Shantui sd23 Bulldozer – Description and Features

Shantui sd23 Bulldozer

The Shantui SD23 is a modernized version of the Shantui SD22. It differs from its predecessor in that it has a more powerful engine, a modified hydraulic system and design changes to compete with the products of famous brands. Shantui SD23 refers to machines of the 15th traction class and is positioned as equipment for carrying out large amounts of work. It is not without the advantages that all brand products have (high productivity, low cost and reliability).

Shantui SD23 is a development of Chinese Shantui Construction Machinery Co. Japanese experts took part in the creation of the bulldozer, which has affected its quality. The machine is very popular in Russia. Domestic consumers like the adaptability to harsh conditions, budget cost and good performance.

Developers have the ability to use Sandui SD23 in various fields. The technique confidently copes with loosening floors, transporting large masses over short distances, earthmoving, evicting plots and other tasks. The bulldozer shows the greatest efficiency in road construction.

There are various optional components and implements available for the shantui SD23, which can help improve productivity in the following areas:

  • Forestry;
  • in areas with different types of waste;
  • Areas with low temperatures, including the far north;
  • Air dilution in high altitude conditions;
  • in deserts;
  • In low traffic conditions and swampy terrain.


Modifications and Features

The Shanui SD23 is a joint product between China’s Shantui and Japan’s Komatsu brand. The manufacturer of the Celestial Empire has received the right to use it in subsequent models and various modifications. SD23 dump truck is an analogue of Komatsu D85A-21.

It is necessary to emphasize its distinctive features:

  • increased support area of the caterpillar belt, which increases the stability of the machine;
  • electronic control system that monitors the state of the equipment. With features that meet fundamental standards, you can quickly determine the cause of the system malfunction without interruption of the technological process.
  • The location of the pivot axes in the front zone of the chassis, which reduces the impact on the gears on the board and increases the service life.
  • system to increase stability when operating devices on a slope;
  • Multi-disc brakes in an oil bath, which eliminates the need for additional system tuning and maintenance.
  • Wet mounts to reduce noise and vibration in the cab.

Key changes to the Shantui SD23 series:

  1. Shantui sd23 – basic version;
  2. Shantui SD23D – a model used in extremely hot climates and desert areas. The basic version has a more powerful air conditioner;
  3. Shantui sd23e – a version designed for weaker soils, peat areas and areas with reduced storage capacity (larger pair width);
  4. Shantui sd23g;
  5. Shantui sd23r – a variation with high ecological extraction;
  6. Shantui SD23S, a version for working in swampy terrain.

Technical Specifications


  • Length – 5874 mm;
  • Width – 3725 mm; Height – 3360 mm;
  • Height – 3360 mm;
  • Ground clearance – 405 mm;
  • contact surface length – 2730 mm;
  • front strip – 2000 mm;
  • rear strip – 2000 mm;
  • Minimum vender radius – 3300 mm;
  • Track shoe width – 560-660 mm.
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The operating weight of the bulldozer is 24,600 kg and the floor pressure is 0.078 MPa. The vehicle can move at a speed of 3.8-11.8 km/h in front gear and 4.9-14.3 km/h in the rear. The maximum grade of climbing is 30 degrees.

Technical characteristics of the working equipment:

1. straight blade:

  • Width – 3725 mm; Height – 3360 mm;
  • Height – 1395 mm;
  • Drag Prism – 7.8 cubic meters;
  • Weight – 2900 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 540 mm;
  • Tilt setting limitation – 1210 mm.

2. Rotary knife:

  • Width – 4365 mm;
  • Height – 1007 mm;
  • Drawing prism – 5.4 cu;
  • Weight – 3372 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 560 mm;
  • Limit of slope setting – 1240 mm.

3. U-sheet:

  • Width – 3860 mm;
  • Height – 1379 mm;
  • Drawing prism – 8.4 cubic meters;
  • Weight – 3350 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 540 mm;
  • Tilt setting limitation – 1210 mm.

