Signs: September 21-30

September sign

September 1st is the first month of autumn. His folk name is “frowning” because the sky begins to frown at that time, he often rains. During this time it is a wonderful time – Babier Sommer when many web flies in the air and there is warm sunny weather. “September accompanies the red summer, autumn hits a golden one,” they say among people. This month, trees slowly change their color from green to yellow. Days are getting shorter and cooler, hiking birds gather south. During this time the harvest ends, the workpieces are underway for the winter. With reusable observations of our ancestors, many signs of September for animals and natural phenomena would compare that enable us to predict the weather and to predict what the upcoming autumn, winter and spring will be.

Weather signs in September

  • Donner in September ensures a warm autumn and the snow winter.
  • The dry and warmer September, the later the arrival of the winter.
  • September is cold – the snow can pass faster than usual next year.

Sign of nature in September

  • A lot of web in September for Babier Summer – until the clear autumn until the cold winter.
  • Late leaf case – until hard and long winter.
  • The leaf stop will soon pass – winter will be cold.
  • If there are many acorns on oaks in September, wait a lot of snow before Christmas.
  • If the leaves of the birches turn yellow from above in autumn – the spring from below – late – late.
  • When ants run along the grass surfaces in September, the snow is deep and winter is early and when it is along the floor, it is long.
  • If the cranes are high, slow and smoking, there will be a good autumn.

Folk signs during the day

What is the weather on the first day in September, this will be all autumn.

The wind that blows out of the south that day promises a good oat.

The moon in a reddish circle is the wind.

A lot of mountain ash – for rainy autumn.

The southern wind is to be heated, the east – to the bucket, in the western – to the rain, the north to the cold.

The tips of the birches are yellow – autumn will come early. When the birch has become yellow from below, the “summer summer” will be long and the leaf tint and the cold will come late.

Sunny day – for warm autumn.

The abundance of mushrooms in the forest starts a fish demon.

The fog appeared in the early evening – to improve the weather.

When the cranes flew south, wait for the early winter.

It is clear at night – too good weather.

Rain that day promises dry autumn and a good harvest for the next year.

The afternoon rain is long.

Bakery – before strict winter.

If the sheet of birch and oak does not fall, there will be a hard winter.

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A good harvest from Bergasche – for frost.

Clumps appear – the rain is lived briefly.

If the cranes fly slowly, slowly and “speak”, there will be a good autumn. Cranes fly quickly, quickly, silently – wait soon.

The red sky at sunset with the still relatively high sun – too bad weather.

If there are many nuts, but there are no mushrooms, winter is hard and sno w-covered.

The buds of white jugs at 7-8 a.m. did not rise from the water, to cool and lengthy rain.

When the cranes flew south, wait for the early winter, the cold will come soon.

The network sneaks on plants – to heat.

Chickens begin to melt early in autumn – to a warm winter.

Dandelion blooms at this time – to warm and long autumn.

If the frogs hide deep in the water, it will soon be cold.

When this day is clear, autumn is a bombarded, unobtrusive day – until dry autumn.

On this day, autumn will be inappropriate and cold.

The wind worsens in the evening and changes the direction against the movement of clockwise – to bad weather.

If the sunset is red – frost soon.

Morning fog – for clear and dry weather.

Big Ant Haufen – for a hard winter.

The rain that started at dawn will end until noon.

After the rain, it quickly dried out – for a longer misfortune.

There is a lot of mountain ash in the forest – autumn will be rainy and little dry.

Vegetables and flowers have a thin shell – up to a soft winter.

The young moon was blurred and “littered” – for the bad weather.

I fall on trees in the morning – to the Snow Winter.

Many shells on the light bulb – for frosty winter.

Birds fly low – in the cold winter, high to warm.

The abundance of pine cones – until the harvest of spring, peas and cucumbers next year.

The rabbit wool that became white – winter will come soon.

A long network flies – through clear autumn and earlier snow.

The appearance of mosquitoes in late autumn is up to the soft winter.

The sky seems high – for the bucket.

If there is a lot of mountain ash in the forest, autumn is rainy when there is little dry.

There are many mushrooms – there will be a lot of snow and vice versa.

Big Ant Haufen in autumn – for a hard winter.

The wind does not swear by the evening and changes its direction in accordance with the movement of the sun – to the approach of cyclone and bad weather.

Aspen can be “face” on the Jelly winter. The wrong side has expired – winter is warm, if so, winter is moderate.

The wind changed the direction from the east to the western – to early rain.

When the chickens begin to melt early in autumn, winter is warm.

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The west wind blows several days in a row – until the bad weather.

