Shenli 1900 per series. Review, characteristics, reviews

Shenli Motoblock 1900: The main features and operating rules

Shenli Motor Blocks are hig h-quality agricultural technology that is taken into account taking into account innovations and the latest technologies. The product range is designed for both a professional user and a beginner who works on a personal property.

A worthy model of this manufacturer is the engine “Shenli 1900 Pro”, which is very popular with the consumer.


The motor blocks of the Shenli 1900 Pro model are located in the leading positions of their family because they are 14 liters equipped with a powerful petrol petrol engine. With. and 18 l. With. as well as a rather thoughtful gear. The technology has a gear drive, 3 front and a rear speed. With a weight of 175 kilograms, the unit is characterized by a width of the processing of 90-110 cm and a depth of 15 to 30 centimeters. A walk tractor with reduced equipment contributes to a comfortable performance of various work.

The advantages of the machine include the established ant i-vibration system, which contributes to lowering the vibrations on the steering hose. “Shenli 1900 Pro” has a strong halogen headlight thanks to which it can be used in the dark.

The device has the optimal length of the hexagonal wave, a cast specialist gear with a conical transmission. In addition, the advantages of the device are the presence of a practical glove compartment and the possibility of configuring the grip for every growth.

Characteristics of the Walk behavior: Tractor:

  • The bypass The engine drips in the amount of 5 parts to improve the fuel distribution.
  • The modified gearbox ensures switching.
  • The lightness of the start is guaranteed by the presence of a decompression valve.
  • Attach universality;
  • Dry coupling does not cause difficulties in maintenance.
  • Large bikes offer additional stability.

This type of agricultural technology is used by farmers, owners of greenhouses, personal actions and gardens. In addition to good technical properties, Motoblock has an attractive appearance, design and consists of high quality details. “Shenli 1900 Pro” is used in virgin countries, clay, clay, peat and lime floor.

The maneuverability of devices enables you to use them for various economic work on floors. Numerous economic work is carried out using attachments that can be attached to the machine.

The technology has practically no defects, except that it weighs quite a bit so that it is attributed to heavy machines.

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Correct operation and maintenance

Every user of the Walk behavior must be able to use it properly. For this purpose, every product is connected to the operating manual that describes the principles of its use in detail. If the clutch, set the carburetor, set the plow, switch on the wheels free – simple processes that can be done for the performance of each owner.

The basic rules “Shenli 1900 Pro” are the following:

  • The ru n-Im run for 8 hours, while the load of the engine should be 2/3 of the power supply;
  • In the winter season for the walk tractor, it is worth using synthetic oil, and in the summe r-Sem i-Synthetic;
  • It is necessary to pour oil after you have passed all 50 mothers.
  • To store, the device must be left with a prepared tank and a card for oil.
  • The storage of the machine should be indoors with plus temperature.
  • The spark plugs, oil filters must be cleaned or changed annually.

Problems and their elimination

The most common malfunctions that the user of the Walk behavior faces.

  • Reduction of engine power. The reason for this situation could be a blocked carburetor, cylinder, silencer, air hose or gasoline, so that they should be cleaned thoroughly. In a situation in which a power reduction occurred after a long storage, you have to start the device and work a little on it. In the absence of compression, it is worth replacing piston rings or cylinders.
  • Lack of reaction in the engine at the start. The reason for this situation can be a motor tendency that should be put in a horizontal position. If the filter or hole of the tank is closed, they should be cleaned. The problem can be hidden in the candle, because this is worth checking the wires and the “stop” buttons. Don’t forget to clean or replace candles.
Roses over ...

  • The motor function occurs during interruptions and plugs. To get started, the engine should warm up well. Then clean the candles or replace the magneto.
  • The revolutions of the “idle” are unstable. The reason for this malfunction can be based on a large gap of the lid from the gear. To eliminate the problem, it is worth creating a gap less.
  • Motobobok smoke. This situation can occur due to poor quality of petrol or an excessive inclination of the unit.
  • The starter is loud that cord falls. The screeching of the machine can occur due to excessive lubrication on balls that should be cleaned well. If the starter pop is heard, the problem can be hidden in the fact that the power supply system cannot perform its tasks efficiently.

In order to determine the functioning of the tractor for walk injuries, it is worth removing garbage from the valve and air filter.

Unmounted equipment

The equipment of the walk tractor offers bikes made of rubber, mills, a universal problem, a step, a number of tools and spare parts, instructions in addition to the device. Every owner of “Shenli 1900 Pro” has the opportunity to improve the device and complement them with hinge devices.

The most common trailer coupling for a walk tractor:

  • Dealer;
  • Plow;
  • Potato cutting edge;
  • Potato residents;
  • Follower;

  • Adapter with a seat;
  • Water pumps;
  • Hooks;
  • Sot h-machines;
  • additional mills;
  • Metal bikes;
  • Rotor mower.


Many people who are landowners preferred the “Shenli 1900 Pro” motoblock. The users’ ratings indicate economic fuel consumption, good performance and a hig h-quality steering wheel holder. In addition, people who use these units are satisfied with a long service life and a high processing of virgin and heavy soils.

Cars do a good job with landing and ditch of potatoes and other root plants.

“Shenli 1900 Pro” refers to hig h-quality and robust units. Some reviews pursue information about minor problems as well as hubs and differentials of poor quality. A small number of users have questions about operating instructions that do not contain all the necessary information.

