Ryobi lawn mower. Testing electric and gasoline self-starter lawnmowers and trimmers riobi, reviews

Gasoline mowers Ryobi: Description of popular models, prices and reviews

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Originally, the brand Ryobi was one of the same Japanese companies that produced aluminum parts for the professions.

In 1993, however, it was taken over by the German corporation Techtronic Industries Co. LTD (TTI), whose plants are located all over the world.

In addition, the factories where gasoline lawnmowers are made are only located in VR China.

Therefore, there is often confusion about Ryobi power tillers, as some call them Japanese, others call them German, and still others call them Chinese.

There is some truth in each statement, because:

  • These units are powered by Japanese Yamaha or Subaru engines, albeit assembled in Chinese factories.
  • The brand owner is a German problem;
  • The factories that make the mowers are in VR China.

Why choose Ryobi lawn mowers?

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The main reason for choosing these lawn mowers is the popularity of the Ryobi brand due to the high quality of the products produced under it.

However, the highest quality is electric, including cordless, machinery, so the build quality of Ryobi lawn mowers sometimes leads to serious symptoms.

Nevertheless, the overall build quality is at the level of inexpensive American or expensive Chinese counterparts, and the vast majority of defects can be detected even before the purchase of lawn mowers.

As for the workmanship and reliability of the Ryobi lawnmower, counterparts of manufacturers such as:

In addition, the area of all gasoline mowers Ryobi is 25-75 mm, so they are ideal for mowing lawns and created areas, but not too effective for mowing tall grass.

After all, the mower blade has the optimum aerodynamic profile for lawn mowing and creates enough airflow to enlarge the grass chopped by the body.

High grass, on the other hand, requires a more powerful air flow, which can enlarge the shredded vegetation so that the cut is evenly distributed.

In addition, all of Ryobi’s lawnmower models are equipped with a self-propelled drive, so they are much lighter than their non-self-propelled counterparts. After all, the average weight of a lawnmower exceeds 30 kg, so pushing such a heavy machine to the site is quite difficult, especially if it grows dense grass or there are some irregularities, such as dents or mole grass.

Popular models

Although all Riobi gasoline lawnmowers are of good quality, some models are priced higher.

To determine a list of popular models, we used:

  • Internet search requirements;
  • Reviews on Yandex Market;
  • Reviews at the online store All Tools.


This small model is designed for home use only.

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It has the following features:

  • Noble width (mowing, grabbing, mowing) 41 cm;
  • Engine 140 cm³ OHV;
  • Due to the grass recovery with the possibility of installing a grass catcher, you can buy a mulch plug, which is not included.
  • Hybrid grass catcher box (plastic frame, bag-bag) 55 l;
  • weight 27 kg;
  • Price 20,5 000 rubles.

Due to its small size, this model is well suited for mowing grass on small lawns, as well as for mowing narrow or difficult areas.

This lawn mower, for cutting green mass from obstacles, such as rocks or trees, is particularly effective, as its design provides for mowing the grass at a distance of 2 to 4 cm from the obstacle. With this width, you can work for a long time before the grass catcher box is full.

RLM4114 is exactly a lawn mower, so it should mow evenly sections of lawn grass.

Passing with it through wild (≥ 20 cm) vegetation and in areas with hollows or hills leads to a strong reduction in engine and blade life.

In addition, this device is poorly suited to mowing wet grass, as it clogs the outlet at the back of the mower, as a result of which the cut vegetation falls to the floor in the form of fairly large fragments, which deteriorates the appearance of the lawn. With proper use, this model lasts for many years.

Growing tomatoes - watering, feeding and support

Here are the benefits of the RLM4114:

  • Due to its small size, it is well suited to mowing grass with obstacles.
  • Even physically weak people, such as teenagers or women, can use it effectively due to the low weight of the mower.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • The lack of mulch and side discharge feature prevents the mower from being used on some lawns;
  • The device is not well suited to mowing wet or tall grass.

RLM 46160S.

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This 46 cm wide, self-propelled, lightweight mower is designed for mowing lawns and is similar in many ways to its predecessor.

Despite the fact that the Subaru Robin has an engine capacity of 160 cm 3, it is undesirable to use it for mowing vegetation with a height greater than 20 cm, because there are strong stress on the body, and it is made of plastic.

