Ryobi RLM13E33S lawnmowers. Basic devices, technical properties, engine parameters and purpose of the device

Ryobi RLM13E33S lawnmowers. Basic devices, technical properties, engine parameters and purpose of the device

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The Ryobi RLM13E33S electric lawnmower is designed to work on urban grass. It is a lightweight, maneuverable and handy device that performs lawn mowing when necessary, as well as removing weeds from the area.

Ryobi Rlm13e33s electric lawnmower

The device can be used in the following areas:

  • Private property;
  • The territory of city parks, schools, squares;
  • installation;
  • personal action.

The lawnmower is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1300 V. The source of format comes from the AC mains. In addition to the basic functions, the device is equipped with a mulching function. This means that with the help of a special nozzle with a bottom, the necessary fertilization can be carried out.

The recommended area to work together with this model lawnmower is 300 m². If necessary, you can do the same device, but after a long break, so that the engine has time to cool down.

We recommend watching a video about this model of garden equipment:

Basic equipment

When buying the owner receives the lawnmower in disassembled form, KIT has the following components:

  • Completely with the motor with the motor;
  • The grass catcher box of soft type, which conveniently folds up;
  • Handle with a slit for securing the cable;
  • Four plastic transport bikes;
  • Extension cable to connect the unit to the mains;
  • Set of mounting spare parts;
  • A mulch plug;
  • Assembly tools;
  • Owner’s manual with warranty period and service center stamp;
  • Cardboard packaging.

Ryobi Rlm13e33s electric lawnmower

Technical Specifications

Ryobi RLM13E33S specifications are as follows:

  • 1.3 kW power;
  • Five levels of grass height;
  • Adjustable grass height – from 20 mm to 60 mm;
  • Special width – 33 cm;
  • Grass box capacity – 35 l;
  • Weight of the construction group of the device – 10, 5 kg;
  • Cutting element – a knife;
  • Material of the body – plastic;
  • There is an adjustable lining to minimize slipping.
  • The dimensions of the product: 670 x 385 x 360 mm.

Particulars of use

Ryobi RLM13E333 lawnmower has undeniable advantages:

  • The ability to assemble the handle;
  • Handle assembly according to the height of the owner;
  • Convenient collector with grass catcher;
  • Easy and simple cleaning of grass clippings;
  • Intelligent arrangement of the collection buttons; Five cutting modes;
  • Five mowing modes;
  • Eco-friendliness (no exhaust gases as with petrol lawnmowers);
  • Additional brush for mowing grass at the edges (Easy Edge technology).
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Basic rules of operation and maintenance of electric mower Ryobi RLM13E33S:
  • Never operate an electric appliance in the rain or work in the rain.
  • Observe the frequency of motor recovery from the load and the load directly while mowing;
  • Perform grass collection when the mower is not plugged in.
  • Operate the machine while wearing special clothing for work through pants, closed shoes, and a plastic mask;
  • Sound-absorbing headphones can be used to protect against swarming.
  • The device is carried out on a regular basis. The main task of the mower operator is the timely cleaning of the grass catcher box keeping all external parts intact, the correct handling of the wire going to the mains.
  • If serious malfunctions occur, you should contact the service center.

Pros and cons of the Ryobi Rlm13e333s lawn mower

Reviews about the model Ryobi RLM13E33S are divided. There are different opinions about both the advantages and disadvantages of the mower.

The advantages of the device include the following parameters:
  • quality design;
  • ease of operation;
  • environmental friendliness (does not harm the environment);
  • fast cleaning;
  • optimal cost;
  • adjustable handle for scooping (suitable for the operator of any height).
The disadvantages include the following points:
  • Limited working space (because of the connection to the network).

Video evaluation of the work

Reviews of the Ryobi Rlm13e33s lawn mower

We have selected just a few reviews from a large number of opinions. If you own this model of lawnmower, leave your opinion in the comments of this article.

Yuriy, Zakarpattya:

“I use the lawnmower rarely, as I only come here in the summer to rest. I want to keep a small lawn in order and tell you what I get with the help of Riobi. No particular complaints, it works well, I like the fact that it doesn’t stink of gasoline from the mains, no exhaust fumes, and the kindness of our family is very important! Very decent equipment for a very modest cost. “

Electric lawn mowers Ryobi: reviews and customer reviews

photo 4

The brand Ryobi (RIOBI) originally belonged to the Japanese company of the same name, but then was sold to the Hong Kong company Techtronic Industries (TTI), so today the vast majority of buyers perceive this brand as purely Chinese.

Why use a lawn mower than to mow the grass?

Despite the fact that these lawn mowers are made in China, in terms of manufacturing they are comparable to inexpensive European counterparts, since RIOBI is setting up its own production.

At the same time, Riobi has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of electrical equipment, so its motors run long under normal loads and well tolerate short-term overloads.

Why choose Riobi electric lawnmowers?

The main reason for its popularity is the reputation of the RIOBI brand as a reliable manufacturer of inexpensive electrical equipment.

Despite the fact that the company focuses on cordless devices, customers can buy 3 electric (mains) lawn mowers. At the same time, each of them receives much more positive reviews than most Chinese or European counterparts in this and higher price categories.

photo 1

This indicates a successful combination of devices:

  • ease of operation;
  • functionality;
  • reliability;
  • relatively low cost.

All devices are equipped with a plastic body, which allows to significantly reduce their weight compared to devices of similar power and performance, but made of metal, so they have all the advantages and disadvantages of such mowers.

Plastic housing does not carry heavy loads, which is not bad, if you use lawn mowers to care for a well-made lawn, the life of their bodies exceeds 10 years, as the same bodies live on lawn mowers Husqvarna and their life often exceeds this figure.

