Signs: October 17-24

Signs: October 17-24

Since the days of the Hierotheus, the cold has become more and more apparent, and you can feel that winter is already close. People said they shouldn’t go into the forest because the goblins start to rage, break trees and drive animals. It was assumed that many evil spirits hid in the spruce forests. That day they brewed a tincture from special herbs, they were called Erofeich. They insisted for about a month and then used it to increase the appetite and against various diseases.

The church celebrates the day of the martyr Yerofey, who was a student of the apostle Peter. Later Peter himself consecrated him into the rank of a bishop. According to legend, Erofey saw how the body of Our Lady was buried. Erofei himself was later tortured and killed by the pagans because of his relentless belief in Christianity.

According to the signs, bundle of onions and garlic stirred up. They were hung over the doors so that evil spirits could not enter the house. It was also impossible to celebrate the wedding that day because, according to Schild, the marriage could become unhappy.

Birthdays: Veronica, Guy, Stepan, Onesimus, Pavel, Vladimir.

October 18th

On October 18, the people called out the day of Kharitin Spinner, where it was allowed to spin and weave. The harvesting work in gardens and orchards had been done, and the housewives weaved and knitted to deal. It was particularly funny and interesting when they gathered at home in society and at the same time sang songs. The little girls were taught to spin and weave because it was believed that no housewife could do without it.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Holy Martyr Kharitina, who condemned the pagans for martyrdom for their belief in Christianity. Kharitina stayed without parents at a young age and was brought up by a pious and friendly person. She tried to devote herself to prayer to Christ until she was captured and executed by the pagans.

When a girl was born that day, it will grow up as a top clerk or weaver. If crowds and jackdaws in the air, there is snow. And if there is no wind that day, it will soon become colder.

Birthdays: Ermogen, Tichon, Peter, Makar, Gregory, Gabriel, Alexei.

October 19

Loudly on the day of Denis Pozimsky on the day were seen for the last time source clouds in the sky. In the past it was said: “Denis came, pulled the day down.” The earthworks were already completed, so that only had to be preserved and embroidered. The farmers prayed to the holy apostle Thomas and asked him for protection. According to legend, Thomas was neat and economical, so it is assumed that he treats such people benevolently. After trading, calculations were carried out and conclusions about the profitability and productivity of this year were drawn.

Mowing is not enough. What do you have to consider in order to take care of the condition of the lawn?

The apostle Thomas is the hero of many legends and songs. Most of the time he was combined with Yerema and made it comic figures, which constantly did stupidness and diverse wrong deeds, which was indescribably enjoyed by people and especially the children. When crows gather in droves, according to popular belief, there will be bad weather.

Birthdays: Ivan, Arkhip, Foma, Nican, Makar.

October 20th

This day was called Sergei Winter, because it was believed that autumn was getting closer to winter, and even frosts are possible. According to the signs, the younger member of the family was instructed to melt the hearth so that it was warm in the cottage all winter. In order for cucumbers to be stored for a long time in the winter, they were lowered in barrels in reservoirs. They rushed to do this until the ice ended the water. They got a pickle in the spring when the ice melted. It was very useful because the food stocks were already ending.

Another belief was wearing a new scarf on the woman’s head that day. The ancestors believed that this would protect against headaches and other diseases. And to preserve youth it was necessary to wash it with sour milk. The Church honored the memory of St. Sergius von Pechersky, who renounced his own will and completely submitted to his teacher. For this he received the nickname “obedient”. The Church also venerates the memory of St. Sergius of Murom, who withdrew far from man to pray and avoid being subjected to temptations.

According to popular signs, if the snow fell, winter would have fallen that day. And if the snow fell out and the leaves were still hanging on the trees, then winter is still a long way off. The ancestors were not very happy about the birth of children on this day, as it was assumed that their fate would be difficult.

Birthdays: Martinian, Sergey, Pelagia.

