Shield or fishing line – what to choose?

Which trimmer is better: a knife or a fishing line?

Trimmer is a great solution for country houses, cottages, parks. The tool quickly and easily cuts unwanted vegetation, mows the grass on the lawn or in the field. Garden equipment is available in a wide range. There are models on sale with different performance indicators, with different functions. Compared to the size, trimmers are more compact, easy to use and less expensive.

The performance of a garden tool depends largely on the properties of the cutting elements. Low-power electric trimmers are equipped only with a fishing line, so they cannot cope with tough stems and bushes. However, units with gasoline engines are equipped with a fishing line and blades that are suitable for various operations.

Features of using a fishing line to mow the grass


The fishing line is used to equip almost all trimmers, regardless of the type of performance, power and functionality. It is a consumable material that needs to be replaced regularly. The thin nylon thread is also known as wire, cord, cord. The fishing line is wound on the horn of the mowing head, which, in turn, is attached to the shank. The rotation of the motor is transmitted to the gearbox, which drives the shaft with the line. The ends of the wire unwind the grass at high speed.

The working width of line trimmers is in the range of 40-50 cm. The wider the reach, the faster you can get the area in order. When working with a fishing line, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • While mowing, hold the trimmer so that the line is parallel to the surface of the ground.
  • There are various cutting methods: perimeter mowing, side to side mowing;
  • The mowing head must not touch the ground, as this increases the load on the engine.

The trimmer’s scope of application is quite wide. With their help it is possible to mow soft grass, to put in order the lawn, to mow solid areas (near trees, benches, etc.). Fishing goes smoothly without any obstacles, and the trimmer’s engine does not give additional load. A fishing line can also be used when you need to cut grass in the hayloft.

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Choosing the line diameter

The diameter of the fishing line varies quite a wide range, from 1.2 to 4 mm. The choice of size depends on what kind of grass you want to cut. Before you buy a wire, read the technical parameters of the device. Manufacturers indicate the maximum diameter of the line, with which this or that model of trimmer can work.

  • 1,2-1,6 mm. Thin fishing line for improving the lawn, mowing soft grass. Best suited for electrification, power of which does not exceed 0,7 kW.
  • 2-2,4 mm. The wire can be used for home models with medium output. It mows both young and mature grass well.
  • 3-3.2 mm. The wire is used to equip professional and semi-professional class trimmers. Thick line easily copes with tough vegetation.
  • 4mm The thickest fishing line is presented in the range of well-known manufacturers. In addition to nylon, metal wire is used in its manufacture.

In order to facilitate the difference in the thickness of the line, manufacturers paint them in different colors. The wire is available in spools and rings of different lengths (from 10 to 100 meters). Some stores sell consumables by length.

Cut shape: What affects it?

The performance of the line and the result of the work depends not only on the thickness of the product, but also on the type of section.

  • Round. Wire with a round cross section perfectly cuts fresh and dry grass, it works almost silently. Although the noise level of the line is not so important characteristic, because the sound of the engine is still louder.
  • Curly. Star-shaped thread cuts lawn grass cleanly. The cord with a ribbed part is good at dealing with thick discs and weeds.
  • Polygonal. Hexagonal, square consumables are popular. The cutting edges are sharpened, the stems are slightly trimmed. They are consumed faster than round ones.

Choosing a line for the trimmer, pay attention to the manufacturer. The fact that little-known Chinese manufacturers, to reduce production costs, dilute polyethylene nylon, which negatively affects the working parameters of the line. World-renowned companies (Husqvarna, Shtil, Oregon and others) do not allow themselves this, they produce high-quality consumables.

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Winding a fishing line around a trimmer head

You can wind 3 to 10 metres of fishing line on a spool. When mowing grass, the nylon wire is used so that new sections have to be reeled in each time. This task can be done in three ways:

  • manual;
  • semi-automatic;
  • Automatic.

Once the fishing line runs out of the spool, it must be refilled. There are two ways to refill the tool: fast charging and manual. The manual line is set up as follows:

  • Unscrew the mowing head and remove the cap;
  • Unwind the spool;
  • Measure the length of the fishing line, cut off 3-4 meters;
  • Fold the cord in half;
  • Insert the ends of the cord into the holes.
  • Unfold the spool; Insert the cover;
  • Cut the ends of the fishing line.

The quick charge method is easier and faster. There is no need to disassemble the reel. You just need to insert one loop and insert it into the hole, gently turn the mechanism, which will quickly wind the wire on the spool.

Types and uses of trimmers


The knife greatly expands the scope of the trimmer. The cutting elements mow tall grass, cope with discs, dense, bushes. Electric trimmers, which are less productive than Benzinger devices, are equipped with plastic meters. But productive lawnmowers are equipped with metal cutting elements.

Blades are divided according to their shape into:

  • Disk blades;
  • Two-, three-, four-blade;
  • Shark knife.

According to the design of the cutting edges, products are divided into solid, toilet, perforated. The choice of size and design of the knife depends on the area of application, the properties of the boom and the power of the engine.

Types and uses of trimmers

The set usually includes disc knives. If the cutting elements are not available, they can be purchased. To choose the best size of the product, measure the diameter of the mounting hole and the outer diameter. Stihl and Husqvarna brand consumables are interchangeable. Circular blades are classified according to the following parameters:

  • Blade structure;
  • Height;
  • Number of teeth.
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Slicers are installed on chainsaws with high performance indicators. They can be used to mow dry discs, weeds, bushes and young shoots. It is not recommended to mow young grass with discs, as it is noticed that the grass mass sticks to the surface of the protective cover.