Any attempt to mow tall grass leads to micro-cracks, which eventually turn into full-fledged cracks and severely weaken the body’s durability.

Like the previous model, the RLM 46160S operates in rear discharge mode with the option to install a grass catcher box. To switch to mulching mode, you need to buy mulching devices separately.

The volume of the grass catcher box is the same as the previous model. The transition to the rear axle facilitates the work with this lawnmower, as not everyone can easily push the device weighing 31 kg on the site by hand. The cost of the RLM 46160S is 24.5 000 rubles.

Here are the advantages of this device:

  • Moving to the rear axle makes it easier to mow the grass;
  • Thanks to the plastic body, the device is not too heavy.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • The lawnmower is not suitable for work in areas where the side of the mowed grass is required.
  • The plastic housing does not tolerate the overloading that occurs when mowing the grass.


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This homemade lawn mower is one of the few to mow grass 20-50 cm high.

The powerful Subaru-Robin engine easily withstands the stress of mowing tall grass.

However, it is undesirable to use the mitch to clear fields of weeds or feather grass, as there are often plants with very thick trunks, as well as piles of stones and moles.

Any of these obstacles can damage the blade or the engine. Therefore, it is better to clean such fields with a trimmer.

The mower is equipped with the 4-in-1 system we talked about here, which means it can operate in the following modes:

  • rear discharge;
  • collection in the grass catcher box;
  • side discharge;
  • mulching.

Thanks to the 4in1 system, this model is suitable for working on lawns or landscaped areas.

The weight of this unit is 31 kg, so the rear axle drive makes mowing the grass much easier, as pushing such a device in front of you on not too big wheels is quite difficult.

If you have to overcome even small bumps, the load on the operator becomes even greater. The cost of the RLM46175s is 33,000 rubles.

Here are its advantages:

  • powerful Subaru Robin engine;
  • 4-in-1 system.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • poorly suited for mowing tall grass;
  • Like the other models, it is not suitable for mowing wet grass.

This mower has several modifications, the most popular of which:

    Equipped with a more environmentally friendly Subaru Robin engine with reduced emissions of toxic gases, weight 42 kg, the average cost of 30,000 rubles. Equipped with a Subaru Robin engine with an electric starter from the battery, weight 35 kg, average cost 38,000 rubles. Equipped with a Yamaha engine, weight 31 kg, average cost 32.5 thousand rubles.
Accessories to make your gardening more enjoyable and efficient


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This model is the basis for a whole family of lawnmowers with a cutting width of 53 cm, suitable for commercial use.

It has a 175 cm3 Subaru Robin engine, so the mower efficiently copes with lawn or wild grass up to 20 cm in height.

The device is equipped with a 4-in-1 system, so it is well suited to all green areas, not just classic lawns.

The raised grass catcher box (70 l) allows you to work noticeably longer before filling, and a mulching knife and a special valve (wedge) are included, which can be purchased separately.

The weight of this lawnmower is 34 kg, and the average cost is 35,000 rubles.

Here are its advantages:

  • Increased working width accelerates mowing the grass;
  • The large grass catcher box needs to be emptied noticeably less often;
  • The 4V1 system makes the device suitable for working in all green areas.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Small engine displacement doesn’t allow the machine to be used for mowing tall grass.
  • The lack of a variator forces whoever will be mowing the grass to adjust their stride to the speed of this unit, which is not always convenient.

This unit has a modification of the RLM5317SME, which differs from the base model of the Subaru Robin engine with less toxic emissions. This model weighs 38.5 kg, and its average cost is 38,000 rubles.


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A good professional lawnmower from the line of devices with a working width of 53 cm and a 190 cm 3 engine.

The device Ryobi RML53190YV (part number on the site ryobi-shop.ru 5133003672) is a representative of a line with good reviews from customers, as well as for commercial use due to the huge power and high engine power.

The last parameter and the increased rear emission opening allow to use each mower of this line for mowing of high (30-60 cm) or wet grass, including various weeds or weeds.

In addition, the entire series is equipped with a 4-in-1 system, which allows its use on all green areas, except for uneven surfaces, including those with stones or wormholes.

