Review of trimmers and motorcycles Shenli. Features, reviews

Reviews Trimmer Shenli MS 4500

Continued disadvantages. The bar is very vibrant. At best, a toy for a rare grass. It is a shame for the Shtesli that they were so disturbed.

Up to this point there was a trimer of Kawashima, also Chinese. Ten years loyal. He worked in industrial volume. Stenli only ran up and is no longer satisfied. And every day has to mow 1 ha.

A great option for your money for 4-5 years. I took off office in 2016. The dealer brought through the Internet, unpacked, collected, collected, idle for 20 minutes and in the field. During this time there were no complaints about the DVIGLU, only the pole overlapped a little. To be honest, I thought it would be enough for less, but she was going and she is still working.

Yes, in principle everything corresponds to the declared parameters while I do run for 10 minutes, build ten smoke) Four fuel tanks, nothing falls out and do not break! Diagram oil for 1l 20 ml. Petrol 95, normal flight! Everything is lubricated, the coil is solid! The very anti-vibration system is pleasant-it practices well, the hands don’t get tired!

I have Agrox on the website. By LLC “Good Motors” bought a legal address: 220113, RB, Minsk st. Yakuba Kolas 63-3n Unp: 191601188 Registration certificate 191601188 from 03.03.2012, quickly delivered every other day (transport company, delivery) There was no guarantee voucher and generally every brand of the business, only TTN. Carrier! The instructions are indistinct from it, there is no special, especially this model! The power intentions below the declared are sufficient for work!

The device is a fairly solid braid and is a normal solid coil with a clad fishing line, a knife, a back grine (not enough glasses or shields). What will we continue to look? So far everything is satisfied! Yes, I forgot to add a consumption higher than the size declared by a size).

You have to go with a hexagon, twist the screws, a unreliable, powerful engine, cut everything else

Shenlili MS4500 Benzokossa is a single unreliable toy! I bought this miracle at the end of July 2017-4 and used three barrels in the country, as a result that had melted in early September, all seals were worn out over 4 weekends, as if 2 years, these are the words of the master, all after Every time the time remained, the revolution of the revolutions did not work at all from the start. The declared guarantee 24 of the month is not true. When contacting the service center, talk about improper operation and remove the guarantee. If I hadn’t used the Chinese trimmers yet, I would have thought that the matter was the norm for China, but I had BC50-5 years old, and Husqvarna served, but China had also served for five years. I don’t advise anyone! I don’t advise.

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I read the previous reviews and was so surprised.

Climbed with a screwdriver to add fuel to the carburetor.

The engine is reliable! Used in the tail and in the mane instead of the boat engine,

Now it is used again as a trimmer, the only cork of the tank has flowed.

Experience in use for more than two years. You can take

I have acquired this miracle, as it was written in German technical thoughts, but for me a product of work lessons in a Chinese school. After not difficult assembly and shor t-term runnin g-the first mowing of three acres of grass: 20 minutes of wor k-a knife falls off with roots that cut an additional fishing line, the Spi t-Dimi t-Shake vibrations and the weight not small at the end of the mowing (1 hour) lost three screws, two nuts disappeared at idle speed. I had to qualify all thread formations to look for new screws and nuts. The idle movement is set, but the weak spring does not even let the swing lower, but with one hand you can. The runnin g-in ended the carburetor who regulated the smoke. It is written that the consumption of 300 grams per hour BUPYA multiplies with at least three. The second mower two weeks later: I noticed that there was a little lubricant in the technological holes that drove 4 Lithol sprays of 20 ml. It was more possible. Once again I pressed all screws and there is no vibration in the smoke struggle that not only mows the power of an excess network with a faceted fishing line, shaved the grass together with the floor, I don’t, I don’t know if it is 4 , 5 kW, but there is enough strength. Mowing was over. A nut was lost and the lid of the air that cleaned the network fell in motion, a kind of plastic fell off. Since the knife has fallen from the length of the fishing line, it had to be interesting to cut it as needed to do it according to the guarantee? If you want to twist your nuts, you can buy and buy the price and strength, but do not hope for life without surprises. The German comrades do not do without the Germans

