Review of the Patriot Vegas 7 productive gasoline power tiller. Technical parameters, reviews, video of work

Patriot Vegas 7 Gasoline walking tractor. Features, characteristics, reviews of owners

The Patriot Vegas motorized tractor Patriot complements the model Metr o-Cal m-metr o-Mittelkass, which has in its equipment gasoline engine capacity of 7 hp The main purpose of the presented model is the processing of the area up to 1 hectare. However, by connecting the attached equipment, the functionality increases significantly. The cultivator is equipped with grinding augers, with which you can work the ground to a width of 0.9 m.

Patriot Vegas power tiller

Starting the Patriot Vegas is done manually, but this action does not cause any difficulties, because the engine starts immediately. The gearbox has the standard 3 speeds for this class (2 forward and 1 forward 1). Thanks to the adjustable steering column, the operator can adjust the steering to himself. The necessary controls are located on the handles. Also for company work there are rubber nozzles on the handles, which gently erase vibration from the engine.

Patriot Vegas with a power tiller

As protection for the operator from flying country corners and dirt, the Patriot Vegas provides wide fenders when walking. A sturdy steel frame is attached to the front of the power unit. The walking tractor can be transported on pneumatic bicycles of size 4.00-8. The Patriot Vegas walking tractor can also be used to transport loads weighing up to 350 kg.

Technical characteristics

engine patriot
Number of engine cylinders cylinder
Engine type Petrol, 4 bar
Engine capacity, cu. 208
start Manual
Engine power, hp. 7
Engine power, t hp. 5150
Volume of fuel tank, l. 3,6
Type of gearbox gearbox
Liability Type wheel
Number of speeds 2 forward/1 front 1
Working width, cm Up to 90
Diameter of the mill, cm 30
Working depth, cm 30
Steering column adjustable
Weight (kg. 84
Country of Origin*. China
Volume of oil tank, l. 0.6-0.8

Operating characteristics

Patriot Vegas for the effective work of the k-in wing is recommended to use pure gasoline with the octane number of 92 or 95. In order to save money, the owners of this equipment pour AI-92.

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Patriot Supreme HD SAE 30 4T OIL Specic Sae 5W-30 Hypoid 80W85

If you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should buy HD SAE 30, SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40 or similar engine oil, and for the gears a-hypoid gear oil.

Patriot Vegas kit

Performing a running-in procedure before using the recreational tractor for the first time is a basic recommendation of the Patriot brand manufacturer. The procedures help the parts when working and thus extend the life of the recreational tractor.

  1. Turn on the walk-behavior tractor and let it run for 30 minutes.
  2. Shift gears and increase speed.
  3. Do not push full power while running.
  4. The mileage is valid after 20 hours of operation.

After the mileage is completed, drain the used oil and replace it with new oil. Dispose of used lubricant in accordance with environmental regulations.

Regular maintenance is required for Vegas to last long and without exposures. The frequency of behavior is specified in the instructions. If you are not going to use the unit in winter, it must be prepared for storage. To do this, do the following:

  1. Remove all dirt from the outside of the Patriot Vegas engine block;
  2. Drain the gas and oil from the tanks and dry them. Or, if desired, completely fill with new fuel and lubricant to prevent corrosion.
  3. Wipe the motorcycle with an oily rag to prevent corrosion.
  4. Flush the air filters well.

Below is a link to the instruction manual that details how to work on your Patriot power tiller, assembly and use of the Patriot Vegas power tiller.

Video evaluation of the work

Video review of the Patriot Vegas 7 owner’s recreational tractor presented shows the preparation for the first run

Reviews of owners


I am satisfied with the purchase of the recreational tractor, as it has solved many problems with plowing the plot. The work on it is not difficult, but the strong vibrations are transmitted to the hands, which is not very comfortable. It is not loud, but at first it “beats a horn” and then you get used to it. Electricity is enough for me to work 20 acres.

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Review of the Patriot Vegas 7 productive gasoline power tiller. Technical parameters, reviews, video of work

Recommended: 50%



Patriot Vegas 7 is a device for tillage of soils of a certain level of complexity, including virgin lands.

Refers to the class of medium-heavy compact power tillers, on such areas as personal actions, gardens, greenhouses, cottage plots (up to 40 hectares).

The manufacturer recommends using this model exclusively for domestic purposes. After two hours of continuous work, it is recommended to turn off the power for 15-20 minutes to let the engine cool down, after which you can continue working.

Patriot Vega 7 is equipped with a single-cylinder four-shift gasoline engine with manual start. Its power is 7 hp.

There is an inversion on the tractor wander loss, that is, the ability to turn around.

The transmission is three-stage, the clutch is disc, pinion.

