Sign: October 1st to 5th

Sign from October

October – the second month of autumn. People are called differently. Another name of the month is “dirt”, which he received through long and lengthy rains that formed puddles and dirt. In October, trees are decorated in different colors and begin to reject the leaves. The days are getting shorter, it smells of coolness in the air. No wonder that they say: “In October before lunch, autumn and after lunch is winter.” Many proverb and sayings were put together this month. October signs will tell you what the weather will be like, what you can expect in winter, spring and summer.

Weather signs in October

  • Warm October – for frosty winter.
  • Strong and longer cold – until hard winter.
  • Donner in October ensures an upcoming, short and soft winter.
  • At the beginning of the month, the eastern wind blew into an ambulance, the western – to northern – to the cold.
  • From what date the frost will start with warm weather in October in April next year.
  • From what date the snow will open in October that day in April.
  • When October is eager in the snow, the snow does not leave the fields for long in spring.
  • The first snow falls forty days before the real winter.
  • The moon will be in a circle in October – the next summer will be dry.

Sign of nature in October

  • The leaf stop passed quickly – winter will be hard, and if the leaves stay green and hold the trees for a long time – the winter is short, with small frosts.
  • Check out the birch in early October – if the leaves are not yet burned, the snow is too late.
  • If a sheet of birch and Maple is not clean in October, wait for the hard winter.
  • The trees bloom for the second time – to warm and long autumn.
  • Many pine cones – for the harvest of spring.
  • In October, birds fly deeper to the ground – early and cold winter.
  • If geese and cranes are not in a hurry to leave their local places, the cold will come soon and winter will be soft and short, but high, slow and “talks” – this means that there will be a good autumn.
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Folk signs during the day

The dry and warmer in early October, the later winter will come.

If the weeds have grown very high, there will be a lot of snow.

If the wind from the south will give a good harvest of winter bread for the next year on this day.

High storms – to a wealth of snow in winter.

When the cones for the spruce became low – wait up to the cold at the end of winter for early frosts.

If there is fog and long web flys – the autumn will be long and the snow will not fall soon.

The weather of this day remains unchanged for four weeks.

When the weather is sunny and warm, the wind blows from the north or north, winter is cold.

The moon was blushed, waited for the wind.

If the sheet does not fall out of the birch, the snow falls late.

Ferches and Marten until the deadline changes the summer fur for winter – until early winter.

Autumn high – for dry and sunny weather, to the bucket, for heating.

Many acorns on oaks – for warm winter and a productive summer.

The more ants pile, the harder the winter.

What is the weather today, as it will be on April 8th.

When the first snow fell that day, winter is installed on Mikhailov Day (November 21).

If that day with snow with snow – waiting three times for strong thaw in January, sunny and warm – June will be rainy and cold.

If it rains that day, it will take three weeks.

The moon in a circle is to dry the summer.

Dunder to a sno w-covered, soft and short winter.

The leaf on the floor is in the wrong side – next year to a good harvest.

Iva Eleare Ito was covered in a long winter.

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Many stars – in dry autumn.

Star, Light Sky – until the harvest of the next year.

If the snow falls that day, winter will not come soon.

When the cranes flew, there will be an early and cold winter.

Be unstable with variable wind and winter.

On the cover, the wind from the north or east to the cold winter from the south to warm winter, from the west – to the snow winter, and when the wind flies up, the clouds are completely closed, then the sun becomes the sun in the gaps see – there will be a variable, unstable winter.

The rainbow revolves around the moon – to the winds, bad weather.

Chickens are crowded together and raise the feathers to the cold.

The moon darkens, darker, approaches the horizon – expects rain.

If there is a lot of fat in the rabbits, winter will be hard.

Red Evening Dawn – to the winds.

When the snow fell that day, it was 40 days before the real winter.

The calm promises cooling.

When crows and jackdaws curl in the air and go against the wind – to the snow.

The first snow is dry – it promises a good summer.

It is believed that the first snow falls 40 days before winter.

If the snow falls when the trees have not yet been thrown away, it will soon melt.

When the snow falls on October 20, wait for the early winter.

Mouse digs holes on the warm side – for hard winter.

The clouds float low – waiting for heavy frosts in the near future.

If the firewood is prepared that day, it will be warmer in winter.

The fox barks a lot – to change the weather or rain

On this day, the horns of the month are shown at the side where the wind is. If the horns of the month in the north are an ambulance and a strict winter, the snow will lie down; If you don’t wait in the south – an ambulance, there will be dirt and slush until November 4th.

