Series of Patriot chainsaws. Operating and maintenance manual, main malfunctions and their solutions

Series of Patriot chainsaws. Operating and maintenance manual, main malfunctions and their solutions

Trimmers and Patriot chainsaws were first released in 1992. Then the American manufacturing company was engaged in the manufacture of garden equipment under the Garden Patriots brand. In addition to the production of garden equipment, lubricants and tools were produced for the Home Depot company.

In 1996, Garden Patriots, continuing its partnership with Home Depot, expanded its product range and launched a special line of lubricants and oils for engines, developed more modern engines and increased the number of units in the model line of equipment. Since 1997 the company has been known as Patriot. The products of the brand of the same name appeared on the Russian market in 1999.

Patriot products are currently manufactured in factories in Russia, Korea, China and Italy. All models are checked, tested and meet the quality standards of European and American technology. Most modern models produced under the Patriot brand have advanced equipment. In addition to the chainsaw, the owner also receives appropriate accessories.

Series of Patriot chainsaws

Patriot chainsaws are a separate production segment, very popular and extensive. Currently, the following chainsaw series are available for everyone:

Patriot Imperial Series

In this series, chainsaws of the following models are produced:

  • RT 3816 Imperial, power 1500 W;
  • RT 4016 Imperial, power 1600 W; , power 2100 W; , power 2500 W.

Chainsaw Patriot PT-4518 Imperial Chainsaw Patriot PT 3816 Chainsaw Patriot PT 5220 Imperial

Patriot Pro Series

Representative of the lineup:

  • pt 541 Pro, 1730W;
  • pt 546 Pro, 2250W;
  • Pt 554 Pro, 2600 watts.

Patriot PT 541 PRO chainsaw Patriot PT 546 PRO chainsaw Patriot PT 554 PRO chainsaw

Chainsaws of the general classification

The category includes models of modifications The One, Gs, Pt (pt), namely:

  • pt 445 the one, 2200w;
  • Point 4618, 2100W;
  • GS126, 1000W;
  • GS138, 1000W;
  • Part 4516, 2100W;
  • GS 142, 2200W;
  • Dot 2512, 1000W; , 1500W;
  • Part 3818, 1500W;
  • Point 4016, 1600W;
  • Point 4518, 2100W;
  • Point 4520, 2100W;
  • Point 5220, 2500W;
  • pt 6220, 3300w

Patriot PT 6220 chainsaw

Chainsaws for tree care and gardening – Home Garden series.

The category includes the Patriot chainsaw of the following modifications:

  • HG 457
  • Hg 529
  • hg 458 zipper;
  • Hg 459;
  • hg426zip;
  • hg 522zip;
  • HG 458.

Patriot PH 426

All chainsaws of all series are equipped with air-cooled two-stroke petrol engines. In addition, the devices are equipped with load-resistant carburettors.

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Top models of Patriot chainsaws

According to the reviews of the owners, the new items of the Patriot brand are especially popular, namely chainsaws of such models:

  • Point 4618, 2100W;
  • GS126, 1000W;
  • Part 4516, 2100W;
  • GS142, 2200 watts.

Patriot gs 126 chainsaw

Powerful chainsaws do not lag behind in popularity, namely:

  • Point 6220, 3300W;
  • pt 546 Pro, 2250 W (professional model for continuous use);
  • rt 5220 Imperial for universal applications.
Owners of chainsaws especially appreciate such advantages of devices as:
  • Power sufficient to perform complex work and issue a large forest jubot;
  • Quick Start;
  • easy access to the chain tensioner;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • long tires on some models of chainsaws for working with large-diameter logs;
  • carburetor adapted for working with minus temperatures;
  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • The presence of an extended configuration (a set for safe work with a chainsaw, keys, a container for mixing fuel and oil).
Among the disadvantages of some models of chainsaws, the owners distinguish the Patriot:
  • large fuel mixture (some models);
  • High price (a set of professionals, like all powerful representatives of the lineup);
  • With bad fuel, Motopils Patriot will not work for a long time. You also need to monitor the correct ratio of gasoline and oil in the fuel mixture.

Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw

Instructions for instructions and safety instructions when handling a tool

Rules for safe operation of the Patriot chainsaw of any model:

  • You can not smoke near the dressing and the operation of the device.
  • The owner is obliged to use protective equipment when working with a chainsaw.
  • Operation of the device is allowed with full serviceability and the presence of lubricants.
  • It is forbidden to throw a chainsaw on the ground during work.

Motopila maintenance Patriot

  • Inspection, external cleaning and lubrication of the chain are carried out regularly.
  • An inspection of the spark plug, cleaning of the air filter are carried out monthly.
  • Carburettor tuning/tuning is done at the factory and produced again by the owner after break-in.
  • The fuel filter is cleaned as needed, the chain tension is also checked.

