Shenli 900 engine blocks. Review, characteristics, reviews

It is worth buying a SHTESLI traffic block: technical features, reviews of the owner, the better the farmer

Today the heavy Motoblock Shtesley 1800 is rightly regarded as one of the best units in its class. The combination of German pedantry and Japanese quality in a product provided excellent results. The joint production technology of Shenli 1800 liters is characterized by incredible strength, reliability and broad opportunities. The transmission of the production of the Shenli 900 model to China has significantly reduced the price for finished products. So far, the engine blocks of Sschenli 500, 900, 1030, 1100, 1800 and 1900 have become more accessible to consumers. The popularity of cars is growing steadily because people get to know the really limitless potential of these units. According to the reviews of the happy owners of the Shenli 1800 Pro Motoblocks, it is simply impossible to find the best agricultural equipment for working in a hard Russian climate. The car has a fantastic power of 18 HP and is with the tasks that can only be taken for special devices.

Technical features of the walk tractor

The technology enters the packaging container in disassembled form. The assembly of the tractor of the walk is carried out by the personnel specialized i n-house business. After that, the performance of the goods, the availability of technical and financial documentation is carried out. It is tested to check the performance of the product. The engine is started, the headlights, the clutch, the correctness and clarity of the gear shifts are checked. The equipment is already defined in a potential buyer in a collected form.

Shenli 1030 Pro Motoblock has the following technical properties:

  • Motorbrand-Honda AMS-192 FB, petrol, four clock;
  • Work volume – 425 cm³;
  • Power – 18 hp;
  • Speed ​​- 3700 rpm;
  • Cooling – air, forced type;
  • Start – manually with the possibility of installing a battery and an electric starter;
  • Gears – gourmet gave with discussions;
  • Performance selection wave – on the front of the device;
  • Number of programs – 3 (2 front and 1 back);
  • Maximum speed/backward speed – 16/4 km/h;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 6.0 l;
  • Tank capacity for motor oil – 1.3 l;
  • Fuel consumption 1.2-1.5 l/h;
  • Wheels-Rubber Pneumatic 6.00-12 with a strong profile;
  • Weight without additional options with full dressing – 182 kg;
  • Dimensions (length/height/width) – 2300 x 1400 x 920 mm.

The Shenli 110 0-Walk tractor can loosen the heaviest floor to a depth of 35 cm. The detection width is 80-110 cm. When working with a reduced transmission, overheating the engine is excluded due to the presence of a special oil sensor on a low level. When a critical temperature reaches or decrease in the oil level, the automation switches off the engine.

Shttnley Motoblocks

The manufacturer ensured that after the purchase and assembly of the engine Shenli 1900 Pro could be used immediately to carry out agricultural and other work.

The principle of the device includes:

  • Build with half the sun and steering columns. A composition for preservation is used for all units, which prevents corrosion during transport and storage.
  • Wheels in a reduced state. The wheels are packed in a separate container to ensure security and integrity.
  • BREEN to loosen the floor. The tool is carried out in a modular shape and fixed separately by the wheels. The shape of the milling is easy to penetrate into the ground. Weeds are wounded together with the roots on the axis of the unit. The teeth of the milling cutters are made of hardened steel by forging.
  • Universal coupling. Using this device, it offers an attachment to the device of almost all types of additional devices, including household production.
  • Hood. It carries out a protective function and closes the body of the unit for precipitation, garbage and dust. Prevents smoke and soot on the operator.
  • A number of tools. It is enough to eliminate smaller malfunctions to adapt the game and the ignition, to disassemble and put together a motorcycle block, to carry out the current maintenance and a small repair.
  • Farah. It works for a generator that provides a straight and strong shine regardless of the engine speed. In contrast to most analogues, the headlights of the motifbler are adjusted by vertically and horizontally.
  • Glove compartment. A small but functional box can not only be used to save tools and consumables. You can put water, food and a set of replaced linen.
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The technology is attached to operating instructions, a smear card, a technical description and a guarantee card. Additional options are bought separately if necessary. The equipment as a motor cultivator can be used beforehand.

After buying, play the tractor for walks

After purchasing the device, he cannot immediately specify the maximum load. His details and components have not yet gone to each other. In order to work with full commitment with full commitment, the power plant, gearbox and chassis are required in the tractor of the walk behavior. It must be carried out in full to avoid damage to the device and accelerate the wear on the knots.

