Review of the Walk behavio r-tracto r-Keimgt 732 SK. Technical features, functions of operation, video and reviews

Checking the Prorab GT-732 SK engine blocks. Technical features, features of application and operation

The GT-732 SK Motorblock is a professional model that is intended in the series of seven hundred modifications of the most powerful 9-horsepower for agricultural work on large land plots up to 2 hectares. In the aggregation with weakened tools, the capabilities of the Walk behavior grow significantly.

Motoblock HRT-732 SK

Technical characteristics

engine Petrol, single cylinder, 4-stroke with air cooling
perfomance 9 PS/6620 watts
The work volume of the cylinder, the cube. cm 270 cm³
Working width 105 cm
Depth of work 10 centimeters
The number of mills 8
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
draft Shaft / strap disc disc rear hand adjustment of the handle along the height side of the side of the handle

GT-732 SK Rasbe diagram

  • The Prorab has a petrol engine of four stroke.
  • The gearbox has 2 speeds back and 1 so that you can select the optimal work pace.
  • Thanks to the air cooling of the engine, the machine can be operated at all temperature conditions.
  • The Prorab motor block is equipped with a reliable start of a manual type.
  • The clothes deliver the width of the covered floor by 105 cm with a firm depth of 10 cm.
  • The handle is regulated depending on the growth of the operator. There is a side rotation of the steering wheel.

Features of the application of the GT-732 SK model model

The high performance of the Prorab motor block enables you to use it not only for traditional agricultural work – plowing, hilling, loosening, weeds, cutting the beds, digging vegetables, but also during load transport, cleaning the territory from snow and fallen leaves and hayers. According to the instructions, tools of an active type can be installed on the power waves.

8 mills are delivered with the device, additional attachments are bought as required of the owner of the device: plow, goose legs, Harrow, hill, seer, Rake lobby, rotary mow, potato cutter, brush and mini tender adapter.

Icon Plow Harrow Mowing-off-off trailer

Service of the walk-in driver GT-732 SK

According to instructions, the manufacturer recommends using the AI-92 petrol for the walk-in tractor motor 10W30 engine oil for gear-the-the-The Sae 80W90 mark. Cup camps, the bracket, other structural elements that require lubricant, are processed in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer with machine oil, water billing recipients from solidol, lilet or analogue.

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SAE 10W30 machine oil gear oil tad-17i

Before each operation of the Prorab technology, the presence of oil and fuel should be monitored, the reliability of the brackets and joints of the nodes should be checked. After completing the work, it is necessary to carefully clean the tractor of the hood from the remains of dirt, stones and other foreign bodies that are stuck between the protective cover, the gear and the grinding cutters. The risers are washed with water, wiped and, if necessary, lubricated with rust or machine oil.

Always turn off the engine before checking its condition.

Since the foreman is equipped with a centrifugal-type clutch, take into account that the cutters should not rotate when idling. Otherwise, you should contact service.

Detailed information about the device of the Prorab Motor Block, setting up systems, conducting scheduled technical inspections, safety precautions and eliminating possible malfunctions is contained in the instructions for operating the tractor of Walk behavior.

Motoblocks motor. Overview, properties, attachments

Instructions to link:

Playing the walkable tractor Keim GT-732 SK

In order to extend the life of the machine, the best lies in grinding all working parts and calibrating the working gap from the Prorab engine block. The duration of the procedure is 20 hours: at idle, then 1/3 of the maximum load, then for 2/3 of the load. During this period it is forbidden to use the device at maximum speed. After 2 hours of continuous work, a 15-minute break should be taken.

During the run it is necessary to control the state of the nodes, mechanisms, the operation of the braking and steering systems. After the completion of the running procedure, the maintenance of the walking behavior engine is carried out, the exhaust oil is emptied and replaced with fresh. Further regulatory work is to replace the engine oil on every 100 motorcycles. Transmission oil is changed every 500 hours or once a season.