After all, the engine power does not change the thickness of the blade in any way, so the blade blunts and often deforms when it hits a stone or the floor. Therefore, it is better to mow such areas with a trimmer.

The RLM53190YV has a 190cc yamaha-on engine and a variable gear ratio (CVT) transmission, so its speed can be adapted to the grass conditions or the driver’s steps.

This mower, like the other machines in the series, is equipped with a 70L grass catcher box, which means you have to interrupt work every 2-3 minutes to empty it. The mower weighs 36 kg and costs 42 thousand rubles.

Here are its advantages:

  • Thanks to the powerful engine, the device (as well as the entire line) is well suited for mowing relatively tall grass;
  • The large cross-section of the rear spigot allows you to effectively mow wet grass;
  • Thanks to the variator, the operator adjusts the speed of the mower to his step or the situation on the construction site.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Despite all the advantages, it cannot replace a trimmer;
  • There is no protection of the motor shaft from damage against stationary obstacles.

This model has two popular modifications:

    With a Subaru robin engine of the same volume and single-speed rear drive, Weight 35 kg, costs 41 thousand rubles. With the Subaru-Robin engine 190 cm³ OHC and CVT.
Kamaz-65224. Technical features of the vehicle: engine, clutch, brakes

Comparison of technical characteristics

We have prepared a table in which we have listed all the important technical characteristics of the most popular models of petrol lawnmowers Riobi. This format will help you to compare the main features of the different models so that you can more objectively choose the model that is best suited to certain areas.

For comparison we have used the following characteristics:

  1. Model name.
  2. Working width.
  3. Engine capacity.
  4. Grass disposal or recycling capabilities.
  5. Grass catcher brand and volume.
  6. Cyclic capacity.
  7. Weight of the device.
  8. Price.
Model Working width cm Make and volume cm³ Grass recycling or recyclability Grass catcher box capacity L Wheel drive Weight (kg Price ths. rub.
RLM4114. 41 Not specified, 140 Mulching kit can be installed in the rear, in the grass box (purchase separately) 55 individual speed 27 20.5
RLM 46160S. 46 Subarubin 160 Mulching kit can be installed in the rear, in the grass box (purchase separately) 55 individual speed 31 24.5
RLM46175S. 46 Subarubin 160 4 в 1 55 individual speed 31 33
RLM53175s 53 Subarubin 175 4 в 1 70 individual speed 23.4 35
RLM53190YV. 53 Yamaha 190 4 в 1 70 Variable speed drive 36 42


We’ve prepared links to various resources where owners of Riobi gasoline lawn mowers leave reviews of their units:

Related Videos

This video provides a review of Ryobi’s RLM53190YV self-propelled gasoline lawn mower:


Riobi gasoline lawn mowers are efficient and reliable devices for lawn care. They effectively mow the grass, and a large selection of these devices allows each customer to choose the model most suitable for their conditions.

Despite the fact that they are made in China, gasoline lawn mowers Ryobi competes in quality and reliability not only with other Chinese mowers, but also with some European or American models.

The range of Ryobi garden equipment. Description, features. operating instructions, maintenance

Ryobi was founded in Japan in 1943 and was engaged in the production of printing equipment. Subsequently, since 1973, the production of power tools was added to the range of pressure equipment. The company produced the following types of equipment:

  • circular saws;
  • grinders;
  • rotary hammers;
  • demolition hammers;
  • hammers.

The equipment produced under the Ryobi brand belonged to different categories: battery-powered, heavy-duty, electric, gasoline-powered. The company received a certificate for its products only in 1997. Since then, it has occupied a large number of production facilities for the manufacture of garden tools, gardening equipment and equipment for the garden.

Such devices included the following products:
  • drill;
  • rotary hammers;
  • jigsaw;
  • grinders;
  • hair dryers;
  • planers;
  • trimmers;
  • Mower.

Ryobi currently produces two types of tools: household and professional, used on construction sites, which can work intensively. A distinctive feature of Ryobi’s gardening equipment is its compactness. The batteries are also characterized by the “slide” system, which means that all the cordless devices can be charged from a single universal battery.

