Review of the Walk behavio r-Sttracto r-Gest from GT 705 SK. Technical features, recommendations for e x-owners, video, reviews

Whether you buy a Prorab Motoblock: reviews of owners, types, equipment

Ooo “Prorab” is a fairly successful company that is part of the A-Class group. All branded products are very popular with consumers because they differ in the reliability of the design, high quality assembly and relatively low costs.

In addition to garden equipment and various power tools, the company produces components and consumables for devices.

The niche of the budget categories for a wide range of consumers appeared relatively recently in 2005 on the Russian market.

Motobobloks and cultivists are a separate area of ​​the garden industry. An extensive model range of motoblocks enables customers to choose the most suitable unit for their needs.

Models of the foreman

The description and technical properties of each model are individual. There are options under the installation that work on gasoline, including a 9-liter engine and 10 liters of diesel type. Motor varieties, including petrol for 709 SK, which is one of the most common models, are part of a group with medium classes. In this way you can use motoblocks as a universal means of harvesting and transporting different goods in every season.

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A series of models, for example the Prorab GT 712 SK motor block, are used as all devices for the season, and options such as GT 700 SK are preferably operated without sharp temperature changes and with preliminary heating at low environmental temperatures.

Important! Each option has its own operating instructions, which contains a list of characteristics as well as recommended fuel and oil. All registered rules must be met in a comprehensive volume.

In this video you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of this walk behavior:

The list has its own list of general functions:

  • Large selection of diesel and gasoline options;
  • a good relationship between “price quality” in the main direction along the price segment to the budget option;
  • Increased demand for quality and purity of oil. If it is bad, the wear of the engine parts increases. The same happens with inadequate amounts of oil;
  • You cannot overheat the engine. After a long or tedious operation, the equipment has to cool off. In the opposite case, information and work failure are possible;
  • Like the rest of the motor blocks of domestic and foreign production, running is required. It is not only carried out according to the standard, i.e. with the first setting when buying, but also after every downtime. It is also necessary to carry out the run after an annual implementation of repairs or inspections.
  • The maintenance of the tractor of the walk is carried out when all systems are completely cleaned and checked. For example, you have to drain the oil and the fuel completely.
  • The ignition is a standard and compulsory procedure that is carried out in connection.
  • All elements of the technology should only be used if there is a recommendation, i.e. not native parts should not be installed without prior review in service or by a specialist. This point is due to the fact that each model has its own properties that depend on the engine type and various nuances.
  • Most of the models are automated, which makes the technology sensitive to electronic failures and false settings of the ignition system. Energ y-intensive work must be configured before starting, since a violation of this rule leads to malfunctions;
  • When designing each option, there is a gear, a petrol or diesel engine, body elements, wheels and a gear that is thicker than with similar options on the market.
  • The basic package contains many additional spare parts and parts, including standard parts, e.g. B. cutting devices.
  • Compact size and high performance. It is the combination of these characteristics that make the han d-led tractor universal;
  • Most parts for a han d-led tractor are available on the manufacturer’s market, which makes repairs easier.
  • Added parts are also made by Prorab.

Important! You can grow attachments to the on e-axle tractors, but also from other manufacturers, but preferably an additional equipment from the Foreman. This is due to the good quality and the complete tests of the models with their attachments before they are launched.

It should be noted that each model is also equipped with a headlight for night and evening work. The engine is launched by an electrical starter, which requires increased attention to the ignition system and the lack of use of defective parts.

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Motoblock memory

Particular attention should be paid to the storage of devices. This applies in particular to lon g-term storage. The no n-observance of the basic rules can lead to corrosion in parts of the singl e-axle tractor and the unsuitability of the entire device.

Motoblocks “Foreman” are unusual for frequent failures and malfunctions

Basic retention rules:

  • drain all liquids;
  • Wash the equipment of dirt;
  • Grease metal surfaces with wate r-repellent means;
  • close all valves.

The machine must be stored in a dry, closed room. Temperatures that are too high or too low can deteriorate the condition of the machine.

Avoid direct sunlight on the singl e-axle tractor if it is stored for longer.


The GT 709 SK is part of the mid-range petrol version. Motor 7 liters. With. Has an economical fuel consumption that varies between 1.8 and 2 liters per hour of continuous operation at full load. The weight of the model is 95 kg, which enables dense soils, including new territory and clay, to be effective.

Any attachment devices can be used because the model is powerful. There is a 6-speed gear. The device is equipped with a Briggs stratton engine that produces more than 6.5 liters on a cylinder. With.

This han d-led tractor is from the middle class

Technical characteristics

engine Diesel, single cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled
perfomance 10 PS/7350 W
The work volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 573 cm³
Fuel tank volume 6 л
Working width 90cm
Depth of work 25cm
Number of milling cutters 6
Number of gears 6 forward / 2 back
draft Backward passage differential lock for headlight height adjustment
The weight 230 kilograms


GT 701 refers to the simplest and most compact options in the model range. There are two speeds (plus return) and weight of 80 kg. The model refers to universal means for agricultural work. The technique has air cooling, as well as for all models of the foreman, there is a missile defense system. The fuel tank contains three liters, which is enough for an hour and a half of work.

