Review of trimmers and motorcycles. Characteristics of application and operation

Review of trimmers and motorcycles. Characteristics of application and operation

Bright is a domestic company that specializes in the production and implementation of various small devices: chainsaws, trimmers, sinks, welding equipment, engine blocks and motor breeders. The assembly of your devices is put together directly in a Chinese factory with a high tech factory. This is done for a single target reduz of the costs for the production costs and the end product.

In this article we will describe the model range of Brait trimmers and the nuances of your application in detail.

Fight trimmers

Light motokos can be used for a vegetation karme in areas with an area of ​​up to 15 hectares. On these devices there is a Japanese production equipment of high quality that can withstand intensive loads over a longer period of time.

The installed electronic ignition can quickly bring light benzoco in any weather.

Brait gas cake have a gas trigger lock for the operation of the company, which supports the transferred revolutions at the same level.

In order to ensure protection against accidental inclusion, you must immediately clamp to start the two buttons.

The installed ant i-vibration system dramatizes the main part of the outgoing vibration and makes the operating process as pleasant as possible.


Trimmer Brait BR-260

Trimmer petrol brait BR-260

  • This is the first and simplest model of motorcycles. It has a petrol engine with an output of 1.25 hp.
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 0.85 liters, it is enough for about half an hour of intensive operation.
  • The mass of the BRAIT BR-260 Benzoocouses is 6.9 kg.
Brait BR-330 Bessocos

This benzoco has a little more power – 1.5 hp. And it can not only serve for a grass belt, but also to shoot shrubs and trees with confidence.

Benzokosa Brait BR-330

  • At the same time, the fuel tank remained the same – 0.85 liters.
  • With a practical bike handle of the BR-330 Bright Law machine, you can make the process as natural as possible.
  • The piston of these motorcycles is chrom e-plated and is characterized by an increased lifespan.
Brait BR-430 and BR-430A petrol station

This engine already comes from the professional series of trimmers for the care of the lawn. Its engine has an output of 2.5 hp. The air cooling prevents the engine from overheating.

Despite the weight of 8 kg, the owners determine the simplicity of the benzozouses and the even weight distribution with high belt devices.

Brait BR-430 Briit Brait Brait BR-430

The manufacturer offers two modifications from motorcycles: BR-430 and BR-430A.

The first of them has a sem i-automatic coil. To feed the fishing line, it is necessary to hit the villain on the floor.

On the BR-430A network there is already an automatic coil that serves fishing independently when it is broken.

BR-520 petrol station and BR-520A

These benzocos can replace a complete lawnmower at work. The power of its engine is up to 3 hp.

Bright BR-520 is used exclusively for professional purposes because you can treat large running areas with any vegetation.

Brait BR-520 Brait Briit BR-520 A Brait Brit

In order to extend work without a stop, the volume of the fuel tank was increased to 1 liter.

These lawnmowers are also offered in two versions: with automatic and sem i-automatic reel.

Electrical models

Lately, electrical models have been gaining more and more popularity. They cost much less, are more maintenanc e-friendly, quieter and do not release any pollutants in the atmosphere. Electric trimmer is most common when working near schools and hospitals, where calm is important. Only 1 electrical scythe is produced under the Brait brand – Brait BR 1200.

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Its engine has an output of 1.2 kW.

The D-shaped handle enables work with just one hand. The diameter of a single handle of the fishing line is 40 cm and the knife can cut 23 cm at once.

The best brait lawnmowers

It is impossible to give potential buyers a clear answer to the best model. The needs of the person must be assumed here.

When he works in his suburban area, the lawnmowers Brait BR-260 or BR-330 are the ideal models. If you have great weeds, take the 330 model, and if the grass is soft, it is better to buy the model 260.

If you are looking for a free cutter for professional use in utility or landscaping, the BR-430 or BR-520 is the better choice.

Operating instructions for lawnmowers


Brait lawnmowers can last long, but regular maintenance is required to keep them functional. The schedule for the implementation is clearly explained in the operating instructions.

To produce the fuel mixture, highly maker must be used AI-92 or AI-95 fuel and mixed with motor oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 50: 1.

The fuel and air filters must be cleaned every 25 hours. As a result, the lawnmower always has a stable speed.

After completing the work, clean the device of dirt, dust and grass residues. This can be done with a water jet and then has to be wiped dry so that no corrosion forms.

Experience with electrical trimmer

Electrical models have only been released on our market, but are increasingly gaining popularity.

The only drawback is the attachment to the power supply. During the operation, the electrical cable must always be behind the device so that it can never run over it.

