Review of the powerful diesel cultivator Patriot Boston. Comparison, features, attachments, videos, reviews

Patriot Boston diesel walking tractor. Features of operation, features, reviews of owners

Patriot Boston power tiller is a representative of diesel heavyweights, suitable for work in a small area. The set includes cutters designed for tillage. But a feature of the design is the possibility of using almost any attachment, which allows the diesel power unit to work in different areas.

Patriot Boston

There are two diesel versions of the Patriot Boston on the agricultural market, which have some differences – the Patriot Boston 6B and the more powerful Patriot Boston 9DE. The Boston 6B has a 6hp diesel engine, while the Boston 9DE has a 9hp diesel engine. Another important difference is that in addition to the manual starter, the Boston 9DE has an electric starter, which makes starting the engine much easier.

Externally, the models differ not only in size, but also in weight – Boston 9DE is heavier than its smaller brother. The presence of protective wings, which prevent the dirt and lumps of earth from getting on the operator, is mandatory. A fixed bar is attached to the frame, which not only serves to transport the two-wheeled tractor, but also performs a protective function. Wide pneumatic wheels provide stability and good maneuverability on any surface.

Patriot Boston

Transmission has 3 gears, including 2 forward and 1 reverse. The steering column is adjustable, allowing the operator to adjust the machine to his own needs. The tillage width is up to 130 cm and the working depth is 25 cm.

Technical Data

Specifications of the Patriot Boston 9DE tractor going to the rear

engine patriot
Number of engine cylinders one cylinder
engine type Diesel, 4-stroke
starting manual electric starter
engine power, hp 9
engine power W 6600
fuel tank capacity, l. 4,5
gearbox type pinion
clutch type disc
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 reverse
Working width, cm up to 135
Cutter diameter, cm 32
Working depth, cm 25
steering column adjustable
weight (kg. 178
country of origin* China
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Specifications of the Patriot Boston 6D tractor behind

engine patriot
Number of engine cylinders one cylinder
engine type Diesel, 4-stroke
engine displacement, cc 169
starting manual
engine power, hp 6
engine power W 4400
fuel tank capacity, l. 3,5
gearbox type pinion
clutch type disc
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 reverse
Working width, cm up to 100
Cutter diameter, cm 32
Working depth, cm 25
steering column adjustable
weight (kg. 131
country of origin* China

Features of operating the Patriot Boston

The big advantage of the tractor walk behind is that you can fill it with any diesel fuel, not paying attention to the manufacturer. The only requirement – it is desirable to use seasonal fuel.

The manufacturer recommends using Patriot API GL-4 80W85 gear oil for the transmission and SAE 5W-30 or SAE 10W-40 for the engine.

The main condition for storage of the tracked tractor is a dry and ventilated room where the humidity does not exceed 80%. Before storing for a long period of time, the following manipulations must be carried out:

  1. Wash all dirt from the outer parts of the Walk Behavior Patriot Boston;
  2. Drain the gasoline and oil from the tanks and dry them. Or, if desired, completely refill with new fuel and grease to prevent corrosion.
  3. Wipe down all working parts with an oiled cloth. This is done to prevent corrosion;
  4. Flush the air filter thoroughly.

Do not smoke Patriot Boston near the undercarriage while refueling. It is also not recommended to pour fuel when the chassis is tilted. If work is carried out at a slope, you should not add to the boundary mark.

In more detail, all the nuances of operating a power tiller are described in the manual. Your browser does not support frames download instruction manual Patriot Boston

Video review

Below is a video review of the Patriot Boston power tiller

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Owners reviews

Opinions of experts agree that the diesel units are very successful and economical. With proper maintenance, the engine does not cause any problems. According to experts, these motor blocks should not be used for large-scale industrial works, as they are designed for the development of small plots.


Recently became the owner of the Walk injuries tractor, but already managed to work on it. It was great as a cultivator, but it lacked weight to work on fallow lands. As a way out of the situation, you can use the floor coverings. In my opinion, the operating levers are not conveniently positioned. I used it to cultivate 40 hectares, and I could not identify significant shortcomings. The power is excellent thanks to the diesel installed.

Review of the powerful diesel cultivator Patriot Boston. Comparison, features, attachments, videos, reviews

Recommended: 100%


Description of changes

The Patriot Boston power tiller is a device for processing small maps of land.

The device is available in two modifications: Patriot Boston 6B and Patriot Boston 9de.

They differ from each other in engine power: both models have a four-stroke Patriot diesel engine, the power of which is distributed respectively: 6 and 9 hp.

