Shenli Motoblocks 1800. Review, features, reviews

The motoblock is the Shtesli 1800

Shenli 1800 – A modern walk tractor with advanced technologies. The model is intended for professional users who need features and stability in work. The car willingly buys gardeners, summer residents, farmers and other business leaders. In addition, the tractor proved itself for walking behavior in the municipal area. The Universal Apparatus supports a large number of attachments, making it possible to expand the capabilities of the walk and meet the needs of each owner.

General information, purposes and design features

SHENLI 1800 – A professional class technique decorated in a modern and streamlined style. The aerodynamic case looks elegant against the background of the competitors. I have to admit that the developers of the Walk behavior tried to be right in the design plan. Model 1800 is produced for a long time, but at the same time it did not lose its relevance and elegant style. However, the technique proved successful not only in design, but also in constructive terms. So, the Walk twister tractor is equipped with a Japanese Honda AMS 190f engine. This is one of the most productive engines that exist on the market, among others.

In addition to a powerful ice, the machine is endowed with excellent control and independent of the road surface. Stenli is equipped with a differential as well as a built var for evening work. These devices greatly improve the convenience of management. In addition, large pneumatic wheels, which are already in the basic configuration of the tractor’s walking behavior, positively affected patency. Thanks to them, it is possible to process areas of any complexity, including virgin lands. And the articulated use with ground hooks improves stability and allows you to work at great depth.

We note the main advantages of SHENLI 1800:

  • Gear Shtenli Gear Shift 2 is an upgraded box with smooth and clear gears in every operation mode
  • Anti-Vibration Technology – eliminates the appearance of vibration at the handle, thereby simplifying the many hours of operation of the traveling motor motor unit. Thanks to this, the operator is less tired and can perform complex work
  • The decompression valve is an improved starting system, thanks to which the engine starts on the first try, regardless of climatic conditions and temperature changes. With this valve you can start an engine even after a long downtime
  • Ideal ergonomics – All systems for controlling the tractor for walking behavior are always at hand. These are levers responsible for throttle, clutch and gear shifting. All these elements are put on the handles.
  • Front headlight – provides an effective glow. The power of the light beam can be adjusted. This option allows you to work at any time of the day. Therefore there is no artificial lighting.
  • Flexible grip – has multiple settings and adjustments that allow you to adapt to any operator’s growth and complexion
  • Large pneumatic wheels with a deep pattern – according to this indicator, the wheels are practically inferior to the tractor counterparts. Such wheels greatly increase the ability and endurance of cros s-country and endurance on real roads
  • Dry clutch – has manual control and provides smooth shifting. Smoothness positively affects the reliability of the engine, without overloading it at high speeds
  • Fastards for Hitch – Universal hitch that allows you to install all available fastening devices. The Shenli Motoblock 1800 was developed using German components. The manufacturer gives him an official guarantee for him for two years.
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Stenli 1800 is an advanced motoblock that has absorbed modern technologies. The high quality of the components cannot doubt the reliability of the machine, giving confidence in its limitless possibilities. And yet the manufacturer strongly recommends running the product. However, other manufacturers of motoblocks have such recommendations. The ongoing procedure consists of several steps that allow you to work as much as possible and endure the internal details to increase their lifespan. In addition, this gives the Motornote the ability to adapt to the local conditions in which the technique is used on an ongoing basis.

  • Before starting the engine, it is necessary to check the condition of the external and crushed joints of the walkin g-behavio r-tractor. It also doesn’t hurt to measure the oil and fuel levels in the engine
  • When first started, the engine should work at idle for 30-40 minutes. You should also pay attention to the work of the gearbox, namely the shift mechanism. The speeds should turn on clearly and without much effort. The same applies to adhesion and gas
  • The first operation of the wal k-tractor in the conditions of soil processing – various types of work are allowed, including cultivation, plowing, sheathing, digging and planting of vegetable crops, water pumping, etc. during the transportation of goods, the load on the walk’s tracto r-Behaviour should not exceed 50% of the maximum load.
  • The default duration of the run-in-10-15 hours. This time is enough to evaluate the potential and capabilities of the technology. After completing the run, a second technical inspection of the walk tractor is required

Equipment not assembled

Consider the most common attachments for SHENLI 1800:

  • plow
  • Potat o-Cap
  • Potato
  • The Wizard
  • water pump
  • pump
  • The mills are additional
  • follower
  • floor hook
  • seeder
  • Adapter with a seat
  • team

Engine and working characteristics

A 0.4 liter Honda Intek OHV AMS190F engine is responsible for the power of the STENLY 1800. The engine is petrol, four and one cylinders. It is equipped with an older gearbox, where two speeds are responsible for forward movement, and one for reverse (reverse). The engine is designed for the power of 18 hp.

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From the other parameters we note the dimensions of the motblock: 1900 x 1400 x 900 mm. The mass of the device is 178 kg. The machine is designed for the processing width in the range of 800 to 1100 mm and the processing depth reaches 300 mm.

fuel consumption

SHENLI 1800 is equipped with a 6.5L fuel tank, which can last for 8-10 hours depending on the load. The average fuel consumption is 2 liters per hour. Consumption may increase slightly when processing land and store transportation.

Prices in Russia

Motoblock Shtenli 1800 can be purchased for 60,000 rubles. That’s how much a new copy costs in the basic configuration. The machine is also sold in the secondary market. Most specimens are in excellent condition. Their price is in the range of 35-45 thousand rubles. Attachments increase the cost by 10-15 thousand rubles.