Goose fly high in the nation – to flood flood, low to the small.

Cranes flew away – wait for the first real frosts after 3 weeks.

Goose fly up – to a flood flood, low to small.

If there are many trends, Wilde Geese sits down, the stars do not fly away – autumn is boring and dry.

Moles and mice make big reserves – until hard and sno w-covered winter.

If the cranes fly that day, there will be Frost on Pokrov (October 14), if not, it will come later.

Signs: September 21-30

It often started to warm up again and people met the summer of a woman. Therefore, September 21 in the second spring and celebrated this. It was also common to remove the bees from the approval winners so that those they had started with work. Since the onion continued, they collected onions and thus prepared various dishes.

Another name has on September 21 – office or lover. Most likely this name came from the word Madam. So translated from Jewish Maria. In honor of the birth of the virgin, festivities, festivities and amusements were arranged after all rituals. The most important attribute was the loaf that every housewife baked according to her recipe. Then the prayer was read and bread between all family members, including animals. The celebrations stretched for a whole week because there was little work and people could afford to relax. According to popular characters, it was said that winter will be cold when there are many shells on Luke.

September 22nd

On this day, they paid tribute to the parents of Mary of the Jungfrau – Anna and Joachim (Akim), who are popularly viewed as the patrons of all women in work and childless. They themselves had no children for a long time, and the child appeared pretty late. This happened after Joachim went into the desert to pray to God, and after a while he was an angel and predicted the quick appearance of his daughter.

Pregnant women on this day were particularly worshiped and they were called to visit. It was assumed that luck and happiness would come with them. Grandmas-Povituhi were particularly worshiped. They received gifts and thanked for their activities. The celebrations on the occasion of the mind continued and the greater the harvest, the longer and funnier they celebrated.

The Orthodox Church revered the memory of Nikita Khartulia from Constantinople, who was employee and devoted his life to the bound and led a very pious life. According to popular characters, it was common to bake cakes and transfer them to the young or young parents.

Birthdays: Sergey, Nikita, Akim, Anna, Vasily, Zakhar, George, Khariton.

September 23rd

The day was named after Peter and Pavel Ryabinnik. They were honored twice – once in summer, then in autumn. It was said that on September 23rd she was Bergasche’s birthday, she matured and everyone was invited to enjoy delicious berries. People broke whole clusters and hung under their roof to protect the economy from evil forces and all evil spirits. But all berries could not be plucked, because then the birds would remain without food in winter. Sometimes there was night frost at that time, so the mountain ash was particularly tasty. Compots and jellies were cooked from it. Bergasche navigations were also good. It was covered with bottles, cast with vodka and left for 2-3 months, the contents of the bottles were regularly shaken.

Pond in fall and winter

Another mountain ash led different properties. For example, if insomnia exceeds, you have to sketch the circle around them and hang on the head of the head. The impure power will not interfere and a person gets enough sleep. According to popular signs, autumn will be rainy when there are many mountain ash. Born on this day, a sapphire should have been wearing a talisman of problems and accidents.

Birthdays: Eugene, Ivan, Nikolai, Konstantin, Gleb.

September 24th

September 24th celebrated the day of autumn equinox. That day we went to the fields and checked whether the winter area had driven well. The day was in honor of Fedora, the niche or Fedora Herbst, which was considered the patronage of winter plants. People didn’t really want to go on the street because it was sluggish and cool. Mostly sit at home or visit. In addition, 2 weeks of carbon evenings started. They prepared dishes based on cabbage and were visiting them.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of memory of the St. Fedora of Alexandria, who lived in the 5th century. The story of her life is very interesting because she knew the betrayal of relatives, adultery and agony. After Fedor changed her husband out of ignorance, Fedor suffered for a long time and suffered. She wanted to go to the monastery and it did, a men’s dress dressed and cut off under a man.

According to popular characters, the warmth becomes exhausting when the bees started to fly again. It was also said that Fedor could not start a business because they will end in failure.

Birthdays: Fedor, Evdokia, Anna, Leo, Roman, Nikolai.

25th of September

The day is named after ARTAMON ZMEYEVIK, which was the lord of the snake and began with the beginning of the cold. People have noticed manifestations of nature for many years and the main thing was what became grasp cooler, and in the morning there was even frost. This day was important for the hunters who prayed to the Serpenter for Artamon so that he sent them a successful hunt and could return home with good prey.

The church glorifies the marty r-artamon, which was an Italian bishop during his lifetime. He converted many people to Christianity who previously believed in pagan gods. He organized a community that gathered in the temple consecrated by Artamon. But after a while he was arrested by the guards of the emperor Diocletian and exposed to torture. But Artamon managed to flee and preached the secret and hiked through cities and villages.

