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20 ways to draw a beautiful rose

Draw open roses, delicate buds and bouquets of flowers with pencil, paint and felt-tip pens.

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How to draw an open rose in pencil

What you’ll need

  • Paper;
  • A simple pencil.

How to draw a rose

1. Draw a small, smooth line. Draw something like a semicircle on the left and leave a small cockle at the top. Add another rounded line on the inside.

2. Draw a flowing flag from the tail to the left. Draw a floral leaf on the bottom left, as shown.

3. Draw the flower leaf in the shape of a pointed dome on the right side above the figure. At the bottom, draw another flower leaf that looks like a tooth with a curved root.

4. trace around the figure on the right side with a smooth rounded line. Volumize the flower from the inside, drawing a line from the bottom corner and indicating the bud wall. Draw the curved leaf of the flower on it.

5. Sketch another flower leaf from the bottom and a few curved lines as shown in the photo.

6. Draw three arched petals from the top and connect the right one to the extreme line that was drawn in the previous step.

7. Extend the line from the bottom left corner between the petals and extend another one. Add the bottom leaf of the flower with wavy edges on the right.

8. Draw the last two petals: Recessed bottom left – with a curved line on the side.

9. Shade the center of the rose.

10. Paint the entire flower in the same way.

What other options are available

You can use the pencil to make incredibly realistic roses:

Here’s another similar option with dewdrops on the petals:

How to draw an open rose with felt-tip pens and colored pencils

What you’ll need

  • Paper;
  • A basic pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Colored felt-tip pens or markers;
  • Colored pencils.

How to draw a rose

1. Sketch an outline of a rose with jagged edges. Draw a bowling stump in the center.

2. Draw a smooth curved line under the top of the cone. Remove unnecessary lines with an eraser. The video below shows when to do this. Place the tips of the folded petals on top.

3. Draw another one under the bottom smooth line in the cone and draw the curved edge of the flower leaf. Draw another one to the left of the bud.

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4. Draw a short line to the left and right and sketch the outline of the two petals as shown.

5. Continue the curved leaf of the flower from the right line. It should frame the bud. In the same way make the left flower leaf.

6. Circle a few more petals with curved edges as shown. Details can be seen in the video below.

7. Decorate the strongly curved petals and stem by drawing two straight lines down and outlining the short tips from them. Draw a large leaf with carved edges behind the flower. Add shadows in the middle of the flower with a simple pencil.

8. Use a felt-tip pen or marker to paint the leaves of the rose. Go over them again with a pencil of the appropriate color in the places where the pencil shadows were located.

9. Paint the stem and leaves and give them volume in the same way as the flower, playing with the shadows.

10. The final touch is to highlight some parts of the rose with a white pen.

What other options are available

Here is a simpler method. You can color the rose with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

How to draw an open rose using flowers

What you’ll need

  • Paper;
  • Brush;
  • Water;
  • Watercolor paints.

How to draw a rose

1. Moisten a small piece of paper with a wet brush. In a chaotic motion, draw the base of the flower, like a cloud, as shown in the instructions.

YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

2. Add small shadow lines in a darker color.

YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

Apply a second color to the floor and left side of the rose, leaving small highlights in the center.

YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

4. Below and slightly above, make a few lines with a darker shade of color. Above and slightly to the left of the middle, add lines of a different color.

YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

5. Go over the outer and center parts of the flower with a dry brush and outline the outline of the petals. Add lines of darker color under the white.

YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

6. Add some green to the bottom of the flower. Mix the base color with the green and draw the leaves with carved edges as shown. Outline them with a dry brush. Lightly draw a green leaf at the bottom, similar to an oval. Shape the veins or sharpen them slightly. See the video below for details.

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YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

7. Tinges with cone-shaped lines under the calyx rose, with a small, rounded bud on the left with a light edge and the same calyxes, with a slightly curved stem in the middle. Add a few leaves to the left and behind the stem.

YouTube Channel – Watercolor by Shibasaki

8. Bring the volume of the leaves into the color and add veins on them. Make some dark lines at the bottom of the flower. A detailed process is shown in the video.

How to draw a rose with pens and paints.

Here we show 5 options on how to draw a rose for beginners in pencil or step by step.

How to easily draw a rose for beginners

The first step will be the trunk and oval of the future flower

Show the leaves on the stem and decorate the bud.

Draw the parts of the flower more carefully

The next step is to draw the large petals of the rose

Gradually draw small petals in the middle of the flower

The stem needs detail – draw the thorns.

The leaves of the rose are also pointed – draw the cells.

The same operation should be done with all the leaves.

Move into the shade, starting with the stem.

Now you can proceed to tinting

Lightly wiggle the pedicel with a hard pencil.

Be mindful of volume when drawing the leaves.

If you draw pencil lines, you will get a delicate effect.

Since the flower bud is light scarlet, the sound should win more.

Use the eraser to give the rose a natural and lively look.

Video: How to draw and paint a rose

How to draw a rose for children

Drawing a beautiful rose. Be sure to start drawing the flower from the middle. Then gradually finish the petals.

Then gradually finish the petals.

Continue to finish the petals.

You should have a rose. Leaves of a flower.

How to draw a realistic rose in pencil

Hello friends. Now you will learn how to draw a beautiful rose, it is very simple, start with an outline for the stem and shape.

Okay, now sketch the shape of the outermost leaves of the rose.

Next you need to finish the shape of the left side of the petals and then draw the petals in the middle of the bud.

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There you go, a little more, now the guys are completely done with the middle of the bud and focus on the drawing. When you are done with the petals, you need to draw the long and pointy leaves of the flower.

