Shantui SD16 Bulldozer – Description and Specifications

Shantui SD16 Bulldozer

The Shantui SD16 is a heavy duty bulldozer from Shantui Construction Machinery of China. It represents the third traction class and is positioned as the budget counterpart to the Komatsu D65. The design of the machine uses durable and final materials, so the quality and characteristics are almost inferior products.

Chanti SD16 bulldozer is considered the most successful development of the brand. Powerful and reliable model even in difficult conditions shows the best qualities that allow it to compete with Komatsu D65. In this case, the main trump card of the Chinese machine is the price, which makes many consumers choose this particular technique.

Shantui began producing construction equipment in 1980 and gained the support of the famous caterpillar brand. It soon became a major equipment manufacturer and has exported its products to other countries, including Russia. In terms of price to quality ratio was very difficult to compete with the bulldozer Shantui, which was the key to their success.

The Shantui SD16 is characterized by high maneuverability, low ground pressure and mobility. These characteristics enable it to be used on soils with poor accumulation capacity. The machine can be operated in all climatic zones.

Basic guidelines for the use of machinery:

  • elimination of ditches and ditches;
  • transportation of soil and floor;
  • shaping of embankments;
  • various construction works;
  • cleaning work;
  • street cleaning.

Soil category does not matter for this model. Low weight and compact size make the bulldozer optimal for use in the city.


Features and Versions

The Shantui SD16 is Shantui’s third in this model lineup after the SD08 and SD13. The bulldozer is the latest development of the body tractor of the Chinese brand. At the heart of the technique is a unique 3D model, which absorbed most of the advanced options that are present in this segment. The experience of Caterpillar (USA) and Komatsu (Japan) was used in the creation of the machine.

The series Shantui SD16 is represented by several modifications:

  1. SD16 C – a version of the coal branch with a flat shoe with a baffle. It is distinguished by large size, voluminous blade (5 cubic meters) and ground pressure of 0.067 MPa;
  2. SD16 F – version with forest protection and flat shoe with REB. The blade capacity in this model is 4.7-4.9 cubic meters. In addition, it is equipped with a winch with a force of 136 kN on the upper coils and 240 kN on the lower coils;
  3. SD16 R – a modification to transport waste. It is distinguished by a huge dump body (8.3 cubic meters) and a wide triangular shoe;
  4. SD16 L – swamp modification with a triangular shoe. A wide body and small tipper (3.8 cu m) provide low ground pressure – only 0,027 MPa.



  • length – 6366 mm;
  • width – 3388 mm;
  • Height (in the cabin) – 3100 mm;
  • ground clearance – 400 mm;
  • Front track – 1880 mm;
  • Rear track – 1880 mm.
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The dozer’s wenderradius depends on the blade. With the U-shaped blade it is 4900 mm, with the straight blade – 4700 mm, with the rotating blade – 4500 mm. The operating weight of the equipment is 17,000 kg. Pressure on the floor depends on the modification. The bulldozer can work on surfaces with a slope up to 30 degrees. Maximum speed when moving forward is 9.63 km / h, when moving in reverse 12.53 km/h.

The Shantui SD16 is operated with the following devices:

1. Rotary blade:

  • Width – 3970 mm;
  • Height – 1090 mm;
  • Maximum depth – 540 mm;
  • Capacity – 225 cubic meters/hour;
  • Exhaust prism – 4.4 cu. m.

2. straight blade:

  • width – 3388 mm;
  • Height – 1149 mm;
  • Maximum depth – 540 mm;
  • Capacity – 225 cubic meters/hour;
  • Drawing prism – 4.5 cu. m.

3. U-sheet:

  • Width – 3556 mm;
  • Height – 1120 mm;
  • Maximum depth – 530 mm;
  • Capacity – 250 cubic meters/hour;
  • Drawing prism – 5 cu. m.

4. three toothed spurs:

  • Weight – 1710 kg;
  • The maximum lifting height – 592 mm;
  • Maximum loosening depth – 572 mm.

