Sadko power tillers and cultivators. Review of models, video of work, reviews

Sadko motorcycles – delivery only in Ukraine

Motor machinery “Sadko” – quite a rare guest in Russia: Although it is not yet produced – in Slovenia it comes only under this brand name. As with most such companies, it is the biggest compilation: Most of the components are imported from China and labeled with its name.

For example, the engines used on Sadko machinery are well-known copies of Honda of unknown origin.

The assembly line

Sadko M400.

The M400 mothball is equipped with a 200cc gasoline engine of conventional design with a capacity of 6.5 hp. And it has a rather interesting design with two gears. At the output of the front gear, the wheels are installed, and the rear gear is used to install the cutters.

At the same time there is a tilt of the control handles.

The cutter itself is enclosed by a sturdy metal housing for safety. No less convenient detail is a very simple, but the ability to quickly disengage the motoblock from the drive axles – just pull the handle outward of the wheel. This noticeably facilitates the transportation of the walking tractor.

Single gearbox

The obvious disadvantages of the walking tractor can be attributed to the only gear, which has only front and rear speed. In addition, conventional cutters are quite narrow – the processing width is only 400 millimeters, while many motives of the same power can be recorded one meter per pass.

At the same time, processing large areas involves frequent reversing, which is derived behind the differential of the 77-kilogram motor unit.

Many owners are faced with the need to modernize their motor-block for processing heavy floors – the clutch of standard gears is not enough, and the driving axle slips instead of pulling the motor-block. In such cases, it is necessary to install weights and/or wheels with developed metal grounds.

It is also noted that the presence of an oil level gauge makes it somewhat difficult to operate the recreational tractor – because the working depth changes the inclination of its body at greater depths, which can cause it to stop, and forces owners to constantly raise the oil level by checking.

For more details about the Sadko M 400 power tiller, see the video:

The M500 power tiller in operation is familiar to anyone familiar with such machinery, because its design is completely traditional: its engine with the same properties as the M400, connected to a two-stage gearbox and a chain gear.

Shifting the transmission is rather impractical because of the use of a lever on the steering wheel, but a long lever that is directly connected to the gearbox. It has to be stretched when operating, especially if the owner is tall.

The manually operated tractor comes with two three-section cutting units that can be used to change the working width from 500 to 1000 millimeters. It is quite light (62 kg), and a claim must be made to use the plow.

The double ribbed drive belt and front attachment point allow the M500 to be paired with an active front power elevator like a rotary mower. The manually operated tractor comes in two configurations: with and without pneumatic wheels.

This single-axle tractor differs from the previous model essentially only in the working width, increased by the use of four-section cutters. However, the prices for the Sadko M900 hand tractor are clearly (on average 20% in Ukrainian online stores) higher than the M500 model.

M900 Pro

Despite the marking on the M900 model, this is a fundamentally different hand tractor: its engine is located longitudinally on the frame and is connected directly to the two-speed transmission through an automatic centrifugal clutch without belts.

Cultivation is the loosening of soil that has already been edited, with weeds and other plants that are harmful to the crop. Here you will learn how to build a hand cultivator with your own hands.

To the choice of milking equipment should be taken seriously, because the right choice directly affects the health and well-being of the animals. Milking machines for cows – it is a significant saving of financial costs and time.

Mini-class equipment is available not only for agrocomplex and agricultural enterprises, but also for the average person who works in agriculture at the semi-professional level. Go to the link, you will learn all the useful information about the mini combine.

This solution greatly increases the reliability of the tractor with manual control, although the lack of a front pipe makes it impossible to use an active front power elevator, such as a carousel mower. At the rear is a fully streamlined perforated shaft enclosed by a metal shroud.

The first signs of spring in the garden


The Sadko MD900L is essentially the M900 Pro with a 4-horsepower diesel engine instead of the gasoline engine. Despite a number of advantages (more durable snail gear instead of chain, high fuel efficiency, the presence of two rear speeds and a headlight for working in the twilight), it is no longer in production.

It’s worth responding to the properties of its drive. To simplify the design of this and a number of other hand tractors, a snail drive was used, which consists of a leading snail that rotates a wave running in the gearbox.

It consists of a second snail wave part and a pinion which it drives on the wheel axle.

Sadko MD 900L

Such a mechanism is more durable and ingenious than a chain gear, is compact with large gear ratios, and makes it very easy to combine a motor arranged longitudinally with a transverse wheel axle.

Its big disadvantage, however, is its lack of reversibility: the snail can turn the pinion, but the pinion cannot turn the snail. For this reason, the wheels of a hand-driven tractor cannot rotate from a jolt, even if the gear is in neutral.