Video review of the GT-732 SK model

Reviews of the owners


“The walk behavior engineer is Sost 732SK. Reliable, multifunctional cutters designed specifically for surface loosening of the soil – a suitable option. In addition, I use it with another problem – a mower, there is a plow, a rake and an adapter with a seat and a carriage. “

Motoblock “Prostrab”: reviews of the owners

The Chinese Prokrab brand compact agricultural machinery has been present in the domestic market since 2005. Motoblocks of this brand are of the most diverse – from light petrol, amateur class to powerful diesel, much more functional, more professional. Since this technique is widely used in Russia and GIS, a rich experience has been gained. You can find a large number of reviews from the owners of a particular model. These reviews are collected and generalized in this publication.

In addition to motoblocks and motor cultivators, more than one hundred items of a garden tool, various manual power tools are made under the foreman. All these products belong to the amateur class and have a good combination of price and quality. This determines the stable demand and popularity of the “foreman” technique.

Since 2011, the company has been opening its own branches in different cities of Russia through scaling. At the moment, with the exception of Moscow, this is Krasnodar, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Stavropol, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Yaroslavl, Ryazan and Yekaterinburg. Each branch has a warehouse of about 800 m2, office and service center. delivers “to the door”; Accepts warranty service for devices. The Warhead guarantee is given for 12 months.

Characteristic differences of the engine blocks “Prost”

In their design, the walking injuries of the Zrab brand do not differ much from similar models from other brands. The main components are gears, gears, housing elements, motor and wheel:

The most important part of the small agricultural machines – gears – in the cross blocks of the “forehead” is characterized by increased body thickness: 2 mm steel, for 1.5 mm in the vast majority of its competitors. The decent quality of the internal details of the gear and a numerous amount of lubrication guarantees a stable good operation of the node for a long period of time.

Checking the hand-led gasoline tractor with electrical start Tselina MB-802. Functions, advantages, videos, reviews

Motobobloks “Foremen” are equipped with a high transmission of a verified structure with a different number of speeds. The line presents diesel and petrol units of various capacities. The design of each of them is simple and reliable, has a serious work resource.

The manufacturer is responsible for the strength and quality of the drive belts. It is particularly emphasized that the Prorab motor blocks are installed by the drive belts of the Japanese brand Fuji, which guarantee longer and faul t-free operation.

Candle knives consist of hardened spring steel with an increased knife thickness. They enable them to process soil, are not afraid of stones and heavy soil.

The paint is carried out according to modern technologies. In the first stage, the phase processing of elements takes place in the following order: cleaning of oil deposits and corrosion, sandblasting, painting of the element with materials with UV protection. This technology really helps to maintain a good appearance of hiking areas for a long time.

The plow and grinding cutter are included in the basic configuration of the Cross Block professional, other additional devices are bought separately. These are: soil-containing, cummer, two- and three-body plows with increased depth and width of processing (at more powerful models), cutters S-31 (“Ural”), Harme, potato decline, prorab 7cx-3 trailers 3.4 m, width 1 , 8 m, with folding pages with a height of 0.5 m, steel jam copies for snow cleaning.

It is impossible to immediately operate a Wal k-Vertrakterer tractor at high speeds. Before that, the technology should be carried out within 7-10 hours of small and medium-sized engine speeds without sharp gas reinforcement. And at the end of the run – change the oil.

In general, numerous inspections of the owners indicate that the “Prostrab” retention engines have established themselves as good household assistants who differ from a decent quality assembly group, simple control and fuel consumption. Their use helps to reduce temporary and labor costs when processing land plots of small and medium areas.

The preparation

The motor blocks of the “forehead” are represented by a wide range of model and are differentiated by various performance displays and technical parameters.

Grab GT 700 SK

Light and compact, susceptible to a petrol walk, which is equipped with an air chilled longcin petrol engine. The design of the motoblock gear of this model offers three speed modes (2 front wheel and a back). The speed of movement is between 6 and 12 km/h. Some other properties of the GT 700 SK model: length – 830 mm; Width – 480 mm; Height – 740 mm; Street freedom – 185 mm; Processing depth – 300 mm; Processing width – 750 mm; Diameter of the grinding cutter – 310 mm; The mass is 84 kg.

Grab GT 700 SK

The gest of the GT 700 SK.

A single cylinder engine has a work volume of 207 cubic meters; Nominal output 7 HP; Benzinkonsum: at 1.8-1.9 l/hour. The fuel tank contains 3.6 liters of fuel. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a chain gear and a belt coupling.

