Shantui SD22 Bulldozer – Description and Specifications

Shantui SD22 Bulldozer

Shantui SD22 is a medium class bulldozer designed for general purpose work. It is equipped with systems for operating in harsh weather conditions. The weight of the machine is optimally matched with cost and function.

The Shantui SD22 is part of the core product line of Shantui Construction Machinery Co. It is a Chinese brand that has been on the market for a long time and enjoys a stable position. The reasonably priced products have features similar to its more significant competitors. The company uses the developments of other manufacturers. For example, the Shantui SD22 model features parts from Komatsu and caterpillar dozers. This allows you to achieve reliability and high quality construction.

Shantui SD22 is suited for finishing harvesting and excavating on light soils and difficult terrain. The model is in high demand among the construction, industrial and mining industries. The machine is used for repair, reclamation and road works. Most often the bulldozer is used to perform the following operations:

  • loosening rock and hardened soil;
  • moving large masses of rocks, lumpy soil, and bulk materials over short distances;
  • removal of industrial and construction waste;
  • workplace orientation;
  • uprooting stumps and tree stumps;
  • backfilling of holes, ditches, pits;
  • distributing embankments.


Modifications and features

Shantui Series 15 traction class bulldozers come in a variety of models:

  1. Shantui SD22, the base model;
  2. Shantui SD22C – A version for a variety of coal field tasks;
  3. Shantui SD22D, the hot climate variant (used in deserts). The main difference is the upgraded air conditioner, which provides a comfortable environment in the cabin.
  4. Shantui SD22E is a version for soils with low accumulation capacity and peat. It has a low ground pressure and better cross-country ability;
  5. Shantui SD22F is a forestry model with a special protective frame with a grid. A winch and dozer blade are used as equipment;
  6. Shantui SD22G;
  7. Shantui SD22H;
  8. Shantui SD22J;
  9. Shantui SD22R is the industrial version for debris and industrial waste disposal. Equipped with a special dozer blade;
  10. Shantui SD22S – The latest version of the bulldozer, designed to work in swampy terrain;
  11. Shantui SD22W.

Structurally, there is virtually no difference between the two versions. The only difference is the volume and shape of the blade, the parameters of the track and the individual dimensions of the blade.

Features of the Shantui SD22 bulldozer:

  • The design uses special wear-resistant materials, thanks to which the technique withstands increased loads.
  • The working equipment used with the machine (dozer blade and bulldozer) is suitable for use on frozen and hard ground.
  • The technique is implemented in modern technologies in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • The bulldozer is suitable for work on the most problematic sites, where it demonstrates its efficiency and reliability.
  • Low weight, compact size and low ground pressure allows to work in places where ground has weak accumulating capacity.
  • Mobility and maneuverability thanks to wide chains;
  • Additional engine compartment protection protects the engine from damage.
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Technical Data


  • Length – 5,750 mm;
  • Width – 3395 mm;
  • Height – 3725 mm;
  • ground clearance – 405 mm;
  • Front lane – 2000 mm;
  • rear strip – 2000 mm;
  • Minimum Venderadius – 3300 mm.

Operational weight of the equipment – 23450 kg. Floor pressure – 0.077 MPa, maximum gradeability – 30 degrees. The bulldozer can move at a speed of:

  • 3.6-11.2 km/h (in front gear zone);
  • 4.3-13.2 km/h (rear gear zone).

Equipment features:

1. straight blade:

  • Length – 3725 mm;
  • Height – 1315 mm;
  • Weight – 3630 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 540 mm;
  • Drag prism – 6.4 cu. m.

2. U-sheet:

  • Length – 3800 mm;
  • Height – 1343 mm;
  • Weight – 4196 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 540 mm;
  • Exhaust prism – 7.5 cubic meters.

3. angle blade:

  • Length – 4365 mm;
  • Height – 1055 mm;
  • Weight – 3850 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 535 mm;
  • Drag Prism – 4.7 cu. m.

4. single-angle ripper:

  • Weight (with cylinder) – 2450 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 695 mm;
  • Maximum stroke – 515 mm.

5. Drei toothed ripper:

  • Weight (with cylinder) – 2770 kg;
  • Maximum depth – 666 mm;
  • Maximal stroke – 555 mm.

Design and operation features

To improve ease of operation, the SD22 shantui machine has been designed with a block design that facilitates disassembly and reassembly of the units. Parts and units that are subject to maximum wear and damage during operation were placed in the shock zone. The machine has a short base, allowing to work in cramped conditions. Chains of different widths and configurations were incorporated into the design. Therefore, the best option for certain operating conditions was chosen. The main elements were placed on a sturdy frame and the street bikes were connected to the frame to reduce wobbling.

The Shantui SD22 used a suspension with a compensating rod. Track shoes were supplied, each with its own tunnel. The chassis used six rollers with 2 double-row and 4 single-row rollers on each side. Two more track rollers were used on the belts. The track division was 560 mm. The basic system had 38 rollers on each side.