The new motoblock should go into the following sequence:

  • Get it out of the packaging, remove all the transport bands, stoppers and safety devices. Perform an external inspection to detect damage.
  • Remove the conservative lubricant with a soft cloth. Treat electrical contacts with alcohol to remove oil.
  • Attach to the wheel of the wheel. Check how freely you scroll. To do this, the case must be canceled and the focus is on. Perform the equipment, make sure that this knot is about the maintenance of this node and lower the device to the ground.
  • Use a wrench all screwed joints on the power plant, the gearbox and the frame. Connect the headlight with the generator.
  • To unscrew the spark plug, make sure that the gap is displayed correctly. Wipe the contacts, screw the candle back.
  • Pour the oil into the crankcase, season the fuel tank up to the maximum brand. After a few minutes, examine the tanks for the presence of LECKS.
  • Bring the engine with you and let it work in idle for 20 to 30 minutes. To observe all the time over the condition of the crankcase and the seals. After idle, the device is drowned and conducts an examination. If everything is fine, you can continue.

The next step is to operate the machine at half the maximum load for 8-10 hours. To make this process less tedious, you can attach the adapter to the Walk behavior’s tractor and continue on it. Having passed the obligatory course of running in the unit, you can work without restrictions on the load: plowing, cultivating and towing goods.

Optional equipment

Such powerful and multifunctional agricultural machines as the Motor Block Sschenli 1800, it is advisable to equip the options with a number of options. With the help of special devices, the device can be turned into a multifunctional mini-actor, which not only plows, but also sows, removes the crop and cultivates the territory.

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For this purpose, the following devices are used:

  • plows. To increase virgin areas and neglected areas, it is better to use single string tools. You can cultivate soft soil with plows with 2-4 sneakers. Before plowing overgrown areas, you need to clear them of grass and bushes.
  • rotary mower. They are installed in the front bracket and attached to the power of the power selector with a belt. A haymaker with 2 knives catches a strip 140 cm wide and cuts off grass and bushes. It is advisable to purchase trailing rakes for a Heu License plate.
  • Helper. These are products of a wide spectrum of action. With their help, beds are made, the soil is loosened, weeds are removed between the rows. The tractor for walk behavior is adapted to work with single row, double row perch with disc and switch types.
  • snow removal equipment. A rotary snow track is used to combat dense snowdrifts. It is better to remove fresh snow with a front pad or rotary brush. Snow cleaning devices have a detection range of 80 to 100 cm.
  • drilling rigs. The power and weight of the device are enough to dig pits with a diameter of up to 30 cm. Drilling brown allows you to make wells on water, holes for pillars, supports and seedlings.
  • country rates. Potato and potato bundles help reduce the amount of heavy manual labor. These tools lay tubers to a depth of 25 cm. The harvest is carried out with an edging width of 30 cm.

The power selection shaft on the Walk behavior’s tractor allows it to be used as a drive for acting devices. The device provides rotational power for a water pump, a multicore, an electric generator and a woodworking machine.

Trailer and improve patency

Despite the fact that wide wheels are installed on the walk tractor and themselves have an impressive weight, this is not always enough to keep the ground reliable. To eliminate slip, floors for a walk-behaviour tractor are used. Their diameter is 30-60 cm, and the weight of a pair is from 40 to 70 kg. Soil hooks are installed in cases where plowing is performed on loose or wet soil.

You can solve the problem of skidding without replacing the wheels with the primer. This is done with the help of weighting means installed on the half-shafts and the frame of the device.

Some owners of the walking behavior are welded to its frame, which contains containers of water or sandbags. In winter, the wheels are replaced with modular tracks that turn a walk tractor into a full snowmobile.

Improving the convenience of the unit and expanding its functionality is achieved through the use of such excluded devices:

  • Adapter. It is used to travel at different distances when the road is in poor condition. The adapter removes the charge of the employee’s feet during the processing of large areas.
  • Freight trailer. Used in landing and cleaning work. In the adjacent area, the use of supporters is necessary to transport heavy things, garbage collection and a movement of mass freight. Pendants are divided into single axes and double axes.
  • Combined carts. You have 2 seats, chassis and a small body. The drawbar of the cart is adapted for the fastening fastening. You can use carts for excursions to a picnic, fishing or a rural shop for purchases.
  • Sleds. They are used for the transport of people and various goods in winter. Design is divided into sliding methods. You can buy a sled with flat bottom or on the runners.
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With good liability on the floor and a reduced corridor, the motorcycle of trailers with a weight of up to 1000 kg can be towed. Such possibilities are used in the implementation of emergency rescue operations. The SHTESLI units successfully pull out cars that are in mud and snow, incorrect devices, motorcycles and snowmobiles. On a good flat street, motor blocks can accelerate with a trailer to 18 km/h.