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The following would be popular among people: “If you shoot at least one rabbit, the hunt for at least one rabbit will be successful. Growing up, then there will be a lot of snow in winter. “

Birthdays: Afanasy, Fedor, Julian, Daniil, Semyon.

September 26th

People went to the belief that the root did not grow on the cornium, but only die. Therefore, they tried to complete fully with field work and harvest. All birds have already flown away, and people condemned “the Cornils Day in the courtyard, roots in the hole”. This meant that the entire harvest in the barn should be harvested and stored. Despite the fact that the weather could still remain, they tried not to leave anything on the field, but to gather and hide gently. Everything apart from the beet that had to be collected in Nikita Reborez.

The Orthodox Church revered the memory of St. Cornelius, which is known for its right life. He honored God and God’s Word. As soon as an angel appeared and ordered him to find the apostle Peter and take the baptism from him. It is Cornelius who is considered the first person to be sentenced to Christianity of his own free will. Later he became bishop and preached Christianity.

Celebrations and good days started among the poor farmers. The harvest was harvested and could be eaten as much as you want. The housewives prepared the food and watched the weather “When the rain is raining, the harvest will also be great next year”.

Birthdays: Julian, Ilya, Lukyan, Serapion, Alexander, Stepan, Nikolai.

September 27th

The lon g-awaited day of the Lord’s lifting was greeted with a special fear. They said “The erection warms up, the cold brings closer.” They didn’t try to start any important things on this day because they could end in failure or worse. But during the erection, the churches and chapels were placed and crossed with icons and prayers around the houses in the village. The coal harvest for winter also started on this day.

People were also referred to as cabbage on which it was common to prepare cakes with cabbage or cabbage cake. A good sign was to plant an apple or a currant that would produce well that day and would then produce well.

On September 27, they are still celebrated in Orthodox churches. Prayers are read there and consecrated food. The farmers went to church in the morning and then started their work. It was impossible to go into the forest according to the signs because the bear could bite the bear. They also looked into the sky and when the geese flew up, there will be floods in spring.

September 28th

This day had several names: Husars Day, Nikitas Day of Guse Prolelet, Guytnik’s day. It was possible to start collecting beets and a stove from different foods and fold in winter. The name received the day for a certain reason, he was allowed to achieve geese and also make gaps for the winter. People believed that if they soothed the water and throw a goose without a head, he would feel pity with them and not pull it into the swamp. And the head had to be brought home as a gift.

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The church celebrates the day of Nikita Gotsky, who was a passionate Christian and tried to transform as many people as possible into these beliefs. The ruler of Atanarich made him brutal agony to leave his faith. But Nikita didn’t give up and when they wanted to burn him to pray so that the fire would not touch him. And so it happened. But he was still killed and the relics were transferred to Constantinople much later.

People watched nature and made their predictions: “When the geese sit on the floor, the fall is dry and warm”, “If a goose is in a puddle on one leg, winter will be cold.”

Birthdays: Ivan, Nikolai, Nikita, Lyudmila.

September 29th

The day of Efimie was called on September 29th. From that day on it was possible to cut the sheep, and then the wool then went to make felt boots. The cabbage workpiece continued and so that the matter argued faster, gathered in a housewife, sang songs, laughed and worked.

The church honors the memory of the sacred ephimia of all Vygalny, was a violent Christian and tried to transform all pagans into their faith. Mass persecution that took place everywhere touched Ephimia. She was confiscated and led to the ruler, and he, who was hit by her beauty, wanted to seduce her. However, Efimiya did not give up, so she was thrown into wild animals. But they didn’t touch them.

Among the signs were popular as follows: “If the Efimi is warm and dry, winter will come late”, “If thunder is thunder, there will be little snow in winter.”

Birthdays: Andrey, Yakov, Ivan, Semyon, Evdokia.

30. September

They did not work that day, but only baked cakes and sang songs. The church honors the memory of four martyrs: faith, hope, love and her mother Sofia. According to Legende, Sofia was Christian and told 3 daughters. The emperor learned about it and ordered them to be tortured and beheaded.

These three names were very popular with girls, so many celebrated their birthday that day. The vacation arranged a thing together with food, dancing and songs. According to tradition, it was common to cry over the dead and then cook with cakes. According to the signs, it will be warm in the coming days if the morning was cloudy. “If the weather is good that day, winter will come soon.”

Birthdays: Alexandra, Sofya, Vera, Nadezhda, Love, Irina, Pavel, Ivan.

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