October 21

The day of Trypho and Pelagia Church was celebrated. They condemned: “Trypphon sews a fur coat and Pelagia mittens.” Winter clothes were checked and if something needed to be fixed, the hostess started to work. If a piece of clothing was totally unsuitable, they sewed a new one. In order to be warm in the house in winter, the firewood was harvested, which was judged in the forest. But people were afraid to go to the forest in vain, so they did not take more than necessary, so forest spirits were not predicted.

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The Church venerates the memory of Saints Pelagia and Trypphon, who have devoted themselves to worship since childhood. After a while Trypphon took tonsure, but fell ill and was dying. Then St. Nicholas, the Miracle Worker, appeared and not only healed him, but healed and healed. Fame about him spread widely, and people not only went to him for treatment, but simply prayed at home that he would give them health.

Folk signs say that when the moon is visible in circles, summer is dry. And when the clouds float low, the frosts will soon hit.

Birthdays: Tatyana, Dmitry, Elizabeth, Ivan, Maria, Nikolai, Pavel, Pach.

October 22nd

The cold was approaching and “a man with the sun said goodbye and approached the hearth.” On Jacob Dropilza everyone wanted to actively make gaps from logs and firewood. The housewives baked cakes and gave to men who went to the forest for firewood. But they didn’t sit in the forest for a long time because they believed that the spirit of the forest, if it foresaw, would then get into the forest and disappear there.

The Orthodox Church honors the memory of Saint Jacob Alfeev, who was among the 12 apostles close to Jesus. His former name was Matvey and he worked as a tax collector. But according to legend, after meeting Jesus, he revised his life goals and began to serve God.

It was customary to prepare various cereals for Jacob for a day, flavor their oil or lard, and visit the neighbors. We also went into the forest to collect late mushrooms, which were then fried and salted. To appease the forest spirit, they left a pot and bread in the forest.

23rd October

On the Evlampy Zimopian, they were involved in their usual work. They separated the ray and let the lamps in an angle, which were called Svettsa. They served them with lighting in the evening when it was already dark. Usually the people who could do something: toys, clothes, housework. And the children were instructed to monitor the rays and to change them during them. The fire that Luchin gave was considered mystical. He defended the owners of the house with adversity and failure. Luchina was connected to the sun with the sun.

The Orthodox Church worshiped the memory of the Holy Martyrs of Evlampy and Evlampius, who took over Christianity for which they were persecuted by the guards of Emperor Maximilian. Brother and sister were brutal agony, and the sister died with grief when she found out that her brother was cut off.

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According to the folk signs, “a month with horns indicates where the wind is blowing from”.

Birthdays: Vasily, Evlampy, Innocenty, Andrey.

October 24th

The church worshiped the memory of St. Philip, who was one of the 70 apostles. He was selected for one of the deacons that served with St. Stefan. After Stefan’s death, Philip from the Gentiles from Jerusalem and performed with sermons for the chal. He not only transformed people into his faith, but also healed them from illnesses. According to legend, Philip had 4 daughters, one of whom had the gift of healing.

People noticed that it started on Philip when the dirt on the streets disturbed the passage and it was almost impossible to move. The statement “has nothing to breed”, which meant to do stupid deeds, came to us. Winter in the morning, when it snowed in the morning, was waiting for a hard. If there was frost and the river had endured the ice, a little had to go over it to attract material well. If the leaf fall continues, you should prepare for the difficult year.

Birthdays: Zinaaida, Joseph, Leo, Makar, Filaret, Anatoly, Philip.

Folk signs for October 2022

People signs for October 2022

Folk signs are not only a warehouse with wise tips, but also a real opportunity to follow the changes in the weather conditions. Signs for October 2022 will be a good help for those who want to attract happiness and happiness.

In the middle of autumn, in earlier times, she called Dirt because of slush and bad weather. Our ancestors noticed many nuances that were formed in signs, and they are still popular to this day. Experts from the website offer to know tips to avoid problems and prepare for the coming winter.

On October 1, the birds reached south – Frosts are waiting for Pokrov (October 14). There will be a lot of snow when the grass is high and green. Fog in the morning – to warm days.