5. Refrigeration unit with shaft.

Design and Operating Features

Shantui SD16 has a modular design that allows for quick inspection and repair. The basic dozer is equipped with a balance suspension and large and wide limbs caterpillars, which ensure the stability of the equipment. The caterpillars are mounted on 2 outriggers and 6 track rollers.

The transmission of the model is represented by the following elements:

  • Planetary gears with shifting reservoir and forced lubrication. Gearbox has 6 gears (3 forward and 3 reverse);
  • Permanently closed plate clutch, which is housed in an oil bath. The clutch is connected to the brake element of the steering clutch;
  • Single stage single phase torque converter with three elements;
  • Floating clutch rotation brake, which is controlled by a hydraulically-actuated foot pedal;
  • main spiral bevel wheel with lubrication (splashing) mechanism and single-stage gear;
  • Axle drive in the form of bubbling lubrication mechanism and spur gear.

The hydraulic system of Shanui SD16 is driven by a gear pump with a capacity of 335.5 l/min. It is controlled through a special hydraulic control valve. The pump works on the basis of 2 cylinders, which belong to the hydraulic system with a 2-way campaign with a diameter of 110 mm. The maximum pressure in the system is 14 MPa.

The bulldozer is equipped with a hexagonal cab. This solution is optimal for machines in this segment as it provides the operator with maximum visibility and allows an extended view in any situation. The rigid frame works reliably.

The cab liner uses the latest insulation materials to reduce vibration and noise, resulting in a reduction of external factors affecting driver fatigue. The cab is equipped with factory heating and air conditioning. They maintain the necessary humidity and temperature, regardless of the climatic conditions in which the machine is located.

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The driver’s seat is adjustable in several directions (make – Grammer). The close proximity of the main conditions for the driver and their ergonomic arrangement allows the most productive work. The cab itself has air suspension.

The Shantui SD16 can be equipped with various optional extras, including several types of blades, a 3-tooth extraction blade and a special blade with a tooth that increases the higher loads and operates in sub-zero temperatures. This complete offering allows you to perform various tasks on a fixed surface.

The bulldozer is characterized by easy maintenance. The main units and aggregates of the machine have a simple design, they can be checked and repaired in the field. Spare parts for the machine are readily available in most specialized centers. However, some items have to be ordered from China, which can slow down the repair process. The bulldozer itself is very reliable, and more serious repairs take more than a year.


As standard, the Shantui SD16 is equipped with a Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1 4-stroke diesel unit, which is manufactured under license from Caterpillar. The engine is liquid-cooled and has a direct injection system. The unit can run for a long time and is considered one of the most economical in its class. The compactness of the engine is different, the main components are located so that you can easily and quickly make a diagnosis.

Properties of the Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1 engine:

  • Working volume – 9.7 liters;
  • Nominal power is 120 (160) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1850 rpm;
  • Maximal torque – 764 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 126 mm;
  • Fuel consumption is 214 g/kWh.

As an option, the model is equipped with more powerful Weichai WD10G178E2 5-Gregate. Structurally it is little different from the Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1 engine (turbocharged, liquid cooling), but is produced under the license from company Steyr.

Specifications of Weichai WD10G178E25 engine:

  • Working volume – 9.7 liters;
  • Nominal power – 131 (178) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1850 rpm;
  • Maximal torque – 830 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 126 mm;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 230 g per kWh;
  • Environmental Class 2.

The Shantui SD16 is reasonably priced. A new bulldozer costs 7.5-8.3 million rubles.

Shantui sd16 (Shantui SD16) bulldozer

The scope of this model of Chinese bulldozer is excavation work. The materials of which the machine is made, are of high quality and have a long service life, which means that Shantui SD16 is working in difficult conditions. This machine competes with the Komatsu D65 bulldozer, but its technical indicators are somewhat lower.