Purpose of the power tiller and trimmer a-Riobi:
  • turf processing;
  • grass cutting and mowing;
  • working in small areas;
  • field work;
  • trimming weeds and dense grass
  • branch pruning;
  • cutting of small bushes;
  • mulching (using the appropriate mower or trimmer components);
  • Work on the areas from 300 to 1000 square meters.
Advantages of RIOBI garden equipment:
  • A large model range and selection of different equipment (both gasoline, electric, battery, hybrid for any demands and tasks of the gardener);
  • recognizable design and nice bright colors of the design of the device;
  • Most models have a folding element, so that the devices can be stored in a small area.
  • comfortable handles with rubberized pads;
  • adjustable handle bar for mowing control (Grip Zone™ technology);
  • mulching option;
  • Grass catcher box option, the presence of a colleague on the deck, with which all the grass gets under the cut;
  • EasyEdge option, which allows you to accurately process the edge of the lawn.
  • It is possible to repair mowers and trimmers, it is easy to pick up spare parts (equipment of this series is interchangeable).
Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews

Ryobi Small Series

Ryobi garden equipment is represented by the following product categories:

  • trimmers (cordless, electric, hybrid);
  • lawn mowers (hybrid, electric, gasoline);
  • garden vacuum cleaner;
  • chainsaws;
  • cultivators;
  • bot;
  • garbage chopper.

In this review, we will focus in detail on such Riobi products as lawnmowers and trimmers (power tillers, petrol tillers).

Trimmer Ryobi

In the category “Trimmers” (sometimes the term “power trimmer”, “gasoline mower” is used) there are trimmer models of these types:

  • Cordless;
  • hybrid (network / battery);
  • electric;
  • Gasoline.

Ryobi’s lineup is represented by the following devices.

Ryobi RLM4852L Battery Pack

  • OLT1825 (1, 18W);
  • OLT1825M (series 1, 18W);
  • OLT1831s (series 1, 18W);
  • OLT1832 (series 1, 18W, 18b lithium+battery);
  • Rbc36x26b (36 V, 5 Ah);
  • RLT1825 Li (18 V, 1.3 Ah);
  • RLT36C3325 (36 V, 2.6 Ah).
Hybrid Series 1:
  • RLT1830H15 (18 V, 1.5 AH);
  • RLT1830H13 (18 V, mains, 1.5 Ah battery);
  • RLT1831H20 (18 V, mains 220, 2 Ah battery);
  • RLT1831H25PK (18 V, 220 V network, 2.5 Ah battery).
  • RLT8038 (800W power);
  • Rbc1226i (power 1200W);
  • RLT6030.

RLT6030 electric trimmer video:

  • RBC430SBSD (740W power, can only be found in stock at some online stores or buy a used model;)
  • RBC31SESO, 1.3 HP;
  • RBC254SESO, 1 HP;
  • RBC42FSBO, 1.7 HP;
  • RBC52FSBOS 1.9;
  • RBC31SBO, 1.3 HP;
  • Rlt30cet, 1 hp;
  • RLT254CDSO 1 HP;
  • Rbc47seo, 1.8 hp.

RBC30SET gasoline trimmer video:

Ryobi lawnmower

Riobi lawn mowers fall into categories such as:

  • Benzinglecht;
  • hybrid (network / battery);
  • electric;
  • cordless.

The Ryobi list is represented by the following devices:

gasoline .
  • RLM 46175S;
  • RLM 46175SO;
  • RLM 53190SV;
  • Ryobi 790r gasoline mower (old model, made in the USA).
  • OLM 1834H (series 1);
  • Rlm 15e36h;
  • RLM 18×36-h250f.
  • RLM 13E33S;
  • Rlm 18e40h.

RLM 18E40H battery rating:

  • OLM1841N (Series 1, Z6V);
  • RLM 36x40h50;
  • RLM 36x46H5P.

The best models of the Ryobi brand

Many models of garden equipment are popular, but under the trimmers are managers such as OLT1832 and OLT1825 battery management, which received the best ratings. They conquered the owners with their compactness and good quality of work, simple operation and light weight. They also belong to the One Series, making the mowers an absolutely versatile and useful tool on any site.