On October 2, what narrowed is fascinated and protects against evil spirits at home. The cold winter will be when the animals flow. In the morning Hoarfrost is a good day.

On October 3rd the wind is north – winter is frosty, and from the south it blows – to a warm winter. The network flies to the heating and the trees in the haze – to the rain.

On October 4, they fertilize the country so that they cannot remain without harvest next year. Loudly today, those who sit idle see no money. The bright sun is frosty winter.

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The leaves hold birches on October 5 – the snow will not fall soon. They are waiting for a cold winter when the rodents run from the fields in the houses.

On October 6, money will be put on for the house by putting a coin under the threshold of the house. The rain is small – autumn is long. The wind from the north and clouds with bumps – until frost.

On October 7, happiness comes to those who are engaged in needlework. Winter will be warm when there are many acorns. Snow won’t lie if the leaves don’t fly around on the cherry.

Snow is coming on October 8 – winter will come in November. The birds are silent – the weather will change. Bullfins fly to the house to the cold.

On October 9 in the night comes snow – winter at the gate. The leaf fall is over – the end is the end. The fish don’t peck at the bad weather.

October 10 is warm and sunny – winter will be frosty. Mushrooms are gone – autumn will stand for a long time. Birds do not sit on the ground – to the frost.

On October 11 they do not leave the house without need not to bring problems on themselves. Loan today – count the loss for a year. If you don’t keep your word today, you won’t see happiness.

Bright stars in the sky on October 12 – in the dry autumn. On signs today, guests are invited to the table to attract happiness and not see poverty.

On October 13, rubbish and rubbish are burned so that luck does not bypass. A foggy day – winter with thaws will be frequent.

On October 14 to play the wedding – life is to live happily. There is no snow – before Christmas the earth is bare. There are no leaves in the oak – the year will be kind.

On October 15 they say less so as not to bring problems. The cold will come when the birds are silent and do not fly. Dandelion bloomed – winter will be harsh.

On October 16, houses are protected from evil and the amulets are made. Rosehip blossoms – There will be a long autumn. Bad will come when the wind blows from the north.

On October 17 they do not go into the forest so as not to get lost. Good news will come when the blue arrives on the window. The crows called – to heat.

October 18, calm – too quick colds. Green grass is worth it – winter is snowy. India melts for dinner – Winter won’t come anytime soon.

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On October 19, supplies are carried into the house and nothing happens outside the threshold, so poverty is not attracted. There is no wind – they are waiting for cold weather. The fog creeps in the evening – the day will be warm.

On October 20 the snow goes – winter at the gate, but if there are leaves on the trees, then the snow melts. Don’t hold back the word – a year of happiness cannot be seen.

On October 21, the mushrooms will grow – winter will not come soon. It will be warm and cloudy when the forest is in the haze, and there will be fog in the evening.

On October 22, cakes are baked and friends are treated to lure house for house. Fresh earth mole threw to heat. Today, salt is scattered around houses to protect against evil.

On October 23, the casting on trees remain green – early winter will come, and spring will be warm. Fish walks – for heating.

On October 24 snowfall went into a frosty winter. The waxworms called – to heat. North wind with rain – to frost.

October 25, the more stars in the sky, the richer the harvest. Dull stars – the heat will still stand.

On October 26, the weather is set in spring. There is a lot of mountain ash – winter is harsh. The fish does not peck – the weather will change.

On October 27, they are slobish – they waited in a month in a month. Cut your hair and scratch – know no luck. There are many birds in the fields – it will be warm.

On October 28, cats are monitored and the weather is determined by their behavior. Bad will come when the sunset is crimson.

On October 29, they get rid of the diseases and hang clothes for the night on the street. The sky is clear – the day is fine. The north wind is too snowfall.

On October 30, the birds are not heard – the bad weather is tight. Those who are repaired today also go into the house.

On October 31 there are leaves on the trees – the snow will not lie. A month in the south is being shot – autumn will slip.

Folk signs help to overcome difficulties and easily attract good luck. Thanks to the advice of our ancestors and in the modern world, everyone washes to ignore misfortune and protect themselves from troubles.

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