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The GT 70 1-SK groove is used for different durations for different, small and positive reviews.

Reviews of the owners

Many owners of the Wal k-Behaviou r-Trakto r-GT 100 RDKE on the forums complain about poor-quality materials, but note the significant efficiency of the unit during cultivation and other agricultural work. Victor: “I bought a walk 5 years ago and I can’t say that I liked it very much. The quality of the materials leaves a lot to be desired, so I had to constantly repair them from year to year. After the first season, the one broke Fuel filter fall off. The fuel tank has already cracked twice. And many other small breakdowns. But in favor of this Walk tractor I would like to say that a real workhorse. The design is thought out to the smallest detail. Sorry, the materials used are poor quality. ” If you are the owner of the presented model, we encourage you to leave your feedback on its advantages and disadvantages as an inclusion with other readers.

GT 750 bs

GT 750 BS is a low version of the medium category and has a 6.5 hp engine. The kit includes four grinders that can deliver a soil processing width of 0.8 meters. The weight is 98 kg, which allows cultivation work without applying significant effort. There are several modifications of the model, differing in engine characteristics.

There are 6 speeds, 2 of which are refundable (vice versa).


The motor cultivator is assembled from alloy steel and durable polymer plastic.

The machine consists of such parts and mechanisms:

  • Engine. The manufacturer installs a four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine on the machine. To start in cold weather, the engine is equipped with a preheater.
  • Frame. It is a solid steel structure assembled using arc welding. Metal is resistant to corrosion and mechanical loads.
  • Chassis. It consists of a leading axle, pneumatic wheels and gears. When working with Cutter, a detachable support wheel is used. The torque transmission is carried out by a collapsible gearbox and high-quality drive belts.
  • Steering. There are buttons and levers on the double lever, which are easily reached from any position. The handle is adjustable along the tilt angle and height.
  • Housing. Made of light green plastic. Protects the operator from the heat of the engine and the countries flying under the working organs from flying.
  • Brackets for hinged devices and a power shaft. These devices are adapted to work with Russian and Chinese options.
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With high performance, the cultivator has compact dimensions. It can be transported in the trunk of a car.


The Prorab GT 904 VDKE motoblock belongs to the medium performance class, which in its main characteristics does not differ from most similar representatives on the market. Important features are maneuverability and ease of use. The model is not used for permanent agricultural work on large areas. Basically, the technology is used in the company for periodic work. But with the right setup, the equipment can cover a considerable area even in heavy soil.

This walk behind tractor will negotiate any terrain

Advantages of Prorab walk behind tractors

A well-known domestic company has been producing Prorab engine blocks since 2005. Motoblocks “Foreman” are distinguished by affordable cost and reliability, in terms of functionality they are similar to miniature tractors.

A well-known domestic company is engaged in the production of walk-behind tractors “Prorab”.

The advantages of this technique include:

  • high build quality compared to models of a similar class from other manufacturers;
  • affordable cost;
  • proven design of each model;
  • high maneuverability and functionality;
  • a wide range of attachments to expand the functionality of the machines;
  • Decent quality tires on wheels.


Attachments for Prorab series walk-behind tractors include all possible options, as the entire model range can be equipped with everything you need, without exception.

List of default attachments for attachments:

  • Cutter;
  • Plow;
  • Armchair;
  • additional daisy wheel;
  • Stollen;
  • Hiller;
  • potato harvester;
  • Harrow;
  • double or triple character plough;
  • followers of different classes;
  • snow removal items.

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Important! Thanks to the power of the model series, it is also possible to use heavy equipment and carry out agricultural work of varying complexity.

Additional items that can be attributed to equipment include:

  • seeder;
  • Car;
  • Mower;
  • harvest or process various agricultural products.

In fact, any equipment, not only standard, but also special equipment, including rotary mowers, can be connected to the foreman through an adapter. An important point will be the use of suitable models with increased power and production.

It should be noted that models should be used only in the conditions for which they are intended. It is forbidden to use special equipment on low-power devices that do not belong to the standard group. All regulations are described individually in the operating instructions.

User Guide

Below are presented the main instructions for the walk-behind tractor “Foreman”. With its help, you can perform all the necessary manipulations with the equipment.

Running in, first run

Running-in equipment should be carried out after purchase, as well as in the case of prolonged non-use. Breaking in a walk-behind tractor is an important stage in preparing the equipment for operation, which allows you to check the operation of the steering and braking systems and start parts after a long period of inactivity. Running in extends the life of the two-wheel tractor.