In addition, all models with synchronous (collector) motors have a gearbox made of rubber beams and plastic belts. This design causes many symptoms for those who use this type of mower to mow waist-high grass, as the gearbox and motor fail quickly.

However, the same engines are found on many European or American mowers and, when used properly, do not cause any complaints.

If the device is used for the work that the trimmer is supposed to do, the mower maker will not live long. However, this design reduces the cost of the mower compared to models that have an asynchronous motor and direct drive.

photo 2

In addition, all devices are equipped with a central adjustment of the mowing height, so that the change of this parameter is made by the lever, but the position of the lever on the models is different.

Soil lazing - when and how is it done?

All Riobi mowers are equipped with combined grass collection baskets (grass catchers), which are mounted on the back. If you do not need to collect grass, all devices can work in rear discharge or mulching mode.

For this purpose, each model comes with a special valve that closes the opening for the grass discharge. No model, however, has a side discharge mode.

Each model features Easyedge™ (a special deck shape with a slit and a comb along the left edge), which ensures effective cutting of vegetation, even near obstacles.

This sets them apart from the vast majority of other electric lawnmowers after having to use a trimmer to trim edges and spaces near obstacles.

Popular Models

Despite the fact that Riobi offers only 3 models, each of them has collected a lot of positive reviews, which can be found on various resources. Therefore, we did not divide them into more or less popular models, but described each of them, since they are all asked and most of the comments left by their owners are positive.


This small lawn mower is designed to mow small lawns with well-kept grass. Due to its small width, it would take too long to mow large lawns, but on small areas, the Ryobi RLM13E3S can even be used by people who are not physically strong, as it weighs only 9 kg. Setting the mowing height on this mower is adjustable with a lever (5 positions).

Here are the advantages of this model:

photo 5

  • Due to its small selling weight, it is well suited for women or the elderly who do not have a lot of muscle strength.
  • Due to its small size, the device proved to be very maneuverable, allowing it to be used in narrow or winding areas.
  • The handy cutting height adjustment with a lever makes it easy to select the appropriate cutting mode;
  • The wedge for mulching is supplied as standard, so that the mower not only cuts the grass, but also shreds it.
  • A handy handle on top of the mower makes it easy to carry.
Garden in the English style - what should it be?

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Uncomfortable handle height adjustment;
  • The lever for selecting the height of mowing is installed next to the front wheel. Therefore, the operator has to bend down hard to change this setting.


This mower is not only slightly bigger and more powerful than previous model, but also thanks to:

  • Setting the angle of the handle, with which the meat is set to a person’s height;
  • ergonomically shaped handle that allows you to work with a horizontal or vertical grip, even with one hand;
  • More convenient location of the cutting height lever (on the deck), so that the operator has to bend less to change the setting.

photo 6

The larger working width of this model provides more power, so it is well suited for mowing medium-sized lawns (200-500 m 2), but the engine power is only enough for mowing well-formed grass.

If you use a machine for mowing vegetation with a height greater than 10 cm, the load on the engine and gearbox will increase dramatically, so their service life will be considerably shortened.

If you also neglect the operation and cooling of the engine, it is likely that the engine or gearbox will break down within a few days.

These are the requirements for the device:

  • People of all heights will be comfortable to work with thanks to the variable angle of the handle.
  • The ergonomic shape of the handle reduces fatigue during prolonged work, as you can switch between vertical and horizontal brushes, as well as your hands, controlling either right or left.
  • Convenient mower height adjustment also reduces strain on the operator, since he does not have to bend over much, and thus the speed of work is reduced.
  • The volume of the grass catcher box is designed in such a way that the filling time and the safe operation time of the engine coincide completely. While the operator drains the water, the engine is cooled, prolonging the life of the unit.
  • Despite the increased size and power, the weight of the unit is still quite light, so even women or the elderly can operate it efficiently, although you may need the help of stronger relatives or friends to load it into the machine.
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Here are its drawbacks:

  • The awkward location of the outlet for the cable connection, which often causes it to malfunction during operation.
  • No wheel travel, but this is typical of all RIOBI electric mowers.


Photo 7

This mower is a heavily upgraded copy of the RLM15E36H, so that’s the only difference:

  • Dimensions;
  • working width;
  • engine power.

The mower is quite large (300-700 m 2) for mowing well-kept lawns.

Most of the negative reviews about it are associated with improper operation, as well as violations of the mode of operation and engine cooling.

The advantages of the model are:

  • high productivity due to the large grip;
  • reliability, as it works with the correct operation of the engine due to the high power at a standard load.

The main disadvantage of this device is the unfortunate location of the socket for connecting the cable, due to which it occasionally falls down.

Comparison of properties

In order to objectively evaluate this or that model, it is necessary to compare the main characteristics of it and the nearest competitors. The table we have compiled will help you with this:

model Productivity. motor KW seizure weight (kg Volume of cables. l Price per thousand p.
Rlm13e33s. 1,3 33 9 35 7
Rlm15e36h. 1,5 36 11.5 45 9,5
RLM18E40H. 1,8 40 13 50 17.5


In order to objectively evaluate the capabilities of an electric lawn mower and its effectiveness in certain conditions, you need to use it for a period of time, and the longer you work with it, the higher the score.

If the potential buyer has no experience with Ryobi electric mowers, the reviews that can be found on the various websites and model pages of online stores are helpful. Both positive and negative reviews are useful, as they allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of mowing in different conditions.

We have prepared links to the most popular of these resources:

Useful videos

We have prepared a video for you with a review and rating of some models of electric lawn mowers Riobi:

Another review from an owner:


Ryobi electric lawn mowers are designed to cut grass on well-maintained lawns and other green spaces.

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