4. 3-tooth ripper:

  • Maximum lifting height – 555 mm.

5. 1-tooth ripper.

Design and Operating Features

Shantui SD23 is designed for use in a variety of climates. This is due to the presence of Japanese components and clever dozer design. The chassis is the company’s own development and is distinguished by its durability. The format produces individual modules that are integrated into the design. This solution reduces maintenance and track replacement time. Additional chains are available for mounting on dozers with different track widths and types. At the same time, the undercarriage is tested for tenacity and strength to guarantee a long service life. A compensating weight suspension is used as the undercarriage.

Another feature of the Shantui SD23 is its high overall stability. The track drive is mounted on 2 track rollers and 7 support rollers on each side. The track rollers are made by a watering method. 78 large bottom plates provide low ground pressure and excellent buoyancy.

The shantui SD23 uses a reliable new transmission with 6 gears (3 forward, 3 reverse). It consists of:

  • Single phase single stage torque converter with 3 elements;
  • Planetary gears with forced lubrication, plate clutch and shift reservoir;
  • Axial drive, supplemented by a 2-speed head gear and splash lubrication device;
  • Continuously closed, hydraulically actuated lamella rotary clutch operating in oil;
  • Floating clutch brake type riement in oil bath. Control is via a hydraulically-actuated foot pedal.

Bulldozer is equipped with 2 hydraulic systems that are not connected to each other:

  • A hydraulic chassis drive system that maintains the necessary oil pressure supplied to the hydraulic transformer. Its operation ensures the lubrication of gears, lags and other elements that are used in the braking process and are subjected to friction;
  • The hydraulic system of the main working tools, which ensures the operation of the ripper. As a result, the shield and hydraulic cylinder pistons can move forward and backward while maintaining pressure in the hydraulic cylinders.
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The hydraulic system is driven by a double-tooth pump, which operates at a speed of 194 l/min. The operating pressure in the system is 19.1 MPa.

The Chantui SD23 cabinet provides an optimal working environment. Noise and vibration levels are reduced by installing damping supports. The operator has panoramic processes in front of the operator to check the working area and ensure safe driving. The shape of the cab resembles a hexagon and the bulldozer has a modern look. For simplicity, the cab is equipped with a heating system and air conditioning system, which are included in the basic equipment. The Rogue insulation material keeps noise levels to a minimum. The operator’s seat has multiple adjustments and controls are mounted close to the driver’s hands.

Maintenance of the shantui SD23 is as easy as possible. With the help of a control chip, the cause and type of fault can quickly be determined for further repairs. The original design allows for quick maintenance. The block type of control points minimizes inspection time and costs due to vehicle down time.


The shantui SD23 is powered by a state-of-the-art Cummins NT855-C280 4-stroke diesel engine (BCIII or S10). The engine has a series of cylinders and water cooling. The unit has a high efficiency at a relatively low weight. Cummins PT mechanism with direct fuel injection is used as the fuel system. The performance compartment of the unit is characterized by increased internal space. The main instruments and controllers are located there. This arrangement facilitates maintenance and reduces downtime for engine maintenance.

Properties of the Cummins NT855-C280 unit:

  • Displacement – 14L;
  • Rated power – 162 (220) kW (hp);
  • Rated rotational speed – 1850 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1030 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 139.7 mm;
  • Typical force – 209 ppr.

Specific fuel consumption is 217 g per kWh (approximately 35-40 l/hour). The fuel tank holds 600 liters of fuel, allowing operation without multiple layers.

The cost of the Sandui SD23 model in standard configuration is 11.11.4 million rubles.

Shantui sd23 Crawler Bulldozer

Shantui SD23 is in great demand among Russian consumers. The advantages of this piece of equipment include its suitability for excavation work in the construction of industrial and civil complexes, as well as the construction and repair of roads. In addition, the bulldozer is positioned as a reliable, productive, powerful and economical machine with a modern look.