I was looking for a trimmer rest for the area (grass, bushes, etc.), the consultant Oleg offered the same functions in the Shtesilly4500 (setting cutters, knives, fishing line, etc.), in short only a miracle and cheaper. As a result, as always: 1. They lasted 3 hours later than the agreed. 2. Without packaging (box without sign), a scatter and not the specified equipment. 3. Passes (Mont a-Schemata etc.) not. In my opinion, the seller should hold a test facility pass on the need, was deleted by e-mail. It was collected and started: 1. Venevka (in my opinion in my opinion) for the factory, on the grip on the inside during the first movement. 2. They promised that everything was lubricated (as a result of the result). They themselves were smeared. Finally they started and how the children were happy that they started. They have about 20 minutes five and ended the fishing (which is like in the drum). In short, they went through the whole thing, worked as an animal. Due to the power of great strength, finish and work

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China is of low quality! Previously, he used the Chinese trimmer watt 1.8 kW (5 years, 35 hundreds, I died through my guilt) heaven and earth. Power 4.5 kW does not correspond to a maximum of 1.1. The quality of the zobrek does not work very much. Knows China openly and not this kind of Germany! According to the quality of the zobrek, the basement of someone, but not China! We take official China!

Review of trimmers and motorcycles Shenli. Features, reviews

Sschenli is a worldwide mortal that specializes in the production of various agricultural machines. The brand was founded in Germany in the early 1980s. The main feature of all Stanley products is the introduction of new technologies in the manufacture of existing products.

Shenli Trimmer

So far, the range of the Shenli products consists of the following names:

  • Motoblocks;
  • Concrete mixer;
  • Benzocouse;
  • Gas generators;
  • Horticultural trolleys;
  • Mini tractors.

Let us live in more detail in this article about checking the garden equipment for the care of the Stanley’s lawn.

top models

As we can see, the lineup of trimmers and Stanley’s motorcycle is very large and differs mainly in its series. However, all of them are designed to work in small areas, since it is better to take a lawnmower with constant operation on 20-30 hectares. When choosing a model of gasoline motokos, Stanley must first answer two questions: in what area will the work be carried out and with what vegetation.

Trimmer Shenli 1700

If you want this to be a small area that will have permanent support, you can buy 1400 or 1700 from the series.

Demon RQ 580 trimmer Demon RQ 4200 trimmer

If it is used professionally in massive areas, then you need to look at more powerful models of RQ 580 or 4200.

petrol cutter

A large number of different trimmers and motorcycles are manufactured under the Stanley brand. To facilitate their perception, the company broke its products into series. Below is a review of each series in more detail.

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Shenli MS

These are the first benzocouses SHENTERLI made for professional use. The engineers approached the process of their creation with special responsibility.

Shenli MS 1450 trimmer SHENLI MS 2100

Shenli MS Benzocouses are simplicity and ease of use. They are lungs (their weight ranges from 6 to 8 kg) and have a wide power range (from 1.1 kW to 4.5). All SHENLI MS trimmers have a patented light start system, which is responsible for a quick and reliable start to work with a benzocosa.

You have a bicycle grip that makes the operating process as simple and easy as possible.

weight (kg The width of mowing with a fishing line/knife, MM

The volume of the fuel tank, l

Shenli Demon Black Pro

Demon Black Pro trimmers’ universal grip allows you to direct a motorcycle with less effort. A wider grip is installed here, which contributes to larger breeding hands. The length can be adjusted to the specific growth of the operator.

Shenli Trimer 1700 Trimmer Shenli 2800

Sämli motor cover is made of combined material that protects both when working with fishing and when operating a knife.

The frame of the trimmers is made of aluminum, due to which the total weight of the structure decreased and reliability does not suffer. Shrenli motorcycles are used on lawns near country homes, parks and golf courses.

weight (kg The width of mowing with a fishing line/knife, CM

The volume of the fuel tank, l

Shenli 4500 benzocos

Shenli Demon Pros

Now there is a wide range of trimmers, motorcycle and benzos for every taste. But if you want to buy something special and not just a working inventory, pay attention to the models of the Demon Black Pro S.

Demon Black Pro S 1450 Demon Black Pro S 2500 Gas Strike

These models feature modern innovations and an organic smooth black design. The changes affected the trimmer head, which is now reinforced and able to withstand more intense loads. Thanks to the simple starting system, an easy and smooth engine start occurs in all weather conditions.

Light alloys have been used in the manufacture of the handle and housing, making these bikes not only innovative but also light.