MotoGP Patriot Boston – a versatile device that is used for horticultural and field work in areas up to 60 acres.

The device can be successfully used for loosening the soil, cleaning potatoes, snow removal, etc. The power selector shaft allows combining the Boston 9DE tiller with various attachments (snowplow, mower).

As the scooter Patriot Boston refers to the heavy equipment, it is recommended to use this model on virgin and compact soils, as well as to plow the soil after winter. For deeper plowing of mills or plows into the soil, the lower numbers are used.

Unassembled equipment

  • Patriot plant equipment, including snow blowers, carts, brushes
  • rotary mower “Zarya”
  • Zykov plow
  • Any equipment of Russian manufacture, which can be connected to the mower of factory “Patriot”.
Folk signs: August 1 - 5


Technical parameters Patriot Boston 6B and Patriot Boston 9de are virtually the same. The exception is the width of the soil for tillage – in the first model it is 105 cm, in the second – 125 cm. The diameter of the cutter is one and 34 cm.

Last name Boston 6c Boston 9de
engine power 6 hp. 9 hp.
Working width 100 cm 125 cm
transmission 2 forward / 1 forward 1 2 forward / 1 forward 1
transmission pinion pinion
clutch Disc in oil bath Disc in oil bath
Active coupling От
Type of pneumatic wheels 4.00-8.00 5.00-12.00
Weight 103 kg 164 kg


  • Equipped with an oil bath gearbox
  • Have two forward and one reverse speed
  • A manual starter is available
  • Protective wings are installed over the wheels to prevent soil or debris from hitting the operator
  • All controls are located directly on the handlebar (reverse lever, throttle, engage/disengage and clutch)
  • Oil fill is conveniently located (on the side of the body)
  • Cherry burrs for tight soil
  • Adjustable rubber-padded control handles to reduce vibration
  • Large wheels with shaped treads for passing through loose or soft ground
  • Heavy-duty for machine stability and good tillage performance when plowing or milling
  • Available with diesel engines and mufflers
  • Mounted upside down for easy on-the-fly maneuvering
  • Are ergonomically shaped and parked at the front (in front of the body)
  • Have booms to adjust depth in the ground


The complete Patriot Boston mod includes the following items:

  1. scooter
  2. User’s Manual
  3. Mill kit
  4. coulter
  5. follower
  6. right and left wing
  7. Transport wheels (2 pcs.)

Operating and maintenance instructions

Before operating the machine, please read the instruction manual

The Patriot Boston power tiller is fueled by a local brand of diesel fuel. Given the wide geography of the purchase of the tractor for walking behavior, the appropriate region is used without reference to the manufacturer.

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Treatment of the walk-behind tractor is always done outdoors. Fueling is allowed only on a motorized tractor with a cooled engine.

The manufacturer recommends using Patriot API GL-4 80W85 transmission oil to fill the transmission of the Patriot Boston diesel power tiller.

Use SAE 5W-30 or SAE 10W-40 four-stroke motor oils to fill the engine. Fill the fuel tank with local diesel fuel.

The diesel engine block is started manually in several steps:

  1. After pushing the decompression valve lever, the engine is put to minimum RPM.
  2. The starter rope is stretched ¾ of the length until resistance appears and the engine starts.
  3. After these manipulations, you can increase the engine RPM by turning the throttle counterclockwise.

Remember that it is not recommended to load the tractor intensively with the stroke limiter and start the engine at full power until the end of the run. The run lasts from 5 to 20 hours, during this time the walking tractor is not charged to 100%.

During maintenance it is recommended to pay attention to the following components of the walk-behind tractor behavior

  • engine (periodic cleaning if necessary, replacement of fuel and oil filter)
  • cylinder ribs (routine cleaning);
  • spark plugs (if necessary, cleaning and checking the electrode gap)
  • grinders (timely cleaning of dirt);
  • gearbox (check oil level);
  • clutch cable (regular adjustments).

Video review

Owners reviews

This model of the walking tractor has received a large number of positive reviews. This is a very powerful and functional unit, which can work on sites of any complexity. However, it should be taken into account that the power of the tractor in the walker requires skills in management and is unlikely to be suitable for a beginner.

Andrey, Krasnodar: When I bought this model, it seemed unusual at once. From the pluses: the fuel consumption is really not big for the weight of the tractor, like a hundred. It works great with eight grinders, I don’t need any additional equipment, except that I can hang a primus to loosen it to a greater depth. From minuses I can name the price, not the cheapest “toy”, but useful!

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