Shenli Motoblocks – Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews of the owner

Shenli Motoblocks. Review of the list, properties, attachments, instructions

Sschenli Motor Blocks is the development of the German company Sschenli, which began its activities in the 80s of the 20th century.

At the time of creation, the main goal of the company was to develop technical solutions for great industrial production.

Shenli 1800 18 PS Shenli 1100 (Plowman) 9 PS Shenli 1100 XXL exclusive (from)

Today Shenli creates and produces engine blocks, motor cultivators, min i-brators, garden cutters, generators, welding machines, concrete mixers, compressors, perforators and screwdrivers.

The company’s partners are such large companies with world names such as micro instruments, Presto, ABB, Stenlympol, Nuclearex and others.

Shenli HP 1100 Tractor (Vom) Shenli 900 (Plowman) Shenli G-180

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other European countries, the products of the Shtesli (Stanley) brand are known and very popular due to properties such as reliability and power.

In addition, we will consider the modifications of the diesel and petrol engine block of the Stenli available today.

Available changes

Today Shenli offers its customers two types of heavy motoblocks for domestic and professional use: diesel and petrol, including walkways of the Pro series.

Shenl i-zenzi n-Motblock

Shenli 1800 Pro Series (C) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 Pro series K2N (with Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 Pro series K2 (with a gear reduced by + third) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 Pro series K1 (with a gear reduced by + third) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 Pro series (with a gear reduced by + third) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 Pro Series New Design (with a walk reduced by + third) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 K2N (without vom) Power 18 PS, Motor HM192F Motor (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 K2 (without Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 K1n (without Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 K1 (without Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 N (without Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1800 (without Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 3000 (without from) Performance of 3.5 hp, two hail motor, a cylinder, lightweight category
Shenli 1030 (without Vom) Power 6.5 hp, Intek OHV engine, weight 120 kg;
Shenli 1800 Pro series (with Vom) Power 18 HP, HM192F engine (Intek OHV), weight 185 kg;
Shenli 1600 Pro series (with Vom) Power 16 PS, AMS190F engine (Intek OHV), weight 178 kg;
Shenli 1100 Pro series (with Vom) Power 16 PS, AMS188F engine (Intek OHV), weight 175 kg;
Shenli 1600 (from) AMS901F engine (Intek OHV), power 16 hp, weight 178 kg;
Shenli 1100 XXL exclusive (from) GX390 Motor (Intek OHV), Power 13 HP, weight 168 kg;
Shenli HP 1100 tractor (from) Motor M182F (Intek OHV), performance 11 hp, weight 165 kg;
Shtenli Pflüger 1100 (PTO) Motor M177F (Intek OHV), performance 9 hp, weight 140 kg;
Shtenli 900 (without a tap wave) Power 7.5 hp, motor HM170F, HM173F (two modifications), weight 94 kg;
Shtenli Pflüger 1100 (PTO) Motor M168F (Intek OHV), performance 8 hp, weight 90 kg;
Shtenli 500 (without a tap wave) Power 7 hp, motor HM170F, weight 76 kg.

Shenli Diesel-Nachstractors

Shtenli 7000 (without a tap wave) Power 8.5 hp, Intek OHV engine, weight 120 kg;
Shtenli 8000 (without a tap wave, with electric starter) Power 8.5 hp, Intek OHV engine, weight 120 kg;
Motoblock Professional, heavy diesel Shtenli G-185 with a tap wave Performance 10.5 hp, diesel engine, weight 290 kg;
Motoblock Professional, heavy diesel Shtenli G-192 with a tap wave Performance 12.5 hp, diesel engine, weight 320 kg;
Motoblock Professional, heavy diesel Shtenli G-180 with a tap wave Power 8 HP, diesel engine, weight 250 kg;
Shtenli Plowman 1100 (PTO + large wheels) Motor M177FD (Intek OHV), performance 9 hp, weight 140 kg;
Shtenli Plowman 1100 (PTO + standard gears 4.00-10) Motor M177FD (Intek OHV), performance 9 hp, weight 140 kg.
Description of the Patriot RS-808 SABRE SAW. Motor parameter, purpose. Instructions for instructions and maintenance


On the manufacturer Shtenli’s website, the list of attachments is small: Hiller, plows and tunnels are presented.

Shenli G-180 with VOM

Motoblocks SHTENLI, NEVA and others are perfectly aggregated with various attachments, including snow blowers, potato rolls, potato planters, mower of different types and wheels with the desired diameter.

