Review of VTZ tractors. Lineup, Features, Service, Video, Reviews

Review of VTZ tractors. Lineup, Features, Service, Video, Reviews

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The preparation

In total, the Vladimir tractor plant produced more than 1 million different VTZ vehicles.

During the Soviet era, these machines were very common. They could be found at farms, construction companies and utility companies.

Now the company is called Vladimir Motor Tractor Plant and has successfully rebuilt itself in accordance with technological progress and the realities of the modern market.

VTZ 2027

These machines are a small universal assistant for rural areas.

The VTZ 2027 tractor is capable of processing soil, taking care of crops on the territory of farms, gardens, vineyards.

At VTZ 2027, a four-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 25 hp will be installed.

The price of the new VTZ 2027 is about $25,000.

At the moment it has been discontinued.

VTZ 2032

This model is very similar to the previous one and performs a similar work area. The difference lies in the power of the installed engine.

A four-stroke 30 hp diesel is installed on the VTZ 2032 tractor.

The price of VTZ 2032 starts from 1 million rubles.

VTZ 2048a

These machines were created for maximum automation of work. Be urban or rural areas.

It installed a 45 hp diesel engine. Due to its compact dimensions, the VTZ 2048A tractor can function in limited space conditions (greenhouses, closed vineyards, etc.).

The price of VTZ 2048A is approximately 1.2 million rubles.

Technical characteristics

weight and dimensions

The entire line-up of VTZ tractors weighs around 2.5 tons. The greater the engine power, the greater the mass.

The largest VTZ 2048A is 2.6 tons. The overall dimensions of VTZ tractors are 332 × 166 × 257 cm.


Lineup of VTZ tractors is distinguished by its engine characteristics.

At the same time, she all earned great confidence among consumers, proving her high technical characteristics and suitability for a variety of works.

The average fuel consumption in them is 241 g/kWh during work.


Torque goes straight from the motor to the chassis, eliminating power loss.

The checkpoint of VTZ tractors is designed for 14 steps: 8 and before 4.

The gearbox of VTZ tractors allows you to set the speed in the range of 1.52-23.86 km/h.

cherry and transmission

VTZ tractors have a drive on all four wheels, which can significantly improve patency characteristics.

Many similar models have a fixed track width, which allows for some inconveniences during the processing of planted agricultural crops.

VTZ tractor owners can control the size of the track within 122-142 cm on front wheels and 121-148 cm on the rear.

cabin and management

During the design of the cabin, the experience of foreign manufacturers was taken into account. This significantly increased the visual attractiveness and comfort of the operator’s workplace.

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The cabin meets all safety requirements, ergonomics and verification of the highest European standards.

The cab of the VTZ tractors is fully sealed and soundproof. Outside it is reinforced with an additional security frame.

The cabin is glazed on all sides. Separately, it is worth noting the cabin heating system. While working on previous models during the winter season, many tractors complained of a bad cold in the taxi. In the model range of VTZ tractors, an improved heating system is provided.


VTZ tractors are equipped with a powerful hydraulic drive that can bring a large number of attachments to work.

The cars of the Volgograd plant can perform the following range of work:

  1. plowing with a five-circle plow;
  2. soil grinding with an active cutter;
  3. grass powder thanks to a rotary or segment mower;
  4. Landing and collection of agricultural crops using the appropriate binding equipment;
  5. Cleaning snow from the road surface and adjacent areas thanks to the Blade LoPat;
  6. transportation of goods using a self-propelled trailer;
  7. Maintaining the cleanliness of the streets with a communal brush, vacuum cleaner, or washing equipment.
  8. Also on the forums there are reviews about using VTZ tractors as a front loader.

operational characteristics

Despite the possibility of application in urban conditions, in agriculture, VTZ tractors are most often used.

This is high tech gear that can last for years. In order to maintain these properties, repair and maintenance work should be carried out according to the recommendations of the operating manual.


  • In order to increase the service life of the tractor, it is necessary to operate it in such a way that all the details hurt and get into the grooves. The procedure takes approximately 8 hours. At this point you can only load the motor at half its power. At the end of the procedure, replace the engine oil.
  • If you do not intend to use the tractor for a long time, you need to clean it, put it in a dry place and grease the parts so that corrosion does not form.
  • In order for VTZ tractors to function properly, you should regularly change the engine oil (after 100 hours of operation). For the bay, it is recommended to use semi-synthetic options with the classification of the SAE 10W-40 and the API not lower than the CD.
  • The gear oil should be changed in 1000 working hours. To do this, find a lubricant with the classification of SAE 85W-90 API GL-5.
  • VTZ tractors work on a diesel engine. For their normal functioning, pure and fresh fuel should always be poured. The presence of sediment or third-party contaminants is not permitted. This can disable the fuel system, which will then need to be washed.
  • VTZ tractors are economical. Compared to the Belarusian MTZ, the consumption of diesel in them is less than 1.5-2 times.
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Basic malfunctions and repairs

VTZ tractors are distinguished by high-quality assembly. However, this technique and sooner or later will fail and will have to carry out repair work.