Before commissioning, be sure to check the condition of the electrical cable for damage and insulation errors.

The manufacturer advises against working with wet grass after rain or irrigation to prevent moisture from penetrating the Bright trimmer engine.

At the end of the work, the remaining dirt should be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth.

Instructions for initial commissioning and preservation

The principle of the correct starting order is clearly stated in the operating instructions. First you have to assemble in the correct order.

Then you have to prepare the fuel mixture in the right ratio. For this purpose, a special container is supplied with a gasoline lawn mower.

Then comes the inlet time of the engine. A trimmer with half maximum performance is used. To do this, three tanks with a fuel mixture must be worked out when the load is minimal. During this time, the engine parts are lubricated, rubbed and begin to work as a whole.

When working on Bright lawn mowers, it is recommended to wear protective clothing: tight-fitting suit, gloves, protective glasses and closed shoes.

If you plan not to work with the Bright lawnmower for a month or longer, you better store the machine. To do this, let off the remaining fuel mixture, remove remaining dirt, remove the spark plugs and smear all rotating elements with waterproof fat.

Main disorders

Although Bright’s lawnmowers are designed for use under rough conditions, smaller failures occasionally occur. Therefore, every owner of a brait lawnmower should know how to fix the most common problems.

If the engine does not start:
  1. The tank with the fuel mixture is empty (refill fuel);
  2. No spark because of the clamped clamps (repair);
  3. Too much fuel in the combustion chamber (remove the spark plug and wipe off the electrode);
  4. The gap in the spark plugs has changed (it is necessary to adjust it correctly);
  5. Wrong mixed fuel mixture (the right ratio must be observed).
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The lawn mower does not develop a top speed:
  1. Dirty spark plug (clean or replace);
  2. Little or bad fuel (refill or replace);
  3. The fuel or air filter is dirty (cleaning);
  4. Wrong carburetor setting (contact customer service).

Video review

The following video review demonstrates the operation of the BRIGHT BR-520 petrol trimmer:

And here is a video review of the unboxing of the electric model Brait:

Owner reviews

Below you will find some reviews of Bright trimmer from thematic forums:


“My grandparents have a small meadow in the village. And in the past the weird grandfather mowed regularly, but time passes and health is clearly not the same. To make his work easier, he took Bright 260. As for me, a great car. A reliable and inexpensive trimmer that easily copes with the touch of various grasses. It is easy and runs without problems. The fuel consumption is quite cheap.

Trimmer and lawnmower Bright

Buy petrol trimmer Brait BR-520 C in Perm lawnmowers.

Devices of the Brait brand appeared on the domestic market not too long ago, but have already managed to gain popularity among summer residents and rural residents. Consumers appreciate the high quality of the tools and devices at very reasonable prices. We look forward to the variety of products manufactured, among which brait trimmers and lawnmowers, hand-led tractors, cultivators, chainsaws, mowers and other devices of the manufacturer are particularly popular.

The first mention of the Brait brand dates from 2012. The company is registered in Russia, but all products are manufactured in China. Brait devices are assembled on modern devices with strict quality control in the factory. Lawn mower and trimmer (photo) are certified in many European and Asian countries and meet all quality and security standards. We indicate a worthy service during the guarantee and yard-guarantee period and the availability of a large number of original spare parts.

The manufacturer pursues a balanced price policy. Today you can buy Brait trimmers and lawnmowers at prices between $ 60 and $ 120 on the official website and other online shops.

Model palette of the trimmer brait

The company produces two types of Trimmer: electrical and petrol. (Photo) Both types of tools are in great demand, we will talk about the most interesting and most popular models in our test.

BRAIT petrol trimmer

Benzocosa Brait BR-430C

BRAT BR-260. Comfortable, lightweight motorcycle with excellent technical and operational characteristics. With this tool you can clean your site with excess grass, weeds and small shrubs. The trimmer has excellent ergonomics and has a small weight (5.9 kg), which allows you to use it for a long time without causing operator fatigue. The device is powered by a single cylinder two-stroke engine with air cooling capability. The working volume of the engine reaches 26 cm 3, and its power is 950 watts. The manufacturer took care of the presence of a durable gearbox, Japanese origin and an anti-vibration damper. In the basic configuration, the new owner of the Brait BR-260 trimmer will receive the device itself, a 40-teetch disc knife, a cartridge, a shoulder strap and a set of tools for motorcycle maintenance. Today, prices for the Brait BR-260 model start at $62.