Yum z-6 tractor - description and properties

The cost of this model is 30,000 rubles.

The get from GT 710

With similar technical properties, the hand-led tractors Prorab GT 710 are equipped with more expensive Briggs & Stratton engines. Your work volume is 208 ccm and the nominal output is 6.5 hp. The mass of the singl e-axle tract GT 710 is 89 kilograms

The Foreman GT 710 version with a Briggs & Stratton engine is available at a price of 40,000 rubles.

Foreman GT 721

The Foreman GT 721 is also a model of the budget class, a han d-led petrol tractor that was built in analogy to the above options. But it is much heavier (144 kilograms) and therefore has improved performance parameters. The fuel consumption is 1.9-2 l / h.

Grab GT 721

The cost of this model is 38,000 rubles.

Foreman GT 733 SK

A more powerful version of a compact han d-led petrol tractor with belt connection. It is equipped with an engine of 270 CC with a work volume and 9 hp. Energy. The fuel consumption display is 2.1-2.2 l / h.

The cost of such a han d-led tractor is 45,000 rubles.

Foreman GT 750 BS

Motoblocks Foreman GT 750 BS are equipped with Briggs & Stratton petrol engines. The model is equipped with a tooth chain gear, a V-belt drive with a clamping roller and, in contrast to the previous 4-speed gearbox, 6 courses (4 forward and 2 backward gears). The weight of this version of the han d-led tractor is 98 kg. Motor – Briggs & Stratton with a displacement of 208 ccm and a nominal output of 6.5 hp. The fuel consumption of the model is 1.6-1.7 l/h.

Grab GT 750 BS

Foreman GT 750 BS.

The price for this option is 39,000 rubles.

Foreman GT 904 VDKE

Diesel and axle tractor with a pawn and electrical starter. A special design is intended to transform this technology into a transport or snow blower. The design of this model includes a slat coupling with increased wear resistance and service life. The gearbox has a 3-course mode. With a mass of 140 kg, the han d-led tractor offers soil processing with a width of 1.1 m and a depth of 0.32 m.

The liquid-cooled single-cylinder diesel has a displacement of 418 cm³ and a nominal output of 9 HP. The indicator of diesel fuel consumption is 1.2 to 1.3 liters per hour.

The cost of this model is 63 thousand rubles.

Foreman GT 80 RDK

Motoblock with a diesel unit. Despite the serious appearance and the rather high weight, it is extremely easy to use such a han d-led tractor. Motoblock of this model is equipped with an extended area: 8 gears (6 forwards and 2 backwards), with which you can select the optimal movement. The speed of movement is 12 to 17 km / h. In the basic equipment, this model of the PRORAB singl e-anxle tractor has wheels with a diameter of 660 mm and thus offers high of f-road capability. The singl e-axle tractor is equipped with a headlight with halogen lamp. The gearbox used is common.

With 80 RDK

Foreman GT 80 RDK.

The single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine of the Chinese brand Kama has a working volume of 402 cm3, a nominal output of 8 HP and a fluid cooling system. It starts with an electric starter. The diesel consumption display is 0.65 to 0.7 liters per hour. The capacity of the fuel tank is 5.5 liters.

Minitor Rusich T 12 - description and properties

Properties of this model: length – 2180 mm; Width – 890 mm; Height – 1250 mm; Soil clearance – 295 mm; Working width adjustable – from 750 to 1000 mm; Department of tillage – 250 mm; Miss diameter – 300 mm; Motoblock weight – 230 kg.

The cost of this model is 68 thousand rubles.

Foreman GT 100 RDK

It has similar technical properties, but is equipped with a more powerful and productive on e-cylinde r-diesel engine KAMA. The work volume is 573 cubic meters; And the nominal output is 10 hp. The fuel consumption indicator is slightly larger 0.8-0.9 l/hour.

Grab GT 120 RDK

The work volume is an even more powerful diesel engine unit on a professional level and is 598 cubic meters. And the nominal output is 12 hp. The fuel consumption is kept at 1-1.1 liters per hour. The capacity of the fuel tank is 6 liters.

Grab GT 120 RDK

The GT from GT 120 RDK.