Refer to the user manual for detailed repair instructions.

If increased vibration comes from the VTZ tractor, it could cause:

  1. Not high fuel or oil;
  2. The flatness of the bolted joints;
  3. Incorrect setting of the fastening equipment.

Launcher not working:

  1. cliff or poor contact of the wire;
  2. low battery charge;
  3. short circuit;
  4. Poor contact of the magnetic switch.

Brakes not working:

  1. The free stroke of the free pedal has increased.
  2. Worn brake disc or block.

Reviews of the owners

Below are some opinions from thematic forums of owners of VTZ tractors:

Alexander: “In fact, this is a multifunctional unit that can automate almost all agricultural work. Management is excellent, especially in small rooms. The cabin is comfortable and cozy (the stove works excellently), switching is effortless. At the same time, a not very hig h-quality assembly can be felt, which deteriorated very quickly. Once I decided to check whether a thre e-circuit plow would draw on new territory. I didn’t pull it, but the gear had to be changed “

Tractor Vtz. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

The manufacturer of these agricultural devices is the Vladimir Tractor Plant. This company produced its first agricultural machine as early as 1945, since then the designers of the work have carried out many developments, a large amount of hig h-quality agricultural devices is from the assembly of the system.

At the moment the system is still working, the products are sold well with local farmers and for export to European countries.

The work survived the crisis of the 1990s, converted it, added several new lines (the production of diesel engines began at VMTZ’s production locations) and changed its name – now it is Vladimir Motor Tractor Plant (VMTZ).

Tractor VTZ

The VTZ tractor was not only very popular because of its high functionality, but also because of its more than affordable price (the price varies between 1 and 1.5 million rubles). The construction office of the work has done a lot of work – a whole range of VTZ tractors was developed.

Overview of the range

  • VTZ-2048
  • 2048-A (derived from T-45 Vladimirets)
  • VTZ-30SSH
  • VTZ-2032
  • VTZ-2032A, analogue of “Agroma” 30-TK
  • VTZ-2027
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Let’s take a closer look at the individual models.


The diesel tractor weighs 2750 kg, it is equipped with a three-cylinder engine with an output of 45 hp. With.

Tractor VTZ-2048

Air cooling of the engine. The engine is started with the participation of an electrical starter. The track width is adjustable. The tractor is used in agriculture and local companies.


In its properties, this modification is similar to the previous tractor, but the weight of the machine has been reduced to 2620 kg, the performance of the D-130 diesel engine is 45 liters. With. There is an electric starter. The gearbox is mechanical, it generates 8 forward and 6 reverse gears.

Tractor VTZ-2048A

The compact dimensions and the high performance of the tractor enable use in greenhouses, fruit and vineyards. Care companies are used to clean roads, snow spaces, etc. The tractor first ran from the band of Vladimir Motor Tractor in 2001. Load capacity – up to 1 t.


This is a unique compact tractor with front body and rear engine. Tractor weight 2440 kg, body weight with lifting platform 140 kg. The diesel power plant D-120 is equipped with an electrical starter and air-cooled, its power is 30 hp. With.

Tractor VTZ-30 second

KMM mechanical type, 6+6 speeds. Tractor validity up to 1t. Purpose: transport of different loads, installation of functional equipment. The tractor was made by VMTZ in 1998.


Robust compact machine with a D-1220 diesel engine with a capacity of 30 liters. With. Air cooling, electric starter.

Tractor VTZ-2032

There are 8 front speeds and 6 behind. It is used in economics, greenhouses, greenhouses, vineyards, etc. The weight of this tractor is 2390 kg. The model was published in 1996.


The tractor is similar to the previous difference – the weight of up to 2500 kg is increased, the power remains the same – 30 hp.

Tractor VTZ-2032A


The tractor is equipped with a fou r-cylinder diesel engine of the series of its own production, which was started by an electric steamer. The power plant’s performance is 25 hp.

Tractor VTZ-2027

The engine cooling is air, forced. The weight of the tractor is 2020 kg. Load capacity of approx. 600 kg. Is used for various agricultural and municipal works.


VTZ parameter 2048 2048a 2032 2032a 30sch
Engine power 45 PS 30 PS
Operating mass 2750 kg 2620 kg 2390 kg 2500 kg 2440 kg
The width of the route
-Frenders 1322-1522 1320-1550 1224-1424 1324-1424
-ID 1210-1484 1200-1485 1210-1484 1314-1484

Unmounted equipment

A number of TTZ tractors have found broad application in the economy. Different attachments are aggregated to the tractor, which enables the following work:

  • Plowing soil (with a plow for 5 contours);
  • Cultivation;
  • Sow and plant plants in the soil;
  • shake;
  • Spray;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Harvest;
  • Clear the areas of garbage and snow;
  • the formation of stacks;
  • Reinforcement of cultures;
  • Transport of different loads etc.
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We list the functional active and passive fastening devices that are controlled by mechanical and the hydraulic system, which has been aggregated by or a problem.