Brait BR-330. This petrol trimmer is intended for household users, but can also be used by utility companies. Motokos is powered by a petrol two-string engine with a capacity of 1,500 watts, which is matched not only with weed coverage, but also with small shrubs and weeds. The trimmer installed reliable Japanese production equipment and an upgraded bar. Due to the presence of anti-vibration dampers and an increased protective cover, the operator does not feel fatigue and can feel in full safety. The Brait BR-330 model is equipped with electronic ignition, an accidental start protection mechanism and a gas trigger lock. On the official website of the manufacturer Motokos Brait BR-330 you can buy for $ 63.

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Brait BR-430. One of the most reliable and popular trimmers from this manufacturer. (photo) The device is powered by a two-row motor (2,200 watts, volume 43 cm 3), the capacity of which is sufficient to mow grass, weeds and small shrubs. Benzokos is equipped with a diaphragm carburetor, which increases its reliability, performance and economy. In this model, a hard metal shaft is used as the drive instead of a cable. This feature also greatly increases the life of the tool. In addition to the device itself, the Basic Brait BR-430 itself includes a shoulder strap, a hard drive with winning attacks, a cartridge and a set of keys to serve a trimmer and replace the fishing line. Buy a BR-430 model at a price of $ 65 on the manufacturer’s official website and in online stores.

Brait BR-520. Motokos is equipped with a powerful 3 HP single-cylinder engine with air cooling function and a working volume of 52 cm 3 . The device is intended for private farms, utility companies and railroad workers. Benzokos copes with any kind of grass, weeds and small shrubs. The reliability of the tool increases due to the presence of an advanced gear and anti-vibration damper. Operator protection from flying debris and grass provides increased protective housing. The Brait BR-520 trimmer comes with a shoulder strap, cartridge, hard drive with gain attacks on 40 teeth, a set of tools for motorcycle maintenance and fishing line replacement in the cartridge. Today in online stores you can buy the Brait BR-520 model at a price of $ 70.

Brait BR-580. The most powerful benzocos in the manufacturer’s list. The device is equipped with a single cylinder tw o-stroke engine with a capacity of 3,400 watts with a work volume of 58 cm 3. It should be mentioned that the designers have installed a progressive served gear and a hard metal shaft on a trimmer. Such design features allow us to operate the tool for a long time in intensive mode together with a powerful engine, without being afraid of overheating the engine and the gearbox. The operator is convenient by a comfortable V-shaped handle, anti-vibration dampers and a strong protective housing. The BRAIT BR-580 model is equipped with electronic ignition, as useful options such as protection against non-authorized start and fixation of the throttle. BRAIT BR-580 Benzingfliegen prices start at $ 70.

Electrical trimmer

Electric trimmer Brait BR-1400B | Obtain

Brait-1400b. The device is designed for mowing grass, weeds and shrubs. The main area field: personal economy, although this model is sometimes used by service programs. The trimmer is powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 1,400 watts. Users notice an ergonomic, balanced tool design. The designers took care of the reliability of the Brait-1400B model. A metal shaft is used instead of a cable, copper winding offers a high reliability and endurance of an electric motor that can work for a long time at maximum speeds (7,000 rpm). The operator is convenient by the presence of a protective housing, a bicycle handle with a convenient placement of control organs and an ant i-vibration system. On the manufacturer’s official website, the electric trimmer from Brait-1400B is offered at a price of $ 65.

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Brait-500r. A light electrical trimmer is designed so that small locations, the formation of a lawn in a house or household site, are processed. Motokosa has a small weight (2.4 kg) and a comfortable, adjustable handle, which increases work comfort and reduces the fatigue of the operator. The device is powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 500 watts, which offers a speed of 500 revolutions per minute. The tool designers have provided the presence of a protective housing and a limit to protect plants from damage. The BRAIT 500R model is equipped with a cartridge, a cutting plate is missing, you also have to take care of buying a high-quality extension cable. The motorcycle is sold at a price of $ 40 in the online stores of the Brait-500R motorcycle.

Purchase, delivery and preparation for the operation of a trimmer light

  • When buying Brait motorcycles, make sure that the completeness, the integrity of the case and the isolation, the presence of all accompanying documents, including the guarantee card, are present.
  • The seller’s demand to start a test for an electric or petrol engine to ensure that your performance is ensured.
  • The Brait trimmer is broken down in the box. The delivery can be carried out by a car or public transport.
  • Before assembly, motor cosa carefully examine the operating instructions and familiarize themselves with the technical features and safety rules when they work with petrol and electric motorcycles.
  • Install the cassette to watch the operating instructions. Make sure he turns freely on the shaft.
  • Prepare the fuel mixture and season with a motorcycle.
  • Perform the engine.