Shantui sd23 crawler bulldozer

Shantui sd23 Crawler Bulldozer

Features and Benefits

The developers of the Shantui SD23 bulldozer are able to use it in many fields, which is a quality of versatility. It can easily handle boom work, loosening floors, clearing areas, and hauling loads. The equipment is usually used in road and construction work, as it has the greatest efficiency in these industries.

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Optional suspended work boards are available to help increase productivity in the following conditions:

  • In high altitude areas where the air is thin;
  • In landfill sites; in the forestry industry;
  • Forestry;
  • In swampy terrain or low-traffic conditions;
  • in deserts;
  • In low temperatures (far north, etc.).

Shantui SD 23 crawler bulldozer

Chantui SD 23 Bulldozer

The bulldozer is an integrated product of Shantui (China) and Komatsu (Japan). The manufacturer has the right to use common developments in the production of subsequent models and modifications of the devices. The Shantui SD 23 bulldozer is the counterpart of the Japanese D85A-21. The features of the Chinese product include:

  • A system to improve the stability of the machine when working on a slope, preventing tipping;
  • The larger footprint of the tracked belt on the base, which also has a positive effect on stability;
  • Seven track rollers and two track rollers are installed to support the belt.
  • The pivoting axles are located in front of the chassis. This reduces the impact on the onboard gears and extends their maintenance-free service life.
  • Air humidifiers reduce cabin vibration and noise.
  • Electronic control system that monitors machine condition during operation. If there are small deviations from normal operating characteristics, the cause can be quickly eliminated without interrupting the work process. During troubleshooting, control is via dual channels.
  • The brakes are adjusted in an oil bath. This eliminates the need for maintenance and system adjustments.

Shantui sd23. Photo

Shantui SD23. Photo

In addition, the advantages of special construction machinery are economy, high performance, comfort, advanced manufacturing technology. Due to these qualities and the low cost of the bulldozer, it is in high demand.

Specifications and Dimensions

The main technical specifications of Shantui SD23 are:

  • weight – 24.6 tons;
  • maximum burial – 0.54 m;
  • Maximum trench depth 0.7 m;
  • Crawler belt width, 0.56 m;
  • Specific pressure on the ground – 78 kPa;
  • Pressure on the ground – 0,078 MPa.

Herewith, machine dimensions are 5.87 m х 3.73 m х 3.38 m.


The total dimensions are given for the bulldozer with a direct dozer blade, in parentheses – for the rotary blade.

length 4200 mm
width 2680 mm
height 3390 mm
Length with tipper and locker 7180 mm
Width with dozer blade and locker 4390 mm
ground clearance 405 mm
Caterpillar track path 2000mm
Minimum turning radius 3300mm


The Shantui SD23 bulldozer boasts high performance with a state-of-the-art, powerful Cummins engine. The engine compartment has a raised interior to accommodate not only the main instruments but also the controllers. This makes it easy to get out and reduce downtime for service work.

displacement 14L
rated power 162 (220) KW (HP)
max torque 1030 nm
rotation speed 1850 rpm
bore 139.7 mm
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Two types of engines can be installed on the bulldozer. These are upgraded units NT855-C280 S10 and NT855-C280 BCIII. The weight of the power unit does not exceed 1.18 tons, and performance indicators are higher than in the standard model. These units operate in four-stroke mode, are equipped with six cylinders and consume diesel fuel. A liquid cooling system is provided to reduce the engine temperature, and the unit operation is ensured by a direct fuel supply system. This results in high efficiency and economical diesel fuel consumption.

On average, the bulldozer consumes 217 g of fuel per kilowatt hour, which is approximately 35 to 40 liters per hour. The fuel tank has a capacity of 600 liters.


Shantui SD23 can operate in various climatic conditions. The use of Japanese designs has increased the reliability and service life of the most important functional units.


The bulldozer has a high rotational stability. Caterpillar belt is installed on seven track rollers and two supports on each. The drive rollers are made by casting. Thanks to the Caterpillar course, the specific pressure on the base of 78 kpa is not exceeded. This is also aided by the increased footprint of the shoe and the 78-piece set.