Riobi mowers also have a huge army of fans, and this is not surprising, because the equipment is really reliable and functional. Such mower models as: Hybrid Olm 1834H, petrol RLM 46175SO are presented above. Ryobi 790R, an old model, is also in demand. While this chainsaw can be found at various outlets for the sale of used devices, and the price is quite high at the expense of reliability and functionality.

In order to choose a lawnmower or trimmer that is suitable only for you, you should know the area of the plot, which is processed by this equipment, the possibility of connecting the devices to the network, if we are talking about electric models and other factors. We recommend watching a video about the hybrid lawnmower, model RLM18x36h240 (one):

Operating Instructions, Maintenance

Proper operation and maintenance of the garden equipment prolongs the life of the device and allows you to attract a long time without information and the need for repairs. Operating instructions are included with the Riobi trimmer or mower. It contains the main points.

Oil and fuel for Ryobi

Depending on the engine and motor of the trimmer, a different oil should be used. The engine can be a two-stroke or a four-stroke. The four-stroke stands in units with little power, while the two-stroke engine is usually installed in powerful units.

Oil can be from every manufacturer, according to viscosity standards. You can’t put the same oil in the crank numbers of different purpose engines! This leads to rapid breakdown and wear of the most important parts of the mechanism.

For four-stroke engines, for example, 10W30 is recommended. For two-stroke engines, the standard 2T oil of each manufacturer. Such oils are usually tinted and added to gasoline when we’re talking about a chainsaw. The mixing ratio can vary, but in general a standard proportion of 1:20 to 1:50 is used.

Four sins you sign up for on your way to the perfect garden

Riobi trimmer/MOWS operating rules

  • The first and most fundamental rule of safe operation is that the technique must be operated and fueled.
  • Since small units are usually assembled by the owner after purchase, it is important to make sure that all parts are assembled correctly and that the unit can run.
  • Do not use gasoline or bad oil, this accelerates engine wear and tear.
  • Mains powered devices should be handled carefully without twisting the cord or pulling the cord into the plug.
  • If you unplug the cord, you should proceed carefully, without idiocy;
  • It is unacceptable to work with a twisted cable.
  • Repair, replace or install cutting elements (knife, fishing line) must be done with the unit turned off or with the motor turned off.
  • Work is prohibited when it is raining or just after it has rained;
  • Move on slopes and control mowing diagonally;
  • Clean grass from the grass catcher box and the housing of the working machine in a timely manner;
  • If grass has gotten into the air intake, clean it;
  • Do not perform complicated maintenance yourself if the machine is under warranty. This work is usually performed by a service center.
  • Store the equipment in an area with normal humidity, away from sources of fire;
  • Work with the mower/trimmer in closed shoes, pants, shirt.
  • Use a plastic mask or goggles to protect your eyes.
  • To protect your hearing, wear soundproof headphones.
  • Do not store a gasoline lawn mower with fuel residue for long periods of time, drain the fuel during storage or run it to zero.

Possible malfunctions

The main types of malfunctions that the owner of a Ryobi lawnmower or trimmer may encounter.

Table 1.

2. Battery is running out of charge. 3.

The grass box is full. 3.

1. Write the device down.

2. Call the mower/trimmer.

3. Clear the grass catcher and aerodrome of grass clippings residue.

2. Blade out, line problems.

1. adjust mowing mode (first mow at higher cutting level, then at lowest cutting level).

2. 2. Check the condition of the blade. You may need to replace the line or the entire spool. Check the blade for defects and chips.

Ryobi lawnmower evaluation video

Cordless lawnmower – test drive

Owners reviews

Grigory, Astrakhan:

“I have long been a fan of Riobi equipment, I trust the manufacturer and am extremely impressed with the range of products for the garden and home. Separately I want to praise the large selection of spare parts, components and various accessories. I really wish Russian companies would work in such a way. Nothing criminal, but the Japanese are beyond competition.

As for machinery: I have a mower model RLM 46175SO. Gasoline mower with easy start. Starting is really easy, there is no agony with twisting the cord! It always starts the first time, and I’ve had it for three years, maybe I don’t remember exactly. Switching from mode to mode where the lever increases, no need to disassemble to set the mowing height.

I didn’t find any drawbacks, although I am a key buyer and like to turn my nose up at it! I recommend this mower if you have a large side. In that case an electric just isn’t an option. “

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