Fuel and lubricant for Brait gas troops

Brait Benzoko’s is powered by a single cylinder, two-stroke internal combustion engine. The details of such engines are lubricated with oil, which is added to gasoline. Before refueling the trimmer, you need to prepare the fuel mixture.

As a basis for the mixture, we take AI-92 brand high-octane gasoline and add motor oil for two-stroke engines at a rate of 1 to 33, that is, 33 grams of oil per liter of gasoline. A modern two-stroke engine requires no special running. However, the manufacturer recommends developing two or three fuel tanks in an economy mode without overheating. It is also recommended to add 10% more oil to the fuel mixture than usual during this period.

IMPORTANT: The preparation of the mixture is made in a separate container. It is forbidden to mix fuel in the tank of benzocos. It is not recommended to create a large amount of fuel – it should be used within two to three weeks. The use of oils that are not intended for two-stroke engines with air cooling function is also prohibited. Only use proven oils.

Recommended engine oils for bait petrol trimmers:

  • Oleo-MAC ProSint 2T;
  • Echo Jaso FD with a dispenser;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Champion Jaso Fd

Playing First Start and Brai t-Motokos

As already mentioned, the Brait Gasoline Motokos is disassembled. After the assembly and the gas station, you can begin the first start of the engine:

  • Before that, you should unscrew the spark plug and pour several grams (3-5) of engine oil into the cylinder.
  • After that, without undue efforts, pull the starter handle on yourself. Repeat the movement 7-10 times. Now all the rubbing details of the engine are greased, which increases the motorcycle resource and makes it easier to start the first time.
  • adjust the spark plug;
  • pour fuel into the tank;
  • Check the body of the motorcycles for the presence of fue l-subtik. Once again make sure that the reliability of all nodes and parts is fixed.
  • Transfer the throttle valve lever to the “closed” position;
  • Skip the fuel with a primer, do no more than 5-7 presses;
  • Turn on the ignition (translate the gas pedal to the “start” position);
  • Pull the starter handle with the ratchet toward the clutch, then pull sharply.
  • Immediately after grabbing the engine, open the throttle.
  • Now start the engine again. It works at high speeds, so hit the gas pedal. After that, the engine will idle, cutting devices (cartridge or disc) will stop rotating.
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The main malfunctions of the Brai t-Autokoloncosa and ways to eliminate them

symptoms malfunction A possible way to eliminate
Brait Motoko’s petrol engine will not start There is no fuel mixture in the tank

Decode the candle and use the starter to remove excess fuel from the cylinder

The air filter was littered

The fuel pump is broken

Motokosa Brait: Video Review

Bright Br-520. First start, assembly:

Brait BR-430 Benzoco’s Review:

Unpacking, Assembly and Overview of the Brait 1400B Electric Braid:

Reviews of the owners of the trimmer braits

Oleg Paramonov, Smolensk region, 33 years old

Motokosu Brait BR-430 bought last year. Very powerful and unpretentious tool. The engine power is sufficient to not only clean grass, but also one-two year old shrubs. Nice that the trimmer consumes little petrol with so much power and strength. A high noise level is to be noted under the defects, the cartridge from the basic configuration lasted only a few days and broke into pieces: I had to buy a new one. However, all of these disadvantages are not critical, after all there are more advantages.

Andrey Filimonov, Krasnodar region, 54 years old

We have a holiday home in the village with a small property. It makes no sense to buy a powerful petrol sensual, so we decided to stop at the electro trimmer Brait-1400b after considering and reading the reviews of the owners. As it turned out, an electrical scythe in terms of performance and performance of a petrol sensor is not much inferior and far superior to efficiency. I mow the grass and weeds on my property two or three times a season. In addition, I bought an extension cable for 30 meters, it is enough for me. There was no more expenses, the tool never failed in two seasons.

Nikolai Solovushkin, Pskow area, 32 years old

Summer was rainy, grass and weeds grow quickly and the old lawnmower has been completely fell on. After reading the evaluations of the owners, I decided to buy a stronger lawnmower. The choice fell on the Brait BR-520 model. The grass around the house in the garden and in the garden has been mowed twice. A powerful tool that does an excellent job not only with grass, but also with thick cups. Strangely enough, the Brait BR-520 consumes less fuel than my old trimmer. At “hot” it starts perfectly, with “cold” you have to work with the starter for a few minutes: uncritically. I am satisfied with my choice and recommend it to everyone.

Advantages: price, strong engine, reinforced gearbox, good vibration protection;

Disadvantages: There are problems with starting a cold engine, I have not yet found other defects.

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