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The first start and run-in is not difficult:

  1. Fill with oil and turn on the walk behind tractor.
  2. Let the device idle for a few minutes.
  3. Start working at low speeds. Use the rule – only half the maximum capacity of the device. Let the two-wheel tractor work slowly and carefully without sudden pressure and overheating.
  4. The inlet time is 6 to 10 operating hours. It takes place all day. Take a break of 15-20 minutes every two hours to cool the engine.
  5. Don’t forget to change the oil after the entry time.

After such a entrance time, the on e-axle tractor is ready for operation with increased loads.

Diesel unachstractors are presented as professional models

Installation of the appendix

For a deeper and more competent operation of the Prorab-Grubber, it is important to correctly select and buy attachments. Before buying a mugber, remember that models with low performance are not designed for the installation of such devices. Models with low performance are only intended for loosening and plowing the garden.

Precisely because attachments can be mounted on models from an output of 6.5 hp, they are very popular.

The manufacturer allows you to install the following additional workemics:

  • Hiller;
  • Flyings;
  • Equipment for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Motor pumps;
  • Follower;
  • Weight agent;
  • Plow.

With all of these devices, you can do the necessary work much faster. We recommend that you choose the list of the work that the purchased handled tractor will run in advance. In this way you can select the optimal model for your floor, your needs and your type of plant.

With additional work elements you can define the manufacturer

Oil change

If you want your motoblock model to work properly, it is important to systematically monitor the level and the quality of the oil. The instructions for the device indicate which oil is to be filled into the Prorab-Anachstractor so that it works efficiently and safely. The most frequently specified oil is SAE 10W30. The oil level must be checked before every engine start. If you find that the old oil has changed its color, you absolutely replace it.

In addition to the oil control, check the fuel stand, the reliability of the fastening elements and the presence of lubrication in the gearbox every 4-5 operating hours.

Checking the Prorab GT-705 SK engine blocks. Technical features, features of application and operation

The Prorab GT-705 SK single-axle tractors is largely identical to other machines in the 700 series with 7 hp engines. This is a middle class model, it is most useful to use it up to 1 hectare on small and mediu m-sized plots.

Motoblock HRT-705 SK

Technical characteristics

Type of: han d-held tractor
Rated capacity: 5.15 kW
Weight (kg: 80 kg
Motor type: Petrol, 4-stroke, cylinder: 1
Engine volume: 208 ccm
Engine power: 7 PS
Plow depth, mm: 300mm
Drive (reducer): Chain
Couple type: Belt
Fuel tank volume, L: 3.6 l
Direction of travel: Back and forth
Begin: Manual
Ackerwidth, cm: 83cm
Bike type: pneumatic
Number of gears: 2 forward / 1 back
Scope of delivery: 6 groups of 4 knives, crowd
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Motoblock device Prorab GT-705 SK

  • The device is equipped with a low-noise four-stroke petrol engine.
  • The machine is equipped with a reliable belt drive.
  • The clutch is a mult i-disc coupling, similar to truck.
  • The gearbox with 2 forward and 1 reverse gear ensures the required work pace.
  • The steering column is set depending on the body size of the operator.
  • Large air bikes also ensure excellent stability and maneuverability on a difficult surface.
  • The floor mills treat the earth with a capture of 83 cm. With a depth of 30 cm. If you change the number of installed mills, you can vary the width – from the maximum to a small room in the corridors.
  • The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with special wings that protect the stones, dirt and lumps of the earth.

Characteristics of using Prorab GT-705 SK

A simple design and a reliable assembly make a foreman an indispensable assistant for farmers and owners of summer huts. Thanks to the power supply, it is possible to connect additional hinge tools: grinding, plowing, cigarette tissue, harme, potato cuts, rotary mowers, dumplings, trailers. Due to the special form of the pulley, the adapter is possible before the tractor of the walk behavior.

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Potato-tank-potato-cutter mower segmented milling legs graves of the rings of the sun sun-2 p floor

Prorab GT-705 SK service

The foreman consumes AI-92 petrol. The manufacturer recommends using the SAE 15W-40. The engine oil is replaced after 25 hours of operation and gearbox after 100 hours. Universal water billing materials such as solidol and lutol are used as lubricants.

Proopter Prorab GT-705 SK

For the use and loop of components and mechanisms to the new tractor of walking, the forehead should be driven. The running procedure begins for more than 30 minutes with an idling work. In addition, in an economical mode, you do not check more than 50 % of the maximum power supply test of gears, brake systems, steering and the functionality of the engine unit the availability of the connection of folding devices.

After completing the barrel, the delivery oil is drained out of the engine and replaced by fresh.

Video check of the Prorab GT-705 SK model

Motoboblock assembly using the example of the Prorab GT 709 SK motor block.

Reviews of the owners


“Motoblock HTS GT-705 SK is my first serious technology. After that there was already a tractor and a car. I have been working for myself for 10 years, a reliable unit, a good assistant. A simple device and all thought out at the same time. Now more advanced cars have appeared, but they don’t always work better. “

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