For this reason, Sadko hand tractors are equipped with outside handles that can be used to quickly disengage the wheels and axle, and in order to standardize for chain-driven hand tractors, which do not have this drawback.

M1265 Pro.

This hand tractor differs from the M900 Pro only in the increase in working width to 1200 mm, as well as an increased track width and an increased weight to 103 kg.

wiring diagram

The electric circuit diagram of Sadko does not differ from the diagram of Don, Hooter, Pro, Pagar, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna that is used for any other power tiller. The components of the electrical devices of the currently produced motor blocks “Sadko” are:

  • ignition coil
  • Engine switch
  • Oil level sensor and its relay

The ignition coil is located in immediate proximity to the rotary wheel of the engine.

wiring diagram

If the magnetic mark on the coil core flows at a certain point, it excites a voltage pulse, the amplitude of which is proportional to the speed of the crankshaft and flywheel.

In order to be able to silence the engine, the ignition coil has a special lead, if the radio is closed, it stops. This lead is connected to the muting button located on the steering wheel and the oil level sensor.

This sensor consists of a float with a magnet and a mat placed in it, the contact of which, when the float is lowered to the lower position (when the oil level is low), closes the magnet, which causes the relay to activate and the engine to splash.

The simplicity of the circuit also makes it easier to find faults:

  • If there is no spark, just disconnect the wire from the ignition coil, and it comes from the jam button and oil level sensor relay, to determine where the problem is.
  • In one of these nodes, the coil has failed (you need to separate it from all devices, they should start giving a spark or recognized as faulty).
Motoblocks Farmer - Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews The Owner

spare parts

Spare parts for motoblock Sadko M400 and other models such as Cayman Vario, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, Prostab, Crosser, Viking, Forz in Ukraine are not unavailable.

In case of absence of spare parts for automatic transmission “Sadko” in local stores, they can always be purchased through the online store

spare parts

True, this applies mainly to the nodes of the transmission, because the engines copy the traditional design of Honda motors and are widely used in many other motoblocks.

The power, which almost every Sadko power tiller develops, is 6.5 hp, which is quite enough for most work in the private sector. At the same time, the repair of the “Sadko” motor-block in Russia may often require the selection and adaptation of spare parts from other motor-blocks, since there is no “Sadko” trading network in our country.

That’s why the question of buying a Sadko motor-block is relevant only for the residents of Ukraine. At the same time, “Sadko” motor-block loses in one price segment to competitors, and often loses to them in functionality and convenience.

For example, remote gearbox control instead of stiffeners on a number of models, etc. on a cable-operated steering wheel on a cable-operated steering wheel.

Wal k-Fehind tractor choice or 30 years of evolution.

Hello! Although the D2 car site is dedicated, users just can’t be found on user blogs. You’ll be surprised more than once, but I never found extensive information on power tillers. Forums kolkhoznikov and farmers – it is long and unsuccessful, and the typical articles from the copywriter – “How to choose and buy a power tiller” did not cause confidence in yourself, because they are a game! (Friends, I understand that this topic is boring and far from being able to keep interesting articles2, but for those who master the entire text at the end of the publication bonus!)

In the first case, they start loading them up on topical forums about how many piglets the cattle have this year and trying to find out how they harvested in the past. And Internet publications on bespoke topics arise from the first lines, because they start blatantly “pouring water,” filling the costs of the article and telling all about the creation of the world to the present day. Also, it’s a shame that I, as a lover of my writing and an engineer by training, am open to enlightenment in such publications. In addition, my head passes in half an hour, after which I leaf through a leaflet online for half an hour, at least somehow to find useful information. All in all, not an option either.

So I gathered the grains together, then what little I found on the web, what I saw on YouTube and what I have years of experience in. It has been decided to pour these attempts onto the pages of my personal blog. After all, there is a problem and not many solutions. Suddenly someone needs similar information, I will be glad if I can help.

Since the invention of the engine, man has tried to put it somewhere. In some cases it looked controversial and unusual, but in essence it has done its job and has sold out in millions around the world. The first patent for a power tiller was issued in Germany in 1912. Conrad von Meyenburg and the Sieme-Schuckerty Society are considered the inventors of this marvel and the patent holder. They produced aircraft engines, self-playing machines, agricultural equipment and household appliances. In essence, nothing has changed. Basically, it is a front-wheel drive module, aka drive wheels. In the USSR, they were called a single tractor or a walking tractor.