The Shantui SD22 had a complex transmission with multiple factory assemblies:

  • Single-stage single-phase torque converter with 3 elements;
  • Planetary gear;
  • Lamella clutch.

The main elements were connected through a hydraulic system. The main drive was a spiral bevel gear with a 1-speed gearbox. Similar to other products, Shantui SD22 received a standard turning clutch with oil bath. The swing brake was housed in an oil bath and controlled hydraulically. The axle drive consisted of a 2-speed spur gear, complete with spark lubrication system. The bulldozer’s gearbox had three forward and three reverse gears.

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The Shantui SD22 had a powerful hydraulic system which allowed the operating parts to be driven without unloading. The system used a double-acting gear pump with 2 cylinders. Water flow was 262 l/min. The maximum pressure in the system was 14 MPa.

For the bulldozer, a large hexagonal cab with increased protection against noise, dust and dynamic loads was selected. Modern vibration-absorbing materials were used in its construction. Modern instrumentation for monitoring and controlling devices was installed in the cab. Panoramic glazing provided optimum visibility in all directions. The basic equipment included a radio and speakers (optional radio). In the event of a malfunction, the new electronic control panel displayed information about the problem so that the cause could be determined quickly. The cab was air conditioned to create high pressure and prevent dust from entering the cab from the construction site. The rugged design gave the operator peace of mind when working in hazardous areas.

The Shantui SD22 was easy to maintain. No special track maintenance skills were needed. Additionally, the operator could easily repair or replace them. The block design made it possible to do various operations with maximum ease. This minimized downtime of the dozer during operation.


The Shantui SD22 is powered by a Cummins NT855-C280 diesel engine. The in-line 4-stroke engine has overhead valves, turbocharging, liquid cooling and direct injection. The engine is based on the principle of compression ignition of fuel. The Cummins NT855-C280 engine has the following features:

  • sophisticated fuel system design and sensitivity to the quality of diesel fuel;
  • high efficiency, which manifests itself in higher performance at lower fuel consumption;
  • Cummins RT fuel system with fuel pump regulator and mechanical pump injectors. It has the advantage of simplicity and less dependence on fuel quality.

Features of Cummins NT855-C28 engine:

  • displacement – 14 liters;
  • Rated power – 162 (220) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Max torque – 1030 Nm;
  • number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 139.7 mm.

Specific fuel consumption for this engine is 228 g/kWh. Tank capacity is 300 liters.

The new Shantui SD22 bulldozer costs from 12.5 to 12.9 million rubles (standard equipment).

Shantui SD22 Bulldozer

Tracked construction machinery is widespread. It is capable of performing many earth-moving jobs, including construction, excavation and road works, as well as in quarries. The main advantages of this equipment are its high productivity and maneuverability.

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The SHANTUI SD22 bulldozer has these characteristics. It is the main model of Shantui Construction Machinery Co. The Chinese company produces high-quality machines, the characteristics of which are similar to machines of the same class, but from other manufacturers. The volume of production is large enough, which makes the company known throughout the world.

Shantui SD22 Bulldozer

Shantui SD22 Bulldozer

The machines are constantly being modified and improved in quality and performance. The core technology comes from outside expertise, and some parts of the Shantui SD22 Caterpillar bulldozer are made under license from foreign manufacturers, including Caterpillar and Komatsu. With this technology, the company is able to offer high-quality machines at an affordable price.

Shantui SD 22

The predecessor of this model was the TY220. The new shantui 22 is now based on the Japanese development of the Komatsu D85A-21-21.

Features and Benefits

  • Large blade volume;
  • Installation of an actuator that combines hydraulic and mechanical operation;
  • Electronic panel for improved control;
  • Improved safety systems.

The bulldozer belongs to traction class 15. In addition, the Contui SD22 is the latest generation of equipment, the main qualities of which are operator comfort and improved performance. The temperature tolerance range is quite large and includes both the Black Sea and Siberian climates.

Shantui 22 tractor

Shantui 22 Tractor


Depending on the use of the devices, manufacturers recommend buying models with different work organization. There is the following nomenclature:

  • C – used in the coal industry, as a working body is provided with a blade with a width of 4200 mm and a height of 1350 mm.
  • D – modification for work in difficult climatic conditions for higher air temperature, in addition, air filters and improved cooling system are installed.
  • E – used for weak ground, has less weight and more track support area compared with standard bulldozer, which have cross-country capability.
  • F – used in the forest industry, has extra protection and strong wind;
  • R – used in garbage yards, has increased blade;
  • S – works in swampy terrain, specific pressure on the base is almost doubled.

The standard assembly of Shantui SD22 bulldozer model includes unchanged mining, dozer blade and prism setting.

