Sign: August 6th to 15th

Sign of Augustus

August is the last summer month. At that time, field work, harvesting, harvesting products for winter and preparing children are active for school. Nights become cooler. No wonder that they say: “In August before lunch – summer, after lunch – autumn.” This month has the name “Reaper” in the simple people. In addition to sayings, there are also signs of Augustus, with which the help through natural phenomena can determine animal behavior the upcoming weather.

Weather sign in August

  • If there is constant weather in the first week of August, winter is long and sno w-covered.
  • The fog does not dissolve for a long time – to clarify the weather.
  • August without rain – to warm and dry autumn.
  • India fell in August – a sign of the early winter jacket.
  • Many thunderstorms in August – until long autumn.

Sign of nature in August

  • If there are many yellow leaves on the trees in August, especially on the birch, the fall will be early.
  • Warm and raw August – for harvesting mushrooms.
  • When the cranes gather in herds at the end of August and fly south, there will be an early winter.
  • In August the oak is rich in acorns – to the harvest.

Folk signs during the day

On this day wet – and autumn is wet, dry – and autumn will also be dry.

If it rains that day, there will be no nuts and rye will be damaged next year.

If this day is dry, six weeks will be dry if it rains that day, it should go for six weeks.

A strong wind begins to blow during the rain – to improve the weather.

Flyworms shine particularly bright at night – of good weather tomorrow.

Thunderstorm rains all day – to a certain extent.

If this day gives plenty of rope, there will be a bad flax harvest.

A day that started with a thunderstorm can end with a thunderstorm.

On the horizon, waves from Per i-Laye r-clouds seem to cool, shor t-term rains and thunderstorms.

The evening fog on the floor sneaks on hot, sunny weather.

The cuckoo flies deep – wait for the rain.

Pooh flew out of the Aspen – go for the Boletus.

When the morning is cold, winter is cold.

Light and warm weather ensures a cold winter, rainy – warm, sno w-covered.

Swallows and cuts flutter over the water – to the rain.

In August the oak is rich in acorns – to the harvest.

Frozen beetles in the evening fly low above the ground – to keep good weather.

In the direction in which the end of the rainbow sank into the water, there will be rain.

The stars flicker strong at night, and in the morning the sky is covered with clouds – a thunderstorm is possible during the day.

Anthiks increase ants in August, wait for the early cold winter.

When the mature oats trembles for the second time, autumn becomes incredible.

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In the evening in the lowlands and in the flows of rivers, fog grows mushrooms grow in the forest with power and main.

If the days are cloudy and cool at this point, you don’t have to be afraid of rain.

If it is stick and painful and especially insects, especially evil and Ichelkchen, then there will be rain.

The rainbow appears in front of the rain – a short bad weather.

The cat grows back – for bad weather.

What is today, i.e. on August 28th.

If a strong wind that day – winter is covered with snow.

If the wind is turned slightly until noon and in the afternoon in the evening in the evening – on the contrary, a sign of clear weather.

The cat is the wall and the soil scratch – too bad weather and bad bite.

What is today, such October and December 19.

If the wind with whirlwinds on this day – wait for the Snow Winter.

What is the weather on August 17th – this will be all November.

What is Avdotya, that’s November. The day is okay, of course, so it will be stimil in November and if it is cloudy and rainy – to be gray and foggy for him.

If it is clear during the day, but the clouds begin to thicken and thicken in the evening, then we should expect rain or weather changes.

When the rain of earthly worms crawl – wait for bad weather, rain.

What is today is Pokrov (October 14th) and that is January.

If storks were preparing for departure a week before the savings, this meant that winter would come early and would be frosty and that spring would be warmer than usual. When the autumn – autumn is warm, winter is late, spring is cold.

When the moon change (the moon is born) occurs in the morning – the weather is warm and when in the evening – cold.

The fog disappears after sunrise – the weather is good.

If a strong wind on this day, you are waiting for a long bad weather.

What are Mirona, this is January.

The lack of dew in a quiet light night causes bad weather; The more often the dew, the hotter it gets tomorrow.

The night is clear, but the next morning there is no rope – the rain.

If the water in rivers, lakes, swamps is calm if the boats were calm, it was assumed that autumn should be calm and winter would be without snow storms.

Waves on the water at noon – for hard winter and cold autumn.

During the sunrise, the red sky rains heavily with the wind.

When the sun opens during rain, the rain takes several days.

If this day will be rainy – “Babier Summer” short, warm and clear weather – there are many white mushrooms.

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Thunderstorms in August – until long autumn.

The owl calls all night – the weather will change

If the fog is quickly dissolved in the sun’s rays, good weather is installed for a long time.

