Ryobi rlm18e40h lawnmower. The main devices, technical specifications, engine parameters and purpose of the device

Ryobi rlm18e40h lawnmower. The main devices, technical specifications, engine parameters and purpose of the device

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Electric lawn mower Ryobi RLM18E40H (3002343) is a device for working on urban lawns, it is ideal for small areas near a building or near the garage. To work the mower requires a power source, the working voltage is 220-240 V (frequency 50 Hz). Of additional options: the model performs floor work and is available in two versions, one of which is electric RLM18E40H.

Ryobi RLM18E40H Electric Lawnmower

The Ryobi RLM18E40H lawnmower is equipped with an 1800-watt motor. It refers to a controlled device, not the device itself. It is easy to take care of the mower thanks to the removable grass catcher box: it can be easily washed and cleaned from grass residues and various impurities. Electric lawnmowers are an excellent alternative to petrol lawnmowers, and low noise level is their main advantage.

The recommended grass area when using this model of lawnmower is from 400 to 600 square meters. To form an opinion about the device and its advantages, to evaluate the external design, we recommend to watch a video – it shows the unpacking of the lawnmower after purchase.

This mower differs from the hybrid models in that it has only one way of working – from the network. Whereas the hybrid ones, such as the OLM1834H line representative, work both on batteries and mains.

For example, the next level of progress is the self-propelled mowers, petrol RLM18E40H from RIOBI. Such devices, respectively, run on gasoline and, in general, require careful monitoring of all options. You can learn more about the Ryobi RLM18E40H or OLM1834H lawn mower by watching various videos online.

basic equipment

Like other models from the manufacturer Ryobi, the RLM18E40H (3002343) lawnmower is disassembled. It comes with the following components:

  • 4 plastic wheels;
  • removable control handle;
  • grass box;
  • assembly tools;
  • mounting brackets;
  • special plug for mulching;
  • manual, warranty;
  • cardboard box.
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Functional differences of Ryobi RLM18E40H and RLM15E36H mowers

Assembly of Ryobi RLM18E40H lawnmower is carried out in accordance with the instructions for the product. Please note that there are two versions of the model: this is the electric RLM18E40H and RLM15E36H lawnmower. From the described position, the electric RLM15E36H is characterized by the following parameters:

  • smaller working width;
  • lower rpm;
  • more modest weight;
  • Different models of saw blade (RAC 414 and RAC421).

Other parameters, such as external design and design in modifications are identical.

Technical Data

Main technical characteristics RLM18E40H (3002347):

  • 40 cm working width;
  • adjustable cutting height in five levels (from 20 mm to 70 mm);
  • grass clippings container with capacity of 50 l;
  • Noise level 82.5 dB;
  • precision mowing technology;
  • Cutting blade (rotating blade);
  • Protective cover over the entire edge of the blade rotation;
  • Number of revolutions – 3700 per minute;
  • Brush to pick up grass at the edges of the cut for a better hit in the grass box (Easy Edge technology from the manufacturer);
  • Weight of the product – 13 kg;
  • Type of transmission – belt.

Features of using the device

What features the Ryobi RLM18E40H lawnmower (3002347) has

The most important are:
  • the ability to work much quieter than counterparts in the performance of other manufacturers (gasoline or battery-powered);
  • No harmful exhaust fumes, no smell of gasoline;
  • No need to charge the mower, as you are dealing with cordless models.
  • Compactness, faster assembly and convenient memory thanks to the folding handle;
  • The ability to mulch the floor (practical for the garden, areas with flowers or garden plants).

Advantages and disadvantages of lawn mowers

According to the ratings that the owners of lawnmowers of this model go to the Internet and thematic forums, you can understand that the advantages of the devices are much more than the disadvantages. Still, we will consider both sides of the work of the product.

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Owners contain such parameters as:

  • low noise level;
  • ease of operation and management due to the adjustable handle;
  • moderate weight;
  • optimal cost for such a variety of properties;
  • availability of a plug for mulch;
  • The presence of a modification with less power (electric RLM15E36H).

The disadvantages can include the following:

  • Small mowing area (or the need to use an extension cord);
  • Heating of the engine during prolonged work.

Video evaluation of work


Alexander, Chernigov:

“Was choosing between the battery and the electric system, still bought the electric and do not regret it. Riobi is a great option for small areas. Doesn’t stink, doesn’t rub, doesn’t break! I won’t write much and you will see for yourself, try it, test it, see the reviews. I did just that before I bought it and I think I picked the most successful option for my cottage. “

Ryobi rlm18e40h manual

See the manual for the Ryobi RLM18E40H for free. The control falls under the category of lawn mowers, 1 person (a) average rating of 9. The controls are available in the following languages: Russian, English. Do you have a question about the Ryobi RLM18E40H or need help? Enter your question here

Need Help?

Have a question about the Ryobi RLM18E40H and no answer in the manual? Enter your question here with a detailed description of the problem and state your question clearly. The more detailed the description of the problem or question, the easier it is for other users to give a comprehensive answer to the Ryobi RLM18E40H.

Mower shaft rotates tight

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Technical properties of the ryobi rlm18e40h

Below are the technical properties of the Ryobi RLM18E40H.

brand Ryobi
model RLM18E40H | 5133002347
product mower
EAN 4892210822604
language Russian English
File type User manual (PDF)
Type Urge mower
Mowing system
Cutting width 400 mm
Recommended lawn area – m²
Grass box Да
Grass box volume 50 L
Minimum cutting height 20 mm
Maximum cutting height 70 mm
Adjustable handle Да
Number of bikes 4 bikes (a)
Overview of the trailer and adapter for the motif of the eye
Weight 13000 g
performance 1800 W.
Power source


Can’t find the answer to your question on the tour? You’ll find the answer to your question below in the Frequently Asked Questions about the Ryobi RLM18E40H.

You can, but you’ll get better results in dry weather. When the grass is wet, clumps of grass form easily and can easily clog the mower.

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