In the basic equipment, the han d-led tractor is equipped with a universal coupling where you can attach a cart, trailer, adapter based.


The cutting devices are installed on a han d-led tractor in accordance with the instructions. Shtenli is equipped with standard folding knives made of hardened steel.

The scheme of your assembly is shown in the following figure.

motblock cutter assembly

To assemble the cutting devices, use the tool set contained in the scope of the handle; Use protective gloves made of fabric.

Adapter, trailer or dolly

The load-bearing capacity of a trailer or trolleys for hand-led heavy petrol and diesel tractors from Stenley is 500 kg, 300 kg for light handed tractors.

Universal adapter trailer TM-500 Truck

The trailer or trolley coupling takes place thanks to the universal three-bolt coupling (included in the kit). Such a coupling makes it easier to search for suitable attachments – it fits most types of additional equipment for Russian, Belarusian and some foreign han d-led tractors.

It is permissible to use trolleys, adapters and supporters of Newa, Oka, Salyut, Farmer and others, provided the fastening elements match.


All hand-led SHTENLI tractors with PTO (PTO) can work with roundabout or disc mowers (depending on the weight of the handled tractor, the mower can be semi-professional, professional or for the household).

Sick mower of sickle mower on Shtenli Kr-02

It is allowed to use the circular mower Zarya, snail mower and professional mowers with a pf shaft drive.

Wheels and chain fortifications

Standard wheel sizes for heavy hand-led stenley tractors:

  • 6.5 x 12,
  • 5.00 x 12,
  • 4.00×12,
  • 4.00×10,
  • 4.00×8.

On request, the owner can assemble wheels with a larger diameter than those that are equipped with its han d-led tractor model. You can buy bikes in the online shop or directly from the manufacturer at the time of buying.

Caterpillar consoles are a kind of adhesion that simplifies the passage of the unit on the snow or soft soil. They are used more often in the northern regions in winter to increase the maneuverability of a walk during snow removal or freight transport.

Recommended for installation on a car with a weight of 100 kg or more. To join the tractor for walking behavior, you can use a universal caterpillar console (not only for winter, but also for spring and summer).

Mas s-rooms

Universal attachment equipment, without which the efficiency of soil processing is reduced.

Steel floor rooms with a diameter of 450 x 10 mm, 700 x 100 mm or others, depending on the modification of the technology, are recommended for the tunnel.

The heating improves the liability of the unit with the soil, it is used for plowing with plow or hills.

For Stenley, it is recommended to use a classic or two plow with a wood or a disc plow. The plow is located with the appropriate bracket before the walk tractor.

The plant adjustment is carried out by the operator of the tractor of the walk behavior.

Plow Shenli with a motor block:

Snowman and shovel

Shenli motor blocks work with a snowman or a shovel. For heavy motoblocks you can use a snow machine with a greater force.

Snowman Rotary Shovel-Off

The more powerful the snowman, the higher its price and productivity parameters and the exposure to the snow. Use snowball players for aggregates with fewer horsepower, which were developed up to 20-25 cm for the height of the snow layer.

The width of the universal lobby for heavy petrol and diesel engine blocks is 100 cm. Such attachments are suitable for motifblocks. You can use the usual or reinforced shovel (made of denser steel).

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potato cumulator is universal – suitable for any kind of Motblocks of the Stenlo. It is fixed in front of the device by assembling. It is also permissible to use vibration, mechanical or Roar potato blasts such as SME 3 or about about around.

Potatoes is a useful device that facilitates the work of the farmer when planting root plants and increases the performance of the tractor of the hood.

Minitor Rusich T244. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Shenli engine blocks complement the potato registrations of various types: KSC-3, Yarilo, DTZ KS-1, two-row corundure, bunker KS-02P and others.

Potato resident KSC-3 potato resident Yarilo potato resident DTZ KS-1

In addition to the listed attachments, Shenli motor blocks are combined with various aids that are no less useful in agriculture:

  • Cigns,
  • Brushing to clean territories,
  • Additional cutters etc.

A complete list of the attachments of devices suitable for your motoblock model can be clarified at the time of purchase or directly by the manufacturer for the online check.

A classic series of hinge appliances for a walking tractor used to work in the garden, in the cottage, in the garden or in the greenhouse, the hip, plow and primeries. For winter you can buy a snowball player or a shovel.


Follow the user instructions contained in the device delivery kit when maintaining a Walk fehind tractor. Thanks to her, you can put together a walk tractor and operate the technology. The proper operation and in good time extends the lifespan of the tractor of the walk behavior, increases the potential of the engine and enables the maximum technical resources of the device.