The gearbox can be used to change gears and move at speeds ranging from 3.8 to 11.8 km/h in the front and 4.9 to 14.3 km/h in the rear.

The Shantui SD 23 Caterpillar bulldozer is equipped with gearboxes including:

  • A final drive with sprinkle lubrication system and a two-stage spur gear;
  • Drive train with spray lubrication system, spiral-protection gaiter and 1-speed gearbox;
  • 1-course 1-phase hydraulic transformer with three elements;
  • Multi-disc continuously closed spine clutch in oil with hydraulic drive;
  • Planetary transmission through hydraulics with forced lubrication and multi-disc clutch.

The chassis is the company’s own development of special devices. It has passed all necessary tests for strength and endurance. It is manufactured in individual modules, which are combined into a single construction. This reduces the time required for track replacement and machine maintenance. Different track types and widths are available as an option to ensure stability in all conditions.

High performance shantui 23 and current performance, backing up at high speed.

Hydraulic System

The shantui 23 bulldozer has two hydraulic systems that are not connected with each other. The picture shows:

  • The hydraulic system of the implement, which is responsible for the operation of the cultivator. It makes movements of the hydraulic cylinder piston and dozer blade, which exert pressure in the hydraulic cylinders;
  • The chassis drive hydraulic system, which provides the necessary oil pressure in the hydraulic transformer. This is necessary for lubrication of bearings, gears and other mechanisms subject to friction and used during braking.

Operator’s Cabin

Vibration and noise levels are reduced in the cab of the Shanui SD23 by installing damping supports. The cabin has a panoramic view to ensure safe operation and full control of the work process. The outside of the cab is hexagonal in shape. For the operator’s convenience, climate and heating systems are provided as standard equipment. The interior has been replaced by high quality soundproofing material, which reduces the noise level and creates a more comfortable working environment for the operator. The driver’s seat is adjustable. Controls are in close proximity to the driver’s hands.

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Easy operation and maintenance

With the SD23 bulldozer condition management system microchip, you can detect the cause and location of problems in a timely manner.

Maintenance is quick and easy thanks to the original side platforms. The engine compartment has an enlarged interior with which service work can be carried out quickly and freely. Fluid tanks, controllers and the most important functional units are located here. The block arrangement of control points reduces inspection time and downtime of the bulldozer during IT, as well as reducing inspection and maintenance costs.

Operating equipment

Simply Turn U-entertainer
Drawbar loader, cu. m. 7,8 5,4 8,4
Blade width, mm 3725 4365 3860
Blade height, mm 1395 1007 1379
Blade maximum depth, mm 540 560 540
Blade maximum slope, mm 1210 1240 1210
Blade weight, kg 2900 3372 3350

The following attachments are basic Shantui 23:

  • A straight, non-straight moldboard that is mounted in front of the front of the units with 2 metal push bars. The blade is used in earthmoving and excavation applications. The soil category in this case does not play an important role. The blade is 3.72 m wide and 1.39 m high;
  • On the back of the bulldozer, a three-toothed lowe is installed. It is a broken design with three links. The distance between the links is 1 m. It was designed to work under heavy loads and frozen ground.



The price of shantui SD23 depends on the modification of equipment. The index in the name indicates the characteristic features that are not inherent in the standard model:

  • E – increased width of the crawler belt;
  • D – ability to work in the desert;
  • S – ability to work in swampy terrain;
  • R – high eco-friendliness of the exhaust.

The cost of new and use

The machine is characterized by low cost, high technical properties and productivity. A new model costs not less than 7.2 million rubles. Sale of used shantui sd 23 starts from 4.5 million rubles, which causes a certain interest among buyers.

It is possible to rent a bulldozer for an hour for 2,100 rubles.


The Chantui SD 23 bulldozer was created as an analogue of a more expensive machine made by the Japanese company Komatsu D85A-21. The analogue of the machine can also include Russian products: Promotor T15, ChTZ B12, T-15 T-15.

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