Shantui SL50W wheel loader – Description and Specifications

Shantui SL50W wheel loader.

The Shantui SL50W wheel loader is a versatile, productive, safe and cost-effective construction equipment with high productivity. It can be used in industries, agriculture, municipalities, mining (mining and quarrying), warehouses and logging. The loader is indispensable in the construction of industrial, residential and civil buildings, as well as in the construction and repair of roads. The machine is the sales leader among the Chinese machines, which perform loading and unloading work.

Photo front loader shantui SL50W-2.

Photo of Shantui SL50W-2 front end loader

features and benefits

The high popularity of the Shantui SL50W loader is due to its versatility and multi-functionality. The equipment is used instead of narrow-profile machines such as bulldozers, dump trucks, draglines, excavators, bulldozers, etc. It can easily cope with earthmoving, transportation, loading and unloading of materials.

Due to its compact size, the loader has excellent maneuverability. The all-wheel drive capability increases off-road capability so you can work on any type of terrain.

Shantui SL50W photo loader

Photo of Shantui SL50W Loader

Loader features include:

  • A control panel designed for easy and precise operation, providing the ability to monitor the operation of the units;
  • A wide range of attachments to expand the range of applications for the machine. This list includes shovels, grabs, and mechanisms to increase unloading height;
  • Sealed cab with comfortable seat, large glazing and shock absorber to absorb vibration and shock from mechanical effects;
  • RRS system;
  • bucket leveling function.

specifications and dimensions

The main technical specifications of the Shantui SL50W include:

  • lifting capacity – 5 tons;
  • Digging force – 100 kN;
  • Machine weight 17 tons;
  • Maximum speed – 38 km/h;
  • Maximum dumping height – 3.18 m;
  • Maximum dumping length – 1.16 m.

Standard equipment includes a main bucket with teeth with a capacity of 1.8 m3 and a coal bucket with a capacity of 2.2 m3. Cycle time is reduced to 9.5 seconds.

Shantui SL50 dimensions

dimensions of the Shantui SL 50

The weight of the machine is low compared with counterparts, as well as the overall dimensions. The smaller frame reduces turning radius, allowing the loader to work efficiently in small spaces (warehouses, narrow city streets). The SL50V has overall dimensions of 7.94m x 3.07m x 3.43m. Wheelbase length is 3.25 m and the turning radius is reduced to 6 m.

Fuel consumption is 214 g/kW per hour of operation. The diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 280 liters.

Dimensions, mm 8054x3072x3410
maximum traction force, kN 162
maximum breakout force 185
Static load while tipping, kg 10000
Permissible incline, ° 30
Minimum Radius of Swivel, mm
– relative to bucket 6590
– relative to wheel 7256
steering angle, ° 36


Several types of engines can be installed on the Shantui SL50W-2. All meet emissions standards and are environmentally friendly, low-noise and low-consumption.

  1. Cummins Dongfeng engine, low-noise and reliable power plant.
  2. Four-stroke six-cylinder engine manufactured by Weichai (China). The WD10G220E23 is equipped with a turbocharger and is rated at 162 kW. Maximum torque is 908 Nm, and the shaft rotates at 2200 rpm. The exhaust is Tier II compliant. System failure probability is reduced by 30% and efficiency is increased. All energy generated is used for the task at hand. Consumption of diesel fuel is reduced by 10%, one of the reasons of this effect is reduced friction between mechanisms.
  3. Xichai 4-stroke power plant equipped with a direct fuel system. It is an economical and environmentally friendly unit. Its volume is 8.3 liters and power output is 160 kW. The torque limit and rpm are the same as those of the previous engine. Cylinder diameter is 12.1 mm.
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An optional preheater can be installed, which heats the combustion mixture before it enters the combustion chamber. This makes it possible to start the engine at sub-zero temperatures. Model Eberspacher Hydronic-10M can be assembled with any of the power plants.

SL50W SL50W-2 SL50W-3
engine Weichai WD10G220E23 Shanghai SC11CB220G2B1 Dongfeng Cummins 6CTA83-C215
Rated power (kW/U) 162/2000 162/2200 160/2000
Minimum Diesel consumption, g/kWh 215 230 202
max. torque, Nm 900 843 908


The Shantui SL50W loader has a zig-zag base frame that, combined with high tie-down force, makes the machine highly productive. A wide wheelbase and 17 tons of weight ensure stability on any surface. The installation of the improved articulated frame ensures a small turning radius. High-strength steel with high manganese content is used as the basic material, which increases the reliability of the supercharger. Dust bags are provided to reduce wear and tear on the blower bodies.

The two parts of the frame are articulated, each with many quality welds. The pivots are mounted in the middle of the drive axles, ensuring smooth and flexible operation of the equipment.


The Shantui SL50W wheel loader has two braking systems. The first is service brake, the second is parking brake. This makes operating the equipment safe. Braking is by dual-channel air-hydraulic brake and disc brakes equipped with 4-wheel calipers. The handbrake is a belt brake and the disc system can be ordered as an option.