The manufacturer of motoblocks Shtenli recommends using oil for four-stroke engines for all devices: synthetic or semi-synthetic, depending on the season.

Oil type: SAE30 / SAE5W-30.

  • Use 80W-90 gear oil.
  • Fuel for petrol engine blocks: AI92 petrol.
  • Use local brand diesel fuel for diesel walk-behind tractors.


Breaking-in a walk-behind tractor is an important stage of its operation and is carried out immediately after the first start-up of the device. When running in, the essential parts of the engine and transmission are run in, and the machine adapts to the load. During this time, you must operate the walk behind tractor at 2/3 of maximum power. It is not recommended to carry loads or work new land during break-in.

Only start the two-wheel tractor when the tank is full and the engine and transmission are filled with oil.

The break-in period for different motorcycle manufacturers varies, but on average this process takes 8-10 hours.

Main disorders and ways to avoid them

The most common malfunctions of Shtenli walk-behind tractors and their solutions are shown in Table 1. If the problem persists, contact the service center for help.


Nikolai, Homel:

“Hello to all owners of Shtenley engine blocks. For some reason, there is very little information and reviews about these devices on the Internet, although their price is far from cheap. I’m not sure if the production is German, the manual generally states USA, China and Germany. In the kit for the walk-behind tractor I got a plough, tiller and a two-row hiller. I decided to upgrade this device myself. Of the minuses: immediately after the purchase, for some reason, the “Stop” button disappeared, which was attributed to the marriage. The cost of the equipment at the time of purchase is 67,000 Russian rubles.

Anton, Moscow region:

“I bought a walk behind tractor so I can easily clear snow off the site in the winter. Bought a country house last year. At first I didn’t understand how to use this shovel dump, then I canceled the cart, turned on the headlights and slammed on the brakes. As a result, I got a beast of technology, almost a mini tractor. From observations: wet snow, the walk-behind tractor does not twitch and drives smoothly, slips a little when the shovel is lowered and you have to climb the hill, otherwise everything suits me!

Pros: smooth launch, easy launch from one place. I managed to assemble it very quickly, although at first it seems difficult. The instructions are clear, a teenager would probably assemble it. It carries a wagon well, almost a small tractor, not a walk-behind tractor!

Disadvantages: does not go uphill when loaded. I changed the throttle cable almost immediately after purchase”

Overview of the Shtenli walk behind tractors. Instruction manual, maintenance and application

Shtenli engine blocks are widely used in agriculture. These are reliable and high-quality devices at a relatively low price. These units are capable of automating a wide range of farm work.

Check the KiPor engine blocks. List, properties, video work and reviews

Shenli 500 Motoblock

The national manufacturer of Shtenli walk-behind tractors is Germany, which already indicates the high quality of the delivered products. The most obvious confirmation of this is the constantly increasing demand for these products.

Shtenli offers its customers a whole range of Shtenli walk-behind tractors, let’s look at the characteristics of each model.

Overview of the Stenley range

Single-axle petrol tractors

shenli 500

Shenli 500 Motoblock

This is the simplest motoblock in the lineup of the German company Shtesli. It has a 7 hp petrol engine. The weight of the machine is only 80 kg. To improve stability during hard work, an extra wheel was installed in advance.

Shenli 900

This tractor of walking belongs to the middle class of traction and has an engine with a capacity of 8 hp. The weight of SHENLI 900 is 105 kg. The size of its pneumatic tires is 4 × 8.

Shenli 900 motorized block

This model of Stenli is used to process medium-sized agricultural areas.

Shenli 1030

This tractor of walking is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 8.5 hp. Its weight is 120 kg, which is enough to power heavy approaches.

Shenli 1030 Pro engine

The width of the capture of the grinding cutter is not only 90 cm. Therefore, owners note a large stick of dirt on them.

Shenli HP 1100

Shenli HP 1100 engine block

This wanderlust tractor from Stenley is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 11 hp. It is intended for processing prepared land plans. The transmission has 3 steps so you can control the working speed in a comfortable range.

Shenli 1100 Pro Series

This heavy Motblock is equipped with a Honda AMS 190F petrol engine with a capacity of 14 hp. The manufacturer offers two options for these machines: with and without him. Thanks to this, buyers have a choice. If you plan to use it just as a cultivator, you don’t need it.

Motoblock SHENLI 1100 Pro series

There is also a Shenli XXXL model that has a more organic appearance and top fuel tank layout. The model is equipped with a 13 hp Honda GX390 petrol engine.