Pflow lushchik duck-loobe Harrow Disseum braid rotor rake a border rake rake a grinding panel snowman excavator trailer Harrow zubovaya


The basic model of VTZ consists of the following elements:

  • Drinking cabin with an improved frame;
  • Chassis;
  • Power plant;
  • Hydraulic system of the type separate supplier.


The individual tw o-door cabin of the modern VTZ corresponds to the certificates of European quality and differs:

  • Ergonomics;
  • increased comfort;
  • Security (surrounded by a protective frame);
  • increased visibility;
  • Tightness;
  • Excellent sound insulation.

Seats adjustable in several aircraft contribute convex glass to improve the absorption of thir d-party noises. An improved heating and air conditioning system protects the tractor driver from the heat from cold in summer in winter. The tractor is controlled with a steering wheel, which is reinforced by an independent hydroelectric hydraulic drive.

Chassis, transmission, control point

A number of VTZ tractors are all bike tours that enable an increased ability to cross Cross under different operating conditions. The steering column is controlled with a hydraulic drive. The track is adjustable, the system of the adhesive tape brakes i s-in the location.

Scheme of a crooked mechanism

The control point is mechanically and directly combined with the engine. Such a decision made it possible to exclude electricity loss in the transfer of the torque of the temporary moment. The shifting of the gear is carried out with the backstage mechanism. The tractor is equipped with 14 speeds of the movement, 8 of which are the front and 6-A backpiece. There is a slot function of walking (howling is patched).

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system consists of:

  • Coat hydraulic pump;
  • Zolotnikov;
  • Hoses;
  • Hydraulic distributor;
  • Hydraulic cylinder.


All TTZ tractors are equipped with three-cylinder four-stroke diesel power plants D-1220 or D-130. The placement of the cylinders is vertical, the cooling of the engine is forced.

D-12 motor scheme

The power plant is started by an electric starter. The power of the engine varies between 25 and 45 liters. With. The injection of diesel fuel occurs directly into the cylinder capacity. The air is cleaned in three stages.

User Guide

This document must be examined immediately after buying the WTZ wheel tractor. The instructions contain the following useful information:

  • The device of the WTZ wheel tractor;
  • Technical features of a specific model;
  • Motor runnin g-in;
  • Maintenance of a tractor machine;
  • The list of problems and recommendations for your elimination.
Grape varieties from America

Consider the more detailed sections.


The car is carried out for 8 hours and starts without loads, then the load gradually increases and is brought to the maximum value.

The purpose of the run is to ensure rubbing the moving parts of the engine, the gearbox, etc. in order to extend the lifespan of the device.

During the period of the run, all VTZ tractor systems are checked. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to completely replace the oil in the engine and tractor shoots.

Technical service

We list several important points that help the owner of the VTZ tractor provide the machine for correct care:

  • Rights of metamaminations and exploration of the sapractor nodes.
  • Replacing the engine oil after 100 working hours. It is recommended to use the SAE 10W-40 or API motor oil.

Oil 10W-40 Sae 85W-90 oil

  • Every 1000 hours of work to replace the gear oil. The API GL-5, SAE 85W-90 is recommended.
  • Follow the quality of the fuel and oil tractor consumed.
  • When maintaining the device, the work fluids must drain.

The main problems and opportunities to eliminate them

The full list of errors is given in the manual. List the reasons that do not enable the VTZ tractor to start the engine:

  • Potent diesel fuel or oil of low quality.
  • The oil level in the motor crank is below the normal value.
  • The fuel ended in the tank.
  • The filtration system was blocked or failed.
  • TNVD does not pump any fuel.
  • Problems with an electric steamer or a battery (unloading).

Video review

Checking the floor of the soil with the TTZ-2032A tractor

Review of snow cleaning with a dump on the VTZ-2032A tractor

Reviews of the owners

Alexey, 42 years old:

“The car is not bad, functional, but as with all Pos t-Aawjetic devices there are advantages and disadvantages! Advantages: huge functionality, maneuverability, compact dimensions, control of control, the conditions in the cabin have improved (the legs do not freeze, the stove copes), two doors. Disadvantages: Single (sometimes you need help with the management of attachments), poor assembly – you have to use your hands all the time, then a break will fall, then the other falls off. “

Vladimir, 38 years:

“I work for VTZ-2048 on the field with different attachments. The tractor has high cros s-sectional ability, hydraulics copes. There are also disadvantages: the assembly is lame, the color was overwhelmed in the first year. “

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