Shantui SL50W Wheels

The truck’s axles are made by Meritor (USA). They are characterized by independent steering, which increases the maneuverability of the truck, the ability to move forward and backward speeds even on rough terrain. Axle drive axles are manufactured by Xuzhou and Feicheng. They help increase the torque transmitted by the engine.

The functionality of the machine is controlled by a modern hydraulic transmission. This type of machine requires little effort to operate the equipment. The hydraulic booster facilitates fast and precise operation of the forklift. Two transmissions are available for this model. These are BYD4208 and BS428. Both units include a reduction gear with a constant number of gearing teeth, a hydraulic mechanism for shifting and an intermediate shaft. The unit is compact and capable of shifting two forward and two reverse gears. Spreader shafts are front and rear mounted.

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hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the Shantui SL50W loader employs a system including a pump and an electric circuit. It ensures reliability, efficiency, and long life without risk of breakdown.

Hose lines are equipped with double Cone-O seals which are DIN-approved in Germany. They guarantee tightness and prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid from the system.

An oil inlet is installed to reduce the wear and tear of the hydraulic system components. This extends the service life of all system components and reduces repair material costs.

Steering is simplified with the installation of coaxial flow hydraulic booster, the joints of which are designed to connect the loader and to facilitate steering of the loader.

driver’s cabin

The Shantui SL50W front loader features a comfortable and ergonomic operator’s compartment. The large glass surface offers a wide view angle and ensures safety when working. The cab can be accessed from both sides. The reinforced and sturdy structure is designed for high loads and protects the operator during working hours. ROPS safety system is provided as safety features.

Shantui SL50W cab entrance

Comfort in sunny weather is due to the installation of tinted windows, which can vary in color. The manufacturer offers different variants of glass in green and dark brown colors. This reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation entering the cabin.

Standard equipment includes the installation of a radio and air conditioning. The latter can regulate the temperature and airflow in the cab, creating a comfortable climate throughout the entire work shift.

Shantui SL50W drinking cab

Shantui SL50W Cab Driver’s Cabin

The pressurized cab keeps dust out while working. The large glass area provides an overview of the entire work area and the shock absorbing seat absorbs vibration and dynamic shocks. Not only the seat shock absorbers but also the dampers on the engine and cab are designed to reduce vibrations. This ensures the operator’s comfort while performing his tasks. The Grammer seat is designed to increase driver comfort and reduce stress and fatigue.

control system

The Shantui 50 is equipped as standard with an automatic leveling system. This puts the operator in control of the rest of the work process. The 50-2 features proportional power control (PPC).

Easy operation and maintenance

For easy maintenance of the Frontui SL50W-2 front end loader, Drie can tilt the hood and swivel it to the side, as long as unobstructed access to the necessary parts is ensured. The composite frame lubrication consists of two main tanks located in close proximity to the engine compartment. The oil tank is covered by a dust cover, which means that no outside particles can penetrate the fluid.

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The two sides of the shroud and rear end are expandable and removable, ensuring easy maintenance, inspection and repair work.

The fuel tank can also be turned over as it is secured by a swivel joint. Behind the tank there are some assemblies that need to be checked regularly.

Unassembled equipment

The price of the shantui SL50W depends on the equipment. Standard operating equipment includes control levers, implements (buckets), rocker arm and connecting rod.

The standard implement has a maximum dumping height of 3.08 m and can handle loads weighing up to 3 tons. This equipment is located in front of the machine. The work cycle lasts 9 seconds. The root devices have a forced unloading function, and the bucket can be lowered by 45 degrees. The mechanism is controlled with joysticks.

Shantui SL50W with forestry grapple

Shantui SL50W with forestry stick

You can also purchase:

  • Tax Receiver;
  • Coal bucket;
  • Snowplow;
  • Side discharge bucket;
  • Bucket with increased dumping height;
  • grass grabber;
  • Gabel cador;
  • rock bucket;
  • Manipulator for pallet materials, etc.

Dust protectors for the main body fingers are installed to increase service life.

Video of the shantui SL50W loader in action.


The price of the shantui SL50W-2 is slightly higher than the standard model, as the SL50W-2 is one of the versions. The SL50W-3 and SL50WA versions are also available. The latter has a smaller turning radius due to the reduced wheelbase. The features do not differ from the standard SL50W. The fuel tank has an improved design, which can simplify the process of refueling.

Price and usage

The price of Frontui SL50W-2 front-end loader starts at 4.5 million rubles. Used model can be bought for 2.3 million rubles. And more depends on the condition of the machine, operation and year of manufacture.

It is possible to rent a technique for 12,000 rubles.

Analog .

The properties of the shantui SL50W-2 loader are similar to the parameters of the Japanese Komatsu WA350-3 loaders, which can be attributed to the analogues of this machine. The price of analogues is slightly higher, which makes SL50W more profitable machine in the eyes of the buyer.

Shantui SL50W wheel loader.

Loader 57420-2297801

The Shantui SL50W skid steer loader has a redip. It is multifunctional and requires special equipment for various domestic and industrial uses. It is popular in mining and quarrying, residential, municipal, public works, warehouses and forestry. The loader is used in industrial, residential and road construction applications.