The handle is equipped with rubberized buffers that absorb a large number of outgoing vibrations and reduce physical activity at hand.

weight (kg The width of mowing with a fishing line/knife, CM
Compact tractor Chuvashpiller 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

The volume of the fuel tank, l

Shenli Demon Rq

The Demon RQ Stanley series trimmers are excellent helpers in harvesting weeds and unwanted vegetation. Their works are provided by powerful gasoline engines manufactured under the license of the world famous Honda company. The advantages are less weight, easy maintenance and small repairs and a minimum noise level.

Demon RQ 580 trimmer Demon RQ 4200 trimmer

With the straight shaft installed, you can cut the grass in front of fences, shrubs and other green spaces. Trimmers have the perfect balance of weight, handle size and engine power.

power, kwt

The width of mowing with a fishing line/knife, CM

The volume of the fuel tank, l

4,2 8,2 43/23

User Guide


A distinctive feature of Stanley’s gasoline cutter is the high quality of all components. To keep them in working condition, regular maintenance must be carried out according to the instructions for use.

After completing the work, the device should be cleaned of the remnants of dirt, dust or grass.

This can be done with a stream of water or a wet rag. After that, be sure to remove the remaining water from the device so that the appearance of places of corrosion does not begin.

Fuel mixture for trimmer

Stanley gasoline trimmers do the work on the fuel mixture. To prepare it will need gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 25: 1. As fuel, it is necessary to use high-octane gasoline of the brand AI-92 or AI-95.

First launch

Working with the Stanley brand trimmers, you should definitely read the operating instructions to understand the principle of safe operation, the purpose of levers and the rules of action.

Trimmer device diagram

First of all it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture for this this should be mixed in a part of 25:1. Fuel should be high octane, AI-92 or AI-95 brands. Oil is recommended to use the company stable for two Stroke engines. It must meet the classification of SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30.

10W-30 oil SAE 30

Then the engine runs for it. For this, the Shenli trimmer must be used at minimum speed for the first 8 hours. This period is enough for quality lubrication of all parts of the engine. Thanks to this, friction will decrease, and all components will get into their grooves. At the end of the run, drain the remnants of the fuel mixture and pour a new one.

The main disorders and their correction

Stanley’s motorcycles are made in Germany and are distinguished by high-quality components. Nonetheless, this is a technique that regularly fails. Sometimes they can be big breakdowns and other times they can be insignificant. Below are the solutions to the most common problems.

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If the Stanley brand gasoline trimmer does not start:

  • lack of fuel mixture (pour);
  • Insufficient number of swings of the primer (press it 5 times fully);
  • The engine floods with fuel (pull the starter handle with a fully squeezed throttle grip);
  • An old or poor-quality fuel is used (drain the mixture and pour new, fresh);
  • The spark plug fault (clean or replace).

If the lawn mower becomes unstable or loses speed:

  • Insufficient amount of fuel in the tank (stock);
  • Incorrectly composed fuel mixture (make a new one);
  • Incorrect tuning of the carburetor (in this case, only contact with the service center will help).
  • problems with the spark plug (take it out and clean it);
  • Flowing air or fuel filters (clean).

Video review

Assembly overview and start of Shenli Demon Black 3500 Gas tanks

Shenli Motokos Review from the American Television Channel

Reviews of the owners

Here are some opinions that have been collected from thematic forums about the experience of using Bran d-Stanley trimmers:


“I bought a trimmer for a summer house. The business advised the miracle of the German technology Stanley 4500. As a result, the first impressions:

  • The box is complete problems, only wrapped in cardboard without identification brands.
  • The equipment did not correspond to the declared;
  • There are no instructions for the company or a guarantee voucher. Thank God they threw it away by post.

The most interesting began after the meeting. The cord from the manual starter is held on a knot that went into it safely and is normally bound. All knots are not lubricated, they did it manually (although they promised all German quality). Then thank God, but after 20 minutes the factory fishing ended, that is, there was ordinary cheap china! Then the problems started with the start, there was a case on the spark plug. And so he brought to mind through little things for every knot. But now it works well “


“What can I say about this trimmer? The real Chinese trimmer in beautiful packaging. Before that I had a gas station with 1.8 square meters, but with my guilt. I decided to take 4.5 more powerful. And she mows worse than the old one. The assembly quality lies with the three, but for the time being four. If I knew it, I took the Chinese trimer much cheaper and didn’t deceive my head. Disadvantages: low assembly quality, everything is shaken, not lubricated, the performance does not correspond to the declared. “

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