Sabre saws Interskol. Review, characteristics, reviews

Star saws from Interskol. overview of the model range. The marking of sabre saw blades. Preparing the saw for work

Sabre saws from “Interskol”: high quality equipment from the Russian brand

In 1992 a small enterprise for the production of garden equipment and hand-held power tools was created on the basis of the research and production association “Vniskol”. The products of the new company immediately found its buyer, who was attracted by the good quality of “Interskol” and affordable prices. Until 1998, “Interskol” owned the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, which produced the majority of products of this brand.

As the years went by, “Interskol” increased its production and soon was able to enter foreign markets and even set up production in several countries. Today production facilities are located not only in Russia, but also in Spain and China. Most of the reciprocating saws “Interskol” are made in China, which has not affected their quality. Production processes are controlled by foreign specialists, all devices comply with European quality and safety standards.

As already mentioned, the management of the company “Interskol” adheres to a reasonable pricing policy, not overstating the cost of its products. Today the Saber saw from “Interskol” can be purchased in Russian online stores at a price of 5,000 rubles.

  • Decent quality of assembly and components;
  • A large number of affordable spare parts;
  • High environmental friendliness and maneuverability of the tool;
  • Good information support and a wide network of warranty repair shops.

Minogan lineup of Interskol saber saws

The company does not skimp on the production of electric saber saws. There are no batteries here at all, as in mains tools they are represented only by the Interskol NP-120/1010E model. On its technical characteristics, description and maintenance we will focus in our review.

This saber saw is characterized by high performance, reliability and endurance, which determines its popularity in the market. The Interskol NP-120/1010E is equipped with a powerful high-speed motor of 1010 watts, has an electronic control unit of the number of gear revolutions and the number of movements of the saw blade. The Saber saw owners note its ergonomics, maneuverability and low noise level of this tool.

The model is designed to work with various materials, including non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Note that when working with wood, the operator can perform to a depth of up to 250 millimeters. At the same time, the display reaches 120 mm. With all its advantages, the Interskol NP-120/1010E saber saw has a relatively small weight value – 3.8 kilograms.

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The versatility of the saw stipulates a wide range of its use. It will become a reliable helper during repair and construction work, will help trim garden trees and hedges.

basic configuration

  • Cardboard packaging box in corporate style;
  • Operating manual, device passport and warranty card;
  • Interskol electric saw with an electric motor;
  • Universal saw blades for wood and metal processing – 2 pcs.

Operational and technical characteristics

The user manual, detailed operating and technical specifications, and information about the Interskol NP-120/1010E sabre saw can be viewed here:

Unpacking the tool and preparing it for work

  • When buying a saber saw, it is necessary to check its completeness, availability of the passport and warranty card;
  • In case of a malfunction, the buyer has 14 days to demand repair or replacement of the tool with a new one from the seller. However, we recommend that you check for any external damage or malfunctions immediately prior to purchase;
  • When purchasing an Interscol NP-120/1010E reciprocating saw, ask the seller to check the electric motor to make sure it is in good condition and working.

Important: Most Interscol reciprocating saw failures during the warranty period are due to improper operation and maintenance of the equipment. Before starting work, it is recommended to read the manual carefully, study the device, its performance characteristics and safety rules when working with power tools.

  • Before starting work, check the integrity of the insulation of the mains cable and the extension cord.
  • Make sure that all assemblies and parts are securely fastened, retighten the fastening screws and nuts if necessary;
  • Install the saw blade. To do this, turn the chuck, insert the file and lock it in the working position by turning the chuck back.

Important: choose saw blades responsibly, avoid blunt saw blades if possible and use saw blades that are suitable for the material you are cutting.

Saw blades for sabre saw Interskol NP-120/1010E

The quality of the saw blade not only affects the performance and accuracy of the saw, but also the durability of the saber saw. An improperly selected saw blade can lead to the breakdown of the tool and injure the operator.

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There is a huge selection of power saw blades on the market. However, before you buy a saw blade you must make sure that it fits or will fit into the chuck of your sabre saw. Blades also vary in the number of teeth and how they are angled. The teeth can either be milled or ground. Blades with milled teeth are used for cutting metal and hard wood; blades with ground teeth are used for cutting softer materials.

Tooth alignment is very important. Bear in mind that saw blades with widely spaced teeth give high cutting speeds but accuracy suffers as a result. Saws with wavy teeth are used for precision work, but in this case high speed cannot be achieved.

Identifying Floating Knives

When selecting a file, pay attention to the marking and shank of the blade:

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HCS – high-carbon steel saw blade. Ideal for working with soft wood, plastic, rubber. The length of such blades, as a rule, exceeds 350-450 millimeters. You should also pay attention to the pitch of the teeth. If they are at the same distance from each other, it means that the saw is designed for homogeneous material (wood, plastic, fiberboard). Files with alternating pitch are designed for special tasks – old boards with nails.

HSS – the blade is made of high-speed tool steel and designed for working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The shape of this file allows you to make through cuts in pipes or create curved cuts in sheet metal and profiled metal. The length of such blades usually does not exceed 295 mm.

BIM saws with this designation are made of a bimetallic alloy with high-carbon and tool steel. Characterized by excellent performance and long service life. It is used for working with hard and combined materials. Ideal for sawing foam and aerated concrete.

HM/CT – This designation stands for blades made of extremely durable alloys. They are used when working with hard materials, including for cutting tiles, concrete, aerated concrete, fiberglass and fiberglass and steel constructions.

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Hacksaw blades for cellular concrete wood blade Hacksaw blades for metal blade

The first letter of the marking means the type of shank; the most common are 4 types of shank:

F – Fin e-Standard;

Then we have three digits, but we are interested in the first one, it means the blade length.