Shantui SD 16 Bulldozer

Chantui SD 16 Bulldozer

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All new objects in earthmoving technology are embodied in the 3D model of Shantui SD16, which subsequently became very popular. The type of soil does not affect the performance of the machine and is not a hindrance to work. The Shantui SD16 bulldozer’s low weight and ground pressure, as well as its high maneuvering ability in tight spaces, make it easy to work in the city. It is also used in industry.

Features and Benefits

Chinese Shantui 16 Bulldozer

China Shantui 16 Bulldozer.

  • Quality and condition of soil is irrelevant as the equipment is also designed for frozen ground.
  • The engine compartment has double protection;
  • Small machine size and weight resulting in low footprint;
  • Wide tracks that allow maneuvering on small sites;
  • the latest developments in Shantui SD16;
  • The operating conditions may be different, but the condition of the equipment will not change according to the type of work;
  • The strength of the construction and all elements is guaranteed by the use of high quality materials in their manufacture.
  • Economical with high performance;
  • Cleaner emissions.

Shantui SD16 Bulldozer

Shantui SD16 Bulldozer

Specifications and Dimensions

The main specification of the Shantui SD16 is its size: 5.14 meters long, 4:15 wide and 3.13 meters high. Speed of movement of equipment is 9.63 km/h when moving forward and 12.53 km/h when moving backward. Track width 1.88 m, Venderadius 4.7 m (minimum).

parameter value
weight 17000 kg
ground pressure 0.067 MPa
Field of application 400 mm
Turning radius 450-490 mm
Working slope 30
Crawler chain 1.88 m
Top speed (forward) 9,63 km/h
Top speed (forward) 12,53 km/h

Depending on the modification, weights could vary from 14500 to 18000 kg.


Depending on the modification, the model designation differs from the last sign:

  • C – used in the production of cabbage. The polygon has a volume of 5 m3, its dimensions are somewhat larger than those of a conventional machine. The installed shoe is flat and has a flange. The base pressure is 67 kpa;
  • F – has a forest protection. The polygon has a volume of 4.7-4.9 m3. Built-in shoe is the same as the previous model. As additional equipment is the wind with a tractor 240 and 136 kN in the lower or upper turn;
  • L – the shoe of such a machine is in the shape of a triangle. The terrain relief for such a machine is much higher than for a conventional one, that is why it is called a swampwalker. The body of this model is much wider, and the volume of the shovel is 3.8 m3. The main pressure is 27 kpas;
  • R – is used to transport debris. The shoe is the same as the SD-16 L, and the blade has a volume of 8.3 m3.

Shantui SD16 crawler bulldozer

Caterpillar shantui sd16 bulldozer

This bulldozer was developed jointly by Komatsu (Japan) and Caterpillar (USA).

Features SD-16C SD-16F SD-16L SD-16R
length 5500 mm 5140mm 4690mm 4690mm
Wide 3556mm 3970mm 3400mm 3400mm
Height 3100mm 3200mm 3130mm 3130mm
weight 17000 kg 17000 kg 18460 kg 17700 kg
ground pressure 0.067 MPa 0.067 MPa 0,027 MPa 0,027 MPa
Field of application 400 mm 400 mm 495 mm 495 mm
Turning radius 490 mm 490 mm 460mm 106 mm
Sound type carbonic acid simply simply R series
capacity 250 m3/h 225 m3/h 220 m3/h 250 m3/h
Blade width 3556mm 3970mm 4150mm 4150mm
Blade 1120mm 1090mm 960mm 1578mm
Blade weight 2672 kg 1592 kg 1592 kg
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The engine is a direct-injection, four-stroke production engine. The cylinders are located vertically. Two types of engines could be installed – Shangchai C6121 or Steyr WD615 T-3A. In either case, diesel fuel is used and their properties are identical. Most often the first model is installed. In addition to the Shantui SD 16, they are installed on other units, have a frequency of use of almost 20% and are CAT certified. The working volume is 9.72 liters. There is also a damper, which not only increases strength and durability, but also protects the engine from foreign elements. The integrated Shantui SD16 engine is rated at 160 hp.