In addition, it is immediately worth defining and clarifying what is a walking tractor and what is a power tiller. If it is designed only for chopping and without wheels, then it is a cultivator. For example, the most common motocultivator is a maul. However, if it is a wheeled machine that can pull a plow or trailer or perform other tasks, but substitutes for replacing wheels by stitching and grinding, then it is a tractor, which is also a power tiller. Although the first power tiller was produced somewhere in Patmi in the USSR in 1948, the term “power tiller” did not come into use until the 1980s. As various design bureaus and research institutes began to intensively offer industrial mechanization, so came the mechanization. All power tillers are divided into light, medium, heavy and super-heavy. While the first two categories have only one engine and gearbox in their composition, the latter two may have a power shaft or a simple gear pump for hydraulics. For obvious reasons, on the typical 6 acre plot of land for most citizens, the most common power tillers are the light and medium. Heavy, it is too cumbersome, it will not fit in the “Zhiguli”, and there is no place to accelerate. In general, my choice was, as with most Russians, in the direction of the middle class power tillers. N was so simple.

What do you need to pay attention to when buying a universal machine?

Background. Kashka y-motorcycle has been in our family since the early 90’s. An early one with a hood and fascia. Eye visors!

Beautiful yellow with red gears and gears. It was over 25 years old and had survived 10 years ago the replacement of the carburetor, starter, and then the engine for the Chinese life connection (layout), and the pinion parts had been replaced five years earlier. In addition, it is worth noting that there were no transition plates and all murmurs were made on the knees. Only then it began to be sold intensively with power tillers with Chinese and American engines already installed. Too bad I had to give up the false board and headlights, but what’s there is what’s there. It worked without hesitation in all the vegetable gardens of our family, sometimes gnawed virgin land and struggled with tree roots.

Of the useful options it acquired during this time, I found only the speed control system in the form of a curved ring that locked and pressed on the clutch lever. This helped a lot in large gardens and pulled away slightly when the hand slipped. Why didn’t I think about this option until my 15th year of ownership? Don’t ask. Just took our idea and used it)))

So. Having sufficient experience with similar equipment, she brought a new power tiller in another village, and I began to monitor the market. The market for power tillers in Russia is now a cross between Soviet developments and Chinese technology. Nothing new has been invented since the collapse of the balloon. The first candidate, of course, for me personally is a power tiller “Cascade”, but they are no longer in production, and it is impossible to buy a new one. The standard in the Cascade DM-1 with a Zhigulov piston, lower valves with a completely disgusting timing and grease. This engine was remembered for poor starting, it was not easy to start it, for this reason the starter unit often broke down. By the way, it was time drive equipment, which from time to time was licked. The “Cascade” mothball is an upgraded mothball-beam. And the “beam” is an idea for the design of the Perm Aircraft Motoblock. (It always amazed me how we have the same factory produce rockets and tractors with skirts) A further modernization of the “Cascade” is a power tiller “Oka”.

Although I mostly switched from the beam to the Cascade, I did not find changes in the design (maybe I did not look hard enough). Only the color and slight layout have been upgraded. In these motorblocks, the gearbox is made with a chain pattern, the pinion itself is stamped. Needle bearings of the primary wave and conventional bearings at the bottom of the axles, which were closed with collars.

Compact petrol lawn mower VIKING MB 545T. Model description, specifications and reviews

The power of engines with this transmission was 6 to 8 hp. Now BM-1s are still produced for perverts and masochists, while for decent and educated citizens they have long been provided by Leafers, Brigs and Stratons. The former goes back to the ideology of the most common Honda engine, rewritten by China, and is to me the second dark horse. But I suspect the Oriental roots are there. The clutch actuator is a lever clutch with a rocker gear. Two speeds forward and two reverse. Shifting with belts in gear.

All in all, everything is clear with the Cascade, Random and Oka. Proven motoblock classic, plain and simple together. No innovation, and maybe that’s better. Starting to see what’s out there after all.

The light blue with white motor-block “Neva” has long been known on the garden plots. The engines here come from Subari, too bad it’s not the other way around and not Chinese. I looked carefully at the inscription on the engine “NEVA”.

The first motorcycle plant in St. Petersburg rolled off the assembly line in 1984. Before that, the plant produced engines, even earlier diversionary army vehicles and motorcycles. As well as the transmission according to the “Fordson-Putilovets” version. Seems to be the same and the gearbox, sometimes meets the equipment. But firstly I was alerted, that it was made of “aircraft metal”, and secondly it was assembled on bronze spigots. I have read many reviews and got upset.

Because of the small gearbox it is not enough for our floor. I will have to add some extra weight. Cascade and Oka weighs under a hundred kg. The NEVA weighs 60-70 kg. But you cannot tear them off from the advertisement. They are being sold everywhere and anywhere. The price for a decent NEVA is about 40 versus about 30 for an OK. That means the lightweight motoblock is 30% more expensive than the old lady.