Specifications and Dimensions

parameter value
total weight 23.5 t
Attachment volume (standard) 7.5 m 3
Blade moisture depth 5.4 m
Fuel Tank 300 L

parameter value
length 5.75 m
Wide 3.4 m
Height 3.725 m
Soil 0.4 m
Radius of curve 3.3 m
Width of track 2 м

Other features of the shantui SD 22 are also worth considering, for example: The pressure on the base gives the machine 0.54 m, so it is better to choose a modified model. The maximum outreach when working is 1.2 m.

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Shantui SD22 has a fuel consumption of 230 g/kWh. In this case, the engine capacity is 162 kW.


A 14-liter four-cylinder four-stroke engine is installed. Its manufacturer is the American company Cummins. The engine is water cooled and turbocharged. NTA855-C280 has 220 hp, direct injection and in-line valves. To reduce the load on the engine, one of the pumps is turned off and the pressure in the hydraulic system is increased. This reduces the volume of the hydraulic cylinder. Its diameter is 140 mm.

parameter value
model NTA855-C280
Number of cylinders 6
Working volume 14 L
output 162 kW /220 hp
Speed 1030 rpm
cooling type liquid

Other features of the Shantui SD 22 tractor include an engine speed of 1800 rpm and a maximum torque of 1030 Nm. Thanks to the engine performance, the bulldozer can handle both high loads and harsh temperature conditions.


The modularity of all components reduces downtime and speeds up repair or replacement of parts. Ease of removal and installation of parts, ease of operation and economy of the machine positively influence the choice of consumers. The dimensions are small, allowing the devices to be used in confined areas.

Shantui SD 22

The tracks used to assemble the chassis can have different widths and vary in shape. This assembly allows for increased capability and maneuverability of the intersection, and the quality of the base is irrelevant in this case. The total number of base roles is 16, a quarter of which are support roles and the rest are support roles. This allows the bulldozer to work on areas with a slope up to 30 degrees. To reduce vibration and dynamic impact on the operator, the support rollers are attached to the frame with elastic buffers.

Operator’s Cab

The design of the cabin is made in the form of a hexagon and has a high visibility. It has new controls for work equipment and a system of continuous monitoring. The electronic panel of the shantui SD22 has a defined error message when a malfunction occurs that can quickly pinpoint and correct the cause of the failure. The cabin is clad with vibration-insulating materials that also offer high noise protection. There is also an air conditioner in the cab, which creates extra pressure to prevent dust from working in the cab. The main installation group includes loudspeakers and a radio for the operator’s work.

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Hydraulic system

Shantui SD 22 Piston Hydraulic Mechanisms

shantui sd 22 piston hydraulic power units

The hydraulic system includes a gear pump with multiple cylinders. Each of the shantui SD 22 cylinders can pump hydraulic fluid in both directions. At maximum engine speed, the cylinders receive pump flow. Its speed is 262 l/min. The limit pressure in the hydraulic system is 14 MPa.


Crawler track width is 0.56 m. The standard track shoes come standard, each of which is mounted in a track shoe. The Shantui SD22 crawler has two double and four individual craft tracks and two additional tracks for a sticky belt. Its pitch is 216 mm. The full machine has 38 rollers on each side.

Shantui SD 22 crawler tractor

Shantui SD 22 Crawler Track

The chassis itself is shown with a balanced weight suspension.


The main part of the Shantui SD22 transmission is the planetary gear, which is connected to a multi-disc clutch. They are involved and have an obligatory lubrication system. The transmission also includes a 3-unit, 1-phase, 1-speed hydraulic transformer.

The main drive is a bevel gear. It has a barbotage lubrication system. The transmission is spiral mounted with a 1-speed transmission. In addition, the Buldozer SDU 22 is equipped with a rotary clutch in oil. It is characterized by a closed type of operation, the presence of several discs and its own hydraulic system. The brake element of the clutch is also permanently in oil and is hydraulically actuated.

The on-board gearbox is a 2-speed spur gearbox, which is lubricated by spraying.

This allows the machine to travel forwards at 11.2 km/h and backwards at 13.2 km/h.


You don’t need any special skills to take care of a track belt. The same applies to replacing or repairing its parts. The block design lends itself to such manipulation quite easily. This advantage is especially valuable when using the Shantui SD 22 in construction. This is due to the need to change tracks depending on the quality and type of substrate and the working conditions. Downtime for belt changes is minimized and productivity is greatly increased.

Shantui 22

Cost of new and used

The price of Shantui SD22 2014-2015 is about 6-9 million rubles. And it depends on the configuration. Shantui SD22, used with high mileage, is cheaper, but it is worth carefully assessing its performance characteristics.

The main advantage of the bulldozer is its low cost compared to foreign counterparts, ease of operation and long service life.


Russian analogues are ChTZ B12 and Promtor T15. At the same time, third-party models also have similar parameters – Zoomlion ZD 220-3, Caterpillar D7, Shehwa SD7 and Komatsu D85A-8.

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