Review of virginia NMB-601 virginia virginia units. Advantages of the model, attachments, video of work, owner reviews

Virgin Ground MB-601 Power tiller

The Virgin Lands MB-601 is a mid-sized power tiller that is used in the woods and on the farm. It is also a very popular model in the garden and its compact size makes it ideal for use in populated areas, urban environments, and other areas where strict environmental standards apply. This walking injury tractor is designed in such a way that it performs a wide variety of tasks. With additional equipment, this machine becomes a versatile tool that meets the needs of the managing director.

Purpose and design features

Depending on the specified options, the Virgin Lands MB-601 is designed to perform the following operations:

  • Milling
  • Plowing
  • Cultivation
  • Harvesting, as well as harvesting leaves, snow and mud
  • Grass mowing and water pumping
  • Animal feed operations, squeezing
  • Other farming operations

Please note that the model under consideration in the devices is not more expensive analogue, but in some ways it surpasses it. For example, it is possible to install fenders and additional attachments in the options, with which you can better provide protection from dirt and maintain durability. Of course, it is recommended to carry out timely maintenance to be safe for many years. A running-in procedure should be carried out before use, as this procedure lasts for about 30 hours.

An important and integral part of the tractor for walking injuries is the steering column, which can be adjusted in height and horizontally. The gearbox consists of two speeds, which are responsible for forward and reverse movement. On the wheels are special tires with high wear resistance, which allows the use of MB-601 in conditions of severe off-road.


  • High capacity
  • Strong transfer of overload
  • Top cylinder engine
  • Cylinder is cast in a sleeve housing for increased reliability
  • Massive air bikes
  • Choice of gross power
  • Load capacity up to 400 kg
  • Straight tires provide the best liability
  • Quite a sophisticated design.
  • Height-adjustable and horizontal bale
  • Compact size, maneuverability
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Motobloc MB-601 is produced at the Perm Tool Academy. However, it is worth noting that most of the components are supplied from China.

Configurations and attachments

In addition to the tractor Wal k-Fehind with its assemblies and units (engine, controls, clutch and gears), the standard configuration of the machine includes:

  • Cultivation (cutters)
  • Extension cable (2 pcs.)
  • Protective fender (2 pcs.)
  • Outrigger (2 pcs.)
  • instructions

The power of this item is so powerful that it can be used for cultivation of the land with an area ranging from 10 to 80 acres.

Features and sizes

The machine is equipped with a wheel arrangement 2×2 and weighs only 100 kg. Consider the dimensions of the model: length 1470 mm, width and height – 580 or 1000 mm. Parameters of the transport number and the minimum turning radius are 350 and 1100 mm, and d

The maximum speed reaches 9 km/h. The maximum speed reaches 9 km/h.

As for.

Several operating parameters should be mentioned here. So, the width of processing reaches 1130 mm, the permissible angle of inclination – up to 20 degrees, and the angle of lateral stability – 10 degrees. The design of the equipment is adapted to temperature conditions from minus 5 to plus 35 degrees.


Wilzhein MB-601 is offered with a 6.5 liters. C., which is produced in China. Despite this, the engine is very reliable and demonstrates a low noise level. As a result, it is pleasant and easy to work with. The engine is top-mounted and air-cooled. The engine’s survivability lies in its increased durability and strength, confirmed by long tests in hot conditions and the harsh Siberia. Support for AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline is available.

fuel consumption

The MB-601 Virgin, equipped with the Chinese engine Lifan 168F, consumes an average of 2 liters of gasoline per hour, which is the norm for the bourgeois street walker. The fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters.

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Prices in Russia

The average price of the MB 601 virgin units is 25,000 rubles. There are a lot of such simple devices. The price of the top version can reach 40-50 thousand. The machine in equipped condition costs 25-40 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration. Binding equipment increases the base price, which is usually 6-10 thousand rubles.