After that we see the letters A, B, C, D. They stand for the tooth size in ascending order, where A is the smallest tooth and the blades marked D have the biggest tooth.

Additional markings

F – working part is made of bimetallic alloy;

O – blade with narrow back;

P – for precise cutting;

X – progressive tooth pitch;

R – back teeth

The main advantages and disadvantages of the Interskol NP-120/1010E saber saw


  • Quality assembly and budget cost of the tool;
  • Ergonomic body with a rubberized handle;
  • High maneuverability of the tool at a relatively low weight;
  • Disruptive saw blade change and electronic speed control.


  • Inaccuracy at low cuts;
  • Frequent gearbox failures;
  • The tool is a bad tool.

Video review

Sable saw Interskol NP-120/1010E in operation and user reviews:



Disassembly and inspection of the sabre saw Interskol:



Presentation of the model Sable saw Interskol NP-120/1010E:



What they talk about on the forums – reviews of the Interskol sabre saw

Sergey Shkastunov, 54 years old, Ivanovo region:

I do custom repairs. In our province, mostly wooden buildings. Here without a saber saw can’t do without – I need to cut a piece of pipe/fittings, or an old board with nails to cut. I use the Interskol NP-120/1010e. The unit is short-lived, the power is enough, saws pretty fast, even without switching. The saw does not give a high accuracy, but for my needs and it is not needed. Too bad there is no case – it is not convenient to carry in my pocket.

Stanislav Bratushkin. 44 years old, Moscow region:

I use the Interskol NP-120/1010E since 2014. The tool has both its shortcomings and its advantages. I will note the fully reliable, well-designed engine. Never overheats, is able to work under any load. Worse is the case with the gearbox. A year after purchase the bearing flew, I changed a little – the teeth in the gear reducer pinion were worn out. Again repairs, again costs. In spite of the fact that I regularly lubricate the sabre saw. Yes, I immediately threw out the blades that were included, none at all.

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Advantages: price, quality motor, low weight;

Disadvantages: poor quality files in the basic set, poor quality gearbox parts.

Sawmill Sobol Interskol: Overview of the model range

Domestic and professional Interskol brand sawing equipment has a constant trend of increasing consumer demand. The model range is still represented by the development. This is a powerful and reliable in everyday work Sabrik series NP-120/1010E saw.

Many woodworking companies and home craftsmen update the tool park with the purchase of domestic equipment. Electric hacksaw Interskol wholesale has positive reviews from contractors, furniture makers and home users at home and abroad.

Saber saw Interskol

Constructive properties

The only electric sabre saw in its model range is developed and serially produced at domestic enterprises.

  • According to experts, according to all parameters, the tool meets the requirements for a powerful, productive and safe view on the equipment of the budget price group.
  • Universal product can be used in a wide range of sawing jobs.
  • Wide range of hacksaw blades allows to work on construction and furniture wood, plastic and composite sheet materials, foam and pneumatic blocks.

The undeniable commercial success of the NP-120/1010E has led to a number of new developments. A cordless sabre saw, which can operate autonomously for a long time at the level of European standards, is being designed.

A brief overview of the NP-120/1010E series branded saw

Interskol NP-120/1010E

Meticulous attention to detail and the overall design is well received. The first in its model range, the Interskol saw received compliance with the standards of the Euro-Asian Economic Union.

The tool blade with the adjustable number of working movements in the range from 250 to 3000 is driven by 1010 water-water electric motor with a big stock of torque.

Length of a blade of the hacksaw “Smena” is 28 mm, the maximum depth of soaking in wood – up to 250 mm, in cast iron and aluminum – up to 120 mm. The design of the product provides for the possibility of adjusting the working speed of the disc and the depth of cut.

Advantages of this model from 5600 rub:

  • shuttle run;
  • modern industrial design;
  • Low weight of 3.8 kg and compact dimensions;
  • Designed to work with various regulations with a closed type and a protective visor;
  • Prompt replacement of saw blades.
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Absence of full-fledged vibration damping is compensated by excellent balancing, presence of adjustable stop for exact depth of cut, conveniently located controls.

The ratio of cost, quality, performance and operational reliability of the Interskol NP-120/1010E saber saw is optimal, according to experienced specialists and ordinary users.

advantages and disadvantages

The list of advantages of this model notes what is characteristic for all saws of the brand:

  • The quality of the raw materials used;
  • The use of high-precision metal processing technology;
  • The use of new developments in the field of ergonomics and design.

Users note positively the association of the saw blades with the products of leading brands, which allows using the capabilities of the tool with the maximum possible efficiency and productivity.

Owners of this brand of electric saw note the affordable cost of spare parts and the wide range of services of service and repair centers.

To the disadvantages can be attributed a number of design drawbacks, namely:

  • forced wear and tear of the gearbox gears;
  • the possibility of installing hacksaw blades with a thickness of not more than 1.5 mm;
  • No soft start system.

owners’ reviews

The quality of the standard saw blade of the Interskol saber saw is more than moderate. Bought a Bosch analog, changed without any problems, nothing needs to be drilled and adjusted. The machine is literally transformed, cuts oak and other dense wood like butter. My neighbor also used the jigsaw to cut the foam blocks for the garage walls. Surprisingly, the cut is thin and clean, with a minimum of dust. For a small private household thing indispensable, I recommend it. Nikolay Klimovich

Electric saber saw can not be replaced by any jigsaw or chainsaw. The tool in the home is not the first necessity, but for construction and installation, sawing work – a great option. The accuracy of the cut is mediocre, the performance depends a lot on the quality of the saw blade. My Interskol saw has been through everything in two years, but has run out of value a few times. If I need a new hacksaw, I will look for a lighter model with a smooth start and vibration compensator, my hands get tired easily from long hard work. Valera

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