The Shantui SL50W is regarded as China’s finest brand front end loader. It is appreciated for its good performance, safety, high stability of operation and relatively low cost.

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The demand for a front loader is explained very simply. It is capable of replacing many special narrow-profile machines of different types: shredder, bulldozer, dump truck, excavator, and planer. The Shantui SL50W can also be used as a conventional earthmoving machine for loading and unloading, lifting and loading and unloading.

The model is small and highly maneuverable. Four-wheel drive makes the Chinese loader very cross-country ability and allows it to work on different types of terrain.

The Shantui SL50W is equipped with a power system that is highly environmentally friendly. The engine has low noise and exhaust emissions, and average fuel consumption.

The special Z-shaped design and high spoon force make this machine incredibly productive. The wide wheelbase coupled with a fairly high weight provides excellent stability, and the overbending frame provides medium-volume Wenderadius. The loader keys are made of high-quality material, which increases the reliability of the equipment.


Two braking systems (pneumatic brakes and handbrake) make working on the loader as safe as possible. Dust bags protect the moving parts of the shantui SL50W and extend the service life.

Model features include:

  • Automatic shovel function;
  • PPC system;
  • Sealed driver’s cab with comfortable seat, good visibility and vibration damping for operator comfort;
  • Large selection of optional equipment increasing the versatility of the model (wood and hay grabs, equipment to increase unloading height, jaws, rock buckets, etc.);
  • A working field that reduces the intensity of the work.

“Shantui 50 is a true bestseller of the Chinese brand.


The Shanui SL50W is equipped with a 1.8 cubic yard main shovel and a 2.2 cubic yard coal shovel. Loading capacity is 5000 kg, digging power of 100 kN. Work cycle time is 9.5 seconds. At 17,000 kg, it is very fast. The top speed of the Shantui 50 is 38 km/h.


The unit’s dimensions:

  • Length – 7940 mm;
  • Width: 3,072 mm;
  • Height – 3430 mm;
  • Wheelset – 3250 mm;
  • Minimum Venderadius – 6000 mm.


  • Maximum unloading height – 3178 mm;
  • Maximum unloading path – 1160 mm.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for this model is 214 g/kWh. The unit’s fuel tank holds up to 280 liters of fuel.


The Shantui SL50W has several powertrain options:

  1. XICHAI 4-stroke direct injection diesel unit. This unit is characterized by high fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Power of the 8.3-liter engine is 160 kW, maximum torque – 908 Nm, speed – 2200 rpm, cylinder diameter – 121 mm;
  2. Weichai WD10G220E23 4-stroke 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Power of this unit is 162 kW, maximum torque is 908 Nm, rpm is 2200 rpm;
  3. Dongfeng Cummins diesel engine with low noise level and high reliability.

The Shantui SL50W features the Eberspacher Hydronic-10m diesel engine, which makes it easy to start the machine in cold weather. This device can work with any type of engine installed on the forklift.

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The Shantui SL50W front end loader has several design features:

  • The rear and front axles are made by American company Meritor. They have independent steering, which gives the model high maneuverability, the ability to move quickly in reverse and overcome rough and difficult road sections;
  • The main operating device of the loader is a front shovel with an unloading height of 3075 mm and a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 kg. The duration of its activation is 9 seconds. The device is equipped with a forced unloading function thanks to which the shovel can be lowered by 45 degrees. The operator controls the boom functions using joysticks. If desired, the owner can replace the classic front shovel with a baking grapple or coal shovel;
  • The main functions of the loader are controlled by a modern hydraulic transmission. No great effort is required from the operator. With the help of the hydraulic power unit, all processes can be carried out with considerable accuracy and speed.
  • The loader is characterized by its compact size and relatively low weight. The modified medium-sized frame is reduced. These features allow the shantui SL50W to be used in confined spaces (warehouses, streets in the city); -The forklift’s cabin meets the latest safety standards and ROPS requirements.

The welded rear and front frames are made of high strength steel. They are equipped with bend joints. Because the connection points are in the middle of the rear and front drive axles, steering on the Shantui 50 is flexible and smooth.


The front loader is equipped with a BYD4208 or BS428 transmission. These transmissions consist of a constant mesh reduction gear, a hydraulic shift mechanism and an intermediate shaft. This design is compact and has four strokes (two reverse and two forward). Behind and in front of it are the camshafts. The technology uses two drive axles made by Xuzhou or Feicheng, which increase the torque coming from the powertrain.

Load braking is by means of an air-hydraulic 2-channel brake and disc brakes with brake calipers on all motorcycles. The parking brake is a conventional band brake (disc brake system functionally installed).

Cost of new and used shantui 50 skid steer loader

The cost of a new front loader in the basic configuration is 3-3.1 million rubles.

At the same time there are a lot of used shantui SL50W variants on the market. The 2013-2014 models are offered for 2.3-2.6 million rubles.

Renting a layer for shantui 50 loader costs 12,000 rubles.

Analog .

The analogue of the Shantui SL50W model is the Japanese Komatsu WA350-3 loader, the cost of which is slightly higher than the Chinese product.

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