MB-601 Virgin Boden successfully competes with counterparts, among which can be distinguished MRT-2, UGRA NMB-1H7, Patriot T.7.0/1150, 2FB PG, as well as Crosser Cr M5 and Carver MT-650.

Virgin Country MB-601.

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The best deals on Virgin Lands MB-601

Virgin Lands MB-601 reviews

Advantages: price and availability in all stores that have power tillers, appearance, a large number of attachments

The best deals on Virgin Lands MB-601

Virgin Lands MB-601 reviews

Advantages: price and availability in all stores where there are power tillers, appearance, a large number of nozzles

Cons: the main and biggest problem is that it is very difficult to work with

Comment: If you react to it directly without doing anything, it can be easy to find balance, but everything else requires a lot of effort. No differential means there is a big problem, no balance means you have to hold some of it with your hands (and some of it with your weights). When moving through flesh-country, rows don’t turn out smoothly, but in waves (because it’s always pulling to the sides a little bit). It is not necessary to move forward smoothly, soon after a minute of work with the pen, the brush begins to get tired. Made a groove with it for planting potatoes, mounds and ditches. If it went to the right, it would be much better and then you wouldn’t be digging the nest and then trimming the tips. As for the speed of processing, certainly faster than hands, but I’d say even more on the strength of the cost. After a few hours of working with it, they get very tired. And if you pour in the mountain, it just buries it (also with its own weight). Of the pluses, the fact that the engine runs steadily and in all weather, well, a bunch of additional equipment begins. The way I felt, I was left unsatisfied: spend over 30,000 and get a complicated ride that has to be tossed. I imagined it should only help a little. I took it for the relief I didn’t get. I will be adding to the rating. After 2+ years, the attitude has improved. I’m adjusting the balance with counterweights (back or front, depending on what I’m doing). Extended the urge to pull the lever to go back. After that, the reverse grip became much easier. Made a shovel and bucket for shoveling snow. For example, the one I bought at the store had to be refinished with a gravel digger (added poles around the edges). Everything is attached on the principle of minimal cost. Myself made a wide floor, so as not to bump in the field and ride smoothly. After all the improvements it became easier and more comfortable to work. But you still get tired. As soon as the schnorchka hit the carburetor nozzle, cleaning took about 5 minutes. There were no further problems with the operation of the engine itself.

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Advantages: wide bikes and apparently not badly painted, starting is normal.

Disadvantages: poor quality, very uncomfortable controls.

Comment: I bought my 912F pristine as a virgin through an online store and I think I’m really screwed, I threw my money away (for me an elementary retiree) and I just want to sow negative feedback everywhere (((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((() In general, about a month since the purchase, I have not moved since then as the clutch does not bend itself, even if the belt is loose all the way. Useless, tested As a result Gear Haibang 13×1150, I thought the belt couldn’t be wrong, but it’s factory installed and the manual specifies the same size. Such a big name “Tool Academy”, many years On the market and so de**moral to do it (I am very upset ((.

Advantages: successful motor, no problems

Comment: I agree with the previous comments. Also of course in two years I only had to change the camp on the gear for two years. It lasts for a season. Clean.

Comment: Problems with this motoblock mostly come in with shifting, fly out, which is under warranty and gone, but knocked out and out for weeks! But since the warranty it destroys it by itself. For seedbeds, it’s a little heavy, and as you wrote above, small not flat, it throws, but it’s so powerful enough, I used it to carry firewood, humus in the field, in winter I put homemade bikes on it and water was taken. But the speeds and the cannon.

Detailed properties

As for.

Several operating parameters should be mentioned here. So, the width of processing reaches 1130 mm, the permissible angle of inclination – up to 20 degrees, and the angle of lateral stability – 10 degrees. The design of the equipment is adapted to temperature conditions from minus 5 to plus 35 degrees.


Engine type – gasoline, 4-stroke, cylinder: 1 engine manufacturer Lifan, engine displacement 196 cc engine capacity 6.50 hp at 3600 rpm fuel consumption 395 g/kWh

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