The ratio of mixed oil and gasoline: 1:25. Type of gasoline: AI-92. Type of oil: Semi-synthetic, Patriot, for two-stroke engines with air cooling. It is forbidden to use chain oil as a motor.

The main malfunctions of Patriot chainsaws and ways to eliminate them

With what mistakes do the owners of the chainsaw patriot most often face?

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Consider the most popular Pense and their causes.

  1. Low quality of the saw is the tire “tight”. Reason: Probably there was wear of a chain or burns, or a complete replacement of the chain is required. Elimination: sharpening, exchange.
  2. The chainsaws stand immediately after the sound of the plant. Reason: blockage of the air filter, a fuel filter, poor quality of the fuel mixture, there is a fuel filter on a candle. Elimination: Clean filters, make sure the fuel is good quality. Clean the candle.
  3. The chainsaw motor heats up, the tire is heated. Reason: lack of oil, lack of lubrication of the tire. Elimination: Oil, tire and gear level monitoring needs constant lubrication.

Video assessment of work

How to adjust the chainsaw carburetor – a review of the owner

Video review of the Patriot 3816 chainsaw

Video about the first launch and work of the Chainsaw Patriot Pro 554

Reviews of the owners

Alexander, Perm:

“As a well-reliable manufacturer, I can note that the Patriot chainsaws, although they gather mainly in China, reasonably compete with the same rest or Khuskvarnaya (more budget models). In addition, such a chainsaw does not drink much fuel, the tank provides as much as possible, if I’m not mistaken, 550 ml of the mixture. From what was remembered: the chainsaw is easy to start, starting both in the frost and in the summer, that is, a universal tool. “

A review of the chainsaw patriot. Top models of chain petrol saws. Operating instructions, maintenance, major malfunctions and elimination

The American company Patriot began his work in 1973. The founder of the brand was the American Andy Johnson, who was released and fired at the automotive office in Foxborough. After his release, Andy founded a company that repaired garden tools and also lubricating oils. The repair of devices was not in great demand, but lubricants were in great demand for the buyers.

In 1979 the starting point for Patriots was in development, because this year it signed a contract with Home Depot that massively sold household appliances and related products in the United States. Patriots has been producing consumables since 1986 and developing engines for garden tools. As early as 1991, the first functioning engine models were introduced on the American market.

In 1992 Patriots started the production of garden trimmers and chainsaws, which will become known over time under the Garden Patriots brand. The final name of the company – Patriot – was approved in 1997, at the same time the contract was terminated with Home Depot. Since 1997 Patriot has been bringing his vehicles to the markets in China, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The production of chainsaws and trimmers as well as other branded appliances in China, Korea, Italy and Russia are currently being carried out.

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The purpose of the patriot chainsaws is household and semi-professional. Chainsaws are used to work in sawmills, in forestry companies, in furniture production, construction of wooden constructions and constructions, such as saunas, bathrooms, dandruffs, wooden residential buildings.

Basic equipment

Elements of the basic configuration of the patriot chainsaw (the configuration can vary at the manufacturer’s discretion):

  • Part of the body of the chainsaw (body with engine, petrol tank, oil tank);
  • The saw section is foldable – a tire, a chain, an asterisk;
  • Instructions for the owner;
  • Guarantee card;
  • Plastic box to wear a chainsaw (some models);
  • Crochet keys for assembly.

Montageland: Italy, China, Korea, Russia – depending on the production hinge. Most of the time, models that are mounted in China are coming to the Russian market.

Patriot petrol-chainsaw range

The range of patriot chainsaws can be divided into five series:

  • Patriot imperial series;
  • Patriot Pro series;
  • Patriot pt the one series;
  • Patriot GS series;
  • Patriot Hausgarten series (HG, HGS).

The Patriot Imperial series includes the following chainsaw models:
  • Chainsaw Patriot Imperial PT 3816;
  • Benzincet saws Patriot Imperial RT 4016;
  • Benzincet saws Patriot Imperial RT 4518;
  • Chainsaw Patriot Imperial PT 5220.
The Patriot Pro series includes the following chainsaw models:
  • Patriot 546 Pro;
  • Patriot 541 Pro
  • Patriot 350 Pro;
  • Patriot 350 Pro.

The Patriot Pt The One series includes the following chainsaw models:
  • Patriot PT 445 chainsaw chain;
  • Chainsaw chain Patriot RT 4520 The One;
  • Chainsaw chain Patriot RT 2512 The One
  • Chainsaw chain Patriot RT 6220 The One;
  • Patriot Pt 3818 The One chainsaw chain.