A calm wind – in clear autumn, the storm – for September not a local one.

A quiet wind in the garden – dry autumn in the forest.

If the weather is good, the old Babier summer is unbelievable from September 13th to 21st.

Much of the young woman in summer – up to a clear and cold winter.

If the cranes have already flown away, the cover (October 14) is frosty.

A big harvest from Nüssen was a good rye harvest next year.

When the sun is red at sunrise, wait for the wind.

The sun joins the clouds – wait for bad weather.

Solovyov and cuckoo are not heard – they will fly to the warm edges by the end of August.

Sign: August 6th to 15th

This day in August is dedicated to the Christian holy Boris and Gleb, who were the sons of Prince Wladimir Svyatoslavich during his lifetime. Her life was treadingly stopped by her brother Svyatopolk. Boris and Gleb are the first orthodox saint who have a Slavic origin. According to the beliefs on this day, it was necessary to sit at home and try not to go out so as not to get into a thunderstorm that often rattled in early August. Otherwise it promised trouble. Such signs were popular among people: “If it rains in the morning, there will be good weather after lunch”, “if the clan does not dry in the morning, there will be a thunderstorm.”

At that time, the compoters were actively harvested for the winter. Therefore, the housewives collected a bird cherry and made drinks, dried fruits and so on.

Birthdays: Roman, Athanasius, Christina, Ivan, Gleb, Boris.

August 7th

In the Orthodox Church, this day of memory of St. Anna, who really wanted children, is devoted to being pregnant. Then her husband went into the desert and healed from God, a child or advice for a long time. Soon an angel came to him and ordered him to return home because he would soon have a daughter. The girl was called Anna and she was determined to become the mother of the Son of God.

Our ancestors called this day Anna Winter. There are other names Anna Summer, Anna Frudy. People were popular on August 7 with the following signs: “Warm weather is cold winter”, “If there was rain during the day, winter should be snowy and warm”, “Storks are preparing to fly, then winter will come early and will be cold. “

Traditionally, on this day, people decided mushrooms and made gaps out of them for the winter. Rose bushes were also put in order.

Birthdays: Makar, Anna, Nikolai, Alexander.

8th August

At this point, the entire harvest ended in the field. On August 8, they called Ermolaev’s day and said “Yermolai – remove the bread more likely.” To protect themselves from evil spirits, peasants tied their wrists with red thread or ropes made of woolen threads. The foundation of Sickles was also connected with threads. It was believed that the red color protects from evil, preserves health and strength for a person. By this time he was keeping up with potatoes, so he and various dishes from it became the main diet.

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The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of Yermola, who lived in the 4th century. Also on this day the memory of the monk Moses Ugrina and the martyr Phivaida, who, according to our ancestors, helped to confront “fornication”, was venerated. These saints were given prayers and asked for the intercession of his wife, who suspected their husbands of treason.

It was time to collect apples, but the farmers still did not eat them, but were waiting for the apple rescue. Healers and healers gathered herbs and dried them for the winter: “Autumn hazes go on grass and give grass heavy properties.” “Morning Dew makes grass with a healing power.”

Birthday: Egor, Fedor, Sergey, Ignat, Ermola.

August 9th

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Memory of the Blessed Nikolai Kochanov, who lived in Novgorod in the 14th century. He led a virtuous life and always read prayers. Nicholas Kochannik was one of the people, since cabbage forks were usually rolled up at this time. Therefore, according to tradition, our ancestors harvested a new crop of cabbage, and the old remains carried out from the cellars and baked cakes, which according to tradition had to be shared with children and the poor.

Sign: August 6th to 15th

They also celebrated the day of St. Panteleimon, who was referred to as a healer and believed that if they prayed he would heal any wound. Various herbs gained more and more power, so the healers devoted all their time to their collection. People believed that those who would be born on this day will treat others. There was a folk sign “If the bugs fly low in the evening, good weather will last a long time.”

Birthdays: Naum, Nikolai, Herman, Anfisa.

August 10th

In ancient Russia, Prokhor and Parman Days, who were students of the apostles, were celebrated and helped them in their daily lives so that they devoted more time to preaching. Our ancestors believed that if you start trading on this day, it will fail. There was such a saying among the people “Prokhor-parmen-do did not start from spare.” In order not to get into trouble, sellers even tried not to open their trades.

Prokhor and Parmen were favorable for the forge, so August 10 is considered a forge day. In Russia it was a very important and demanding profession, because the smiths had power and skill. Many also inducted them into magical abilities, due to their power to conquer fire and metal.

