Review of the petrol lawn mower Patriot PT 47. Design characteristics, properties, video and reviews

Patriot PT 47 LS Lawners (2017)

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Reviews about the Patriot PT 47 LS Lawn Mower (2017)

Advantages: lawn mower cannon, storm. After many years of mowing the trimmer, the difference is cosmic. What it used to be takes about 4 hours 1.5. It is about to turn only time. You can handle the beer and put it up.

Disadvantages: Sorry, the handle is not adjustable in height, but I am normal

Comment: To cut the lawn, it must of course be originally even. My lawn is not artificial, quite uneven. The piles of mole are easy to heal, it moves through obstacles, in extreme cases I can easily lift it for myself. Take it. The gun is a storm

Advantages: Price – Quality! Of course!

Disadvantages: I didn’t find.

Comment: 3 weeks – normal flight. After 5 hours I replaced the oil as written in the instructions. I tried to mow high grass. Really mow, grass 2 fairs.

Comment: Instructions are not very clear to beginners and women. Poor grass (stands) mow, you have to clean.

Advantages: price, quality, comfort

Disadvantages: no autopilot

Comment: The first impressions are positive and we will see. By the way, the basket for the grass is plastic.

Advantages: + price (for 16800r) + a travic collector with fabric (I thought earlier, it is tissue, it gets uncomfortable and quickly striped. But no, it is much more convenient than plastic (own electr o-boshe) + petrol engine. Not loud, low fuel consumption. The oil does not seem to be saved only begins when the grass collector is 90 percent packed, and mostly when it is mowed in a hill. + The metal floor of the braid (if I take the bottom of the braid and it Due to the threshold of the barn, for example), I immediately understand that it was good that I didn’t take a plastic. I think the grass is very fine (2-3 cm long)

Plants that scare mosquitoes

Disadvantages: – Inaccuracy in the instructions. It is written that it contains 0.6 liters of oil. In fact, about 0.5 liters must be poured into the maximum mark on the probe. Be careful. I think, like in the car, he does not like overflow. – Flanged screws from fasteners of the handle to the spit itself. When buying it, buy 4 screws, 8 gates and 4 nuts (most often they go only with a set, cost 30 rubles). Bolts of a long centimeter 4, turnkey to pull 13. tighten and the pin is no longer jerky for a millimeter, it immediately becomes more comfortable to control. – The supported screws of the “shelves” did not fix them tightly, did not bother and change them, does not affect mowing. I really don’t understand why the regiment is needed. From the useful there is a picture with the adjustment of the damper. – A very sharp acceleration so far, the grass collector is empty (although you get used to it very quickly and do not pay attention. – I do not recommend extremely on the wet grass. Your legs slide (on wet grass), there is a risk that there is a danger .

Comment: I immediately bought a replacement knife~ 1200 rubles and 2 liters of original oil~ 1100 rubles. I took 5W-30.

Immediately poured by 0.5 liters of oil, it came out right by the risk of a maximum on the probe. The instructions show you need a full oil change once every 25 bikes. Well, I’ll train with salt, I’ll water 0.5 again. There are no problems with that. On the risks of min about 100 ml of oil with the risks of min climbs onto the probe.

On the way, the weight of a braid of 35 kg is not felt. It’s easy to manage them. The weight is only felt when you stuff it into the box and pull it out of the car. The box is very solid.

Mulch of the lawn - what is it and when?

The mowing setting is 7 cm (Kosh for 3X, transported with 7) into the area.

The instructions describe how to start. It starts off without a hitch, dancing with a tambourine.

Review of the petrol lawn mower Patriot PT 47. Design characteristics, properties, video and reviews

This model of self-propelled lawn mower is characterized by its performance and functionality.

It is characterized by an easy and smooth start of the engine, as well as the ability to maintain work in three modes: mowing grass into the grass collector, throwing it to the side and mulching.

The last mode is particularly useful for maintaining the lawn in perfect condition as it allows shredded grass to retain moisture in the soil and is a natural fertilizer for it.

Many customers liked this model, so two modifications 47LS and 47bs were released, differing in their engine. An engine with a capacity of 4.5 hp will be installed on 47LS, and on 47bs Briggs & Stratton with a capacity of 3.5 hp.

basic equipment

The factory supply of gasoline lawn mower Patriot 47 is as follows:

  • The device itself;
  • The upper and lower part of the handle;
  • Upper and lower part of the grass collector;
  • side ejection housing;
  • assembly tools;
  • Manual;

Technical characteristics

type of lawn mower 47 ls 47 BS
engine type Petrol 139 cmᵌ Briggs & Stratton Gasoline 140 cc
perfomance 4.5 hp 3.5 hp
engine revolutions 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
Poko’s width 46 cm 46 cm
building material steel steel
wheel drive + +
The height of mowing 30 – 75mm 25 – 75mm
The capacity of the grass collector 60L 65L
sound pressure 98dB(a) 98dB(a)
The dimensions of the product 850/565/520mm 740/570/480mm
The weight 35kg 35kg


Thanks to the large rear wheels, the Patriot 47 lawn mower, pressed by itself, can move on any surface.

The central system for setting the mowing level allows you to configure the mowing height from 25 to 75 mm.

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The adaptation is developed to facilitate the cleaning of the cutting edges of the deck from the residues of dirt, grass and dust.

The Patriot 47LS and 47B’s lawnmower grass collector is made of soft fabric, so it is convenient to transport it. The volume of the grass collector is 65 liters.


Before you continue with the operation, the machine must visually check for damage and ensure that there are no external damage.

Despite the hig h-quality handle on the surface, it is not recommended to do the work on slippery or moist soil.

While operating the lawnmowers from Patriot 47L and 47bs, you have to use personal protective equipment: gloves, costume, boots, headphones and glasses.


Before you start operating the petrol lawn mower, you must make sure that there is a sufficient amount of oil and fuel. It is necessary to replace the lubricants every 50 hours or once every six months.

The air filter should be replaced after 52 working hours or every three months.

User Guide

Before starting the company, new owners must definitely examine the user management in order to understand the operating principle of the device, start, stop and maintenance.

Электронный вариант этого документа приведен здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Patriot 47Ls and 47bs Lawn mower include greater engine power, assembly event and the quality of the components as well as high operating skills.

But the high work is a minus because the lawnmower has to move quickly, and this is not always pleasant. For this reason, big weeds simply have no time to push and have to go through the website again.

Video review

The process of the assembly and start of the Patriot 47BS Lawn Mower will be shown in the next video review:

Reviews of the owners

In the forums, owners write the following reviews of the lawnmower Patriot 47:

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Mikhail: “For his price – an excellent device! I don’t have a big lawn of 5 hectares, so he rolls effortlessly, he cuts properly, does not wrap the grass on the knives. Despite the great volume of the grass collector, it clogs pretty quickly. I have not observed any problems with the start. “

Nikolai: “This model is a golden middle in a ratio of price and quality. If I used to torture my plot for 2 days, with the help of this lawnmower I have done three hours! There used to be a trimmer, but it is heaven and earth. Advantages: working speed, equipment, assembly, low vibration (compared to the trimmer). Disadvantages: large dimensions and impressive weight, especially in transport. “

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