Motoblocks Shtenli 1800. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



Motoblocks Shtenli 1800 belong to a series of heavy motoblocks, the weight of which, regardless of the modification and type of engine, is 185 kg.

Schtenli 1800

These models are designed for use on virgin, dense loam or clay soils. The power of all devices in this series is 18 hp. The line includes models with and without power take-off (PTO). The acreage for this walk behind tractor is up to 40 hectares.

All Shtenli 1800 series walk behind tractors are equipped with an air-cooled four-stroke petrol engine HM192F (Intek OHV).

Currently, Shtenli produces the following models of the 1800 series:

  • Pro Series N;
  • Professional series K2N;
  • Professional Series K2;
  • Professional Series K1;
  • K2N;
  • K2;
  • K1N;
  • K1;
  • N;
  • Shtenli 1800 (without PTO);
  • Shtenli P 1800 Pro series with reduced third gear;
  • pro series New design P with low third gear.

Shtenli P 1800 Pro series with a low third gear

The abbreviation of the manufacturer contains a special identification for the user. If you bought a Shtenli walk-behind tractor and you are not sure what type of device is in front of you, pay attention to the meaning of the following Latin letters:

  • K1 – plastic hood, a headlight;
  • K2 – plastic hood, two headlights;
  • B – glove box on the steering wheel;
  • R – steering gear shift;
  • D – steering differentials;
  • R – low gear;
  • D – diesel engine (there are no such walk-behind tractors in the 1800 series);
  • E – the presence of an electric starter.

With the help of Shtenli 1800 walk-behind tractors, the operator can perform such work as plowing, hilling, harrowing, cultivating, cultivating the land between rows with planted crops (for example, cultivating rows of strawberries).

A powerful engine with high pulling power can turn the walk behind tractor into a commodity transport device and transport crops from harvesting site to storage site.

As the experiences of farmers and reviews on farmer forums show, Shtenli 1800 walk-behind tractors are used all year round, including for snow removal, to clear the territories of private estates from leaves and debris.

Shtenli 1800 models equipped with a PTO shaft are used in combination with pumps (for irrigating areas), generators and other specific types of attachments.

Technical characteristics

The technical characteristics of the Shtenli 1800 series of walk-behind tractors are the pride of the manufacturer. The basis of the device is an 18-horsepower engine with a volume of 490 cm3.

The engine is characterized by compactness, low exhaust gas volume, reduced vibrations at full load operation and compliance with international quality standards.

class difficult
support of the attachment There is
Type of walk behind tractor
Engine Make and Model Honda AMS190F
type of engine Petrol, four-stroke, cylinders: 1
engine power 18 hp
engine volume 420cu. cm
number of gears 2 forward, 1 back
gear type graduated mechanical
clutch type disc
reducer type jagged
Turning back There is

Features of Shtenli 1800 walk behind tractors

  • compactness, but at the same time impressive dimensions, modern appearance of the device;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • conveniently designed gas outlet (for the safety of the operator);
  • an inverter with which you can quickly change the direction of movement of the han d-led tractor;
  • stable, wide air bikes with relief pattern;
  • Dry coupling;
  • Simple start – patented system;
  • Universal coupling for almost all household appliances;
  • Large volume of the fuel tank (more than 6 l);
  • Pto (some models in the 1800 series);
  • 5 bypass channels on the engine.

Motoblocks Shtenli 1800 work with three speeds (two forwards, one backwards). Gear shift. The width of the soil recording for work is 80 to 100 cm, the penetration depth of the knives in the soil is up to 30 cm The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 2 years.

All Shtenli 1800 han d-led tractors are equipped with:
  • pneumatic bikes;
  • Cutter;
  • Cyclists;
  • Footrests for maintaining stability in the event of no n-use;
  • Tools for assembling a han d-led tractor;
  • Guarantee card + operating instructions.


The han d-guided tractors Shtenli 1800 may only be used if all screw connections properly secure, the fuel tanks filled and the oil level is sufficient.

The most popular and most frequently used attachments for these handmade tractors: potato rotoders,

  • Plow,
  • Stollen,
  • Hiller,
  • Motor pump.

Important parts of Shtenli are cleaned after each use of dirt, grass, earth, oil or fuel residues.

Shtenli 1800 han d-led tractors have a classic arrangement of the parts: On the front of the han d-led tractor there is a attachment device, a motor and a gear that is covered with a protective cover. There are protective devices over the bikes. Under the steering column there is a curved crowd for the possibility of installing the han d-led tractor in a flat position when the mode is switched off.

The entry should take at least 8 hours, it is carried out immediately after the first commissioning of the singl e-axle tractor.

After driving in, the device may be used with 100 % of the strength resource: to cultivate new territory, to work with a plow and other attachments. The weight of the cargo transported in the trailer during the entrance time should be 60 % of the maximum (if a load capacity of 500 kg, transport approx. 350 kg at once).

Gear oil:
  • Gearbox 80W-90,
  • For the engine – SaE5 W-30,
  • Petrol AI92 (95).


Nikolay, Rostow:

“The hand-led Stanley tractor is powerful, that is,! Works with every attachment, as the sellers say I bought a plow and a potato planter. The 30 hectare property worked great. I loaded the trailer with sand and pulled out without any problems. Doesn’t like the pivots. And I have a complaint about switching down: somehow it goes on it quickly. But that’s a question for the developers. I like how the engine works, let’s see how the summer house will work in the next season. So far I have given an excellent assessment!

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