The price of such a walk is 81,000 rubles.

Motoblocks “Prostrab”: Real Operation Experience

The most interesting, most useful and fundamental in this publication is a review of the reviews of real owners of motor blocks of the Prostraba brand. They are collected in various forums of owners of small and mediu m-sized farms. In order to have information, we delete the secondary reasoning “for life” from these reviews and share the experience of the company into “professionals” and “minus”.


Of course, the main plus, which often becomes decisive when buying, is the relatively affordable costs for the forehead of the prostrab. Especially in comparison to similar compact agricultural equipment of domestic production. The possibilities and performance that Prorab offers “for this money” surprise its new owners pleasantly. Each of the devices presented is with cultivation, hilling, plowing and shaking. In order to reveal the full potential of technology, it is good to buy a braid, a closet and a potato rods.

All models of the “forehead” cross blocks have a verified verification for years, which has sanded the optimal state of the classic structure. For this reason, they are very maneuverable and comfortable to use. Including when operating with a cart (with the exception of the lightest models). The cross run “foreman” shows well, the quality of rubber on wheels is very worthy. The productivity of the device increases noticeably if you use bottom with floor. Then each of the petrol engines presented begins to work on the border of their skills.

Those who have the experience of using the Cross Block preliminary workers in the winter months in the winter months praise them for high efficiency and performance when cleaning snow leaks. The device equipped with floor and a snow removal machine connected to it is also successfully coordinated with large, hardened snow adults covered with ice.


The Prorab diesel engine “rides” along the furrow.

The owner of the Prorab GT 8 0-diesel engine unit says that in two seasons he not only earned money on his own website, but also money. After working the villages of the villagers and working together with a walk for eight hours a day, he was satisfied with his performance and is satisfied (“Despite the fact that he was Chinese and would be the best, but he, but he exceeded everyone my expectations “).

Motoblocks Krotof. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

I liked the economic consumption of diesel fuel. During the working day, he had only five liters of diesel fuel. The pelvis spends more fuel over the same time. I also liked how the Prorab GT 80 RDK turns. He has a rotation differences, and when it is pressed onto the lever, he turns himself. With a certain habit and skill, you can force this model to make some time alone, to cultivate with a cutter and simply go with it.


Almost all owners of the intersection of the “forehead” complain that the vibration pollution from the work of the engine and the transmission elements is very serious on both the operator’s hands and on all structural structural elements. It happens that the fuel filter fall breaks down an increased vibration, a leak in a high pressure tube forms on the collapse location, a hose tower with low pressure and a gas welding for welding cracks in the fuel tank. The instructions for the engine blocks are very scarce, there is no control point, no engine, etc.

Since the gear shaft is hexagonal, the wheels, floor or tailor from other manufacturers can no longer be selected, since the shops are not enforced for the hexagonal waves, but for rounds. And the clothes that are delivered with the hiking facilities have very mediocre quality, low reliability and durability.

In general, the quality of the metal that is recognized is very low. The assembly quality is also far from how the owners can be seen again and again: the details are often adapted unevenly, there are unequal gaps. Or – one of the pens is constantly flying during operation. Fortunately, this does not affect performance. Therefore, people do not particularly guilty such little things and recognize that they deal with the economy class engine.


In many models, the speeds are very bad (narrow and unclear) (“all the time that reaches the gap between rear and second”). The gear lever hems. It is better to switch the oil sensor or twice as high as the oil in the linchpin of the engine twice as much. There are many complaints about the forums about oil sensors. There is indications that the motorcycle block can begin poorly, let the flame out of the silencer. And when you switch off the oil sensor, it starts and works properly. Therefore, many rates to completely separate oil sensors only to follow their level regularly. “Soshnik doesn’t understand why they are bent, the motorcycle dangles in the mountain and throws it around him instead of going in a straight line.”

In heavy heat, the Prorab petrol engines overheated the engine. However, this is not scary if you take work at work every 2-2.5 hours for 15-20 minutes. There are no such problems with diesel models that are equipped with liquid cooling.

In general, the Prorab family practitioners can be described as a rather reliable compact agricultural equipment of the economic class, which of course is “worth money” and is a useful and profitable household assistant in skillful hands.

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