The advantages of Shenli engine blocks

In the development of this technology series, its designers used the most modern technologies and the most wor k-most materials. Products significantly exceed most domestic and foreign analogues in terms of technical features and business skills.

The Motoblocks of the Stenli are characterized by the following advantages:

  • The presence of a decompression valve. This device offers a guaranteed start of the engine even in winter and after maintaining.
  • Innovative gears Shtenli Gear Shift 2+ (SGS 2+). The mechanism offers a clear and smooth gang shift. All gears are well equipped and are in close contact.
  • Light and durable headlights. Offers excellent visibility in all weather conditions. The lighting sector is wide enough to use no additional lights.
  • Functional steering. The column and the levers are coordinated in 2 aircraft so that they can adapt them under the complexion of a person. If necessary, the steering wheel shifts aside so that the operator does not trample the plowed floor.
  • Convenience of management. All levers and buttons are placed on the steering mechanism. The operator can carry out actions without stopping the device and not being distracted from work.
  • The system of reducing vibrations and noise. With great strength and solid weight, the device works almost quietly. Shock absorbers are so well deleted by vibrations of the engine that it is almost not felt on the handles.
  • Universal mounts for additional options. They are suitable for all types of strikers and trailer devices that exist today. In this case, you can set the depth of immersion in the soil.
  • The ability to increase the wheelbase. This is achieved by installing expansion cables on Semi program or special pads on wheels.
  • Simplicity of the service. The unit does not require any special care, regularly and outdated. All he needs is cleaning dirt, normal Öler set and spark plugs.

The purchase of a hand-led Shtenley tractor is a promising and practical investment. In a complete set, this machine will completely replace a whole fleet of special devices. As for durability, the manufacturer guarantees at least 10 years of product service.

Owner reviews

User ratings and video reviews of the most popular models of hand-led Shtenli tractors will help you to evaluate the agricultural device when buying. It should be noted immediately that you can only buy a new han d-led tractor of this brand in Belarus, so you have to be ready to pay for shipping to Russia.

Reviews about Shtenli 900 are shared. Owners of small areas with soft soil are fully satisfied with the model. However, if the requirements for the machine are more serious, the following problems occur during operation: poor processing quality of many components of the han d-led tractor, the gear must be improved and the most important technical properties are easily overestimated.

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There are both positive and negative opinions about the han d-led petrol tractor Shtenli 1030. From the plus points you will notice an acceptable price, the presence of a pfwell for connecting various attachments and large inflatable bikes. The model has some disadvantages: the specified engine power is 8.5 hp. Strongly overestimated, processing quality leaves something to be desired, users have problems with gearboxes, brake button, wheels (often eight, fragile bearings) and headlights.

The han d-led heav y-duty tractor Shtenli 1800 has established itself as a successful work animal. For example, a mini tractor based on the han d-led tractor Shtenli 1800, which was created by attaching an adapter and a trailer car, enables up to 500 kg to wear loads. The owners of this model emphasize such positive aspects as: high productivity, economical petrol consumption, performance and weight of the device enable plowing of floors of all kinds and (including new territory) at acceptable costs. In addition to the advantages listed, the following disadvantages occur during operation: complex control and maintenance of the machine, the stop button is common and the differential only works well with assembled units.

The strongest model Shtenli 1900 Pro series 18 HP with a paw wave receives positive reviews from the owners who determine many advantages:

  • A slope gear enables the han d-led tractor to easily drive with a loaded trailer through difficult sections in uneven terrain;
  • It easily plows large areas with any kind of floor;
  • The powerful Honda AMS 190F petrol engine is reliable and stable.

From the minus points of Shtenli 1900 Pro, farmers most often notice: the unreliability of the design of the assembled units (plow and Hiller), the considerable fuel consumption as well as some defects in the turning, the starter and the ignition switch.

Which han d-guided tractor is better: farmer or shtenley

If we compare two similar han d-held tractors assembled in China – Shtenli 1900b and Fermer F M-909MSL.