Pepper and tomato seedlings

On August 10, pears were shot in the garden and went to barns for the winter. It was also time to dig up the bulbs of the tulips. The main signs that day were the following: “Rain without wind – to persistent bad weather”, “A lot of dew in the morning – it will be sunny”, “If the clouds are high, then this is for sunny weather.”

Birthdays: Irina, Elena, Ivan, Antonina, Julian, Prokhor, Efim.

August 11th

On this day they honored the memory of the holy martyr Kalinnik Kilikiysky, and the day was called Kalinov. Kalina berries were associated with a young girl who married without her consent. Beautiful but bitter, like Kalina’s berries. Housewives made viburnum blanks, and then in the winter to treat various ailments.

If the fog stood on the ground that day, it’s time to cook barns and oats to cook barns. The day was also called a tumor. Autumn was approaching, it was cold in the morning and rainy during the day. From that day on, the birds gathered in flocks to fly to warm countries.

Birthdays: Konstantin, Fedya, Mikhail, Kuzma.

12. August

In the Orthodox Church, this day is recalled over the saints of power and Siluan. They were the collaborators of St. Paul and were considered apostles. But there is another opinion, according to which Strength and Siluan are one person.

Also on August 12, they honor the memory of Saint John the Warrior. There was a legend that when the wrapped man was served from a prayer service to St. John, the thief would be quickly found. If the thief didn’t confess, he would have to swear his innocence to John. And even thieves were afraid to lie to the saint. It was also believed that on this day even the weak will become strong and healthy, but for this you need to work hard. On August 12th it was possible to proceed with the cultures of rye.

As for the weather, we watched closely with extra care as bright stars punctuated the precipitation at night during the day. And if the rain went with the wind all evening, the weather could stay bad for a long time.

Birthdays: Luka, Maxim, Ivan, German, Pavel, Anatoly.

13 August

The day is dedicated to the memory of the righteous Evdokim Kappadokiyanin, who gave a luncheon of celibacy and lived all his life alone. It is considered the patron saint of the family and the hearth, since the monk Evdokim had a very warm relationship with the parents, whom he loved, read and always helped them.

Before the acceptance post, which falls on the period from August 14 to 27, everyone at Evdokim ate bread, vegetables and fruit, which were plenty in August. Especially boiled a lot of beets of beets, since it was time to collect it. Peasants spoke a harrow to protect their teeth from collapsing and successfully plow the field. It was believed that the swallows say goodbye to the nest and called the autumn cold. People went sayings: “The fog quickly disappeared in the morning, then the weather will be good for a long time”, “A net flies – it will be long and sunny.”

Birthdays: George, Ivan, Sergey, Anton, Stepan, Pelagia.

August 14th

One of the important holidays of the Orthodox Church, Honey, saved or Makov Savior (Makavia). The acceptance post started, but it was allowed to eat honey, so the dishes were tasty and satisfying. Eat wheat porridge with honey, condemned people: “Savior is a lacquer, and Petrovka is a hunger strike.”

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The acceptance mail lasted until August 28th. It is customary to light up water in the rivers, lakes and backwaters on honey. According to the annals, the christening of Kievan Rus Prince Vladimir occurred in August. This vacation is also referred to as a spar on the water or a wet spa. The tradition of swimming on this day was mandatory because, according to beliefs, the water washed away all sins and treated diseases.

On August 14th it was time to collect honey. He was also sanctified in churches. It was customary to help widows and orphans. There was a saying: “In Medovy you saved at least one widow splinter into the widow’s yard.” People helped cut firewood and brought food. All helpers received God’s blessing. There were also signs: “Summer ends on Makovey, autumn begins”, “On the first rescuer the beggar will taste honey.”

Birthdays: Sofia, Alexander, Dmitry.

15th of August

Stefan Senoval’s day was famous when the hay harvest ended and all the grass had to be hidden from the weather. Stefan was the patron saint of horses, so they were fed holy water, which was said to give strength and cure diseases. The water was consecrated with a silver cross.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of Saint Stephen, who was the first martyr of his Christian faith, despite having Jewish roots. Stephen even went and preached Christianity in Jerusalem. Under what circumstances he died is not known, but there is evidence that he died a martyr while defending his faith in Christianity. And even during the agony he asked Jesus to have mercy on his murderers.

On August 15, the whole family went to weave a wreath, which was called the Stefan wreath. It was brought into the house and hung in a red corner. When someone fell ill, they made infusions from the grass pulled from the wreath. People believed that the wreath had miraculous power that lasted until April 10, the day of Hilarion.

Weather signs were popular: “What a day for Stefan, September will be like this”, “The frogs croak to the rain”, “The frogs fell silent to the strong wind”, “If it rains, then the potatoes will be born well”.

Birthdays: Plato, Taras, Roman, Stepan, Vasily, Ivan.

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