Review of the Snowman Husqvarna St 224. Description, characteristics, instructions, reviews of the owners

Husqvarna Street 224

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Reviews about Husqvarna St 224

Advantages: corresponds to the declared properties.

Cons: Difficult to unlock without a differential.

Comment: The model bumped without flood and drain hole for oil. But the picture is not available. Hands to cut off the innovators – idiots must.

Comment: Husqvarna St 224 with an electric steamer is quite a serious device and bought to clean a small area near our base. The strong enough light is cut, the control is not complicated, there is a two-stage system.

Advantages: It is excreted in the country with snow cleaning of paths (120 m), blinding (90 m) and parking (60 m2). It crunches even with a depth of 25 cm with a depth of 25 cm, a little more complicated – the bell often clogs, so it’s better to quickly remove the snow, without waiting for the thaw.

Cons: The only downside – there is no differential unlocking, that is, you need to control only with your hands and on the go – let’s say not very light work + tires on the surfaces (which I not only unlocked after purchase). Instead of supporting plates that regulate the height of the case above the road, it was possible to install a plate with wheels – the snowman would drive much easier and more maneuverably.

Comment: Great machine but not for wimps, women are contraindicated. After the experience of 2 years of operation, I would have taken ST227 with a differential management.

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Pros: Snow throws far away. It is convenient that the handles with heating used them without heating, my hands do not freeze.

Cons: Very slow tail speed badly removes the lynch, you need to manually clean the shovel first. The cutting screws were cut in the first cleaning. Therefore it is required.

Comment: I compare with Toro (died in a barn fire). They took Huska because they are very satisfied with the cultivation of this brand and the price for Toro has become very inhumane. It starts worse than Toro (I am a woman, I don’t care how often I pull on the handle, but I am ready to accept that, especially since there is an electric drive in the event of a failure). The most unpleasant for me is that he drives back very slowly (Toro had two back speeds), the cleaning speed is greatly reduced. But at most storm forward like a frightened one – there is absolutely no reason for him to accelerate so much – at such a speed you don’t remove the snow – we do not drive on it. You have to reverse and drive forward (good that there is a blockade). It only cleans worse only packed snow (not trampled), my son had to lift the snow from the paving stones with a shovel, and I threw Huska out, Toro cleaned him himself, a shovel was not necessary. When cleaning the first cleaning, the bolts were cut off, well, everything is clear here – even fault – it could impossible to be a bit below the snow, we had wrapped a piece of wire, Toro in a similar situation was simply blocked (as far as I was Remember), after cleaning he continued to work. In general, I have two impressions, I hope we will adapt, but I can’t do without an assistant with a shovel – we go to the Dacha once a week.

Detailed specifications

Snow clearing system

Cleaning type tw o-stage working width 61 cm snail diameter 30.5 cm

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Motor type Petrol engine manufacturer LCT engine power 4.70 kW / 6.30 hp at 3600 rpm tank content 2.6 l E-starter yes

Drive unit

Additional functionality

Hand height adjustment yes grip heating yes singl e-handed yes headlight yes noise level 88.4 dB

Review of the Snowman Husqvarna St 224. Description, characteristics, instructions, reviews of the owners

Recommendation: 0%



The snow blower Husqvarna ST 224 is a light and handy snow blower with your own drive for fast removal of up to 30 cm thick snow, working width 61 cm.

Husqvarna’s snow plows have always been known for their reliability and high efficiency. The snow blower Husqvarna ST 224 is no exception. The machine works perfectly despite the high blanket of snow.

Snowman Husqvarna ST 224

This snow blower can clear snow up to a height of thirty centimeters. A tw o-stage system helps her, she chops and throws off snow. In order to increase the ejection efficiency, a snail with a belt is installed that mixes the snow with air.

The snow blower Husqvarna ST 224 has an adjustable deflector. Thanks to the lever, the vertical throwing angle can be set. The range of the snow outlet is fifteen meters, which is guaranteed by a high-speed bike.

The snow blower Husqvarna ST 224 can be operated independently of the ambient temperature. It uses an electrical starter, ie the engine simply starts by pressing a button.

Snow is recorded in a width of up to sixty centimeters.

The handle deserves special mention.

The loop-shaped handle with a adjustable height is not the whole comfort of this snow plow-and-axle tractor, it also has a heating.

The LCT engine has 6.3 hp and a work volume of 208 cubic centimeters. The volume of the fuel tank is 2.6 liters. A gearbox was installed with seven programs, six of which for further development and one back.


Snowman Husqvarna ST 224

ON . Electric start button V. Starte r-Handle key Y. The Muffler CC. DD throttle folding control. Protection device of the bell

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Snow emission area up to 10 meters
Engine type petrol
Engine manufacturer LCT
Work volume of the cylinder, cm3 208
Nominal capacity for operating speeds, KW 4.7 (3600 rpm)
Full torque 9.5 pounds*foot
The volume of the fuel tank, L 2,6
Type of cleaning system Tw o-stage
The working width of the housing of the screw, cm 61
The working height of the housing of the screw, cm 58.5
Screw diameter, cm 30.5
Number of wheel blades 3
Type of movement Rad, sel f-propelled
Type of transmission Friction disc
Tomposise for MEEVENT/base 6/1
Wheel diameter, mm 380
Action setting in height 4 provisions
Dimensions (DHSHHV), see 148.59×60.96×102.87
Weight (KG 90.08
Sound pressure near the operator’s ear, DB (a) 88.4
Guaranteed ton force, DB (A) 105
Vibration on the handle, m/s2 5.74


  • Heat the handles
  • Electric start from the network 220V
  • Differential blocking to create a good traction and use both leading bikes
  • Rough X-Trac 380/15 ”-Provide Strong coupling with the street
  • A tw o-stage system – absorption and discharge of snow, the area of ​​the latter can be set.
  • The bell controlled by the lever from the control panel
  • Controlled by the control panel from the leverage controlled by the lever

Video review

Reviews of the owners

There are such reviews in the forums:

Alexey (Penza) writes:

“A nice car, but not for the weak. Women will not be able to use it. It is beautiful when you process ways, panels and parking. Although the parking lot is 60 m 2, I perfectly completed with its task. Even the cervix snow 25 centimeters high is not a problem. It is more difficult to work with Tilm, so it is better to remove fresh. The only disadvantage I consider for the lack of differentials, so I have to “control” with your hands and on the go, and that is very difficult. “

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And here is what Vitaly (Kyiv) shit:

“Husqvara ST 224 is an excellent device, like the electrostic. We bought this miracle for the work, it is necessary to clean the area near the base. Snow brings easy to cut, a tw o-stage system is very comfortable. “

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