Saw Energy PC-40: Technical description, rules of operation

Power Saw PC-40

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg 4,9
Busbar length, cm 40.5
Power, W 2600
Oil tank capacity, ml 110
Number of members, STK 59
Engine location crossover
Keyless adjustment of chain tension no
Tension, V 220
Chain speed, m/s 8.5
Width of nut, mm 1.3
Busbar length, mm 16

Model Features

Electric chainsaw Energy PC-40 is used for making firewood, sawing various types of wood for construction and repair work, as well as for the care of trees. The gears are made of alloyed steel, which ensures resistance to mechanical stress and long life. The saw does not emit any substances harmful to the environment, which allows you to use it indoors. Ergonomic non-slip handles provide a secure grip and comfortable operation.

  • Protective grip – reduces hand contact with the chain;
  • Practical key storage
  • High saw chain speed – good cutting performance
  • Two handles for a secure grip
  • Robust nylon-added body material – shock- and frost-resistant
  • Produces no noxious fumes and allows indoor work
  • Automatic chain and rod lubrication system
  • Polycarbonate without integration – flexible at low temperatures
  • Brush replacement without removing the housing
  • Noisy power PC-40
  • Windows for monitoring the amount of oil
  • Rast button – simplifies continuous operation, prevents ready to start after power failure
  • Rubber-coated handle for good grip and full control
  • Well-balanced saw – easy to control in any situation

Standard equipment

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the features, appearance, packaging and place of manufacture without notifying representatives. Be careful when buying!

  • Jigsaw – 1 pc.
  • Tires – 1 pc.
  • Chains – 1 pc.
  • Protective sleeve – 1 pc.
  • Carbon brushes – 1 pc.
  • Oil bottle – 1 pc.
  • Crochet keys – 1 pc.
  • Instruction manual
  • package
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Reviews and reviews

Check out the videos (above) and reviews (below), they are often better than text reviews. You can read other reviews or leave your own in the comments on this page. Thanks for your review or rating!


The usual electric saw. Build quality and workmanship is fully consistent with the cost. I’ve been working with it for 8 months now without any problems. In general, worked with different saws and I want to say: I will still give preference to the saw with a direct motor. It’s about ease of use, I’m not talking about arboristics, but I saw that the side-mounted motor creates big problems when working – it just can’t crawl freely where the straight one goes. It’s completely incomprehensible at first glance, but it creates problems as soon as you pick it up. It’s handy to hold it on one side only (motor superiority) if you’re right or left-handed to pay attention. When going into the groove, use force any way you can to keep the saw steady – you can try going into the groove and just hold the side by the handle – it will go arc in the opposite direction from the motor, it doesn’t happen right under its weight, side trimming the wood. You can only do it from one side, close to the ground. Directly on both sides. If the tree is thicker than the length of the hoop, the side needs to be done 4 times 2 times. If the branches next to each other do not need to be removed, do not reach between them. I recommend that the saws do not put more pressure on the gearbox, on the motor, on the chain on the gearbox than their weight when working. The chain must always be sharp – if you work long, take 2-3 chains for a long time, buy a sharpening machine, if the chain is sharp in any case, do not put pressure on the saw during the sawing – it skips at this point gear equipment. Be sure to lubricate the chain, if you don’t see a knot and it’s all an emergency loss with how the fact the light is gone. If the oil is not suitable for the chain, the wear of all parts of the saw will increase several times.

Power Saw PC-40. Review, properties, reviews

This is an electric chainsaw model, which is mainly used privately.

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Electric Focuser Energy PC-40

The power of the saw is enough for professional use and cutting trees up to 40 cm in diameter, but the dependence on the electric network makes it impossible for daily use in woodworking enterprises.

Advantages of Energomash PC-40 electric saw:
  • simple design;
  • average productivity;
  • eco-friendliness.
Disadvantages of the electric saw Energomash PC-40:
  • short power cord;
  • dependence on the electric network;
  • Battery operation is not provided.


Energomash is a Russian company, bought by the German company Sturm. The assembly process is located directly in the capacities of the PRC, which allows you to keep the price at a constantly low level.

The cost of a new electric saw EPTs-40 in the store is about 4,500 rubles, and used in good condition costs about 3,000 rubles.

Devices of the power plant “Energomash”:

Protective container for fuel mixture set of basic tools


Characteristics Energomash KTK-40
Power, hp/kW 2,6
Busbar length, cm 40.5
Number of links 59
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8
Oil tank capacity, l 0.11
Weight (kg 4,9

User manual

Energomash PC-40 is an electric chainsaw, when working with which it is necessary to observe the appropriate safety rules.

Electric saw

Safety rules when working Energomash PC-40:
  • Work only in dry weather to prevent moisture from getting into the Energomash PC-40 electric chainsaw.
  • When working, it is necessary to lay the wire in one place to prevent branches or logs from falling on the electric cable.
  • During operation, the operator must wear a special protective suit of overalls, gloves, goggles, safety signs and closed-toe shoes.
  • Before operation, make sure that the power tool is in good working order and that the cable is not jammed.

The high speed of the circuit when it is energized greatly increases power while reducing the outgoing load on the motor.


The oil level in the Energy electric saw is easy to check thanks to a special transparent visual window.

The anti-vibration system of the energy chain saw PC-40 helps to reduce fatigue and stress on the human joints.

The automatic lubrication system significantly increases chain life, reduces chain friction and heating. As a lubricant it is recommended to use Sturm Company Oil for electric saws.

Pond in fall and winter

Storm Oil

The main misalignments and how to fix them

If the motor does not push, the following reasons can lead to this:

  • Insufficient output of the electric saw;
  • The chain brake is engaged;
  • The carbon brush is worn out.

When the engine is running, but sees poorly:

  • Chain clipping;
  • Poor chain tension;
  • Incorrectly installed chain.

The Energiach electric saw is powered by an electric cable, which tends to kink and fail. Its condition should be checked every time you start it up.

Video review

Review of the electric planter Energia

Owners reviews


“For those who work at home, you will not find a better saw! It is compact, lightweight, reliable. Many people say that there are a lot of problems with electricity and cables, but wait, is it much less of a problem to prepare the fuel mixture? I wouldn’t say so… I’ve had it in my household for 5 years and it sang great! “


“Electric saws are much quieter than gasoline saws. And this was the main criterion that inclined me to the PC-40. I bought it for my grandfather in the village, and the quieter and easier for him, the better. No problems with preparing the fuel mixture, refills, etc. Turned on the total and went. The cable is really lacking, but you can’t do without carrying such a tool, so it’s not critical. It would also be inserted from the battery and it would not be worth it! Advantages: quiet, powerful, reliable. Disadvantages: short cable. “

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