To make your rose look more spectacular, start circling the edges of the flower leaf with a pencil.

Wonderful, doesn’t it look so pretty? It remains to trace the whole bud with a pencil, and then shade the stem of the flower, as in the picture.

And at this point you need to add a shadow to the drawing, do it carefully and slowly, look at the drawing and determine where you need to press the pencil harder and where you need to press it weaker, or you can make it up yourself.

That’s the end of the lesson, and you’re done! I hope you got a beautiful rose! Thank you for posting on our website. We look forward to your drawings and comments.

Video: How to draw a realistic rose

Drawing a lying rose with a pen



Draw an oval (that’s a roseknife) and draw a stem.

Draw lines that resemble a spiral in the middle of the oval. (These will be the petals).

Now from the spirals begin to draw the petals. We need to pay attention to all the wrinkles and curves of the petals.

We make our drawing clearer by thickening the lines and highlighting the main line.

And now our masterpiece is almost ready. We draw the shadows. This makes the drawing more volumetric. I wish you inspiration!

How to draw a white rose in pencil step by step

Draw a circle. Split it vertically into two halves. And divide the top and bottom of the circle horizontally at a ratio of 1: 2.

Determine the middle of the rose and draw a curved line from it. Then draw two small petals.

Below we show the large leaf of the flower. And connect its upper left edge with another flower leaf, which is located above.

With the arc on the right, we separate the middle part from the edges of the rose. Let’s add three petals on the right, one after the other, and one more above at the end of the step.

Finish the last unfinished leaf of the flower at the bottom right and start adding green. Add some leaves at the bottom and one leaf each on the right and left.

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This concludes the lesson.

You can leave a pencil sketch or add color to your drawing. We wish you creative success!

Draw a beautiful rose with a long stem

Draw the outline of the rose with a hard pen.

Draw the leaves and stem.

With the soft pen (B2) shade the leaves of the rose.

Draw the top petals.

Draw the leaves with a soft pencil (B4).

Draw the leaves and draw the stem.

How to draw a noctu rose in pencil step by step

In this step-by-step photo lesson for beginners, you will learn step-by-step how to draw a rose noctu in pencil. You will need a soft pencil, a hard pencil, and a black pen for the lesson. The lesson consists of 4 steps with a picture.

Draw the outline of the rose with a hard pencil.

Shade the rose with a soft pen until you get a solid dark color.

Darken each leaf of the flower so that the inside is darker than the outside. The shadows in the middle of the bud should be the densest, as the petals are pressed down there and the light almost does not fall there. The outer side of the petals should be the lightest. This makes the flower more realistic and three-dimensional.

Cover the drawing with a piece of paper, and then shade the outline with a black pen. Shade again with a soft pen.

Detailed video: How to draw a rose with pencil

How to draw and color a rose step by step

  • Black marker,
  • Colored pencil,
  • Eraser.

Draw a circle, draw the rose itself

Start drawing the rose, something that looks like it.

Draw the leaves, thorns and leaves under the rose

Sketch the rose with a black felt-tip pen

Paint on and the drawing is done!

How to draw a rose with colored pencils

  • A simple pencil,
  • Colored pencils,
  • Colored pens,
  • eraser and inspiration

Using a simple pencil, start outlining the inner petals of the rosebud

Let’s draw some more petals, don’t press the pencil and don’t forget that accuracy is important here

Draw the outer frame of the flower, adjust the angle and contour of some petals

Draw one of the important petals that will determine the position of the rose as a whole

Let’s draw one more petal, it is slightly curved, so we will show the protruding ones

In the last step, let’s draw almost all the remaining petals, correcting the lines

Start outlining a few drop buds, draw another petal and the beginning of the stem

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Add a few more buds, continuing to detail the image of the flower

Draw one more bud, outline the leaves and spikes, and now you have a rough sketch :)

With the help of pink, purple and red colors, start drawing the delicate petals of the flower, outlining the contour in grape color

Continue to detail the bud, adding tones of beige and yellow, drawing in layers

Finally, detail the flower, don’t forget to trace the shape – the most important part of the job is done

Outline the stem in light green and dark green pencil, paint the stem itself in fresh green, and paint the buds in red and pink

In the same way we paint the last bud and the rest of the stems. The picture is ready;).

How to Draw a Rose in Watercolor

  • A sheet of paper;
  • Watercolor;
  • Brushes of different sizes;
  • Palette;
  • A dry napkin;
  • A simple pencil for sketches;
  • Eraser;
  • black eyeliner.

Draw a circle in the center of the sheet. Find the center of the rosebud and draw a circle. Draw a vertical line through this center. On the sides of the flower we place five leaves. Arrange them in a simple line.

Draw the general shape of leaves. Then move on to the flower itself. We start drawing large petals, which are close to the contour. Then gently move to the center of the bud.

Draw all remaining petals in the rosebud.

Erase auxiliary lines with eraser. More precisely, we draw the leaves with jagged edges. In the middle of the main line to draw more in the form of arcs, turning into veins. Refine the contour of rose petals before applying color to paper.

Mix red watercolor with orange on palette. We get a new color, which fill the petals.

Also mix green with orange and brown on the palette. Partially fill them all five petals.

We saturate our drawing of the rosebud with color. So, for the petals we already use a crimson shade, and for the leaves we use dark green, without adding other colors.

After the drawing is completely dry, we create an outline and then shading to create volume. So, the watercolor drawing of the rose is finished, where the bud is open and all the petals are visible. Also in the drawing there are green leaves, which give integrity to the image.

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