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If slush and dirt on the street on this day, this means that the snow will not fall out by November 4th.

If storks fly away 15 weeks before Christmas, you should be expected 15 weeks after Christmas in spring.

The snow went on the morning of October 24th – winter will be hard.

Strong flickers of stars are predominantly blue colors – for the snow.

Bright stars – to frost, boring – to thaw.

Red clouds – to the rain when they go from the south – to the gusty wind and bad weather. Heapons with the rising sun – to variable weather.

White Hoarfrost – to rain.

The western wind blew – for wet.

If there is a lot of dirt on the street, it is waiting for another four weeks until winter.

Strong frozen shows frost.

Clouds run in one place – to the badger.

With variable wind and winter, it will be unstable.

If the sun shines bright on a cloud day before sunset, there will be a long bad weather.

Pigeons hide – the weather.

Home Goose waves the wings as if they were trying to lift the rain.

When the leaves stayed on the cherry on October 31, the snow that fell melts most quickly.

Folk signs on October 5, 2022: which cannot be done on the day of Jonah and Foki

According to the national calendar on October 5, 2022, Jonah and Foki’s day remember the Orthodox Church of the Marty r-Foku and the Prophet. According to Legend, Foca was born in the city of Sinop and lived a virtuous life out of his youth.

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In the years he became bishop and converted Christianity many pagans into his faith. During the persecution of Christians under Emperor Trajan, the ruler of the city of Foku forced faith, but the bishop was stuck despite all the agony.

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There is a legend about the prophet Jonah. Once he received a command from God to go to Nineveh to foretell the death of the city and to call the inhabitants to repentance. However, Jonah disobeyed and went to Spain instead of Nineveh. The ship he was sailing on was caught in a terrible storm, and the sailors cast lots to find out whose sins brought the wrath of God upon them. The lot pointed to Jonah, who confessed his disobedience and asked to be thrown into the sea to atone for his guilt.

In the sea, the prophet was swallowed by a whale, in whose belly Jonah stayed for three days. After this Jonah was thrown ashore; there he again received the order to go to Nineveh, which he carried out. Jonah’s sermon amazed the townsfolk, and they repented of their sins. The graced Nineveh existed for another 200 years.

In Russia on this day there was a ban on eating fish – in memory of Jonah’s stay in the belly of a whale. But radish was plentiful on the table – the peasants had finished harvesting this vegetable. As a rule, it was served with salt, onions and kvass. Fok was revered in Russia as a protector from fires and also as a rescuer from drowning.

Also, October 5 was called foliage, because at this time gusts of wind literally tore the leaves from the trees – a real leaf breeder began. But if the leaf of the birch had not yet completely fallen on Foka and Iona, it meant that the snow would fall late. Foliage was called the beginning of a really cold autumn.

Photo: MK in Buryatia

A significant number of signs, beliefs, prohibitions and rituals are associated with this day. Since ancient times, strong winds began to blow on this day, which could greatly frighten peasants. To calm the air element, the ancestors performed many interesting rituals. The main component of such a rite are special words that can be used to pronounce powerful impulses.

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According to old traditions, the aspen is also worshiped on this holy day – a tree that takes on all the worries of the dark forces. Anyone who touches the aspen on this day can bring great trouble into his life, which will only bring disappointment and health problems. Therefore, you should treat the tree as if it were your lucky charm.

If you met an elderly man with a basket in the forest that day, you should turn around and leave this place. It is said that the goblin takes the form of an old man and tries to find a victim.

You can’t be lazy, sleep until dinner, do nothing all day. An evil force can cling, problems with work and money will begin. A person will continue to do nothing, but not of his own free will.

On this day it is undesirable to burn old brooms, scold the wind, and smack something on the ground.

You cannot curse or scold the wind. It is undesirable to use swear words, to offend someone, to be offended, to think negatively and to cause conflicts.

They cannot arrange family gatherings so as not to quarrel.

According to popular belief, if a birch leaf has not yet fallen on October 5, this means that it is not worth waiting for snow. Wild cherry and maple remained without leaves that day, which means that winter will come soon. The hazel grouse flies into the spruce forest – leaf fall begins.

The moon is red – to windy weather. If snow falls, then it will thaw at the end of January.

Clouds have gathered on the side where the wind is blowing – soon it will be quiet. A spruce cone fell on your head – to wealth.

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