When buying this type of equipment, you will receive a reliable assistant who will help you maintain the territory in every season. This purchase is calculated quickly, the machines are easy to use, multifunctional, hig h-quality assembled and perform all tasks excellently. A singl e-axle tractor with low gear requires correct care, retracting, careful use and hig h-quality fuel.

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Information on planting potatoes with a han d-led tractor can be found in the video.

You can find an overview of the properties and operating rules of the han d-led Tractor Shtenli 1900 Pro in the following video.

Motoblocks Shtenli 1900 Pro series. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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The Shtenli 1900 Pro series is a high-performance device for any kind of floor. With his help, the farmer will be able to build agriculture on a virgin country as well as a whole series of garden and land work, e.g. B. cultivation, milling, hills, eggs, to carry out without any problems.

The presence of a tap wave on the Shtenl i-Anachstract – a tap wave – extends the technical potential of the device and makes the singl e-axis tractor a really universal helper for the farmer. It is possible to connect a mower, a snow blower, a chopper, a garlic planter and other devices to Shtenli 1900.

Shtenli 1900 Pro series Shtenli 1900 Pro series

The Shtenli 1900 Pro series is equipped with a petrol engine that was produced under Honda Intek OHV-AMS-192-FB license, the number of motor cycles is 4. The power of this motor is 18 hp. The displacement is 420 cm3. The tank volume is 6.5 liters with a consumption of 1.3 liters of gasoline per hour. In order to refuel this model of a handled tractor, the manufacturer recommends using AI-92 petrol. Speed ​​mode: 3+1 (1 reverse gear).

Basic equipment of the han d-led tractor of the Shtenli 1900 Pro series:
  • Motoblock Shtenli packed;
  • Rubber wheels with a wide tread (wheel dimension 7.00×12);
  • Schneider (32 knives, disassembled);
  • Universal coupling that enables almost all household appliances;
  • A headlight that makes working in the evening more pleasant;
  • Signs for assembly over the wheels;
  • Footrest for a stable stand;
  • Tool set – is used during assembly;
  • Guarantee card;
  • Russian operating instructions.

Features of the han d-led tractor of the Shtenli 1900 Pro series

  • five bypass valves on the engine that improve the fuel distribution during operation of the hand-led Shtenley tractor;
  • Gearbox – modified, such as B. Shtenli Gear Shift 2+, ensures smooth shifting without jerking;
  • The decompression valve is equipped with an easy start function;
  • Vibration suppression system to stabilize the handles for the safety of the operator;
  • universal bracket;
  • Dry coupling, maintenanc e-friendly and optimal in the company;
  • Large bikes that give the device additional stability;
  • Low corridor that makes the operator’s work easier with the singl e-axle tractor without loss of function.
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Motoblock Shtenli 1900 Pro series

The listed technical features make the han d-led tractor of the Shtenli 1900 series popular with farmers and owners of greenhouses, gardens and household plots. In addition to the technical equipment, the Shtenli-Anachstract is characterized by an attractive design and the high quality of all connections. Due to the presence of a low gear, the device can save more power even at low speeds.

Technical characteristics

Shtenli 1900 is equipped with a gear drive, the crankshaft is horizontally aligned. The working width of the han d-led tractor is 80 to 100 cm and is set by the operator.

The work depth with the floor is standard – 30 cm Stanley is quite large: 190x140x90 cm at the same time remain its maneuverability, speed and productivity at a high level.

The Shtenli weight of this model is 178 kg. This is a heavy device that can quickly plow new ground or transport a load with a weight of up to 500 kg in a car. The manufacturer guarantees the device for 2 years.


You can use the han d-led tractor of the Shtenli 1900 Pro series on the following soil types:

  • Virgin soil of all kinds;
  • Volume;
  • loamy;
  • Peat;
  • calcareous.

It is recommended to edit sandy floors with lighter hand-led tractors in order to avoid idle load on the engine or working in a lower gear, which is also available in the hand-led tractor of the 1900 professional series.

The SHTENLI 1900 Pro series device is very simple: the technology has a classic layout of its components. The attachment device, the headlights and the opener are located on the front of the structure, and the joysticks are on the operator.

The steering column is adjustable in height. The engine and gearbox are not covered by a protective housing, but this is compensated for by the strength of the structure and the high quality of the housing materials.

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operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance of the han d-led tractor of the Shtenli 1900 Pro series are carried out in accordance with the following rules:

  • Run in 8 to 10 hours, motor load – 2/3 of the performance;
  • Motor oil – SAE5 W-30 (synthetic in winter, sem i-synthetic in summer), gear oil – 80 W-90 (or equivalent viscosity);
  • Oil change – after entering, then every 50 hours;
  • During storage, the han d-led tractor is left with an empty petrol tank and oil pan;
  • Store the device at a positive temperature;
  • Replace or clean the spark plug, oil and petrol filter once a year.


Nikolai, Orjol region:

“I bought a Shtenli 1900 in an online shop, I also got a plow and a potato rotor. Special thanks for the gifts to the shop, but now I will describe the han d-led tractor myself. Collected to be honest, the whole family, the instructions did not seem in detail. I was satisfied with the steering wheel holder, the steering structure itself. Habe and differentials disappointed, lots of play! I was annoyed about it, but then they explained to me that it is normal when there is a game on the hexagon. Now for performance: the singl e-axle tractor is really very strong, a smaller course is very welcome with such performance. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. “

Igor, Serpuchow:

“When buying this model, I personally found an unpleasant” bonus “in the form of impossibility to adjust the gas lever to a minimum – this was prevented by a decorative shield. Not comfortable! The rest of the hand-led Shtenley tractor is worthy “

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