Shenli 1400 Pro Series

Shenli Motoblock 1400 Pro Series

This is a representative of heavy motblocks, equipped with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 14 hp and air cooling. The weight is 177 kg and the size of the tires is 6.5 × 12.

Shenli 1800 Pro series

Shenli Motoblock 1800 Pro Series

It is also a heavy motblock equipped with a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 18 hp from the world-famous Japanese company Honda. The weight is 178 kg, which allows you to handle even the toughest breeds and transport heavy loads with trailer equipment.

Shenli 1900 Pro series with reduced equipment

Shenli 1900 Pro Series Motoblock

This is an improved motoblock of 1800 episodes. Due to the fact that it has a lot of power, the speed of its work and travel is very high, and you need to move quickly. To reduce speed, an additional low gear was installed.

Shtesli diesel engine blocks

Recently, diesel models of motoblocks have gained more and more popularity, since their engines are considered more durable, have a greater working resource, withstand serious loads, and at the same time consume less fuel. SHENLI offers the following diesel engine block options.

Shenli G-180

Shenli G-180 motoblock

This tractor for walks will be an excellent assistant in a small summer cottage. Its power is only 7 hp. At the same time, the weight is not small – 250 kg, which allows you to process absolutely any type of soil.

Shenli G185

Shenli G185 engine block

This tractor for walking behavior is used successfully both in private and in professional use. A diesel engine with a capacity of 10.5 hp is installed on the G185. The weight of 280 kg allows you to easily cope with any work. However, a large crowd determines their inconvenience. It is very difficult for them to manage and rotate.

Shenli G-192

Shenli G-192 Motorized Block

This han d-led tractor has a diesel engine with an output of 12 hp. Despite the fact that the hand-led Tractor Shtenli G-192 belongs to the heavy class, the milling width is 90 cm. This Shtenli model is more for the transport of goods or towing. Its weight of 320 kg, together with 6.5 × 12 tires, ensures buoyancy on any terrain.

Appendix overview

Shtenley motor blocks have gained popularity because they can support work with a variety of attachments. Every owner should be familiar with the skills of their machine in order to use them as efficiently as possible.

Motoblock Salyut 5X 5.5 Honda 160. Overview, specifications, reviews

Shenli Motoblock 1800 Pro Series


This is the basic coupling that is available to every owner of a hand-led Stanley tractor. It serves to change the top fertile layer of soil and further increase soil fertility. During the operation, the knives are installed instead of standard bundles.

Motor for motoblock mole plow turning plow

This attachment is used with hand-led Shtenli tractors when dense rocky terrain has to be plowed. The plow sinks into the ground and enables you to keep the han d-led tractor in a stable position.

Mow and rake

Stanley’s walk-back tractors can help remove weeds and undesirable vegetation from the area by connecting the roundabout mower to the tap wave. The mower is able to cut even mediu m-sized plants and shrubs. The advantage of rotary mowers is that the knives do not break off when they hit a stone, but turn in the other direction and keep their integrity.

Su n-2 r mechanical rake “Sun” -3 r.

After mowing, many people in the country let the grass dry and then harvest it as a hay for the winter for the cattle. You can connect a rake to the handleed sheetenley tractors and quickly collect grass.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potatoes are in demand among the residents of our country. At the same time, planting and harvesting takes a lot of time and requires considerable physical exertion. If you are the owner of a hand-guided Shtenli tractor, you can do this task independently by connecting the corresponding attachments.

Potato rotor potato rotor for Motoblock KKM-1 potato mooring machine KS-12

The most common version of a potato rotor is a sieve. A potato rotor absorbs a layer of earth at a height of 20 cm together with fruits and then breaks up large floor stones with the help of a roaring, with only root fruits remain on the surface.

Snow mill and shovel

With the onset of winter, owners of country houses and country residents face the problem of clearing snow. In our regions, strong snowfalls are observed, and if you do not clear the neighboring area, you simply cannot leave the house over time.

Snow blower

Shenley handled tractors together with a snow blower can help solve this problem. This prefix picks up a layer of snow and throws it to the side with the help of a snail at a distance of 10-15 meters.

If you have to clean a small section of the street or a sidewalk, you can use a normal leaf blade.

Wheels, tunnels and rails

Almost the entire range of hand-led Shtenley tractors is one of the heavy machines. They are equipped with high 6.5 x 12 air tires, which ensure reliable traction on any surface.