  • Device of the Farmer brand with a 9-PS petrol engine. Has a good processing quality; the presence of a low gear at a pleasant speed, an improved gear (3 + 1) and a clutch that enable a gentler start of movement; Light weight. The plow depth is 15-30 cm, the working width 85-100 cm. The average costs in Russia are 50,500 rubles.
  • The Shtenli 1900V model with similar characteristics has an engine power of 14 hp, a working width of 45-130 cm and a maximum plowing depth of 40 cm. The weight of the unit without attachments is 175 kg. The technical parameters of the machine allow it to cope with any type of soil on medium-sized plots (up to 0.5 ha). However, judging by the reviews of the owners, the assembly of the walk-behind tractor has many shortcomings. They write that it is impossible to assemble a walk-behind tractor without a drill, a grinder and your own screws, that everything rests “on snot” and quickly fails. The average cost in Russia, including delivery, is 44,000 rubles.

Dear farmers who own Shtenli brand walk-behind tractors, share your opinion about working with them in the comments.

Shenli 900 engine block overview. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

The Stanley 900 walk-behind tractor is used for loosening and cultivating the soil, as well as for a variety of other agricultural work. Most often this technique can be found in farms, as it has a simple and convenient design.

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Shenli 900 motorized block

The Shtenley 900 walk-behind tractor is equipped with a Honda gasoline engine with a capacity of 9 hp and air cooling, a chain transmission and a dry clutch belt.

Due to its light weight, this model is easy to maneuver and handle.

The steering rod is equipped with special shock absorbers that allow you to comfortably control the movement of the machine, and its height can be adjusted to the specific height of the operator.

Specifications Shtenli 900

Engine power: 8 hp
Engine brand: M168F (Intek OHV Honda)
engine volume: 211cc
Transmission type: Chain
Transfers: Forward – 2, back – 1
Fuel tank volume: 6 л
fuel consumption: 0.9 l/h
Processing width: up to 800-1100mm
Processing depth: up to 300mm
wheel size: 4×8
Dimensions: 1390x800x1070mm
PTO: no
The weight: 90kg

application features

If you are the owner of a new Stanley 900 walk-behind tractor, before starting work you must assemble (according to the manual) and run-in the unit:

  1. pour in fuel and oil;
  2. Warm up the engine at idle;

The first 3-4 hours it is necessary to work the soil with 50% of the maximum power of the machine. Change the oil after the break-in.

During further operation, be sure to check the reliability of the fastening devices, because if they are not properly aggregated, they can fly out of the PTO and harm the health of the operator.

Shenli 900 motorized block

Shtenli 900 device

  • To reduce outgoing vibrations, a special anti-vibration system has been installed on the Shtenli 900 walking tractor, which absorbs most of the transmitted vibrations.
  • An optimally designed gas outlet allows you to direct the exhaust to the side.
  • Thanks to the 6.5 × 12 large wheels, the device is optimally crossed over swampy and rough terrain.
  • With the help of the built-in universal coupling, it is possible to work with a coupling from other manufacturers.

Shenli 900 motorized block

Shtenli 900 user manual

Read the operating instructions before starting up. It describes the principle of operation of the Stanley 900 walk-behind tractor, the rules for its assembly, running-in, maintenance and correct operation.

Stenley 900 waiting

In order to increase the maximum service life of the Shtenli 900 walk-behind tractor, it is recommended to carry out maintenance on the machine in accordance with the operator’s manual.

At the end of the work, remove the remaining dirt and the remaining dust from the device to avoid corrosion. Before the demolition, check the presence of fuel and lubricant, the reliability of the fastening of the fastening devices and the lack of leaks.

Replace the oil every 25 hours and clean the fuel and air filter. It is recommended that the engine with a 10W-40 classification of leading European manufacturers is poured into the engine.

Shenli 900 Video Video

Below is the process of the floor of Shenli 900 Motoblock:

Owner reviews

Here are what evaluations in thematic forums about the experience of operating the Motor Block Stenly 900 are preserved:


“I was manually tired to clean the weeds and dig a garden. I needed a hig h-quality and inexpensive assistant. I chose Stenley 900 because it was perfect for me at a price, but I don’t need a special frills. In his work, he turned out to be reliable and not bizarre for the fuel. On average, consumption is one liter per hour, which is not much, but the work area is huge.

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