Both engines are fuel efficient and powerful. The fuel consumption of the Shantui SD 16 is 214 g/kWh. They also have low noise emissions.

parameter value
Engine model Shangchai C 621 Steyr WD615-3A
capacity 120 kW (160 hp)
Speed of rotation 1850 rpm
Engine displacement 9.72 l
Fuel used 214 g/kWh
Torque 764 Nm



  • On-board transmission, which is represented by a two-stage gear with a cylindrical shape and a lubrication system;
  • Pedal with reinforced hydraulic system to control the brake;
  • Curve clutch. It is placed in an oil bath and is permanently closed. It is also dependent on the brake system;
  • Bevel gear, which is lubricated by sprays. This gear is the most important spiral gear.
  • The planetary gear, which is lubricated forcibly and changed by servo;
  • The torque converter contains the presence of three elements, is single-phase and has a stage.

All elements are interconnected and have their own design features. The transmission allows the Shantui SD16 bulldozer to move forwards and backwards at three speeds. Depending on the selected gear, the speed of the machine changes.


The modularity of all components of the Shantui SD 16 makes it easy to swap out parts when needed. Elastic buffers are used to reduce vibration. They are mounted on the roller crawler tracks and attach to the cab. They also have a positive effect on track life without requiring repair or replacement.

Operator’s Cockpit

To increase the operator’s viewing angle and accuracy, the cab is made in a new hexagonal geometry. They believe it makes sense for the Shantui SD16 heavy equipment. The frame is rigid, which positively affects the safety of the driver.

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To improve concentration of the operator, all elements of the cabin are made of sound and vibration isolating material. The standard offering of the Chinese bulldozer a-Shahantui includes air conditioning and heating. This guarantees normal operation of the operator regardless of the surrounding environmental conditions.

The operator’s seat can be set and adjusted to a comfortable position. All devices are very cheap and within reach. Thanks to the hydraulics, you can apply less effort to change levers. The system itself is equipped with new cylinders and water protection.

The entire cab is ergonomically designed and the increased level of glazing (360 degree view) also has a positive effect on the driver, reducing his fatigue.

Hydraulic system

The two cylinders that make up the system have a diameter of 110 mm. The system itself is a 14 MPa gear pump with a capacity of 243 l/min.


Caterpillar Shantui SD16

Shantui sd16 caterpillar

The basis is the caterpillar, the stability of which is guaranteed when moving due to the suspension with a balancer. The track band is mounted on six rollers, and two on each side are designed to support it. The suspension is modular to reduce lost time in repairing or replacing components. The standard assembly line width is 0.51 m. The pitch is 0.203 m. Depending on operating conditions, the tracks can be replaced with closer or wider ones. Floor surface caterpillars are used to increase traction on the base. If you choose the right type of tracks, Shantui 16 technology can have very high cross-country capability. In addition, the operating angle can be 30 degrees.

Double protection ensures continuous operation of the engine. Thanks to these characteristics, the engine is considered very reliable. The gearbox allows you to change gears without pressing the clutch. This reduces the time and makes the operation of the equipment simple and clear. The ability to drive in reverse also has a favorable effect on these parameters.


This type of equipment includes a ripper and different types of blades. They are used in different working conditions, but frozen and rocky soils are not a limitation. The moldboards can be U-shaped, straight, or lop-sided.

Cost of new and used

A Shantui SD 16 bulldozer without a trunk costs $90,000 for a standard build. If you take the machinery already in use, the cost will be 30-40% less.


As already mentioned, the main competitor and analogue is Komatsu D65. However, the characteristics of the Chinese are slightly higher than those of the Japanese manufacturer. In terms of functionality, the machine is similar to the T-170, but the performance of the latter is almost 2 times less.

Shantui SD16 Users Manual

This manual contains a lot of useful information on maintaining the bulldozer – rukovodstvo-po-ekspluatacii-shantui-sd16.pdf.

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