Wheels 6×12

If the clutch with the surface is not sufficient and the hiking tractor or the skid buries or the skid install special floor rooms that are equipped with metal plates that are included in the soil and stabilize the course of the device.

Caterpillar prefix

In the winter season you can install a caterpillar console to drive Stanley that improves the continuousness in loose snow and slippery ice by increasing the contact area with the floor.


Heavy motor blocks of the Stenli can transport loads over the half tones. To do this, it is necessary to use supporters whose configuration depends directly on the transported freight:

  1. When transporting bulk goods, it is better to use sel f-specific options for trailers.
  2. If it is necessary to transport long pipes or log huts, it is better to use a car on 4 wheels.
  3. When transporting a large amount of hay or other volumetric loads, it is necessary to use a trailer with high pages.

Adapter for the walk-in tractor T-500 trolley


Motoblocks have a significant disadvantage, they have to move behind them. For this reason, the owner has quick physical fatigue.

To reduce the load, you can connect an adapter that is a seat on the frame. If you connect it, you can manage Shenli Motoblock.

User Guide

Every owner of the Motoblock Stenli must know the rules for the treatment of the device, the principle of its company and the possibilities for correcting the main disorders. All data is included in the operating instructions. You will find the main extracts below.

StAVR chainsaws: Description, properties, rules of use and ratings

First start and runnin g-in

When buying from the store, a tractor for a walk is delivered to save parts. It has to be assembled. Usually there are no problems because the entire process is described step by step in the instructions for the company.

The engine expires after assembly.

To do this, fill out the engine oil and fuel and simply let the engine block work in the minimum load mode. Most often, the owners warm the engine for 30 minutes and then carry out a plow or grinding the floor with a minimum load on the engine.

After completing the run, replace the engine oil to remove the dust and the small abrasive particles that it collected during this time.


The Motoblocks of the Stenli belong to professional devices that are intended for longer use. In order to extend the resource of your work, maintenance must be carried out regularly in accordance with the operating instructions.

Read more: Check the engine Block Sschenli 1900 Pro series. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

Before each departure, the condition of the motor block Shenli should be checked: the presence of fuel and oil, the reliability of attaching the fastening equipment, the condition of the wiring, the lack of oil leaks.

Motor oil 10W-40 gear oil TAD-17 and gear oil TAP-15V

  • Motor oil must be replaced every 25 hours. Stanley’s operating instructions recommend using lubricants with a 10W-40 classification.
  • The gear oil should change after 50 hours of operation. In this knot it is necessary to water TAP-15V or TAD-17i.

It is necessary to smear the gear levers regularly to prevent their confiscation and change the checkpoint smoothly.

Correction of the main disorders

Despite the fact that the motor blocks of German quality tend to make the motor blocks of German quality, they even tend to make malfunctions regularly when they are switched on.

Solving major problems requires contacting a specialized service center, and small malfunctions can be solved independently:

If the engine does not start:
  • It is possible to disconnect the high voltage wire from the spark plug (because of this there is no spark when it is on).
  • Perhaps the spark plug failed (you need to clean it or replace it);
  • The fuel supply is blocked (put the dampers in an open position);
  • Lack of fuel or it is of poor quality (part or replace the engine);
  • Check the oil level (if necessary, share);
  • Fuel or air filter clogged (clean, replace if necessary);
If the Stanley Motoblock engine works but does not output the necessary power:
  • Contact with the spark plug extends (clearly connect the wire).
  • The fuel or air filter is clogged (clean);
  • Incorrect adjustment of the carburetor (set up the device);
  • If for a long time there was fuel in the tank without use, it gained moisture and became unusable, squeeze it and pour a new one.

Video review of the work of the Motoblock Stenli

Here is a video review of how plowing takes place in Shenli Motor Block:

But the front, rear and reduced gear video review:

The next video review shows the assembly of the spool lock:

Reviews of the owners

Here are some reviews from the agricultural forums about the experience of working on the engine block:


“I bought this Motblock Stenlo for my parents as I went into town and helped them not always have the opportunity. In this technique I do not particularly understand, so I acquired what I advised in the store. I brought it, assembled it, did a run and explained how to work to my father, he got used to him pretty quickly.

The power is large enough, and when the gear is engaged, it is right off the spot. And it’s difficult to hold it in your hands. There is a headlight in the kit, but you shouldn’t particularly count on it, it seems weak. It works easily in the virgin lands, it consumes about 1.5 liters per hour. This year I still want to take a trailer for winter fishing.

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