I also honestly got a salesman at the store who honestly told me that there were more returns, that their gears needed attention, and they will sell leftovers now, and promise to release a new, better gears starting in the new year. I am sincerely glad that there are still adequate sellers, who do not treat, but help to choose.

A separate idea of the plant near Kaluga, where now produces a relative of the OKA – tractor Wal k-Fehind “Ugra”. Very dark and incomprehensible horse. Let me tell you.

First, the longitudinal cut is as on the right rear drive. After the massive engine comes the box bore, and then there’s a wave to the pinion, which is strictly vertical under the engine. Remarkably, when advertising this marvel, they push the argument that members of the aviation industry were involved in the design. It is not clear why. Perhaps it was necessary to involve machinists, the mothball should plow, not fly. Crooked thought is the flight of phantoms in the head.)) Basically, a walking tractor is a trip to the Allianni Rebel Fleet ship from the J. Lucas saga of eminent wars. How about recruiting airplane designers for that?

After the idea of discarding humor, it got good. Specifically, doing away with the V-belt transmission and installing a disc clutch mechanism in an oil bath. Almost a wet DSG with two claws! What was? I don’t know why you would complicate the work beast so much. In fact, the V-belt transmission for a recreational tractor is a problematic assembly that is quickly repairable, also works with abysmal workmanship and is not expensive. “The Yugra, for me personally, is spoiled by the complicated construction and average quality. At first the idea was good and even the best in the class of medium-sized cars. But it was ruined by production, dealers and consumers. The former brought quality, the latter brought service, and the latter brought a level of intelligence to properly operate such devices. In researching the aftermarket, I was missing some items in the gearbox and some seals. We are looking for a walk in the wilderness, where the next piece of iron is 65 km from the vegetable garden. So “Ugra” with its futuristic design and aviation technology in the bright room of the future.

5 real options for protecting plants from heat

I did not forget to consider the “hello” power harvesters, which are the second most popular after the “Neva”. I have never worked with the Greetings.

Personally, I don’t like the fact that it’s low and the front strut is somewhat repulsive. It looks like a Colchis. It has an aluminum transmission, with a pinion drive for the drive wheels. The “Salute” itself is very compact, which is why it is loved by dacha owners. The feature of “Salut” is small wheels and the same cutters. Maybe it’s not bad, but in my opinion it is a little too light. 75-80 kg, and still I do not like the aluminum gears on these devices. Maybe it’s prejudice. Oddly enough. I don’t like the look of the Salyut, although, honestly, I can’t say anything special about it. There are not many complaints about it, for a small area it is quite a technique. It has two speeds forward and one speed backward. There are different engines, but almost all are foreign.

And the history of the walking tractor “Salut” originates at the plant of aircraft engines. Let me remind you that it is the second or third Russian walking tractor related to aviation.

In principle, I have only stopped at the machinery I described above. You will not agree with me, but what about “Patriot”, “Daewoo”, “Hyundai” and another army of Chinese and Korean machinery, besieging the shelves of supermarkets and hardware stores? And I’ll tell you the answer. What will I do with this “Hyundai” or “Patriot”, when I find myself in the field 200 km away from the same Ryazan. Where will I look for belts and cigarettes in five years? It’s the same thing.

Yes, household appliances are made by slumbering monkeys, hammering bolts and screwing in nails on equipment that would be triple recycled in the West, but such simple and easy-to-maintain appliances are needed for relief households. If they couldn’t evolve in 30 years, they won’t be able to for another 30. Or maybe they don’t need it, at least not in that sense. In any case, the technology of this class is now optimized. Our industry has come to terms with the fact that small engines cannot be produced “FOR PEOPLE” and cannot be used for military purposes. But it has not yet forgotten the stamping of simple shapes and the sloppy assembly of gears with backlashes without unscrewing half of the fasteners. This is not terrible, as the margin for “sloppy” equipment is structurally fixed, and it is not difficult to stretch the fasteners before work.

Then I bought a tractor “Oka” with a walker and a 6.5 hp Lifan engine. Full equipment at a reasonable price. I did him maintenance – 0 and will soon take it to the duty station. And a bonus at the end of the article – a little game of fodder. I knew about lawn mower racing in England, but definitely didn’t know about the “motorcycle versus pickup truck” drag racing and European mud wrestling in Croatia. Who, despite their upbringing and manners, also like to wade through shit without fenders on a two-wheeled tractor))) the third video is a dry race that takes place in Germany. Wild for sure, but fun!

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