A tool equipped with perforated cutting blades gains momentum faster and cuts vegetation efficiently. The disadvantages of hard disk elements include a high moment of inertia, which leads to an increase in the starting characteristics of the disk. In some cases, this leads to overloading and overheating of the motor, which negatively affects the functioning of the trimmer and reduces its working life.

2-blade and 3-blade blade

For this type of blade, electric trimmers are equipped with power from 0.4 to 0.7 kW. On Bosch brand tools, you will find cutting elements of exactly this type. Advantages of two leaf meters:

  • Minimum moment of inertia;
  • Do not affect the performance of the drive mechanism;
  • If the blade is damaged, you can replace the blades separately.
  • Efficient mowing of uniform grass mass;
  • Throws vegetation aside and avoids wave transformation.

Blades of this configuration are worthy competitors to DISC cutters. Pay attention to the thickness of the products. This parameter should not be less than 2 mm. Also consider the material of manufacture. Forged knives are used to equip Chinese trimmers. However, forged elements are considered durable and resistant to wear and abrasion.

The “High” knife type.

Another type of knife cutting elements is the “shark”. The attachment consists of three percussion knives, with each knife written at a 120 degree angle for the others. These cutting elements provide high quality mowing. Mühlen takes care of different types of vegetation. Due to their low weight, the products do not put much strain on the trimmer motor. Therefore, they can be used to equip electric tools. The “shark” blades are attached to the base with screws.

The moment of inertia of the knife can be reduced by perforation. A cutting press can be used for this purpose. Make sure that the perforations are symmetrical, otherwise the focus will be delayed.

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Manufacturers produce trimmers of two types. Some can only work with a single line, while others are equipped with either a cord or knives. If you do not plan to do complex work, choose a trimmer only for fixing the lawn or cutting soft grass. An electric tool that works only with a fishing line will do. For Cosby of tall grass, hard, dense vegetation, weeds and thickets, it is better to buy a device with a gasoline engine, which can be equipped with both a fishing line and knives. Such trimmers demonstrate high performance indicators, are characterized by good productivity, functionality and reliability, a long working resource. In any case, the choice of the tool should be based on the purpose of use.

Hard drive or fishing line – which trimmer to choose?

Both are used for gasoline and electric trimmers and provide excellent and fast results. Usually, the blade and the fishing line are already included with the trimmer. It is enough to understand when it is optimal to use each of the attachments.

Fubag wheels and lines

If it is soft grass and not neglected dacha, a trimmer with a fishing line is enough. For mowing higher vegetation with stiff stems, it is better to install a knife, not a fishing line. Or be prepared for problems – the fishing one will surely break and fall apart.

Knives vary in shape – from a circle to a disk with a blade. Can consist of plastic or metal (steel). The steel knife is easy to pull out, and the plastic one is cheaper and easy to handle thick grass with.


Circular discs

Circular discs are ideal for dealing with branches, shrubs and stiff shoots. They are divided into solid and perforated. Perforated ones gain momentum faster. However, such a disc is recommended only for high-performance mowers – the knife creates a high load, and not every engine can cope with it.

Where are they used? Such discs are usually used by supply companies, which have the task of processing large areas.

Enclosed windows

Lapide discs for trimmers are chosen for frequent mowing of grass. The bigger the sound, the thicker and tougher the grass the trimmer can handle. Most often there are discs with blades from 2 to 4 PC.

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The blade discs throw out well as a mower and prevent getting stuck on the boom. They are suitable for less powerful trimmers because they do not load the drive mechanism. The main disadvantage is that they are more sensitive to impact than round ones.

Kale, bushy, stiff shoots

Kale with stiff stems.

Creates stress on the driving mechanism.

With frequent mowing, soft, medium-sized grass.

Good quality of mowing.

No sticking of grass on the shaft.

No stress on the drive unit

Sensitive at rest

Do not forget to consider the thickness of the hard drive when choosing one. This parameter varies in the range of 1-4 mm. The thinner the blade, the more actively it cuts the grass, but it erodes faster.

When buying a knife, consider its diameter. Important: Look at the technical specifications in the instruction manual of the garden tool. The knife is selected in accordance with the model of the trimmer, otherwise it will fly off when working.

Where is the trimmer used for fishing?

Trimmer field.jpg

Each section of the cable is optimized for mowing a certain type of instinct, its advantages and disadvantages:

Treating soft grass and flat lawns

Not designed to handle hard grass.

Lawns, not hard grass

Knocks down through a rip when encountering rocks.

Overgrown grass with medium density.

Dry hard grass.

Works with thick stems and shrubs

High cost compared to circles and spiral cord

Dense brush thickets. Dry tough grass

Works with thick stems and bushes. Maximum mowing speed

Higher costs compared to twist and spiral cords

Smooth areas without stones

High quality of cut and low cord consumption

Sensitive to breakage when encountering stones and obstacles.

Line or disc for your trimmer – make the right choice

If you have to deal with a lot of weeds, with hard brush and the power of your trimmer is enough (from 1 kW), do not forget to buy a metal disc or a plastic analogue.

Your tasks treat the lawn or grass? Of course, you should choose a mowing head with an angled fishing line. Use the table above to choose the right cable.

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