Tractor walker on pneumatic wheels, which also serve an auxiliary function on the road – thanks to the relief coarse profile, the tractor does not slip on wet ground and does not fall down on loose earth.

With the Vegas 7, you can grab a 1-meter strip of ground at a depth of 30 cm.

The diameter of the factory-fitted tillers is 30 cm. The total weight of the machine is 105 kg.

The Patriot Vega 7 can work successfully if articulated equipment such as a mag, plough, mower, potato digger, primer, carotophelzer, adapter with control seat is connected to it. It is possible to connect a water pump and to connect a load cart.

When using attachments, it is recommended to install floor surfaces at once, so the quality of the device will be even more effective.

Patriot Vega 7 Performance is in no way inferior to foreign and more expensive analogues.

The powerful motor is made according to the factory standard.

The device receives a warranty from the Patriot manufacturer.

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Reinforced cutters cut even dense soil, including virgin land.

Fuel consumption with this Wal k-Fehd tractor is 2 liters per hour. Depending on the difficulty of the work to be done and the degree of strain on the unit, the consumption may be less or more. The gasoline used to fuel the Vegas 7 is AI95 or AI92.

distinctive features

What features distinguish the motorcycle harvester Vegas among models similar in functionality? Let’s consider the advantages of the gasoline Patriot Vegas 7 in more detail:

  • First, it is a reliable and powerful engine with moderate noise and high power.
  • Protective fenders on the power tiller over the wheels – minimize dirt on the operator while working;
  • Height-adjustable steering column;
  • Rubber pad on the handlebar grip, which reduces the vibration to the operator’s hands while controlling the device;
  • all the main control levers are on the steering wheel (clutch, reverse);
  • The Walk tractor’s average weight allows it to be used with height and weight. It is not difficult to operate the device. It is enough to take hold of the handles and set the direction of movement Vegas 7.
  • High torque, therefore, high power;
  • Universal hitch for most Russian trailers, including carts, trailers made by Patriot and other manufacturers;
  • Reinforced steel cutters with increased wear resistance;
  • Sickle-shaped cutter allows easy processing of virgin land.
  • Compact handle – it can be folded to make it easier to carry the walking tractor.
  • Dryer and boom attachment adapters; with the boom, the operator can adjust the degree of plowing with the plow or tiller. Transmission – two forward speeds, one reverse.

Equipment of power tiller

The basic equipment of the Walk tractor includes:

  1. The Walk-Fehind tractor itself in a cardboard package;
  2. Shredder set (8 PC, disassembled);
  3. Instruction manual in Russian;
  4. Coulter and Talon fasteners;
  5. Wheels (2 PC).

Preparation for operation and maintenance

All information regarding the maintenance of the unit is contained in the operating instructions. We recommend that you study them before starting work.

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Choose your engine oil and fill it up

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the types of oil and fuel to fill the tractor for walking. For engine fueling, the manufacturer recommends choosing HD SAE 30, SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40 or similar oils. For gearboxes: Hypoid gear oil.

Hypoid gear oil Hypoid 4x Stroke Mineral Supreme Oil 4x Stroke Semi-synthetic Expert 4x Stroke Semosynthesis Specific


Playtime is 5-10 hours before starting a long engine run.

During the break-in period the power tiller should be used sparingly, without running the engine at 100% current.

In this mode all the assemblies of the power tiller are adjusted for base operation. Do not work the target during the run!

At the end of the run, change the oil in the engine and transmission.

Allow the engine to test the transmission at all speeds for the first 10 minutes in idle mode. This will allow the oil to get into the entire transmission.

Carry a 350 kg load with the power tiller. Use the ground to work with attachments such as a plow or hitch.

Maintenance Conditions

  • After a running-in period of the next 20-50, the power tiller can be operated normally.
  • Then a visual inspection of all external parts is required, check fasteners if necessary, clean the spark plug and adjust the electrode gaps.
  • After 100, 200 or more hours of operation, then routine maintenance;
  • Once a year, an engine overhaul – repair or cleaning – is performed;
  • Transmission analysis, clutch adjustment – if necessary.


engine power 7 hp.
Working width 100 cm
transmission 2 forward / 1 forward 1
transmission gearbox
clutch Disc in oil bath
Connect the active hitch От
Type of pneumatic wheels 4.00-8.00
Weight 105 kg

Video review

Here is one of the user videos for assembly, startup and operation


There are a lot of positive reviews on the forums about the Patriot Vega 7 gasoline powered scooter. It is functional and easy to operate. As for the minuses, you can note the weak engine and high noise level.

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Yuri, Samara: “I bought the Patriot Vega in 2015. The motorcycle is good, reliable. Especially pleased with the dresses: take the floor even without training. In the second year helped a neighbor at the cottage, plowed a plot of celina – no problem. On soft ground you can put 4 cutters, do it! “

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