In this position the ground equipment duplicates the relief of the processed area, due to which the same processing depth is realized.
  • T-18D “Centaur” is made in accordance with the requirements of modern standards and wishes of users. The design provides for increased strength of the frame and the possibility of track adjustment.
  • The “Centaur” index model can work with rear and front hinged units. This is facilitated by a high capacity gear pump and a hydraulic switch with two tenths.
  • Miniuniversal with the index C is a modified version of the tractor T-18B “Centaur”. In the process of restyling improved the aesthetic perception of the tractor design, significantly increased life of components, especially V-belts, drive chains and tension pulleys.


On the daily practice list:

  • cost of the machine itself, branded folding devices, availability of plow and tillers as standard equipment for a wide variety of buyers;
  • The winning choice for a powerful, reliable and inexpensive imported power pack;
  • high versatility;
  • Compatibility with cheaper power tillers is a problem;
  • High-quality and efficient work in stationary and field conditions.

Production defects in operation and design

For arable and transport work, a light tractor with folding weights, which are not provided by the manufacturer, must be ballasted. Known cases of poor alignment of the splines of the belt V-belt transmission, which is inevitably accompanied by their forced wear.

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Price Centaur 18. New and used model.

The average price of all 4 modifications is around 83-88 thousand UAH ($3000-3300). This amount includes all overhead and transportation costs.

In view of lack of tractor equipment of low power, used Kentavr T-18 can be bought with 50% operation for about 55-65 thousand UAH (2000-2400 USD). This requires normal technical condition of the tractor itself and attachments.


Many domestic and foreign mini-tractors of the same capacity and identical purpose can claim to be represented in this row. Of the imported machines are in demand 18-horsepower mini universal Xingtai and Scout T-18.

Noteworthy are all versions of the Centaur T-18 and mini-tractors assembled in Belarus by Catmann. The difference in the cost of these machines can be significant.

Reviews of owners

In principle, the machine is not bad, but in the incomplete season ruined a set of drive belt. Also brought to the service cutter because of the lack of intervention in the gearbox. Specialists found inaccurate orientation of the belt splines, did everything quickly and, most importantly, for free. After reinstalling the gears the cutter worked. Thanks a lot to all of you. Andrey Ivanovich

Started a brand new Centaur to the end of the sag in economy mode. Crank broke almost immediately, have to drive on battery. By the way, I recommend increasing the charging current by 10-12% for the winter. In the future, I plan to include a safety sheet – light cab, in the winter on a wireless car does not work long. Sergey

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