The Patriot GS series includes the following chainsaw models:
  • Chainsaw Patriot GS 142;
  • Patriot GS 126 chainsaw;
  • Patriot GS 138 chainsaw.

The Patriot Home Garden HG/HGS series includes the following chainsaws:
  • Patriot Hausgarten HG 457;
  • Patriot Home Garden HG 459 (possible version of the model with suitcase and without a case);
  • Patriot Hausgarten HG 529.

The main advantages of the Patriot chainsaws:
  • Simple assembly and simple adjustment of the chainsaw;
  • High quality sawing;
  • With the fast start system, your tool begins even under the worst weather conditions, for example with heavy frost.
  • The adjustment of the voltage degree of the circuit is carried out with a side lever (the saw does not have to be broken down to carry out this technical process).
  • The automatic lubrication of the chain is available in most models of the motorcycle cartridge.
  • The installation contains chainsaws with a tire length of 30 to 50 cm, with which you can work with large protocols, with the maximum of all technical skills in the tool.
  • The spread of the power of chainsaws is 1000 watts to 3300 W – each tool is aimed at certain tasks.
  • The cost of a chainsaw patriot is average, so that everyone can buy such a tool.
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Top models of Patriot chain petrol saws

The most popular models are such benzincet saws Patriot:

  • Chains Petrol Saw Patriot Imperial PT 4016 (Power 1600 W, household model for simple wood with wood, equipped with a quick star t-up system and 40 cm tires);
  • Chain patriot PT 4520 The One (Power 2100 W, a hal f-professional model that can withstand intensive loads, a fast start system, a tire of 45 cm);
  • Chain patriot PT 6220 The One (Power 3300 W, a professional powerful model for difficult tasks and work in storm conditions, for example at low temperatures, tire length of 50 cm, weight 7 kg).

Of course, these are not all popular models, but the specified positions of setting up the chainsaws, which Patriot Patriot receive from owners and purchase recommendations.

Maintenance, main deformation and elimination

Rules for the operation, maintenance of the chain chainsaw cartridge:

  • Use only fuel with high quality, a mixture of petrol and oil in the right ratio, recommended gasoline – 92, butter – High viscosity for two stroke petrol engines;
  • Adjust the carburetor in the service center and at the end of the guarantee period for specialists.
  • The chainsaw should be carried out in accordance with the instructions. In view of the starting method (manual starter/electrical starter), it is necessary to start a chainsaw properly.
  • Like every tool with a petrol engine, the patriot requires a chainsaw-like duration of use in a gentle mode, the duration of the entrance is normally 5-7 working hours.
  • Work with a chainsaw, use a mask, headphones and fabric shoes with a no n-flip surface. This grants additional handshake with the handles of the tool.

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Carburetor adjustment

In the event, when the guarantee has ended, it is possible to adapt the carburetor in the chainsaw itself, as this is necessary:

  • Take a saw, turn the adjustment screw of high and low revolutions on the stop. Screw it back and half;
  • Warm the saw for 5-10 minutes. Estress a single movement with a screw.
  • With the correct settings, the chain does not move along the tire when idling.
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Possible malfunctions of chainsaws Patriot

  1. Basopiles started to “drink” too much gasoline, the benzinkonsum increased, and the performance remained the same. Reason: Due to the use of fuel in poor quality, there was an encryption of a carburetor. It should be cleaned and adjusted by the carburetor and only used with high quality fuel.
  2. Barakhulin chainsaw begins hard and speaks out during the operation of the black exhaust frank. Reason: oil with low quality or small amount of it in the fuel mixture, a fog on a candle and the need to clean/replace the candle.
  3. The chainsaw doesn’t want to start. Reason: a fuel mixture fell into the combustion chamber or there is no spark from the spark plug. In such cases, the combustion chamber is usually dried and the candle cleaned or replaced.

Video evaluation of the chainsaw of the chainsaw patriot

Video of the owner of Patriot Imperial RT 3816

Video of the owner of the Kettensaw Patriot 554 Pro

Reviews of the owners

Gene, Odessa:

“I use Patriot RT 5220 in the household. I like it, but in the first few months after the start of the company I got used to his weight. Nevertheless, it seems too difficult for me, but in two years I got used to the dimensions.

Advantages: steep electricity, saw perfect, fast and gently on wood, moderately drink petrol.

Ivan Arkadevich, Kharkov region:

“It is difficult in the village without chainsaw. Especially when harvesting firewood. In old age, it is difficult to stab firewood with an ordinary ax, so I have acquired a chainsaw patriot Imperial 3816.

Advantages: It has a perfectly seen apple tree, maple, for firewood and blanks of the boards, the tool is very good! I recommend!

Disadvantages: Fast wear of the local chain. Replaces Shtlevskaya, you can do any other hig h-quality chain.

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